Even The Cucks Are Twigging To The Problem


Prager: The Second American Civil War

Expect them to be as effective as they have been at conserving anything of traditional America.

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  1. “Of course, one obvious difference between the two is that this Second Civil War is (thus far) non-violent.”

    Oh for God’s sake! Yeah, that’s what we ALL do…go out and burn limos and smash store windows for fun on a Friday night. What you MEAN is, only one side is fighting.

    Prager, get your head out of your ass.

  2. Another cuck pontificating from “On High” stating some things that are so blatantly obvious that even the dead can grok.

    And this idiot is touted as some sort of “thought leader”?

    Another one who fought Trump tooth and nail.

    Another hypocrite cocksucker.

    Eat shit and die you worthless prick. And take your useless “Prager U” with you.

    Speaking of cucks, did you read that Faux Mews is gonna hire that bubblehead Marie Harf to go with the other bubblehead McCallum on that insipid program “100 Days” to help bash the Trump Admin? That should be a barrel of giggles.

  3. hummus abedin

    Tired of being a beta cuck male and pissing
    while you sit?
    Let Dave teach you how to be a man.
    I don’t give a fuck! My name is Dave! – Bikers for Trump at Inauguration Day


    • I Don’t Give A Fuck (Dave) should be the motto of The Great Fuck You.
      Putting a bounty on Soros and his operatives heads would be a great start to MAGA also.
      The first can’t be politicized, it’s more effective than the conceptual name of the Alt-right, it’s the Go Fuck Yourself-Right.
      The second would put the kind of fear in the PTB that the Populist Movement of The Great Fuck You and insurgency counter cold civil war of MAGA and Crusades do.

  4. And conspicuously absent from this Prager post is the 2nd Amendment. That is the central link holding a civil society together. The left would abolish the 2nd and confiscate all firearms. The right will damn sure never let that happen. All those other items the self appointed intellectual Prager points out are simply piles of horse shit.

    Prager-> fake news.

  5. hummus abedin

    Suck it bitches!

    Trump Is Said to Keep James Comey as F.B.I. Director: mobile.nytimes.com/2017/01/24/us/politics/trump-comey-fbi-director-.html?smprod=nytcore-ipad&smid=nytcore-ipad-share&_r=0&referer=http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-01-24/trump-has-reportedly-asked-comey-remain-fbi-director

  6. I would disagree (respectfully of course) with the above comments given that many while sensing the divide can not articulate what that divide is exactly (a kind of ‘Matrix’ thing). Understanding the thought process of your opposition goes a long way to defeating that opposition and the more one (that would be the great unwashed mass’ out there including if not you then at least me) understands what they are up against the better. Full disclosure: I would be considered a ‘hard right’ individual but with the caveat that as long as you piss on your side of the fence, I’m okay with you but piss on mine and there will be real way beyond shouting and shaking my fist at you – problems.
    I would like to see a ‘list’ of those on the ‘left’ who are the drivers of the agenda: while ideology is one thing, KNOWING the WHO is extremely important once things kick off. Out here (where I’m at), we know who the locals are – much time and effort has gone into this – but on the larger level: who?,

    • Centurion_Cornelius

      1940–same thing–“Who DO We Shoot?”

      • shoot the ones who protect the entire shit show first. then rest of the remaining scumbags in murka will be on their own.

        Here are the nine reports of police misconduct tracked for Thursday, January 29, 2017

        Hanahan, South Carolina: An officer was suspended after his arrest for domestic violence. ow.ly/OL3s3088LDU
        Galveston, Texas: An officer was arrested after a multi-agency investigation into steroid distribution. ow.ly/K5q33088LMf
        Contra Costa County, California: A deputy was fired after his arrest for an off-duty shooting at a house party in Sacramento. ow.ly/mGYM3088M0h
        Cleveland, Ohio: An officer was arrested for sexual assault against his ex-girlfriend in an off-duty incident. ow.ly/ViJZ3088McL
        Chicago, Illinois: An officer was charged with felony sexual assault against a minor. ow.ly/fZp73088Mmb
        Quincy, Massachusetts: An officer surrendered after a four-hour standoff with a SWAT team following shots fired during a domestic disturbance. ow.ly/vO5y308a9zi
        Update: Prince George’s County, Maryland (First reported 07-22-16): An officer pled guilty to taking ‘upskirt’ photos of an off-duty officer from another department. He is scheduled to be sentenced February 17. ow.ly/XgCL308asoe
        Hamilton County, Tennessee: A deputy was suspended for using a racial slur against a colleague twice. He was ordered to undergo workplace retraining. ow.ly/ej2j308atXB
        Update: Rutherford County, Tennessee (First reported 05-27-16): The now-former sheriff pled guilty to federal fraud and extortion charges for running an electronic cigarette scam in the county jail. He still faces local charges for a domestic assault arrest that followed indictment on the fraud charges. ow.ly/4Yeb308axFL


  7. For those Americans who do not know what side they are on or who are not certain about what the Second American Civil War is being fought over, I offer a list of the most important areas of conflict.

