Time For A Quiet, Sad Divorce


There are not two Americas.

There are many.

And understandably, no one wants anyone else to control them.

People need to get that painful truth processed.

The USA is dead.

The “common creed” has been replaced by a cacophony of factions.

Each planning how to subjugate the other – by violence and murder if necessary.

90 responses to “Time For A Quiet, Sad Divorce

  1. No No

    It will not be quiet.

    it will be LOUD n THUNDEROUS and WET.

    200 million…

    • tfA-t,

      You’re in Kanada.


      Don’t come back.

      • Far easier to simply ignore this tFag imbecile. I haven’t seen him add a single thing of value to these discussions. Not once. Ever. He’s a broken record of impotent rage and smug condescension.

      • Cassandra (of Troy)

        DAN III/23Jan17@13:48,

        Note that while tfAr-t repeatedly denigrates Americans for their failure to strenuously resist the debauchment of America, ‘he’ utters nary a discouraging word about how little effective defiance there is from the Supremely Manly Men Of The Great White North® to the Cahnayjunz who are politico-socially equal to the vermin destroying America & similarly energetic in their debasing of Nobil Kahnahdah®.

        There’s a description of that kind of behavior in the following admonition.:


        • why would anyone want to be surrounded by a bunch of dysfunctional, working poor retards if hey could afford not to? i have very little in common with them – or anyone for that matter. i bet you hang out with your drink alcohol and watch moving pictures/sports on a teevee in the evening don’t you? the murkins are an infected people.

          200 million.

  2. “The masses continue with an appetite for benefits and the habit of receiving them by way of a rule of force and violence. The people, having grown accustomed to feed at the expense of others and to depend for their livelihood on the property of others… institute the rule of violence; and now uniting their forces massacre, banish, and plunder, until they degenerate again into perfect savages and find once more a master and monarch.” Polybius

    Notice the demands – Covetous Practices:
    1. appetite for benefits
    2. receiving them by way of rule of force and violence
    3. feed at the expense of others
    4. depend for their livelihood on the property of others

    FIN – until they degenerate again into perfect savages and
    find once more a master and monarch.

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

    • “Covetous Practices”, simple, but a brilliant message because the thought and action of being merciful and charitable begins at home…my home…not someone else s home.

      • Yeap… and if someone has lost their home etc., and is striving
        to continue to serve, you know, don’t work don’t eat, good
        people will welcome their help in return.

  3. Bill Kristol tweeted on 1/20/2017 (sorry, I don’t have the means to post it as I’m not on Twatter):

    “I’ll be embarrassing old fashioned here: it is profoundly depressing and vulgar to hear an American president proclaim “America First”

    That got 4114 “retweets” and 8546 “likes”

    Sorta, kinda jives with Miss Lindsy and McLame, no?

    I’d bet Chocolate Jesus is cumming in his drawers right now. 

    • Note–Kristol got plenty of snark in some of those retweets, including mine.

    • (((Cohencidence)))

      (((Kristol))) believes it is depressing and vulgar because he and his tribe are never part of the nations they occupy. America is a host for their parasitism, and parasites never want their host acting in its own interests. I bet he wouldn’t find an assertion of Israel First! to be “depressing” or “vulgar.”

    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      Re: Wee Willie Kristol & Miss Lindsy

      From her own yap doth she reveal herself.:


      But that kahnda tawk don’t mean nuthin cuz we KNOW that ol’ Lin’s Pro-Gawd, Pro-Gun, Pro-Lahf, & Pro-Milliterah so tuh us he’s STILL a Good Ol’ Boah® & a Lawl Sunnathuh South® an THAT’S whah we keep own votin furrim no mattuh what he sez up in Yankeeland!

  4. We southern nationalists are not sad at the separation at all, we’ve wanted the US government out of our lands for over 150 years. Robert Barnwell Rhett worked on secession for 28 years before South Carolina achieved it in 1860.

