Molyneux: Civil War?

More correctly, more violent civil war.

That is the question.

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  1. Like his vids but I’ll save you some time, YES.

  2. Right on, Tom. These two gots their points, but I’m going to be more succinct. Time, way past time, to stop the yackin’, and to get crackin’. I’m not talking about going wet at this time. I’m talking about doubling down on training, organization, planning. As I’ve said before, you’ll know it’s time to go wet when the monsters appear. And you’ll have absolutely no doubt about seeing them, or knowing it IS time. Stay loose, stay ready, stay flexible. Put a grin on yer chin, understand you’re already dead, and prepare for the time of your life.

  3. “And you’ll have absolutely no doubt about seeing them…”

  4. Back around 93′ I helped an organization called
    Best Buddies and spent a couple of days there.
    Had a nice auction at Sargent & Eunice Shrivers
    home on the Potomac followed by the Ball at Mellon
    Next up, looks like there will be “Bad-Buds” conventions
    all over if the wacko violent leftists won’t be contained.

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  5. Long meandering podcast mostly about the Deplora-ball. I quit at 30:00, maybe the good stuff is after that.

  6. From 34:20 onward I think is the better more interesting part. Maybe if it was on Talk radio while driving a few hours it would be worth it to hear the whole thing, but when watching these YouTube videos on the computer I tend to jump around on the timeline a lot and only back up a bit and stay if I catch something that seems to be a good part, especially if it’s just one or two people talking without video clips or other guests or people calling in.

  7. I think a good article on the Black Bloc leftists and the minset that supports them is here and a reasoned response to this sort of behavior (not that the leftists would care) is here and The Kakistocracy blog’s take on where this sort of thing could be heading is here “Time, way past time, to stop the yackin’, and to get crackin’. I’m not talking about going wet at this time. I’m talking about doubling down on training, organization, planning.” Well, to quote The Beatles song Revolution “we’re all doing what we can…” 🙂

  8. Thanks Wendy. I found the K blog piece as you were posting.

    Black Bloc to follow in a day or so.

  9. SemperFi, 0321

    When you look at last Sat, you come to the realization things are getting ugly, fast. Trump has done exactly what we thought Hillary would bring on, the division is picking up momentum. And even the blind ones are finally noticing it too.
    But, most folks are still clueless who and what are behind the cute pink hats……….

  10. If it goes hot — “If its in the black, don’t let it go back.”

  11. Most likely there will be a deep lull that will be deafening by its silence. Most will misinterpret that as things are improving when in reality they are but only to improve tactical position.

  12. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Wendy Stringer/25Jan17@21:57,

    Re: Article #2

    It appears that some ‘student activists’ have re-thought the ‘by any means necessary = go kick Fascist’s a**es’ agitprop being peddled by those w/ plausible deniability who won’t be experiencing the in-kind/greater response to such ‘calls to action’.:

    Note that like thugs, such ‘activists’ are careful in their selection of venues & have, so far, scrupulously avoided places unlikely to have a favorable LE/Media atmosphere to protect them from an enthusiastically energetic objection to their antics as in San Jose. However, it’s only a matter of time until said pseudo-bravos make a logistical mistake & at minimum become severely comeupped & when that occurs it’s my hope that the ‘correctors’ aren’t of the neo-nazi/skinhead/Klan youth/’proudly racist’/Confederate flag waving &/or wearing variety.