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Enforcement against employers?

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Yes, few are sympathetic to “rich businessmen” who are exploiting, so bad I-9 forms, or lack of e-verify hits the pusher not the user.
    If Trump/DHS was smart they would do a “see something say something” and split the employer fines with those turning in employers. If ICE raids employers (leaving the illegals in place) and seizes assets and cash and splits it with those who did it, there would be zero illegal alien employment in a few months.

    • I’ve always said the fastest way to stop illegals from coming is to haul the CEO’s of Tyson and Cargill out of their offices in cuffs. In front of the press. They know who’s working in their processing plants and since they are in charge, they are ultimately responsible.

      • same thing goes for the Sanctuary City politicians. Won’t happen though. All Trump’s doing here is applying a diaphragm to a whore that’s already pregnant and gestating a Monster. All of these measures taken together might reduce non-White illegal invasives from 3,000/day to 2,000/day….meanwhile “legal” non-White invasives will continue at c. 4,000/day and the negative White birth-death differential will continue to rise. Trump or no Trump, we are running out of time. And the Reds know it.

  3. Top down solution is required. End of the pipe solutions rarely work well, if at at all temporary. A wall is an end of pipe solution that would only create bunch more gov jobs and be expensive forever. Fine employers and communities shun the business. People can come work, but need documented and an expiration date requiring them to return home. Hand out work visas like candy to people who want to work . Just document and ensure they return home.

  4. Linky problem.

    Damn fine start. Now lets see some action. When I see cities like Port Chester NY and Herndon VA hiring white land scapers we’ll know we’re getting somewhere. But it’s a clear step in the right direction.

    • Link works here.Thanks for the new one. Agree all.

    • Agree this is a much needed start and long overdue going back to Reagan and Bush 1.

      Now let’s see if action is made and momentum maintained otherwise it’s just pretty words on paper.

    • “When I see cities like Port Chester NY and Herndon VA hiring white land scapers we’ll know we’re getting somewhere. But it’s a clear step in the right direction.”

      Or black former welfare recipients. 😀

  5. Has anyone else heard a story about a border wall between the countries of Guatemala and the SOUTHERN border of Mexico being floated around ? Our local news station (ABC KRGV Weslaco Texas) had an article several days back, but I haven’t heard much about it from mainstream media. An agent from Stratfor was the interviewee.

    Interesting concept, one Mexico is claimed to be behind because they have been wanting control of people invading THEIR countries border (perspective is a bitch isn’t it President Nieto ?).

    • My “one line argument” for people who think border control is racist has been “just implement the Mexico policy.”

  6. Hey CA,

    Remember those stories a year ago about Walmarts being converted into detention centers?

    Now it’s reality:

    Now how could someone have guessed a year advance what the policy would be today. Good thing those detention centers will only be used for illegal immigrant children and never American _____ in the future.

    • “Say, that’s a nice “refugee resettlement center” you’re building there for illegal aliens.
      Be a real shame if it suddenly caught on fire, like the 20+ Muslim centers did in Scandinavia last year.
      Construction sites tend to have a lot of problems with fire safety.”