    • Hey Pat, Once CSA re-seperates from USA what do you plan to do with your huge black population? Not just the Obama supporting, welfare dependent, Section 8 domiciled blacks living among you. But even the black middle class, sending their kids to college with Affirmative Action admissions and government grants? Or the black millionaire athletes, entrepreneurs and entertainers living in suburban Atlanta?

      Mississippi has just over 1 million black people, it’s 37% black.
      Louisiana has 1.5 million black citizens, it’s 32% black.
      Georgia has 3.1 million blacks, it’s 31% black.
      South Carolina has 1.3 million, it’s 28% black.
      Alabama also has 1.3 million, it’s 26% black.

      Just taking those five states it’s 8.2 million black people.

      Forced relocation? Seems extremely unlikely. That is well beyond what even Hitler was able to accomplish in terms of relocation of people, and he had a huge army of fascist true-believers to accomplish it. That 30% isn’t a passive sheep-like people accustomed to following orders of the government. Nope, these are big born-in-the-USA blacks, who on any given Saturday night will come out of the front seat swinging at the cop after a routine traffic stop. They aren’t just gonna get in the boxcar when you tell them to.

      Genocide? Well that can work both ways. 37% is a damn big minority to eliminate. Really at that point you are looking at a full scale internal civil war, with the entire world and hated Yankees no doubt siding with the black minority. And the white South is largely Christian, full of charity for the downtrodden and a deep ingrained morality. I can’t really see you guys running government death squads or extermination camps.

      Further Partition? Give them 30% of the Deep South, in a sort of contiguous “black belt” that roughly matches the areas they are most populous in? That seems consistent at least, though I image a lot of southern blacks, tied as they are to the land in many cases, will not be so interested in relocating even a state or two over.

      Integration that works? Or will the CSA somehow be able to be better than the USA while still hosting an aggressive, aggrieved and hostile minority population with long running historic grievance claims against the people of the region? Maybe the New Confederacy will leave race behind and intermix into a perfect mulatto blend? The South already clearly leads in mixed race couples, all the light skinned negros prove that.

      Re-segregation? Separate but equal? A kinder, gentler apartheid state?

      You always ignore these questions when I pose them on-line, which is a shame. I’m just asking for the simple outline of a plan, which surely someone who has spent so much time calling for Southern secession and independence has thought through.

      • (((Cohencidence)))

        Quite simple, they will be allowed to flee to the Northern states — those same states who have never tired of assuring us of their moral superiority. Since they are so certain of the African’s equal standing, our “loss” can be their dubious gain.

        • NO.
          The blacks belong to the South.

          You brought them here, YOU keep them.

          • (((Cohencidence)))

            The South isn’t the side that started a war to free them. You break it you buy it.

          • Jimmy the Saint

            Actually, most of the ships that brought them over were Yankee-owned.

            • Well, the fact remains the South desired the blacks for their plantations.

              Quit playing games with reality.

              • And you fucking think there were no slaves in YANKEE states? Go read some real fucking history instead of the crap you feed in your public screwl.

                • Dude. My grandparents came here to the states during the depression. I have no ties to murka prior to then.

                • as a matter of fact. the yank gubmint confiscated my grandfather’s guns and knives during war II because he was a Sicilian immigrant. To his credit, he became a citizen and very wealthy before he died. So I have a hair up my ass towards this whole shit show. My army uniform was thrown out in the trash years ago, what more can I say?

          • Actually it was YANKEE shipping companies in New England (CT, RI, NY, MA) that brought MOST of the slaves into the colonies/country. There were a few southern shipping companies who brought some slaves in but MOST slaves were brought in by New England shipping companies.

            Grey Ghost

            • Just let it be known that I don’t own a us rag er, I mean flag. I fly the Maple Leaf and Dixie on my boats and homestead.

        • Open your fucking minds.

          Still believe muslime hi-jackers flew aircraft into the twin towers and the Pentagram?

          Fine. what about WTC Bldg 7?

          What’s to stop (((them))) from spraying toxins to wipe out every living thing? You might just go to bed one night and never wake-up. It could even be part 1 of a binary weapon that we have already been exposed to.

          But, but, that would kill them too…

          Mebbe they were already given the anti-dote?

