Bourbons Of The Press, Believed By But 15%, Straggle On In Defeat


“Journalists”, my ass.


5 responses to “Bourbons Of The Press, Believed By But 15%, Straggle On In Defeat

  1. POd American

    CUNT News Network….it’s a fact.

  2. Centurion_Cornelius

  3. Hands up, don’t speak.

  4. My wife watches “regular” TV. I don’t. The boob tube was on MSNBC. I started to listen. I switched to CNN. Same pound the shit out of Trump bullshit. Propaganda.Joseph Goebbels would be proud.”Think of the press as a giant keyboard on which the government can play.” Apparent to me…obviously not apparent to others. Normally, I do not subject myself to this audio-visual drivel. Maybe I should. Reveals the libtard mindset. I peruse Daily Kos, Politico,Huffington,New York Times and the Denver Post.These progs are losing their minds. I like it. They are eating their own. When your life lessons are based on emotions and false assumptions (bullshit) , it only takes a small tremor to catapult the progs into a disorganized feeding frenzy.We are witnessing a 9.0 on the Richter scale of mass retardation and dain bramaged snowflakes. The giant,no lube fuck you is punching them in the face. How irrelevant and meaningless they are. Non-contributing recipients. Exposed and vulnerable they resort to violence and chaos. These cretins are deemed non-salvageable.They will be exterminated with extreme prejudice. Coming soon to a theater near you.Better tighten your shit up.