Z Man: The Long Civil War



With intermittant friskiness over the next decade.

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  1. rule by “Yankeedom”? I don’t think so, not for decades. During my salad days, the SC consisted of 9 White Protestant men. Now that I’m into dessert, it’s 3 Red Jewesses, a Red Jew, 3 White Catholics, and a Negro. That’s a sea change in elite ethnostructure, and it’s not hard to see who’s on top: Jews. And – witness his slavish Zionism – they own Trump too.

  2. That was a good article,would have commented there but am sick of capcha code nonsense,so, thanks for the read.

  3. Jimmy the Saint

    #PhillyMobLivesMatter (except for all them rats I had whacked)
    – Zombie Nicky Scarfo

  4. I knew that we were on the verge of a national realignment when I saw a poor white man’s house in GA flying a Confederate flag from the porch (likely as a response to the earlier Gov. Haley sell out in SC) with a NYC Billionaire’s campaign sign also in his front yard.
    DemocRats and ChamberPots had abandoned him and it was a plain enough sign if anyone had been looking from the DC Elitist bubble, but of course they weren’t and still aren’t.
    Voting is a polite way of telling the Elites something, if these putzes sabotage Trump, then the “politeness” is going to vanish. It should be noted the “Southern Deplorables” are now nationwide, but these elitist Progs will never “get it” ever.

  5. The Z Man article is wishful thinking.

    • Indeed.
      Saying the “Southeast” as a region might include a state like GA. However, ATL does not equal in any sense GA. So, “regional” is sorta invalidated (in numbers and legislation and entitlement representation) by urban enclaves. Could not the same thing be said for Houston and Austin and Miami etc., and any other “region” that includes or is dominated by welfare service centers.

      It’s urban.
      It’s Bracken
      It’s not even started.

  6. While Zman has a good theory there… it’s just theory.

    This is the reality on the ground:

  7. Balkanization, the other white meat.