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Via Kenny.

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  1. Nothing says shield wall like .308. Would to G*d I had a daughter like that. I bet Barbie doesn’t know what an FPF is.

  2. A cute little girl firing an M-60.
    I have hope for the future again.

  3. Some Guy in WA

    MG-42, Keith. Even better.

  4. Would have been nice to have access to full autos when my daughter was young.. she had to settle with those flunky Semi-Autos.

  5. That’s awesome.

  6. Where in the heck are her safety glasses!

  7. Better yet indeed!

  8. Good, it is a great way to teach them to respect that power!
    Glad she will not carry the heavy tripod with two ammo
    cans of “bullets” 🙂

  9. Hope she got a Background check done before doing that.

  10. Was thinking that as well.

  11. “old school” 🙂

  12. The pink vulva head cat ladies don’t stand a chance.

  13. Teach your children the art of self defense.

    Here is one reason why:

    from http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-01-25/clinton-silsby-trafficking-scandal-and-how-media-attempted-ignorecover-it


    Contrary to reports in the media, the crowd sourced investigation labeled by some as “Pizzagate” did not begin with internet sleuths digging through the Wikileaks Podesta Files releases looking for pizza parlors and encoded language discussing human trafficking. It began with the shocking discovery that Hillary and Bill Clinton provided assistance to convicted child trafficker, Laura Silsby, resulting in a reduced sentence for child trafficking.

    Silsby was arrested at the Haitian border attempting to smuggle 33 children out of Haiti without documentation. Her sentence and charges were reduced after an intervention by Bill Clinton. In the aftermath of Silsby’s arrest, her originally retained lawyer Jorge Puello was arrested in connection with an international smuggling ring accused of trafficking women and minors from Central America and Haiti. The revelation of this news in November was either ignored by the Western media or attacked by Clinton controlled publications.

    There is more…

  14. My 7 year old daughter has shot just about everything I own and then some but not without glasses and very good hearing protection.That being said,still a great pic.

  15. The tracers are a beautiful touch.

  16. “Daddy’s Little Girl.” Mom thinks he
    took her to the mall.

  17. POd American

    They wouldn’t stand a chance if you hit them with a twinkie….speaking of twinkies, have you seen pics of the sissy boys at the pussy march?

  18. Jimmy the Saint

    Seems like she’s wearing the same ones that the Wehrmacht issued with the 42 back in WWII.

  19. This girl defies cornball activities for girls. My daughter was a natural good shot when she was ten. I had to stand behind her with my fingers in her ears. I hope this youngster can continue to create her role in life as she wishes.

  20. Jimmy the Saint

    Have you seen the size of some of them? Yamato-class at the very least. Not sure that even 16 inch AP shells would get penetration.

  21. SemperFi, 0321

    And a just sentence would be to let the victims use one of these on them, that is any living victims they find.
    A 50 rd belt full of 8mm would make sure they never do it again.

  22. 1000 rounds of 7.62×51 belted ammo… ~$650, 1 pair of small pink earmuffs… ~$15, 4yr old girl shooting an M-60 on a cold winter morning … priceless.

    I just wish there was some way to shove it out anonymously on twitter so the left can come unglued yet again.

    Grey Ghost

  23. Thanks for the reminder:

  24. SemperFi, 0321

    Appears to still be an original 8mm (7.92) feed tray, and cartridges are full length, the MG3 has a different feed tray for 7.62×51, and you would see difference in MG42 to MG1 conversion.(there’s a spacer built in to shove the shorter cartridge fully back to the rear).
    But I get your point.
    And she is actually firing the weapon, you can see a fired casing in mid air under the receiver where it bounced off the ground and is coming back up again, very forcefully.

  25. SemperFi, 0321

  26. Do you think she says “Get some! ” after every burst?