          Remember those dead Micro-Biologists?


          Most folks who dismiss the reality of CTs have fat guts are unhealthy, still drink beer, watch TeeVee and sports. – basically brainwashed FOOLS.

      • Come on Jackson they don’t want facts and logic to get in the way of their idealism…They couldn’t even clear out and hold Atlanta let alone the whole south…You have to wonder how much of their organization is federal plants or maybe even being run by the feds because nobody could be that stupid to think with that demographic they were going to accomplish what they wish…

      • Jackson,
        Why such a bigoted view?
        When the South rises again, (Not if–When) why would we have to do anything with the blacks? Are they not southrens too? I think any productive people, black, white, red, or green, can contribute to a free society without your black/white walls.
        Quote ” Maybe the New Confederacy will leave race behind and intermix into a perfect mulatto blend?” Why would that be? I think all of God’s children tend to stick with their own (with a few misguided exceptions). There is no reason we can’t make a Southern Nation with the folks we got.

      • Nubbin-Finger Jake Rodell

        The answer to your question; What to do with the existing Negro population?
        It simple, but still somewhat complex: Ship Those Negros Back

    • It’s always been this way in the South. Without welfare imposed by Fed.gov, the southern blacks will get jobs, act civilized and assimilate and integrate completely. In the north, that will never happen. This is why. Southerners love the blacks they know, but hate the blackness in general. Northerners hate the blacks they know, but love blacks in general. This will will make all the difference to black men and women. Yankees will be screwed by their intolerance. Get out of the South Fed.gov, and you NE Yankees too. This is for you too, Jackson, so pay attention. And for you Too Fat Ass-To, we like the blacks we know, we’re fine that they live here. You, not so much.

      • fuck you too.

        good. i hope your sister remains hooked-up with tyrone. their kids add diversity to the thanksgiving family pics. what a lovely family you have

        R ufus’
        D ick
        G argler

        • Such a sad little fellow. How much do they pay you? Why do you post so much? Are you paid by the keystroke? Inquiring minds want to know. You are a creative c*nt though. That I agree, and honestly, enjoy. I won’t respond again though. I only feed the troll once.

  5. I agree with the premise here CA but disagree with the “many.” I think there are two nations and I think people will either be polarized/pushed into one of those two camps or will be irrelevant.

    I know there will be aspects of that which will never make the malcontents happy, particularly on the Left (snowflakes). If things get interesting, those who want to debate the nuances won’t get much respect.

    Case in point… looks like “millions of women” went out and demonstrated to advance Islam on Saturday. Yes, they knew that. Yes, Islam is incompatible with their stated goals (LGBTBBQWTFO, abortion, women’s rights). They did not care because their common enemy is us. And for all the evil that is happening in Europe, Liberals are happily coexisting with Islam, taking their rapings/beatings like good Liberal soldiers and even obscuring it in the press. They even turn a blind eye to their children being abused (Rotherham) for the sake of progress.

    Conservatives need to get over our petty differences but not at the sake of what makes us who we are.

    • …the enemy of my enemy is my friend

      • Jimmy the Saint

        The enemy of your enemy is your enemy’s enemy. Nothing more, nothing less. Hating another doesn’t automatically make him like you. See, e.g., Sunnis hate Shi’ites, Shi’ites hate Sunnis. Both hate the West. Sure, one might accept help from the West against the other, but that doesn’t make them friends of the West.

    • Dear Anon –
      Many nations, not two. For one thing Red and Blue are not contiguous. If you took the very broadest maps you’d have the Blue Northeast and the Blue West Coast and a giant Red remainder in between. That’s three. No real reason for Ecotopia and United Wall Street to remain in one state. California is Aztlan, Boston is still a very white enclave.

      A few other possible new nations: Hawaii (re-assertion of previous independent nation state status), Alaska, New Mexico (highly native American, only reliable blue state on the border today), Texas (they love their Lone Star flag), Vermont (possibly renamed State of Sanders), New Hampshire (maybe rejoined with Maine). Florida?

      • Do you see such geographical divisions on the Left? Did Saturday (Soros/Islam) not demonstrate the opposite?

