Bracken: The CHOWM Must Die! The Rise Of True Progressive Identity Politics


Matt sends advance word of a speech and mindset coming to a neighborhood near you:

The CHOWM Must Die!
The Rise Of True Progressive Identity Politics
By Matt Bracken

My progressive friends and intersectional allies, the CHOWM really just have to die, and the sooner the better. I don’t care if they die of old age or of something else, but they had better die pretty soon, because let’s face it, they have fucked up the entire world, and it’s only getting worse. The illegitimate “election” of the CHOWM-in-Chief was the last straw. Now it must finally be said out loud: the CHOWM must die, if our progressive, peace-loving peoples are to survive!

Look at almost any developing nation, or just look at our own inner cities. The CHOWM blood-suckers, who don’t even live there, have all the money and all the power, while our people are forced to suffer in poverty, misery, degradation and oppression. And whom shall I ask enslaved our beautiful, peaceful African people and dragged them to this miserable continent in the first place, 400 years ago? The CHOWM–and don’t you ever forget it!

Sure, some of our more timid progressive ally-sisters and ally-brothers will say that not all of the CHOWM are completely evil, that not all of them were slave masters and patriarchal colonial oppressors and racists and Islamophobes and cisgender bigots. They will point out that airplanes and televisions and smart phones were invented by the CHOWM. And while this may be true, it’s only because the CHOWM stole the best secrets from the ancient Africans and the other people of color around the world, people who would also have invented all of these things too, if the CHOWM had not oppressed them and held them down through colonialism, slavery, capitalism, white privilege, Islamophobia, the patriarchy, and cisgender bias of every kind.

But lucky for us, the CHOWM are easy to recognize in a crowd. In fact, they can’t hide at all. First of all, their skin is a nasty pasty white, and they are old and ugly and weak. And worst of all, they are all men. No, worst of all, they are white. No, worst of all, they are white men. Now, some non-Christian and non-conservative gay and trans men can be intersectional allies of the oppressed peoples, but not the CHOWM. The CHOWM can never be an ally, because they do not intersect with our oppressed peoples in any positive or beneficial way. The CHOWM are our eternal enemies and oppressors, period.

But there is some good news, (other than the fact that the CHOWM are very easy to spot). Most of the CHOWM are getting old, and they are going to die soon. Walk into any government office and look around: most of the CHOWM are really, really old. As soon as all of the CHOWM retire and die off, or just die off, they won’t be in charge anymore. And when the CHOWM are no longer our bosses, they won’t be able to protect those other pricks, the CHYWM. And then it will really be payback time for 400 years of oppression! No, make that 4,000 years, because of how the ancient CHOWM stole all of the best ideas from the ancient Africans, and used them to oppress all progressive peoples.

Now, because we can’t always tell the CHOWM from our own progressive LGBTQ – OWM intersectional allies, let’s just agree that all of the OWM must die. We can’t take any chances when it comes to the sneaky, lying CHOWM, because they are simply too dangerously evil to tolerate. And as far as the YWM, well, you must certainly understand that 100% of the CHOWM began life as YWM, so after 4,000 years of CHOWM oppression, don’t you think that they have had more than enough time being in charge? So all of the YWM must die too, or eventually we’ll be dealing with CHOWM oppression all over again.

And as far as our progressive WW intersectional ally sisters, for sure they are not part of the patriarchy, (thank Gaia!), but let’s face it, haven’t they been far too close to the CHOWM for far too long? Collaborating with the CHOWM at every turn, “marrying” them, sleeping with them, and together, making lots of little CHYWM who invariably grow up to be CHOWM? Of course they have. So just to be on the safe side, let’s get rid of the WW and especially the YWW, because let’s face it, it takes a YWW to make a YWM who will grow up to become a CHOWM. Nits make lice.

So all progressive peoples must finally agree: we just need to get rid of the OWM, the YWM, the OWW, and the YWW, if we want to be absolutely sure that we have eradicated the CHOWM menace from the Earth. Or to simplify the message, let’s just get rid of the evil W strain of humanity. Only then can the peace-loving non-CHOWM peoples of the world all live together in perfect harmony, sharing the unending social progress that we deserve. In 2017, all reasonable progressives must understand that 4,000 years of CHOWM oppression have been more than enough.

The CHOWM must die.

Lest you think the above does not accurately describe FUSA’s current course and speed, consider this article.

Watch your six, and remember:


109 responses to “Bracken: The CHOWM Must Die! The Rise Of True Progressive Identity Politics

  1. Can I be on the front lines, PLEASE…………..

  2. What is C.H.O.W.M. ?

  3. Yeah, well us OWMs (and I’m of the JH variety) and YWMs, and our sensible and moral OWFs and YWFs, have about 95% of the 400 million or so guns in this country. Oh, and quite a large percentage of us are military vets, training by Uncle Sugar to kill Commies and Ragheads with great dispatch..

