New Woodpile’s Here!



8 responses to “New Woodpile’s Here!

  1. POd American

    Marvelous edition…thanks

  2. Remus is confusing antique 3d world SAMs with the real thing. Russian S-400s and soon s-500s will control the airspace, and the Pentagon is well aware of that.

  3. I wait with baited breath each week for his report.

    It never disappoints.

  4. “One anti-American shemale doing a solid for another.” -Woodpile gold. Smile of the day.

  5. “Let’s see if I understand this. Hillary condemned half the electorate as deplorable. Trump is divisive. Okay. Got it.”

    ‘Nuff said.

    God, I love this guy.

  6. That bacon halal?

  7. The bacon only becomes halal, when you eat it at the Haj in Mecca, on a BLT, plenty of mayo. Napkins optional. Followed by a Sammy, and a good cigar. I love the smell of cooking bacon in the morning. It smells like…..breakfast.

  8. in the interest of objectivity and fair play for Whites, we have to make our usual corrections to Remus’ Christian-Zionist blather:

    1. “David Remnick, the very White editor of the New Yorker…”. No, (((Remnick))) is a hardLeft ashkenazic Tikkun Olam Jew who, accordingly, hates on YT.

    2. Tim Kreider, Remus’ next instance..the (((same))).

    but that was interesting about Mike Enock (“originator of the ((()))”) having a a Jew wife. TANSTAAFL, who is also excellent on the JP, is similarly encumbered. Now that I think on it, Adolf’s girlfriend, Eve Brown, was also a Tribal…while Hitler himself was (at best) a second-degree Mischlinge…which has all sorts of profound macro-historical implications I won’t go into here. In fact the conventional “beautiful Jewess” is a Tribal bioweapon, one of whose principal tasks is keeping the environment safe for her Tribe by seducing and sometimes marrying actually or potentially dangerous/powerful non-Jewish alphas. IOTW, the Esther Syndrome, of which recent outbursts would include, Bill and (((Monica)), Petraeus and (((Paula))), and so forth.