        Do you think we can resist and overcome such an enemy with dozens of distributed “nations?” Sure give away NM, what happens to AZ? We’ve got a lot of great patriots down there. The Rocky Mountains are going to be hard to keep with everyone minding their own state, CA will take them which means Conservatives in rural CA are lost along with our brothers in OR and WA.

        Then we get squeezed in between the Lib territories. Kind of hard to feed the folks when all you can do is fight to keep your lines. And don’t for a moment think the limp-wrists won’t forge partnerships/treaties that call in support with the same common goal of ending us. The prospect of TX fighting a Mexico/CA alliance on multiple borders is laughable. There won’t be enough BBQ!

        This kind of thinking is exactly how the Whites lost to the Reds. The Reds were unified and anyone who didn’t step in line was unceremoniously ended. The Whites respected each other but never shared a common goal other than trying to preserve their own tribe/agenda.

        Everything old is new again.

  6. The article states that many of these liberals are transplants from the twin cites of Minn. Why is it they flee the liberal paradise they helped create? I have seen this over and over again, Chicago, California, etc. Their polices create a hell hole and then they flee the results of their actions. If their ideas work soooo well then stay put and leave the rest of us alone!

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Yep, they move from areas with high taxes (to fund all those awesome social programs) to areas with low taxes, then immediately start pushing for more social programs and increased taxes to fund them.

  7. I disagree.

    In my world view there are too groups occupying the United States of America. Those that support the Constitutional Republic laid out by the framers of Constitution and everyone else.

    They all can say what they want, but they are no better than any other external parasite preying on it’s host.

    I will concede NOTHING to them, they will have to fight for every inch in my area of influence.

      • Sad isn’t it Pete when people want to hold on to fantasy and not deal with the reality we have today in the USSA… Instead of looking at the enormity of what we are facing and coming up with solutions that might have a chance they double down on the one man rambo scenarios…

      • Well, we’re not split on race, that’s for sure. I have more in common with Clarence Thomas, the black clergymen who spoke benedictions over the weekend, and many others than I do with any of the biologically Aryan chix who littered and screeched across Washington on Saturday.

    • the CON stee 2 shun?

      you mean that G’damn piece of paper?


      A Fool

      • The Patriot Act is just a bunch of paper too when you come right down to it.

        The real question is: which piece of paper will people fight for? And WHO are those people?

        • the people will NOT figh. They’re too busy slaving for the car, insurance, mortgage, grocery, medical, dental, cable, phone, heat, fuel, credit cards,and entertainment bills. The murkins are some fucked up people. the best that can happen is 200 million of them just exhale for the last time…

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “they will have to fight for every inch in my area of influence.”

      Nice sentiment, but what, exactly, is your area of influence?

  8. The bottom line of that entire article is the libs can’t figure out how we can’t see how wrong we are. Typical. It couldn’t be that they are misguided, no, it has to be us. I had to laugh, all these suddenly nervous libs because Trump was elected. Where does this come from? They live around the same people, interact with the same people. Oh, thats right, Obama had us on a leash…

  9. 3 States, 8 States it really does not matter. So long as the Progressive mind perceives that their ‘way’ is the ‘only way’ they will cross borders and agitate for their belief system. Bottom line is separation only delays the ultimate conflict.

  10. What they didn’t see is “Let’s burn down Memories’ Pizza (for not doing a gay wedding) – Who’s with me?”. The Australian style gun grab. Trans restrooms where a dirty, pierced tattooed man can use the “ladies” room, or even a man can use the women’s locker room and showers in your school. If you can’t afford Obamacare you pay a fine, er, tax. And we’ll destroy you if you resist.

    The article does mention the “just leave us alone”, but that’s not what happened. The last 4 years especially the Left felt militant and attacked, trying to destroy everything Christian and Western Civilization.

    They mention a theater, but not what was showing. If it was the Vagina Monologues and La Cage Aux Folles, I can see why it failed.