    Have fun with your little revolucion, kiddies – I know that we will, and at the end of the festivities, you won’t be bothering us very much.

  4. So I’m guessing here:

    CHOWM = Cis-Hetero Old White Men?

  5. Y’know, these acronyms always thrown about with no initial translation for this poor soul makes what might be a great read into an incomprehensible mess.

    So how about a simple one sentence explanation first?

    • I’ll let Matt speak to it.

    • Yep. Again. Matt ❤ acronyms.

    • Matt Bracken

      My goal was to introduce the CHOWM one letter at a time while reading it. I heard Michael Savage yesterday talking about the 5 or 6 damnable states of humanity, but I took them and jumbled them around to make a pronounceable word. This wasn’t easy with only one vowel.
      C = Christian and/or conservative. Call it Christian conservative.
      H = Heterosexual
      O = Old.
      W = White
      M = Man or men.

      My daughter is a CHYWW, but this isn’t really about the acronyms, they don’t matter, only the concept that one defined subgroups has NO redeemable qualities. They get NO affirmative action points. The CHOWM are the damned. A “WW” can hang out with lesbians, so that at least she will gain a bit of separation from the damned, the CHOWM. And if she’s neither Christian nor conservative, she only has one strike against her in the end, her whiteness. Perhaps the new rulers of the proggy utopia will find space for her, as long as she doesn’t breed, or breeds with a non-W, in an attempt to expiate her irredeemable white guilt.

      What do you think is at the end of all of the minority oppression studies and white privilege courses? The virtual yellow stars on our jackets. We are being lined up to be the next German Jews or Russian Kulaks or Armenian Turks. This is how it works, folks. First TPTB whip up the hate against the damned, in this case conservative Christian heterosexual old white men. What do you think “the knockout game” etc are all about? TPTB have been virtue signaling the genocide of the whites, starting with the CHOWM, for decades now. “The white race is the cancer of humanity” said a white woman of note. In the linked DNC article, women compete to describe how much they hate their own evil whiteness. The left is veering into madness, and sometimes that madness winds up with guillotines, gas chambers and gulags as their final solution to their hated internal enemy problem.

      If you are a CHOWM, you should know that TPTB are painting a bulls-eye target on your front and your back. Words today will become action tomorrow, if this madness metastasizes.

      Ask the Armenians, the Kulaks, the European Jews, the Tutsis, etc etc etc.
      This is how it works. First the hate is built up in a socially acceptable way by TPTB, here, the BLM assisted by the MSM, etc.

      Then later, during a social crisis, comes the mass killing, with the killers feeling perfectly justified with their actions.

      • lol.

        Can’t expect people to think, man!

        Not even CHOWM are capable of that all the time.

      • Matt, you know good and damned well that a white woman didn’t say “The white race is the cancer of humanity.” That was said by (((Susan Sontag))). You’ll find that virtually all of the “fellow white people” and “white privilege” talk comes from a certain tribe of (((whites))).

      • Well, Matt, at least you understand how it works. But if there is a civil war, even here on WRSA there’ll be plenty of people who’ll kill other posters just for being the wrong kind of Christian.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “The left is veering into madness, and sometimes that madness winds up with guillotines, gas chambers and gulags as their final solution to their hated internal enemy problem.”

        Sometimes? It’s their preferred destination.

      • no “White woman” said any such thing, Bracken. That was Susan Rosenblatt-alias-Sontag, an ashkenazic Jewess, in the Trotskyite communist Partisan Review (Winter, 1967), p. 57.

        identical anti-White, genocidal sentiments have from time to time been expressed by (((Tim Wise))), (((Ron Unz))), (((George Soros))), (((Ben Wattenberg)), (((Barbara Spectre))), (((Noel Ignatiev))), and many other Tikkun Olas.

        otherwise, you nailed the whole thing.

        • Always quick to blame the bagmen/women for the decisions of their Eurotrash bosses. At least you’re consistent like a broken clock.


    “The CHOWM can never be an ally, because they do not intersect with our oppressed peoples in any positive or beneficial way. The CHOWM are our eternal enemies and oppressors, period.” And I’m good with that

    This is pretty close to the mark. And representative of a group too mentally enfeebled to achieve a written alphabet, or a language understandable by the tribe 30 clicks away, or even advanced technology – like a wheel.

  7. I assume that the C stands for Christian and the H stands for heterosexual. Surely the WM is “white male”. No idea what the O stands for.

  8. Bad Attitude

    If they want to see what a world without CHOWMs will look like, they should visit Haiti. (Actually, it will be worse than Haiti because Haiti only exists on the charity of CHOWM produced food and medicine.)