    I’m afraid this Prager guy misses the most obvious reasons…

    If things get Sporty (not that they aren’t already, but you know what I mean), most folks will be fighting because everybody else is. Sides? It will be as simple as “Those guys over there are – or soon will be – after us, so let’s go after them. They have more stuff than we do, and we “need” it, so… ”

    Or maybe just for the hell of it…

    People fight like caged rats NOW to get 50% off the latest iCrap or made-in-China wall-sized shitbox plasma screen… shooting someone over a pair of sneakers or because they have the wrong colored snot rag hanging out their back pocket…

    Same lunatics you see trampling people to death or slugging it out in some Mall in shaky videos on SpewT00b are the same lunatics that won’t have any problems greasing you and yours…

    Remove societies moral constraints – as in, say, open hostilities? – and you think those people won’t be the first to go completely off their axle? For any reason? Or no reason…

    • No.

      Skin will be a uniform first.
      Then communism, or the lack of it.

      Nothing else will be accepted, nor needed.

      Which is going to suck for the commies and non-whites, because they’re not a majority much of anywhere.

      They’re going to get the race and culture war they thought they could win, and find out – too late – how badly they miscalculated.

      Math isn’t “whatever you guess the answer is”.

      Live by Common Core, die by Common Core.

  8. Yes, Dave gives 0 fucks…

  9. Comfort level is too high.

    East vs west is a more likely scenario. Westerner values don’t mix with eastern values. Westerners have had enough of the eastern way of life and their dictators. No trespassing.

  10. I don’t take anyone who calls the war for southern independence a “Civil War” seriously. This may seem like semantics to some, but the term Civil War means there are two sides fighting for control of the government of a country. This was most assuredly not the case. The Confederate States had no interest in taking over Washington DC and controlling the entire country, they just wanted to leave.

    As to the rest of it, this guy has long been irrelevant.

  11. “Tuesday, Oct 14, 2003”

    Did anyone catch that? Well before the formalization of the Leftist-Islamic alliance. Not defending him, just saying perspectives might have changed and continue to change.

    How many of us here had the same perspective in 2003 we have now?

  12. Did anyone else note the date on Prager’s article? Oct 2003.

    So we’ve been on a “collision course” for 13 years, but we still haven’t collided. I’m growing old waiting for the collision.

    My 15 year old daughter, when this was written, is now 28.

    Life goes on, the right and left disagree on things. Civil War 2? Often predicted, so far incorrectly, along with the “Coming Crash of year XXXX”, a staple of survivalist writing since the great Mel Tappen.

    It’s a lot more likely you are going to want to send your kids to college than you are going to be fighting in the streets in the next 13 years, again.

    Here’s one from 1971.

    • Good catch.

      I missed that.

    • No kidding. Enjoy the slow decay. It is bigger than any person or nation can overcome, although leading by example to try and fix it would be nice. Give people of the world an a respectable example to follow would be nice. Give some positive and advancing direction would be nice. But we will just waddle through present day, squander opportunity, and let slow decay continue. 10 billion people living together in a finite planet in 30 years if business as usual continues. The kids of today will like it, they have no choice, plus have a totally different perspective.

      India has a caste system and they are still uncomfortable.

      Attrition is a ma’fuker… Be interesting to experience the threshold. Perhaps we will see it.

      • that’s because people voted to prolong it.

        Haxo was and is right.

        Clinton would have solved the slow decay in short order.

  13. Law and Justice – Plato’s Republic – 7.6 Ring of Gyges

    Read that this history lead to the Invisible Man movie, etc.

    Do not forget The Armor and Shield of God.

