Steyn: A New Dawn, A New Don


Victory lap.

But not for Yeb nor the most-qualified candidate in the country’s history.

Former US president George Bush (2nd-L), his wife

18 responses to “Steyn: A New Dawn, A New Don

  1. Behold, the face that causes George H.W. Bush to laugh outrageously every time he sees Jackie Gleason tell Mike Henry in Smokey and the Bandit “Soon as I get home, the first thing I’m gonna do is punch yo’ momma in the mouth.”

  2. Steel T Post

    End of the Bush dynasty. End of the Clinton crime family. Trump killed two shitbirds with one stone.

  3. Piss on the Bush Cabal/Cartel.

  4. Roland Deshain

    I always thought that picture makes Jeb look borderline Down’s Syndrome, not to offend anybody that suffers from that.

  5. On Day 2, Trumps press secretary has created “skype seats.” lolzozozozl

    “White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer moved swiftly Monday to change up how the daily press briefing is conducted, giving the first questions to publications seated toward the back while announcing the creation of “Skype seats” – as he also tried to hit reset with the media after a weekend dispute over inauguration crowd estimates.”

  6. won’t even get out of committee. And if it does, it’ll lose by the usual (pre-arranged) 3 or 4 votes. I see Trump X’d TPP today, so there is that.

  7. if Trump was for real, he’d give the 1st question every time to Sharyl Attkisson – she was the one fired from CNNFakeNews for exposing Gunwalker/Fast&Furious:

  8. and he would order a new and unfettered investigation of 911 and the missing Rumsfeld trillions.

  9. One of the finest pictures ever published. Yes,he looks retarded. Because he is.

  10. It just shivers your spine, doesn’t it? The thought of that glue eater taking the oath………

  11. Jimmy the Saint

    John-john disrupted the Kennedy dynasty with one Divine Wind impression.

  12. POd American

    Jebby has a mild form of “Flounder Headed Syndrome, aka: FHS” as recognized by the Ob/Gyn medical community.
    Normally, fetuses harboring this recessive gene undergo a unique transformation in the “fourth trimester” where both eyes migrate to one side of their face (hence, that flounder headed appearance). FHS is extremely rare in the general population; estimated probability that a child will have this rare abnormality are a billion to one. However, the occurrence rate for the Bush family is about one in two. Early on, doctors recommended encasing Jebbiy’s head in a foam helmet to prevent injury since he exhibited a tendency to walk in circles. Thank God that this mouth-breathing window licker didn’t get the nod.

  13. and dissolve the DHS. and then the trials…won’t happen.

    total collapse and then war, is the only way to go forward.

    200 million. 🙂

  14. Ah, but his younger twin brother, Marco, is positioning himself for another run in 2020.

  15. POd American

    I think everyone knows him for what he is…a POS RINO. The only way that rat bastard got elected in the first place was due to the transplanted liberal scum in Broward and Dade counties that came from NY to die in those mausoleums known as retirement villages.

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