    • Matt Bracken

      Exactly. How did that kill whitey program work out there?

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Depends on how you look at it. If the goal was just to kill whitey, it worked very, very well. For many out there, that will be enough.

  9. This is what I think.
    Matt bracken is a serious thinking man. His forecasts and understanding of his forecasts are pretty much unequaled in the world today. To say Matt is provincial is a great compliment, because if Matt understands only one thing, it is on the provincial level, aka self-familiy-tribe-AO is where this cold civil war will turn hot, and the outcome will turn on what us dirt people do.
    That this is a war, and it is a conflict waged of hearts and minds, and when the progressives see they are in an existential pickle because the hearts and minds strategy is failing, which it will, they will go full retard violent.
    Regardless, it will always be a war of hearts and minds. But it is more than that, it is a war against of wills.

    Understand this:
    “A fifth column is any group of people who undermine a larger group—such as a nation or a besieged city—from within, usually in favor of an enemy group or nation. The activities of a fifth column can be overt or clandestine. Forces gathered in secret can mobilize openly to assist an external attack. This term is also extended to organized actions by military personnel. Clandestine fifth column activities can involve acts of sabotage, disinformation, or espionage executed within defense lines by secret sympathizers with an external force”

    The 5th column is system of authority, and where the will of free men is exactly that, free. No system of authority no matter how heinous or unattractive it is likes those who undermine it’s authority, in particular CHOAMS, because dirt people are by their nature an undermining factor of authority and power by dint of their natural self determination and individualism. To be a Free Man is to thwart authority.

    They want to kill us dirt people. There is no mincing words here. That is what it is. They are trying to sneak up on it disguised as some cultural marxist meme and narrative. And we, us dirt people, if things keep going the way they are, are going to have to kill to defend who we are, not just as provincial individuals but as a culture. Because just as much as we are dirt people that is the threat, it is our culture which must be exterminated.

    The human terrain in this war is always on top. Our culture as free men, as dirt people is upstream of everything, and that is why the progressives go psychotic, they have nothing that we fear, they only have fear as a weapon, they offer nothing to us, they are so distasteful as people, as an ideology, fear/force is their only tool adequate to the task of imposing their ideology on all others.

    Look at the last 20 years or more. They infiltrated our government and foundational representing social organizations in order to co-opt the power of our government to foist and impose their will on us dirt people. To a certain extent it has been effective, but the tide has turned, and not only have they been exposed for what they are, their methods are seen by hundreds of millions as false. Their illusion of legitimacy, power, force, is coming to an abrupt end. So all they have remaining is application of disruption of the foundations of our culture in conjunction with the use of violence.

    In my view, it is a pretty poor position to be in if your going to wage a war of extermination.

    And I can only speak for myself, but suspect I am far from alone, for what they are doing is going to turn into going too far for people like me. I am tolerant to a fault by nature, I can put up with a lot, and have, from both this government and these progressives. I understand fully there is a fight on, for right now it is to me still a war of hearts and minds, though also I am fully aware of the danger, that we are close to bearing arms and taking measures that I hope will not have to be taken. That in no ways implies I am a coward or poorly or ill prepared, it means I have made peace with myself and my maker, that in my heart there for the grace of God I go, that when the time comes I will do what needs to be done without hesitation or prohibitions against these enemies who have avowed to destroy me and what I represent, with such a ferocity and merciless ruthless energy I will be indomitable. The only way I will be stopped is if I am dead.
    Am I scared of what may come to pass?
    Very bad things could happen.
    But I’m unafraid to do what needs doing, I know I won’t fail because of fear.
    If anything, my fear will empower me, because of the contrast to what is right. And I do not wish nor intend to live in shame for not acquitting myself honorably in defense of my liberty and my duty as a dirt person, as a Free Man.

    And that’s all there is to it.
    Because Phil Carson lives.
    Because Fuck You Thats Why.

    So come on motherfuckers. I know your skulking watching us. You want a piece of me, come and fucking take it.

    • Matt Bracken

      You understand my point entirely. As much as anything I’m trying to warn anyone rational on the left against triggering a war of extermination against the CHOWM. The Left mistakes our forbearance, patience and, yes, tolerance for weakness, because they are none of those things, and utterly fail to comprehend us. But they should not poke in the eye too many times millions of people who make a hobby out of going into the woods and shooting and gutting 200 lb. mammals. Seriously, they shouldn’t.