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  14. Law and Justice – Plato’s Republic – 7.6 Ring of Gyges

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  15. Reblogged this on The way I see things … and commented:
    Will the left claim the rainbow flag as their “battle flag”?
    The Left believes in removing America’s Judeo-Christian identity, e.g., removing “under God” from the Pledge, “In God we trust” from the currency, the oath to God and country from the Boy Scouts Pledge, etc. The Right believes that destroying these symbols and this identity is tantamount to destroying America.
    The Left regards America as morally inferior to many European societies with their abolition of the death penalty, cradle-to-grave welfare and religion-free life; and it does not believe that there are distinctive American values worth preserving. The Right regards America as the last best hope for humanity and believes that there are distinctive American values — the unique combination of a religious (Judeo-Christian) society, a secular government, personal liberty and capitalism — worth fighting and dying for.
    The Left believes that impersonal companies, multinational and otherwise, with their insatiable drive for profits, have a profoundly destructive effect on the country. The Right believes that the legal system, particularly trial lawyers, lawsuits and judges who make laws, is the greater threat to American society.
    The Left believes multiculturalism should be the ideal for American schools and for government policy. The Right believes that the Americanization of all its citizens is indispensable to the survival of the United States.
    The Left believes that the Boy Scouts as currently constituted pose a moral threat to society. The Right believes the Boy Scouts continue to be one of the greatest moral institutions in the country.
    The Left believes in equality more than in liberty. The Right believes more in liberty. For example, the Left believes that for the equality’s sake, men’s clubs must accept women. The Right believes that for liberty’s sake, associations must be free to choose their own members.
    The Left believes that when schools give out condoms to teenagers, they are promoting safe sex. The Right believes that when schools give out condoms, they are promoting more sex.
    The Left believes that poverty, racism and psychopathology cause violent crime. The Right believes a lack of self-control, lack of religious practice and lack of good values are the primary causes of violent crime.
    The Left believes that “war is not the answer.” The Right believes that war is often the only answer to governmental evil.

  16. Here is an excellent article by Conrad Black, perhaps the last voice of  reason left at NRO. I refuse to give them even one click but this is re-printed in the NY Sun:


    Money quote (for me at least):

    “But the establishment Donald Trump assailed, which reacted to his campaign with mirth, and then with rage, and then with desperation, is now cobbling together a rather contemptible guerrilla resistance. It will be ground to powder by what is emerging each week as a juggernaut that holds all the offices, has a clear mandate and program, and is installing a strong administration to reverse 20 years of national decline.”

    I would amend that 20 to about 52, ever since that horrific ’65 immigration bill was passed. Or perhaps back to 1919 and that elite socialist bastard Wilson. Or perhaps all the way back to the War of Northern Aggression in 1861.

    Anyway you cut it this is our last chance.

    • And here we are. Funny, was supposed to get here sooner, only
      The Bay of Pigs, (Playa Giron) made the COMMIES cancel our
      “transcendence” to here, “locking down” and murdering way after
      1965! More dung to put up with for my family on that Godforsaken
      controlled-freak-commie experiment.

      Think! – Ninety miles away from the nearest land of this terra firme!

      What Gives?

      If there is one sheep missing out of the one hundred, what would you do?

      “Every man to his family and his belongings”

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Understood intent of last “road closures”. And I didn’t make it clear enough, thanks for trying.

        • SF0321,
          You are welcome mi amigo. I understand.
          Been rough for me, and thank you for extending
          your kindness.

  17. 2003, for sure, and one other thing. Not every body, in fact, very few, are at the point of people who read WRSA daily. Either politically, physically, or spiritually. There are huge masses of people on our side, who, for whatever reasons, are not on board, not ready, and undeveloped, especially politically. Get It? They don’t even speak our language! Guys like Prager can REACH these masses, and turn them in the right direction, because he speaks more carefully to them, he’s not a fanatic, and uses reasoning and logic in his arguments. While so many here are deriding him as a cuck, as a loser, as worse than nothing, and riding on their self righteous horses as being the only ones with the only “True” knowledge of what is going on, and how to fix it, have any of you ever stopped and thought that we’re not using the assets we’re given, and losing the whole ball of wax because of pride? There has to be bridges between these masses on the right and the far right, other wise, no base, GET IT? Most on the right do not want radical means, and ARE NOT READY FOR THEM. Even it breaks out into Mad Max, you’re still going to have to get your message across to people who will never participate, but will support, the cause. When we diss people like Prager, we’re doing the Lefts’ work for them. Notice how the Left shit-cans everyone in their camp who doesn’t toe the Party line?How can anyone not see that we’re behaving exactly like the Left when we dog pile some one like Prager? Examine what I’ve said, and think it over. We need whatever allies there are. This is a game for keeps, and if the Left wins, we’re going to be enslaved and annihilated. And since it was 2003 by the way, the man was way ahead of the curve, even for many of us. Stop being so ready to disdain everyone who is not a super-secret-black-ops-specialist-right-wing-whack-job. This ain’t a fucking club, it’s a mission, and some of you need to get that in your heads.

