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  1. Very PC tripe. Spit & rinse.

  2. Steel T Post

    So us pulling out of NATO will trigger less military spending in Europe so they can petulantly spend more welfare dollars on welcoming rapfugees? Let Putin cleanse Europe of its girlish stupidity.

    “In making our decision, this point should be clear: these wars in Europe are not wars in which our civilization is defending itself against some Asiatic intruder. There is no Genghis Khan or Zerzes marching against our Western nations. This is not a question of banding together to defend the White race against foreign invasion.” -Charles Lindbergh, September 15, 1939 http://charleslindbergh.com/americanfirst/

    • The thing is Putin has played a masterful job of taking the moral high ground as ‘protector of the southern flank of Europe’. Right or wrong its being positively received in some quarters like Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, etc.

    • That quote is why Lindy looked pretty effing stupid on December 8th, 1941, and pretty much disappeared from public sight ever afterwards.

      You only get one dick to step on, and jumping on it with both feet, in football cleats, pretty much ends any further usefulness.

      • Steel T Post

        So you agree with the official ANTIFA synthetic narrative that WWII was the “GW” (good war)? Way to be politically correct!

      • Lindbergh “disappeared from public sight” because – having used the “J” word in a non-adulatory context in connection with Roosevelt et al.’s warmongering maneuvers – he was disappeared by the MSM. See also: Helen Thomas and many others since. But not the sight of the entire public. In fact Lindbergh took himself off to the Pacific War and, under the guise of showing 5th Air Force pilots how to get more range by leaning out fuel, flew 70+ combat missions (P-38/Corsairs, New Guinea area; one air-to-air kill, plus ground attack) against the Japanese.

        Lindbergh: Greatness

        Frank the Cripple: Scum

    • VooDoo6Actual

      Spot on. It is purely designed for control, enslavement & protection for the Lords – Nobles from the serfs & peasants for the shit-strom coming.

  3. Fine line light gray typeface on white background…………….and the author wants us to READ IT?? I DID, but it HURT.

  4. next day that has 25 hours in it, I’ll plow through that Zio-globalist crap. Most of what you need to know is at the end:

    “August Cole….is a senior fellow at the Brent Scowcroft Center on International Security at the Atlantic Council”

    my, how the Beltway warmongers flatter themselves. Don’t they ever have any “junior fellows”? Apparently not. Anyway, Lil’ August better watch out…(((Paula Kranz)))-alias-Broadwell is back in town, and looking for a new, uniformed boyfriend to get “All In” with.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. Do these people REALLY believe Putin is going to come crashing through the Fulda Gap and invade Europe if we reduce our NATO presence? Come on. This shit is ridiculous. Europe and Russia would have a mutually beneficial relationship based on Russia having an abundance of energy and Europe needing to buy it if it weren’t for constant US meddling. Russia doesn’t want Ukraine. Its a massively indebted basket case. Russia’s only interest there is preventing themselves from having de facto US military bases on yet another part of its border.

    People forget that we have literally surrounded Russia with bases. The US are the deal breakers, slowly but steadily moving eastward towards Russia despite promises not to move “1 inch eastward” following the end of the Warsaw Pact. This article is nothing but senseless “The Russians are coming!!” propaganda.

    • The Russian piece is more of 1985 than today, I agree, but the interesting part to me was the centrality of the Info Operations.

      An interconnected world is a deeply vulnerable world, even if only by the fact that no one remembers how to do anything without computers and connectivity.

      There’s some lessons there, I think.

      • Stealth Spaniel

        I enjoyed the writing, reminded me some of early Tom Clancy pieces. I thought the real meat of the whole thing was how to connect, what is important to use, and how to integrate old & new school.

      • My thoughts exactly. Take a moment and move away from the A against B with C in a supporting role bits. There’s a lot of meat in the cyber ops, social media ops and that perennial favorite, the false flag ops.

        Also note the item in the AAR about wars being fought with fewer and fewer personnel. There’s also mention of the importance of going dark on comms and having alternative (probably low-tech) comms ready to go.

        To me, this was great stuff. I think it might have more value to others if someone edited out all the nation/state references and replaced them with RED, BLUE, BLACK, etc. There’s a shelf with some boxes on it. The boxes have labels. Ignore the labels and study the contents of the boxes.

