WeaponsMan: A Master Class On Influence Operations At The CIA


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Prediction: More HUMINT, more domestic intrigues, more need for responsible supervision from both the Executive and Legislative branches.

9 responses to “WeaponsMan: A Master Class On Influence Operations At The CIA

  1. LaVoy Finicum was sadly unavailable for comment.

  2. Michael Hastings, Tom Clancy, Andrew Breitbart, Gary Webb, Hunter Thompson, Vince Foster, Barry Seal, Phillip Marshall et al etc. are unavailable for comment as well.

  3. The Central Intelligence Agency And Deep State Conspiracy Finally Exposed
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    Citizen Intelligence Report to Citizens of the World

  4. Enjoyed; including the comments. Nervous mandarins abound.

  5. Steel T Post

    I think Trump is protecting himself and his family by neutralizing Leftist/Muslim leadership who hate him, as evidenced by:

    1. Possibly attempting to assassinate Roger Stone with polonium,
    2. Attempting to legitimize the McCain golden shower smear, and
    3. Leaking a briefing after which Trump publicly humiliated them with a sting operation about the leak.

    So he has several rows of “operators” clapping behind the dour front row of management, implying to them, “call it, friend-Os“—just try to order my assassination from one of my loyal band of brothers clapping behind you.

    The Horn-Hairs have been out-grouped.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. I see a different kinda “war” coming… inside the CIA. Let’s hope the leftists in the company get outed and forced out. CI should root these leftist ass clowns out and have them fired or jailed with internal sting ops if needed.

    Grey Ghost