    • Bravo.

      And final-sentence masthead.

    • Thank you for posting one of the only sensible comments in this thread.

      Most everyone else here is busy beating their chests about how knowledgeable, righteous, tough, etc. they are and Prager isn’t. Well, maybe they are correct – but how does that help our cause, exactly? How do we convince the very large number of people who are surely on our side (i.e. they despise and fear the Left), but who haven’t sat down to think about it like those who read this blog have? It is with people like Prager, whom they respect, and who can articulate how destructive and how evil the Left is.

      Oh, yeah, and this was written 13 years ago – I wonder what Prager would say now, with those extra 13 years of experience and knowledge? It’d be more along the lines of what many here say and believe, though probably not identical. So what? The man is on our side of things! Don’t just dismiss him because he isn’t exactly like you – that’s how you get to be a lone wolf – and those are inevitably unsuccessful.

      Want to win this fight with the Left? Good, so do I. Then start using ALL of the resources available, including people who essentially believe as you do, but with less intensity, or who haven’t thought things through to the exact same conclusions as you. IOW, do your thinking with your big head, not your little one!

      • 2003 and what readers sent me this am, which was written in 2017: the difference between the pieces is not great.

        • s’truth. His usual neo-con claptrap. Prager’s only real purpose, then and now, is using America to keep Israel on the map. If the Reds win, bye-bye Israel. And were America to de-couple from Israel via a hardRight regime, Prager – and all the other Jewish neo-conz – would morph right back into their inner Trotsyite Communist.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “It is with people like Prager”

        The problem is that many of the people like Prager are badly compromised by years of cheerleading for the establishment GOP. Not saying that they can’t be useful, but their credibility ain’t exactly stellar.

    • Sean you are truth teller…Glad your with us Brother…

    • Those who bravely and unabashedly speak the full 100% #realtalk truth are the ones who best support the fulfillment of the mission.

      A cuck who publishes the idea that we need to preserve a “judeo-christian” values system is not on the right side. Period.


    • all folks have to do is Turn off the TEEVEE and stop drinking.

      a clear and sober mind is all it takes.


  18. The greatest victory is the one you don’t have to fight. At least according to some Chinese dude…. Better to fight a roll back of Leftist items in the halls of congress rather than the quad of the washington monument.

    • The Left is on a multi-generational plan, while the Right is working on short-term goals to be able to keep up morale with tiny “victories” that result in large chunks of normal people going back to metaphorical sleep.

      It takes all of your time to work 8 hours every day and commute 3, get the kids here or there, shop for supplies (robbed on prices, but don’t have time to comparison shop), and dream of the 2% of your year off during the 1 week of “vacation” you will get after 5 years on the job. This is what living in suburbia and working at a place that pays enough but is 50+ miles away gets you: no time left. What if you started on-line schooling the kids, had the wife quit her job to supervise, and moved into a 32′ RV in the parking lot of the factory you work at? Is the house in the black if sold? There’s a tax vector to eliminate. Cut back to one little car and bicycles, and save 50% of gross pay. What could you do after 3 years with a year and a half of pay saved? What will you do with the 15 hours a week extra and plenty of sleep? Become an expert on RV systems, first thing, is what.

      There are plenty of cracks in the system. Don’t expect your local municipality to issue a pamphlet on how to be less dependent on them or how to avoid paying them what they say you owe. Find the local cracks and drive in some wedges.

      • Well put.Do not incur debt.A true “conservative” conserves. Learn to fix shit yourself. I knew I was not strong in my electrical and plumbing skills i went to work for a master electrician for a couple years and a master plumber for one year. I still suck at carpentry but I get by. Learn and teach. That is how we will change the course of this rudderless ship.

      • lol

        i have a 36ft rig with 2 baths, 2 kitchens, 3 queen size beds, and there’s no damn way a family could live in one- comfortably. it’s barely big enough for two. and there isn’t a factory parking lot in Fusa that will allow anyone living there- PERIOD. i have a better idea, it’s called self-employment. all those taxes your boss steals from you before you see anything? doesn’t happen when self-employed. YOU get to decide what the corruption receives, it goes like this…

        5 for me and, well, fuck you this week – it’s mine. 🙂