      • seriously, Bracken: organized Jewry does not intend to be ghetto’d, porgom’d, or holocaust’d by WM ever again. So, using existent and invasive ethnics – Blacks, Browns, Muslims, Asians – (((they))) intend to exterminate the Whites. Inasmuch as about 1/3 of the White population in North America (in Europe, 2/3) have signed on to eventual self-liquidation in return for a slice of the current debt-pie…(((they))) will not desist. And they may well win.

        you are, however, alerting more than a few Whites to the sword that hangs overhead.

      • Oh yes Matt. Unquestionably.
        They are mad, the whole lot of them. It is collective insanity, it spreads like a virus.
        The Bolsheviks and the Nomenklaturer are hardly known, so too what they did later to the Kulaks. I’m not saying it will get that far here, but it is possible, but at least it sure bears knowing what Marxism’s inherent diabolical thirst for others blood is rooted in. The 20th century is the marxist’s nadir, a river of blood, oceans of blood. Something on the order of half a billion humans starting from Lincoln and his marxist’s in 1862, to today, because of the marxists in one way or another, either through genocide or war or pogrom or the rot and decay totalitarianism.
        And none of it would have been possible but for the collective insanity of what Vladimir Lenin called his useful dupes.
        Lord knows there is no lack of them in America.

        To get a glimpse of the insanity, this below is a brief put poignant piece over at The Kakistocracy blog. It begins with this:

        “In 1918 Russia, leftist Bolsheviks conducted a campaign of murder so vast and depraved that media and entertainment organs committed themselves to forever shielding the public from its horror…”

      • That, brother Matt; is the point they simply don’t ‘grok’. I don’t see how it escapes them – but it does. Simple research. How many deer tags are sold every year? And every single one represents someone with a scoped rifle, who knows… how to stalk, kill, and gut; a large mammal. Who understands patience, has practiced with that firearm (or bow) to achieve not simply accuracy, but deadly precision… to whit – we criticize each other about the deadliness of our shot… and then practice to be deadlier.
        And they do not ‘get’ our mindset, our sure knowledge; that when things go loud, as “they” intend; we’ve already concluded it will be all of “them”, or all of us.
        And all of us are intent on making sure it is all of “them”.
        There are none so blind, as those who will not see.

        • In a lot of AofO’s, it is how many deer tags aren’t bought that counts. Makes it a polygonal activity, stealthily ranging for one critter while stealthily avoiding detection by another kind of critter. It’s being inside two OODA Loops simultaneously.

    • Fuck yes to all that. Every day, I think, you are less and less alone.

      • Centurion_Cornelius

        “We Stand Alone Together!”

      • You know what it is. It is the weapon between our ears and in our hearts that makes us who we are. Some of us have the Whole Armor of God also. Sure we have guns, lots of guns, and many of us understand what the gun is for, that above anything our weapons fortify who and what we are about.
        In a strange way, they are us, or opposites, our negatives, and they hate us for it, what it makes us, they envy us our strengths, our unshakable beliefs, our traditions, our faiths, they attack all these things and they covet what makes us innocent of terror and power, of greed and of hubris, it burns them, it drives them, it haunts them. It is the ultimate in pettiness, pettiness we manage to keep from getting the better of us, they call us bitter clingers, when they are consumed with bitterness.
        You see it everyday, they stand for despising us, we are deplorables because deep down in their barren souls we remind them of the guilt of betrayal of their fellow man. Betrayal of themselves, Satan’s cannon fodder.

        They are going to have leave their hives fairly soon if they hope to accomplish anything beyond optics and narratives. That means they will have to cross the frontier of the suburbs and attack flyover land. It is an incredibly vast space, the logistics are just as immense. It is an alien place. Full of a very different kind of American. They aren’t prepared for the meat grinder it is, how to live and thrive without the lack of resources and comforts ready at a convenient moments whim and wish the cities offer. For a time now, at least 4 years, maybe 8, they will not have a federal leviathan that has their backs. The political and financial elite who have enriched themselves because of the shakedown federal marxism of the past 20 years, along with their globalist ilk are going to have to foot the costs of supporting this atrocity machine directly from their treasure chests. And the dirt people of Europe is beginning to resist. The international globalists have their hands full of populist movement to try and quell.
        It’s not looking so good and rosy all front of the bus and everything for any of them. If for no other reason than if the ground swell of defiance and rebellion can be seen, there is a much larger awakening and preference cascade coming up right behind.
        The other aspect is the open source insurgency defining itself. Infrastructure is essential to the modern luxuries the marxists are accustomed to, it is a fragile thing, wholly dependent on the dirt people, who the larger majority know the land and know where the food and water, the basic necessities of the age come from.
        They are going to have to wage not only their war, but fight the steep learning curve of denial of their lines of logistics and communications.
        And begin from a cold start how to fight a counterinsurgency war on enemy territory, what will be very hostile country in every sense.
        They will be walking into a literal meat grinder.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Their illusion of legitimacy, power, force, is coming to an abrupt end. So all they have remaining is application of disruption of the foundations of our culture in conjunction with the use of violence.