        I especially liked the steganography references. 🙂

        • Asking for a state actor (West Point think tank) to apply these concepts to non-state actors is asking them to admit the vulnerability of the state.


          I love this:

          “…There’s a shelf with some boxes on it. The boxes have labels. Ignore the labels and study the contents of the boxes.”

          So true.

  7. hummus abedin

    Suck it bitches!

    The Left & Islam: Unholy Alliance


  8. “This ain’t a fucking club – it’s a mission, and some of you need to get that in your heads.”

    in order for any mission to succeed, you must have trained, disciplined, and highly motivated players. last i remember, only about .5% actually have any military training of ANY type, let alone disciplined and motivated…

    it takes good leadership that those ‘trained, disciplined, and motivated players” have respect and confidence in. no respect and confidence – no dependable players…

    funding and support. let me repeat that. FUNDING AND SUPPORT. to include secure comms, adequate medical care, and steady supply routes. all highly critical elements this mission is seriously lacking.

    that about sums up today’s brief lesson on what it takes for any mission to succeed- long term.

    and now back to the bread n circus of murkin daily living.

    LOOK! Squirrel.

    • Well said & the fiat money printers know that. My money says they think tanked war gamed (RAND, Aspen, Travistock, Brookings et al etc.) this many times through the years. The $64,000 question is, do the conditions & situation get so dystopic & destitute that it won’t matter as the Hive Mind collective intelligentcia come to the sane conclusion & singularity of purpose of finally turning on them ?

    • Yep, definitely “LOOK! Roooski Squirrel.”
      About what I’d expect in a ‘pro gov/authority’ war/porn
      piece of agi-prop. Plus the crappy typeface and background
      was threatening to give me a headache.

      Thorough waste of time/effort imho.
      But what can one expect of ‘mil/industrial/gov’ warmongers
      FOAD them all!

      Yours In Liberty w/o any bowing to the false god of the ‘state’!
      NorthGunner III

    • And your “leadership” contribution is???

      Attacking, cursing, demeaning, sexually and scatologically characterizing just about everyone who tries to comment here.

      Fine demonstration of “leadership” by negative example.

      Yeah, I know… “Eat my ass bitch!” “Fuck off old timer!” etcetcetc……..

  9. Does anyone think that Trump can be snookered into green lighting anything remotely resembling this shite?

    He seems an extremely capable and pragmatic man interested in development rather than destruction. He admires Putin as a man similarly interested in the well being of his own nation, not as an adversary, but as a possible partner.

    To begin to do many of the things he’s promised, war cannot be on the agenda. The protectionist moves Putin is making are mostly because of the antagonism from Ohilaboma/neoconplex. That’s right out now as well.

    Both men have far more to gain for their nations and for themselves through cooperation. opposition to islam, trying to salvage europe, defending civilaization, economic growth……….

    • I may agree with you…..but do they?
      ….don’t eat out my ass here but……how do you know he admires the Putin ?

      how does anyone even know that the Donald that walked out of the white house briefing on 15 Nov……is the same one that walked in..?

      …I know ….I know …please don’t start with all that crap…………..

      • rapp,

        Why not sit back and not concern yourself with DJT at the moment ? The man has done more to comence returning American prosperity in 5 days, than the NWO POTUS’ preceding him.

        Get a beer….relax.

    • behind enemy lines Ct.

      Outstanding .

  10. Ugh. Who needs this propaganda?

  11. There was a book in the 1980’s, “The Third world War”, by General Sir John Hackett. Reminded me of that. It is a serious mistake to portray Anglo-American forces as understrength, hanging on by a thread but with wonder weapons. It seems a common trope.
    I know, Bataan, Corregidor, Khe Sahn and similar… the United States was caught out at various points for various reasons. To think squad and platoon sized units that you can count on your hand are going to operate for long in a FSU environment is a conceit. West Point has lost the bubble on cold realism, it is just the place for St. Mattis of Quantico to throw the harlots and money changers out of. These damn foundations and “think tanks” will be the death of us all as they tell us all that we should love what is coming down the road..
    Consider if you will that such a scenario does not cover what Russians would be doing here in America. That is a threat that people don’t consider, or the Chinese, or even the damn NORKS. These think tank “vignettes” always work out for the good guys, and really don’t explore the full spectrum not only of what can be done, but what can be done to US.

    • I thought of Hackett’s book as well.