    It portrays the “nice” liberals just living in the area and doing their coffees and arts, but no one asked them if they – like many of their fellow Hillaryites – would send in the cops or soldiers to confiscate the guns, or burn down any business that wouldn’t cater a gay wedding or remove the tax exempt status for any church that wouldn’t do a gay wedding – but when they said “I’m with her”, it meant I’m with that militant anti-christian bigotry.

  11. “Why not?” he said flatly. “Let it blow.”

    Let it blow indeed. Although I had previously aid I would not vote again my wife and I voted for Trump because he was a middle finger in the eye of the elitists on both sides of the aisle. I see no solution to the growing riff torn in the fabric of our society and I see no peaceful separation possible. All we ask is to be let alone…

  12. Make your stand with others. If you are indeed a majority, the
    coercive utopians will self deport in the face of total non-support.
    Replace them with more like-minded citizens. Wave as the last
    progressive leaves for the big city.

  13. Thanks for the kind sentiment CA, but if this United States of America thing survives or is Balkanized it won’t be ‘luck’ :- )

    IMO giving legitimate recognition to every trendy whim group that rears it’s head is a loosing proposition. The idioligy of most of these groups cannot stand on it own in any self-sustaining way and I’m not willing to play along like they can.

    I would submit that if some mob of belligerent split tails romping around DC or some sodomites leading their boy toys on a leash have direct influence on your day to day existence and contentment, you need to take a close look at how you have crafted your life.

    Ridicule, direct and calm confrontation and shunning are in full swing in my hood and on occasion light doses of that other way. They soon scurry back to their hives.

  14. Uh, if any of y’all were honest, you’d realize that when the shit storm gets into full swing, it’ll be a free-for-all-no-holds-barred murder and blood fest. Who ever has the numbers and the guns and the food will prevail, and everyone WILL be required to choose a side. Rule of law and civilization will take a back seat to survival and warfare. Once dominance is achieved, then the rule of law and civilization will return, under whatever form is chosen. The only plans I’m making is to cross that bloody lane. What’s on the other side, who knows? Don’t expect flowers and speeches.

    • Then you’re as good as dead. Are you being honest with yourself?

      The probably of a lone patriot surviving against the hordes of lawless looters and organized Left isn’t good.

      The best odds of surviving is winning. And winning doesn’t mean staying home or bugging out.

  15. All these Republican types are still paying taxes into the Democrat programs. Apparently they don’t object to them all that much,

  16. So the winning strategy is giving every whining snowflake group it’s own Independent state ……and that’s ‘rooted in reality’ haha

    I think I made it pretty clear I understand we have a hogpoge of special interest groups, but at the end of the day it’s me and mine (that includes family, tribe, neighbors ect) against THEM. Most folks don’t have every example of idiot in their grill on a daily basis. You would have to work hard to find a screechy militant feminist or butch lesbian here. Sure they are here but they have decency to mind their own business.

    Why? Because they would be shunned or publicly ridiculed. I could site many real examples of that very thing. Dishing it out takes judgment, resolve and good humor and that takes a different disposition than drawing imaginary borders :- )

    Just playing along with the theory at hand, what region would you give Madonna? haha

    • Not saying every snowflake.

      But there are a lot of people who talk about holding the USA as one country but cannot hold their own block.

      Not saying that is you, but there must always be at least an approximate match between mission and means.

      • That pretty much exist CA, no one is really forced to live anywhere in this country. The blue county/red county voting maps support this.

        The irony is that the folks that hate us, desperately depend on us for just about everything important (part of why they hate us). California succeeding is hilarious, they can’t survive without water, energy and chow coming in from outside and pray tell how will the newly arriving snowflakes make a living? They would need a wall to deal with the imigration haha

        IMO the only way the ‘special interest’ parties would gain independent states is a ‘ruling over the ashes’ scenario…..but how many of them are up to that task?

  17. “If you can keep it.”

    Couldn’t, wouldn’t, keep it.

    So, what is this new and improved “keep it” that everyone plans on “keeping”?

    And when does it start? Or, has it started already?