      In my view, it is a pretty poor position to be in if your going to wage a war of extermination.”

      Historically, that’s the exact position a war of extermination becomes very likely, though. The RPF was winning in Rwanda when the Hutu Power groups started chopping the Tutsis. The Turks had just failed in a big campaign against the Russians when they really ramped up the killing of the Armenians. The Endlosung didn’t really kick off until the Germans started losing in the East in WWII.

    • lastmanstanding

      Amen brother…well said.

      “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

  10. daniel webster

    CHOWM ?????????????????????????????????

  11. If you are a CHOWM, you should know that TPTB are painting a bulls-eye target on your front and your back. Words today will become action tomorrow, if this madness metastasizes.

    Seriously Matt, it’s good to have an acronym, i feel included now, thank you! That bullseye has been there for a decade we just only recently woke up to see it. But your efforts in lifting our blinders are much appreciated.

    • Matt Bracken

      Ask the Armenians, Kulaks, European Jews, Tutsis etc what happens after that bulls-eye is painted on your back. Just ask them what comes after.

      • Yea I bet they didn’t band together either but thought they were going to be one man Rambo’s also… History showed them the truth of that though didn’t it…

    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      “it’s good to have an acronym”

      Compost Bait

      CLC Clic
      Currently Living Compost

      DI/s Dee Eye/Dee Eyes
      Dead Idiot/s

      DSH/s Dish/Dishes
      Dead Sh**Head/s

      Living Fertilizer

      Patrician Sh**Head/s

      PCI/s PeeSeeEye/s
      Pre-Compost Individual/s

      Stupid A** Punk/s

      SASH/s Sash/Sashes
      Supremely Arrogant Sh**Head/s

      Temporarily Animate Compost/Temporarily Living Compost

  12. Dean T Caulfield

    Considering we posses most of the guns, skills and experience that goes with being a CHOWM it should be fun. Bring popcorn.

    • Matt Bracken

      That sounds like Southern overconfidence after April 1861. Nobody sane should welcome a Dirty Civil War, or even just CW2. It will tear this nation apart, and many of us living will not see the end of it.
      I write to warn against, not to cheerlead for a national calamity.
      Meaning, I’m mostly trying to warn the Left to stop poking the Right in the eye, mistaking our Christian forbearance for weakness.
      I don’t know any libtards who have the hobby of making one inch paper holes at two hundred yards.
      Just sayin.

      • lastmanstanding

        Isn’t going to happen brother…the left poking righty in the eye.

        HRC’s loss has driven most of them completely insane. The only one’s in my AO that woke up were small biz owners and only a few of them. Wifey had to shit can more than half her fagbook “friends” for this reason alone.

        When she says, “they are the haters!”…be advised.

        She now understands “check your six.”

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “I don’t know any libtards who have the hobby of making one inch paper holes at two hundred yards.”

        Fair point, but history is replete with examples of ones who had the hobby of making single small holes in the backs of human skulls. Just because they aren’t good warriors, it doesn’t follow that they aren’t good killers.

  13. Bring it

  14. Methinks their war of extermination will not be quite so easy as they imagine.

    • Matt Bracken

      Me neither, but not everybody sees the end of any war. I’d rather warn them off, than see them try.

      • What matt says is of paramount necessity to grasp. This kind of war is unimaginable in it’s ugliness, it will rip this great place we live in apart, the scale of destruction we are capable of will leave a wasteland. It is a brutal nasty business, full to overflowing of misery and suffering. Our families will die, our beautiful lands, farms homesteads will face destruction. Once this kind of fratricide begins it knows no limits. The first civil war will be like a fart in a mitten.
        Unless, our solidarity and unity of purpose, unless we all become tribe, become united, only in this way can we hope to stave off the worst, and come out the other side better for it.

        • Amen Brother…Peace through strength…If they think they will have the slightest chance of achieving their goals they will try it…

