GoV: A Humane Alternative To Hymenoplasty For “Danish” Brides


Diversity is our vibrancy.

Tell me again what a single Muslim (or a horde; quantity in this case does not have a quality of its own) adds to the West into which they are relocated.


13 responses to “GoV: A Humane Alternative To Hymenoplasty For “Danish” Brides

  1. Gentlemen, we are sitting on an amazing financial opportunity here.
    We have a customer base, we only need contact the supplier.
    I propose we have the Pussy Hat club knit fake virgin vaginas for these suffering loose muslim women.
    We can make a killing..

  2. Ok, finally something new to go into the “I’ll Be Damned” book.

  3. I never hurt anybody’s hymen.

  4. I must be lucky. I’ve “popped” more than my fair share of pussy.

    thick and dark red if memory serves me correctly. 🙂

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. I would imagine that Abdul probably doesn’t know the difference between the “back door”, what’s in the front or a sheep. So many generations of inbreeding has dumbed down the Mooslime Monkeys that they wouldn’t know the difference anyway. I have considered selling copies of the Koran with perforated pages so they can be used as toilet paper.

  7. Milo Mindbender

    Never wanted the cherry, just the box it was packed in.

  8. Same reason I coat all bullets in bacon grease, no vigins, no disappointments. Back to goats Ahcmed. When times are tough, try Tinks69.5 products. GOATINHEAT, DominateGoatRub, and ewe and improved, little billy body wash. Brings ’em running all you have to do is catch ’em. Don’t get caught during the up and coming Crusades 2.0 without a backup plan try them today. And remember, once your done violating that infidel herbivore, feed it to your neighbors.

  9. It is the moslems pre-occupation with womens’ vaginas that will prove their undoing. While they blisteringly fixate on the vagina, they completely ignore the most powerful organ in a females body, her brain. Don’t laugh. I’ve got the scars to prove it. While women frequently go off course, and let their feelings get in the way of intellect, once that ole’ brain gets engaged, cold, hard, assessment, LOOK THE FUCK OUT. They are no stranger to logic, either, most of them just don’t have a serious relationship with it, that’s all. If you got plenty of dough, no responsibilities, no children, no husband, no commitments of any kind, you get the lazy, worthless, and stupid American women you see at the protests and on TV. Take some or all of that away, and you’ll get a hard headed woman with ideas that don’t come from a recipe book. Ask me how I know. Once moslem women go to shit, like their Western counter parts, moslem men are going to have to re write their playbook. Only, the moslem women will have re-written THEIRS. The moslem women will go to shit having tasted a little western style freedom, and as everyone knows, a little freedom is a big thing.