  18. You can condense the various America’s down to two. One is “my fweelwings” matter more than people and trump everything. The other is I don’t give a fuck about your feelings. Truth and reality of life Trump everything.
    One is going to shove their ideology of feelings up everyone else’s ass if they can.
    One is going to keep right on resisting as it has ever done.
    One is going to jump the shark cause it has nothing else.
    The other will never submit to that nothing.
    One is the human extinction movement.
    The other is the celebration of what is good in this world.
    The two can not exist together, one will start the fight because it has nothing else but an insatiable desire to have power over others, the others will finish the fight because winning is everything.

    • And the referees will get their arses knocked out in between
      or become even more powerful. Kind of like how the red shields
      got their second wind in Waterloo?

      Nothing new I think. Best bet, I think is to keep together
      broadly and keep lines of communications going.
      When needed to get out to friendly areas, it will be

      PASSWORD = Flock them that’s why 🙂

      “Every man to his family and his belongings”

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “You can condense the various America’s down to two.”

      Heinlein got it right: those who wish to rule, and those who do not wish to be ruled.

      • Mountaineer and Jimmy?Heinlein have it exactly right.

        Long run, people will divide along that line (and seek their own preservation) and make whatever arrangements are necessary, to the very great and likely terminal disappointment of most of these so called factions everyone is so torqued up about.

        These whining agitators, these mewling, shrieking, entitled freaks are miniscule %’s and have nothing in common other than their aggrieved status. They can tantrum and rant but couldn’t organize father’s day in harlem much less ousting the majority culture. They would have been roundly ignored had they not had the cover and useful tool “sympathy” of the msm and segments of .gov.

        That’s all changed now, at least for awhile. Use the time wisely and never, ever let up on the shaming, shunning, hooting, discrediting and marginalizing every last one of our enemy, from fed.gov down to the local school board and HOA.

        We have the big megaphone and the Great Fuck You now. Let the deafening howls of outrage and rejection begin! along with the proclamation and reclamation of all that we ever held as good, decent, responsible and truly fair.

        As with every “movement,” you have to live it by example, and be willing to die for it.

        The other side has lost it’s shit for exactly the reason that it isn’t really a unified “movement,” and can’t meet either of those two requirements.

  19. 1) There ain’t gonna be no “quiet, sad divorce” at this level.
    Anyone tries it’s gonna find out there’s going to be screaming, dishes flying into walls, and the cops will be out multiple times nightly.
    And then it gets bloody.

    Best to simply not go there. It ain’t gonna be like no one wishes, and they’ll universally wish they never started in the first place.

    2) The entire gist of this whiny sob-story in Politico was that the assholes who moved into rural Cheeseheadia from Left wing Minnie-Paul, out of topuch with the bulk of the country since at least 1972, suddenly woke up and found out that the communities they ignored for fifty years told them to go to hell.
    And they’re surprised, and their feelings are hurt.
    Sympathy and compassion for them?: “Here’s a teddy bear, and a hanky. And go wipe the shit out of your diapers, and your ears.”

    3) At least a voting 49% of America finally got tired of listening to the lying media, and of voting for a bunch of pussies who turned into suck-ass appeasement quislings the second they were voted into office.
    Welcome to America.
    If it chafes, get used to it, or else move the fuck out. We’ll be happy to help you pack.

    4) If, I repeat IF, Trump actually drains the swamp which feeds most of the fever of the Leftists for the last 80 years, we can begin to get our country back.
    He’ll probably fail, possibly spectacularly, and we may be back at #1 above. In which case, this respite gives precious time to prepare for that eventuality as well.
    But he might start to push the rudder enough to point us away from the rocks, to the limits of his personal ability. I have time to see how that works out. At worst, we’re still better off because of that respite, with an added bonus that millions of people aren’t so afraid of being called names anymore that they’ll elect “leaders” who wet themselves at the sight of a bad press story.
    That alone is still a major achievement. Imagine if we’d had that going back to 1989.

    5) When half your town is beset by unwashed hooligans and criminals, you don’t tally up neighborhoods and turf, and form a series of mini-towns. You either get the fucktards to clean up, or you clean them out.
    The same is true of states and nations.
    I’m happy to see either of those to completion.