          • In a rational society, yes, but rational thinking is not the prerogatives of the left. As Matt says, they are collectively crazy to begin with, the intent being there is somebody with a logical sense of events and the nature of their avowed enemy, us, behind it all who understands they can not win against us to begin with.
            But, there is a pretty good chance they are all insane, Or, chaos for the sake of the results out of creating chaos is one of the, or the, intended consequences.
            You have to think like them to understand them, listen to them because they always signal ahead.
            Remember the dictum, “Order Out of Chaos”
            So not winning is still winning, because winning the war is not like winning the agenda. It isn’t called the Long March for nothing.
            The proxy army they employ is expendable. Vladimir Lenin’s Useful Dupes are to be used in advancement of the ultimate goal. They are expendable, cannon fodder. Look around, there is no lack of them. And they are lining up in droves. It is a constant resupply, they are creating them by the thousands every day in the (re-)education system.
            So they loose this war, there will be another, because those behind it use proxies to fight, that way they are safe to continue the agenda. The collective protects it’s own. Why is William Ayer’s and Bernadine Dorn, their generation of radical red diaper babies still active and running around free? How did they end up as the regime of obama’s deep cabinet? Look at the string of fellow actors, the clintons, HJenet reno, Eric Holder, Rahm Emanuel, Sustien, Jarrett, and on, the list is huge, and they all show up repeatedly time and time again in every crisis through the decades, and their parents before them in some capacity advancing the agenda. Just look from the “grass roots” movements of the 60’s, from “Earth Day” to the Sierra Club, Ruby Ridge, to Oklahoma City, Waco Fast & Furious, 9-11, Benghazi, Lybia, all the mass shootings, Newtown, Aroura, every crisis as a means, and all or some of these actors show up in some capacity of political power.
            They use this tactic and strategy in everything. It is like water wearing out granite, drip by drip, till it wears it down.
            The thing which must be done is to get the leadership. The hive can’t exist without the queens.
            If Trump is able to cut off their hiding places and the money spigot within the federal system, they will either go to ground, or go underground.
            This rot is insidious, it infests the entire system of government. A great cleansing is required, and only the dirt people will be able to eradicate the infestation. It is a terrible thing, but it is in all thinking probably the only total remedy. Anything less is half measures. Or, we will keep going through these cycles, and one day we might loose.
            Nobody gets a free ride on this. We are all in this together wether we understand the magnitude or not. Hiding out in our homesteads or cognitively hiding in fantasy only delays an inevitable outcome because that is akin to sweeping the problem under the rug.
            It’s time for us to mature into Free Men of The West with steel in our hearts and steel in our hands. If for no other reason than we Men of The west are the object to be destroyed in all this. The creation of Liberty and the winning of that first war between the statists and Free Men in 1776 resounds down to our time right now, it is not to be tolerated by the Fabiens, they have never stopped their cold war, it is their avowed mission, they committed to it after loosing. It is a blood oath to destroy America, America is the key to world dominion. Long as there is a free America that exists, a one world order can never come to fruition. That is the Fabien way, its avowed mission.
            And you and me and the rest of us dirt people are all that stands in their way. It is the target on our backs Matt talks about. This is a war of extermination, it is existential in the truest sense of the word.

            • The thing is mtforge is what organization was in place to stand against them none that I know of and that’s why they were able to get away with so much and why they think they might have a chance to eradicate us…It hasn’t been a rational society for a long time because good men didn’t stand up to evil it tolerated it…In conclusion if we don’t band together we are screwed…JMHO

    • Jimmy the Saint

      That doesn’t mean it won’t go very, very badly for many of us opposing them, however.

  15. Most of the CHOWM has only one question:
    When does hunting season open…?

    They aren’t talking about deer.

    And when it happens, TPTB will have two choices:
    get the hell out of the way, or
    get tossed in the shredder with the problem children.
    Dealer’s choice.

    • “Most of the CHOWM has only one question:
      When does hunting season open…?”

      Really? Will they show up? There were so few of them fighting next to me during the last crusade in Iraq. I’d like to see more than .01% (point zero one) show up next time the real work needs to be done.

      • Iraq was a catered affair.

        The FUSA party will be open to the public, by design.

      • Iraq was a fustercluck party thrown by the very same people are stirring up all the shit that is going down on the streets all around us right now.

        I see multiple people on this thread – and a whole host of others who have said ” I just want to be left alone to lead my life – but they won’t let me” .

        Well that is almost exactly the sentiment that was clearly spelled out by a number of the founders of this country : we were told NOT to go overseas looking for wars to fight and other countries shit to get involved in. Apparently we failed to heed that message.

        There is one thing I have noticed that has happened in this country after EVERY single foreign entanglement our cloud people have gotten us involved in – and that is that the country that we got involved in – CAME HERE. It has happened without fail – EVERY SINGLE TIME.

        So what made people think that Muslims weren’t going to come here as soon as we got involved over there? I was calling this out to people BEFORE the Iraq fustercluck even got started. I was also telling people we were GOING TO LOSE , and we were GOING TO BE MASSIVELY IN DEBT, and we were GOING TO ELECT A DEMOCRAT AS THE NEXT PRESIDENT.

        It wasn’t that hard to figure out for anybody who was paying attention – which apparently a whole shitload of people weren’t.

