Baugh: Open Records Request Essentials

Read, file, and do.

Everyone who think FUSA can be held intact to its current borders had better have their local AO running at a decent level of accountability.

Otherwise, you are just dreaming.

Local is what steals from you.

Local is what kills you.

5 responses to “Baugh: Open Records Request Essentials

  1. It’s metastasized systemic & pandemic at this point. Short of things going Kinetic, it will have to be from the ground up to instill values of moral turpitude & ROL equally applied w/o politicized agendas. Real oversight ombudsman / watchmen w/ real accountability & consequences.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Who could’ve seen this coming. It can’t be.

    I though it was Murka first?

    but but but TRUMP!

    “The Federal Reserve is organized with sufficient independence to conduct monetary policy and open market operations,” Mnuchin responded to Senator Bill Nelson, a Florida Democrat. “I endorse the increased transparency we have seen from the Federal Reserve Board over recent years.”


  4. That’s a valuable article, with link back to real one as a template. Like many things it will require getting off the mental yourtube couch & ferreting out that which most states have, an open records law & the relevant statutes to it. It is not hard; but the information is unlikely to come in a vision over coffee.

  5. Very interesting indeed.