      To me, the lessons are

      1) the importance of media management
      2) emissions meaning death (of the node or its operators)
      3) distributed, chaotic ops and
      4) small drones.

      Likely some lessons there for the little guys as well.

    • There is a concept called Scope.
      When you are writing or creating you cannot let the scope grow so large that your work becomes a tar baby.
      These types of fictional studies are a slice of the pie. They intentionally leave out things happening in other areas because those are out of the scope for the work.
      These things are vehicles for testing concepts and conveying ideas.
      Not busting your chops with my following statement so dont take this as being aimed directly at you.

      The fact that so many people commenting on this thread shat all over these pieces, and clearly gave them no thought is testament to why we are so fucked. You cant read something and pan out the gold from other parts that may be irrelevant to your cause or position. Throw in the obligatory ((Jewish)) crap from Haxo, the “stop licking the States ass” comments and wrap it up in a nice bow.

      Open your heads and dump out that mush you call a brain.
      Accept concepts and ideas from any source, analyze it based off its individual merit and how it fits in with concepts you already know to be true or worthy. Reject them based off of that analysis, not just because you are in your feels, or have a bur up your ass.

  12. http://www.returnofkings.com/113075/anti-jewish-owner-of-the-daily-shoah-podcast-mike-enoch-outed-as-having-a-jewish-wife

    Did you guys read this on The Woodpile Report from above website?
    “Return Of Kings – Anti-Jewish Owner Of “The Daily Shoah” Podcast Mike Enoch Outed As Having A Jewish Wife … best guess: The Right Stuff and The Daily Shoah are controlled opposition

     The alt-left press loves to quote Mike Enock. Fun fact: he invented the triple parenthesis. I smell Soros.”

  13. Too many are getting caught up in the forest, and missing the trees.

    Pay attention to the details, and stop trying to snuggle up to the backstory, which means fuck-all in terms of utility.

    There’s at least a baker’s dozen useful tidbits in that piece, even if it had been written by Satan himself for an in-house bookclub.

    Sack up and learn, FFS. Stop waiting to be spoon-fed with picture books, just for a change of pace. Use your brains to strain out the propaganda, and glean the meat and potatoes out like it might matter in your not-so-distant future.

  14. See, the plan was to advise US-NATO in advance that Russia was planning on Tank-Rolling into Estonia. Latvia, and Lithuania, by parking all their Tanks on the Estonia border… and idle. Whereby, US-NATO would beef up its forces, preposition heavy and light armor, air/land/sea missiles, artillery, clear out forests for forward air-bases, and etc., while conducting massive live-fire exercise near or on Russia’s borders.

    Sneaky fucking Russians… huh? You can hear those thousands of Tanks idling from here.

    Of course, none of this is true, except for the US-NATO part. And what they want you believe… the imminent Russian invasion of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania… Poland, etc.

    I follow various Ukraine State/Private Twitter accounts, and laugh every time they speak of Russia has invaded Ukraine.

    Of course, it is all horse-shit. US-NATO is at Russia’s borders for ECONOMIC reasons, not imminent Russian invasion reasons. The bankers and oil/gas men have a vested interest in Russia NOT supplying THEIR oil/gas throughout Europe.

    Who has the vested interest in Ukraine oil/gas now in Ukraine? The Biden family. Why do/did we have an interest in Egypt, Syria, Libya, Lebanon, Yemen? Why does Israel? Economics.

    You are being fed BULL-SHIT.

    All wars are economic wars… since man had his first war.

  15. Jama'l Washington.

    Pure (((garbage))) like 50% of links here.

    Your. Skin. Is. Your. Uniform.

    White Russia is not our enemy.

    (((They))) know that.

    • D-Bag Jama’l,

      Yeah, I know….you moslems think this site is the new Daily Stormer 2. Have to hand it to you clowns as you’ve pretty much hijacked this blog.

    • If you think this site is 50% garbage then why the fuck do you read and post here?

  16. behind enemy lines Ct.

    We are fucked either way. Kissinger advises Putin. Brezinski advises the Amerikan POTUS.

  17. Partizanski had the best view – this shows where our brain trust thinks things are going.

    Matt Braken had the best comments to the work noting that b=the best counter to cyber centric warfare is to shut down the net. Then we are back to who has the capability to put a bullet into the head of an opponent. Or as expressed by Rommel – the officers of a Panzer division must learn to think and act independently as part of a general plan, and not wait for orders.