        Really the only beneficial thing I can see coming out of our wars over the last 15 years is the government just trained the next generation of revolutionaries. Just like the French and Indian War trained the Minutemen. But maybe if we had not gotten involved in the war in the first place – we wouldn’t have gotten Barry the Muslim – and wouldn’t going thru this shit either – and we wouldn’t need so much of that training.

      • Well maybe they actually knew why we were over there in Iraq and decided not to give their lives so the bankers could profit…Sad That you were suckered into it and I guess you still don’t know why you were fighting in that shithole ..

        • I had no problem multitasking against jihadis. My experience is worth more than those who never deployed to a combat zone.

          I see a lot of tough talk and most of it will translate to a lot of chowderheads still sitting on the couch in CONUS when the going gets tough. Most American men can’t pass an APFT.

          When the rest of you have no easy outs left and have to sustain yourselves through a real longterm hardship I’ll see what you’re really made of. No, that divorce or the time you were unemployed doesn’t count. Not even close.

          • You do yourself and your fellow men a dis-service, first by ignoring something, you had an entire system of support behind you, lets see how you would do without Uncle Sam providing you 1st rate top notch materiel and line of communication. Second, the insurgents are still out there fighting. Sorry, but you really haven’t stopped them, it’s not the best example for telling future American insurgents your a sheet metal chewing insurgent stopping animal and they are useless. You are underestimating others to make yourself something you ain’t.
            So why not become a positive example like warriors such as Matt, Max, Mosby, and all like them?
            Put your money where your mouth is, we are all in this together buddy, if you don’t, they way you disparage others, we who could use your help don’t need enemies. And we don’t need you for sure.
            Be the man you claim you are, get out there and help others.
            Lord knows we all need every edge.
            Or are you too good to lower yourself to sharing with those whose tax money, and moral support, paid for and made your experience possible to begin with?

        • And you do, shitbag?

    • Matt Bracken

      It might happen like that. The Argentine Generals probably thought so, at the time. History is funny, and not many get to enjoy the long view. Many wind up as worm or fish food along the way. I’d prefer to avoid it entirely, but if it’s coming….I’d put my money on the folks who can make standing offhand shots at 400 yards.

  16. European American

    I think the Left might be “slightly” behind (the Right) in acquiring the numbers of firearms per capita, and behind the curve in how to use them. It could feasibly get downright medieval in the streets when the Bolsheviks come to a neighborhood, near you, to bust up some windows, or heads…the fuse is about to detonate a mighty big storehouse of high tech weapons in safes across middle America. I hope there’s very little collateral damage when the sleeping, red states, giant goes ballistic with large quantities of hollow point, in multiple 30 round mags taped together.

  17. I notice it has a fig leaf on its crotch. Wonder where it got that idea?


    So, I must die, according to these mooks. Well, bring it. I’m ready.

  19. Matt’s caution to us is right. The lefties will not directly engage the CHOWM in violence when it starts. As always, they will use mercenaries. I suspect that is what the moslem invasion is about in the old, dead European nations and the US. Their proxies should be able to capture South America in weeks when it starts, Central America in days, and Mexico will join them just so their elites stay alive. We will be fighting moslems when it starts. The US is the golden ring. The moslem invasion of the US must stop now. The lefties must go down to defeat before it starts. Hopefully Trump follows through. If not God help us.

  20. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on FOR GOD AND COUNTRY.

  21. Just jump to the finish.

    200 million.

    • If by some act of Treason or stupidity all of the SSBN Boomers are in Port at once and there are no more Strategic SLCM Nuclear Tomahawks to take up the slack, I think you are right. The Next sneak attack will be cyber, biological, and nuclear all at once. King’s Bay GA will be gone. Most of that will blow out to sea. Augusta GA and Savannah River, smoked. Knoxville and Oak Ridge Same thing.

      It will be China.

      The Internal Struggle will be fomented as a distraction to get the Strategic guard lowered.

      On another note, that self loathing woman from Idaho could be the victim of a non consensual multicultural group insemination and she would say she deserved it and hopes she gives birth to another boy that can go on to be President. A video of the event would help her street credibility as she seeks to be head of the DNC. The guy in NJ that runs Face Fuck could probably set her up with the local high school basketball team or some turban wearing cab drivers.
      Obama momma was just such a whore.