    2017: the year that the Shitbird becomes an endangered species.
    They can either clean up their faces, or get shot in them.
    Makes no nevermind to me which way that breaks out.

    • All of the above, but especially this:

      “5) When half your town is beset by unwashed hooligans and criminals, you don’t tally up neighborhoods and turf, and form a series of mini-towns. You either get the fucktards to clean up, or you clean them out.
      The same is true of states and nations.
      I’m happy to see either of those to completion.”

      Might seem like a big job but it’s the only way. Subdividing along every petty grievance line or perceived ideological fault line, while attempting to sort out and assign territory is ludicrous, and will never accomplish anything but ever more misery, including likely conquest by foreign enemies.

      Our tormentors forswore “live and let live” a long time and a great deal of treason ago.

  20. The little ticks didn’t find what they wanted in the Somali-terrorist-academy in the Twin Cities. Same thing that afflicted Colorado when the pansies ran into Don Henley’s wall in Kalifornia. Maybe the same ostriches in the article would like to put up a couple of “No Vacancy” signs in the eastbound lanes of I-94 right before the Hudson bridge.

    Boo hoo.

  21. Stealth Spaniel

    Typical Leftists/Liberals/Progressives. They create a shXXhole in a fairly decent workable city, then they flee to the countryside and tell the natives how inferior they are. I notice that none of the “artists, weavers, pie makers, etc.” are willing to run back to Somali Headquarters so they can have organic foods, theater, etc. The jackasses from California have done the same thing to Denver, Portland (OR), Miami, Jackson Hole, Austin,and Phoenix. The dicks from New York, Taxachusettes, New Jersey have polluted North Carolina, most of Florida, Savannah, and Dallas. It is always the same pattern. Foul up your own nest and then move on.
    That pork chop, worried about buying hay for those prized sheep, is more than willing to lie and mock the farmer that she buys from. Notice, she does not have an honest conversation in her.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      I live in an overflow of Jackson Hole, many of our progressives started in JH 20-30 yrs ago and couldn’t afford to stay, now we’re stuck with them. Probably 1/3 of our 1,000 people are batshit crazy liberals, trying to impose their communism on us, and winning. I’ve been harping at my friends for yrs about how the USFS and BLM rules have been influenced by the wolf/tree hugger mentality, and we’re paying for it in loss of hunting and recreation areas. I’ve seen half the roads closed in my 23 yrs here, old logging roads I drove my LandCruiser on are nothing but a memory now, and most of my friends could care less, they won’t lift a finger or even raise their voice to fight it.
      About a dozen non-profit environazi groups are based here too, started by about 6 people. And the locals seem to support them, going to fundraisers and indoctrinating their kids also. It’s become a lost cause to even bitch about it in front of my friends, they just go along with whatever is the easy way out, and the most popular scam playing this month.
      Cell phone addicted morons who don’t even see the world burning down around them. By the time I’m dead, I hope it’s a fukn desert here, they earned it thru complacency.

      • SF0321, A few weeks ago I was hearing that those old roads/trails
        which have been used for, heck decades and even a century or
        more, could not be closed if proper documention was kept on
        it being travelled; I guess whether by foot, horse, atv, truck or
        whatever. Probably something to do with common ways etc.,
        but definitely a lawful path set from way back. Documentation
        though, from what I heard was key, maybe even some clearing,
        upkeep of some sort too, but documenting and kept in a log
        somehow, maybe county records?

      • 23 years ago was right around the time Clinton shoved through the “Roadless Rule”, in an effort to create wilderness areas where there once was none. It was all part of the plan. And now the forests are paying the price.

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  23. I see they tried to find the dumbest Trump supporters they could find to quote in the article.

    “Hurp durp, the X stands for Saint Anthony?”

    Even this simple Iowa Copperhead knows the X stands for St. Andrew. In their half-hearted attempt(Im probably giving them too much credit) to find out what drives the Trump vote in rural America, the media continues to condescend and play stupid (Probably giving them too much credit there too….).