Selco: Life Expectancy Of A ‘Lone Wolf’ When SHTF?


Hard to get any sleep, at the very least.

And lack of sleep will compound every other error.

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  1. Old Chinese proverb:

    “When doing good, avoid acclaim.

    When doing evil, avoid detection.”

    Like most of the simple obvious truths, complication is the enemy. Moral ambiguity, for example.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. “Lone Wolf” needs a destination full of friends and team. Tribe is the smallest unit of human survival.

  4. Let me sum this up: rugged individuals will be single unburied corpses you and your group find from time to time while foraging/fighting during SHTF. You’ll return much later to bury their lonely bones and clean up your newly acquired real estate during the reconstruction phase. (Oh, and thanks in advance for putting in that well and caching the extra ammo for me.)

  5. One year ago today……………thought there would be some kind of mention of those events………………….?
    I have not forgotten……nor will I forget………………………………………………….

    LaVoy Finnicum was not available for comment……………………………………….

  6. Your remaining relevant amuses me. Having read your stuff, I found it almost childish. That people actually pay you to advise then, Is truly a marketing marvel.

    The blind leading the weak and feeble. I do admire your marketing strategy.


    • MichiganderJim

      If that was to Selco, it’s got to be about the stupidest thing you’ve ever written here, and that’s a high bar. If it wasn’t, then sorry and you can rest on your past achievements..

  7. I do not expect to live forever. I will do my best to take out the trash before I die.

  8. I want to build a flame thrower to take to those street riots. Teach them about the phrase “Burn Baby Burn”.

  9. “No man is an island.” – John Donne, 1624 A.D.
    It really takes a community, more than a “group,” to last long.

  10. How about lone shepherd instead? Doesn’t the shepherd protect his flock from the wolves that all of us can see plain as day but others are willfully ignorant of. Any of us may be called to our duty at any time to protect those who are unable,with or without backup. Have most of you experienced much backup for the majority of your lives? Or a lessening of the necessity to stand in the face of evil men and their actions? There is a good post at survival blog from yesterday about finding purpose.

    • Notarealperson

      When you’re alone, just watching your own back is a full time job in a hostile environment. And in such a environment, trying to catch some sleep becomes a PITA since you have no one to keep watch when you’re asleep. In a short period of time it will wreck your cognitive capacity and health.

      And what happens when you get sick and can’t play Rambo anymore and you have no one to patch you up or have a place to recuperate? You then have one foot in the grave and another on a banana peel.

      This whole Lone Wolf stuff is a TV fantasy. The people most likely to survive will either be part of a tribe, gang or community that has banded together.

  11. The Old Guide

    The photo looks a lot like the cover of “Founders” by James Wesley Rawles.

    I know every railroad crossing of the major rivers in Maine and New Hampshire. Many can be crossed with full size pickups. I know it is prohibited now, but policies and rules may not carry a lot of weight in the future. When the railroad ties are wet it is best to have 4WD.

  12. Right. No lone wolves.

    And the last Japanese soldier surrendered…in 1974.
    After only a paltry 29 years on his own.

    So maybe Selco only has part of the answer.
    Reasonable men can disagree.

    Particularly if things are a long, slow downward slide, rather than a 0-to-Zompocalypse whiplash in twenty seconds.

    • The author focused on urban/suburban environments. The Japanese solider you reference was roaming the wild, not urban.

      • dog,

        You just can’t bear to admit that Aesop was spot on with his example of the SOLITARY, Japanese soldier. Aesop’s reminder contradicting the meme of “tribalism”.

        “Reasonable men can disagree.” Aesop was correct again. Unfortunately, not alĺ men are reasonable, per your example drdog09.

  13. Right. Sure.

    And you guys in your “groups” will be scooped up like cat litter when some rat or snitch in your group turns states evidence to save his miserable butt.

    Enjoy your new cell-mate, Buba.

    Prison rape is painful I understand.

  14. Not too sure where you are coming from Detroit (detroit I guess, ha) and not too sure that I care much but fair enough. Probably most here haven’t been in serious trouble with the law ot even a real fist fight in years and talk is cheap and on and on. Who knows how they will behave in any crisis until they are in one or have been in one before, and likely not even then. How do you prepare for some things? Anyways, gave you ben of the doubt, not that you deserve it likely. Because you sound like someone who is scared of something. Wonder what that could be?