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  23. Stealth Spaniel

    Here is her self appointed resume. Seems to be a lot of overlapping times, and of course, it is padded with self congratulatory assessments & appointments.
    Some kitty tid-bits from Sally’s LinkedIn profile:
    1-Boise State University
    1996 – 2005 (9 years)
    specialized in interpersonal conflict management in the communications dept.
    2-Team coordinator
    The Body Shop
    August 2003 – January 2006 (2 years 6 months)
    built, trained and supported a team of 200 At Home consultants across the country.
    3-And then she went full batshit craycray
    legislative assistant
    Idaho Democratic Party
    2007 – 2007 (less than a year)
    spent the 2007 legislative session helping with scheduling and constituent services.
    4-Campaign manager of representative elect
    Democratic Party
    January 2006 – May 2007 (1 year 5 months)
    ran a successful re-election campaign for Phylis King
    5-Posted under jobs. Wonder why Obammy’s Election stopped her religous attendance? Consider the church & what it does…..
    Boise 1st United Church of Christ
    1986 – 2008 (22 years)
    6-Campaign manager to re-elect Rep
    Phylis King
    May 2008 – November 2008 (7 months)
    Legislative Attaché 2007 Legislative Session
    7-Director of Operations
    Allred for Idaho
    March 2010 – November 2010 (9 months)Boise, Idaho Area
    One of five employees on Keith Allred’s gubernatorial campaign. I was hired as a volunteer coordinator and ended up charged with fundraising efforts, volunteer operations, office support and management as well as our field program.
    Clarity NOW
    January 2006 – January 2011 (5 years 1 month)
    Personal, political and organizational consulting to assist and inspire individuals to identify and achieve their goals in life and business.
    9-Field Director
    Idaho Democratic Party
    January 2011 – November 2011 (11 months)
    My duties consist of managing our field organizers, internal and external party communications, and acting as the liaison with the Idaho Democratic Legislative Caucus.
    10-Communication Director
    Idaho Democratic Party
    November 2011 – April 2012 (6 months)Boise, Idaho Area
    I handle all internal and external communications and messaging for the IDP.
    11-Executive Director
    Idaho Democratic Party
    April 2012 – Present (4 years 10 months)Boise, Idaho Area
    Oversees all programs and fundraising activities of the state party.
    Responsibilities Include:
    Management of all staff and personnel activities;
    Oversee fundraising efforts, development of a fundraising plan and work with fundraising committee to implement plan;
    Oversee budget creation, implementation and monitoring;
    Work with Finance Director to ensure all campaign finance reports, tax returns, and other required reports are accurately and timely filed;
    Oversee communication efforts of Communications Director and State Chair to issue press releases, speak out on important issues, respond to attacks and present the Democratic Party in a positive, professional light;
    Oversee development and production of party-building and message delivery tools, including brochures, newsletters, briefings, website, etc;
    Design annual operational plan to match strategic plan, prioritize tactics and monitor progress;
    Oversee development of training programs for the state party, including precinct committees, activists and candidates;
    Organize all meetings of the executive committee and state committee;
    Demonstrate knowledge and experience with all aspects of elections including election law, campaign techniques, campaign planning, targeting, polling, and get-out-the-vote programs and vendor selection to assist in these endeavors;
    Implement programs such as delegate selection, platform development and voter registration;
    Represent party interests in coordinated campaign activities to ensure consistent political ideals, solid internal controls and reporting compliance;
    Develop and maintain professional relationships with leaders, elected officials, key constituencies, donors and affiliated organizations.
    12-The clincher: her activities, which of course, all center around her. Did it ever occur to this Dangerous Simpleton to volunteer at meals on wheels, an animal shelter, or a homeless shelter?
    playing ice hockey, hot yoga, barefoot running, meditation, personal growth, organizational development, hot springing, reading, mountain biking, hiking, camping.
    Just in case ya’ll need to contact this paragon of virtue:

  24. I reckon that they’ll come to the realization of how wrong they were about the feasibility of them actually killing us. The only problem, and I really hate that, is that such realization will be extremely short to be fully appreciated (by both sides). I mean, how long does it take for us to unholster and shoot them in the face

  25. Anotherusualsuspect

    No, you just hired day laborers, drunks, and dope fiends.

  26. I Pledge Allegiance….

    To myself first
    Without me there is nothing.
    I am
    I am virtue
    I am vice
    And man can not exist without both.
    I am the fountain of youth.
    My sons and daughters spring from the fountain of my youth.
    I am the fifth element
    Without me the earth, wind, fire and water lay dormant.
    It is by my hand that creation is possible.
    I am the impetus
    My drive sets business, art and government in motion and then tears it down.

    To the Law…
    That restricts government not man.
    That builds not destroys.

    To my family.
    My family provides the core of mankind.
    Without my family communities cannot exist.

    To my community.
    My community enhances the security that I develop for myself.
    My community is the basis of my state and my nation.

    To people on an individual basis…
    Until I judge you to be a threat.
    Then I pledge to fight you with every ounce of my being.

  27. Hell! Then I see “atheist” between other words, it really offends me badly 😦

  28. You are foolish to,underestimate the Left.


  29. In that photo it certainly looks like that poof is standing in front of the Greek Parlament / Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Athens, Greece. Perhaps a Photoshop job?