Stanley Goes Full Jackboot


McChrystal: Give Up Freedoms For Security


Competent people with bad ideas.

Not a good combo.

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  1. Asshole didn’t even hesitate on that one. Sounds like his mind is made up, and many others as well. Trump is for more surveillance but I suppose many overlooked that…

    • Hard to trust a guy with a stripper’s handle for a surname. At least he is a consistent fascist. Paging Michael Hastings…..

  2. I lost it when Mac said that after 911 we needed to train 10,000 people to read arabic. Fuck that. We needed to bomb Riyadh. 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi, Osama was Saudi, and the redacted 28 pages show that the attack was organized through the American Saudi embassy. Terrorists caught in the field literally had the phone # of prince Bandar’s mansion in Aspen( at the time of the attack, Bandar was the Saudi ambassador to the USSA. He is now the head of all Saudi Security). It was shown that there were direct payments of money from Bandar to the actual terrorists on the plane. Mac knows all this. So instead of bombing Riyadh, Mac proposes we bomb the constitutional rights of all Amerikans.
    I wouldn’t piss on traitors like McChrystal and McCain if they were on fire.

  3. Centurion_Cornelius

    Dear General McChrystal: We Deplorables and Dirt People award you the following shoulder patch:

  4. “In Afghanistan in 2001 we went in on obviously very short notice in response to the attacks on September 11th.”

    Mind numbing… people still lend these monsters an ounce of credibility.

    “Give up freedoms for security…”

    Willingly. That was the point. Got neither as a result. But they got rich.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      “Mind numbing… people still lend these monsters an ounce of credibility”

      Hey, there’s us here, many who read and investigate, know what reality is, and then there’s the brainwashed masses, the Faux News idiots who still send out smarmy Lee Greenwood Syndrome emails about the heroes of 9/11, and how we caught the mastermind of 9/11 and dumped his body in the ocean. Not a single one of them has a clue who really did this, who the real brains behind the curtain were, and above all, they refuse to believe it all came from right here in D.C. The military industrial complex is alive and well, thanks to traitorous assholes like this who sell lies, and our soldiers lives, for power and profit.
      It would be a great thing for US, before we die, to see him and all his handlers, lined up and shot as enemies of the state, starting with Soros, Kissinger, and their pet monkey.

  5. When I was working in Algeria during their Civil war the Algerian government armed the citizens and created militias across the nation to defeat the Jihad. As we drove through the villages in 1995 the weapons suddenly appeared and every fighting aged male carried a weapon.

    Armed citizens defeated the Jihad not the military.

    The Government’s political moves were combined with a substantial increase in the pro-Government militias’ profile. “Self-defense militias”, often called “Patriots” for short, consisting of trusted local citizens trained and armed by the army, were founded in towns near areas where guerrillas were active, and were promoted on national TV. The program was received well in some parts of the country, but was less popular in others; it would be substantially increased over the next few years, particularly after the massacres of 1997.

    • Exactly why a number of people – mostly in the libertarian and *real* conservative side of things – have suggested that the correct solution to terrorism in this country – would be to reconstitute the REAL militia ( you know – the one we once had before it was subsumed by the progressive Feds into the National Guard).

      • I agree 100% in your assessment. The Marines used a similar strategy in the unruly Anbar Province in Iraq and it also succeeded.

        Nothing can beat a true organic militia movement when it is allowed to exist in force. The problem we have is our current corrupt government is more fearful of its people than it is of the terrorist.

  6. If you haven’t read ” Unrestricted Warfare” you should, then read it again, it’s that important to understand.

    • A little more please, Dirk.

      • Pete, the Chinese view war as total, no rules, and every system,,every entity is fair game. Not personal, it’s just how one wins a war. I agree with them.

        Like salting the fields, deny your enemy the oppertunity to feed themselves and the civilian population. if a war was fought here, the entire continent is the target, every system, every citizen the enemy.,

        While our leaders in the big army try and fight a square range war, the Chinese see the ability to,think fight outside the box as ” their way” they may applie big army rules one day, small army rules the next. It’s a fascinating overview.

        A war of 10.000 cuts, bleed your enemy, poke him in they eye, crippled their infastructure, their food sources,,their ability to,manufacture kit. Make your enemy feed upon their own.

        The difference between this doctrine and others is, the Chinese also recognize that every home in American is a bomb factory, and also a resource for their future opportunities.

        I’m surprised you,haven’t read and reread this book. While dated it’s still,applicable.

        We MUST understand our enemy as well as they understand their doctrine. In terms of the Chinese, they live think and work different to us, not unlike religions around D the world.

        Hope,this made sense.


        • Makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the referral.

          The Han see themselves as superior to all others.

          That foundation is likely to cause trouble.

          • Reportedly the Chinese have been quite disappointed that firearms were not removed from the populace as they see an armed American citizenry as an impediment to them mining and exploiting “their” resources that exist in this country. They believe that our resources were the collateral for their buying of our debt and intend to collect.

            • US Gives China Eminent
              Domain Over US Property
              Beyond High Treason
              A. True Ott, PhD, ND


            • Fuck all that “collateral” for a bunch of treasonous “debt,” foisted on us by banksters, congresstraitors and an illegitimate nigerian candidate.

              The “debt” is yours, Chink. Try to eat it.

              The “collateral” is HERE, it’s OURS and you can fucking try to come take it.


              Every Blade of Grass, Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto

        • Read it years ago. Used to keep the pdf on my phone.
          Those godless Communists are playing the long game in 4 dimensions or more.

          Destroy the pillars of a culture first and it’s Army may not even be able to assemble on the field of battle.

          If I were China, I would be pushing the California Exit.
          The state will need a bailout.
          Easily arranged in exchange for long term military basing leases in West Coast port cities and a desert training area.

          Los Angeles of Blade Runner was Asian dominated.
          Looks like that is the direction it is going now.
          They are making moves on the entertainment industry now.
          They want to control the Cultural Programming.
          Natural Resources will be next.
          Then you have to get the locals out of the way.
          Stir up a civil war and send in Peacekeeping forces.

          Wonder where they have seen that tactic used before?

          • I would add the entire Mexican border — intervening with peacekeeping forces for humanitarian purposes in light of the racist attacks coming from the North.

          • Its not the Chinese that have been subverting our culture from within. That started back before China was communist. See: Frankfurt School

          • I suspect Harry Reid took a wrong turn at Triad St. & Eminent Domain Ave which led him to the Bundy Alley.

  7. McArthur, Patton, and Dwight D. ...

    I try really hard not to worship generals because I know American history:

  8. McChrystal also wants to disarm people in this country. By the time an individual reaches 06 and above they are owned by the state, Their thoughts are the state’s thoughts.

    Pretty much the same with E9 and maybe E8

    • “Pretty much the same with E9 and maybe E8.”

      Not all the ones I knew. However, they are realists.

      As far as 06, flip a coin. The ones working on their star I would tilt toward the state.

      • I actually meant to say 05 . Maybe not most E8s but most E9s are that way. I do agree that noncoms are more realistic. Just my experience over 21 years. Of course there are exceptions.

        The point would be to assume a certain mindset before finding out different.

        • I go in neutral and gather information on a person. It eliminates errors on my part due to bias and pre-conceived notions.

  9. Dear Stanley McChrystal,

    You are a murderer. But I get ahead of myself, so let me backtrack a bit.

    I watched you when the “snake eaters” referred to you as their “Pope” in Iraq, the single contributor most influential to the HVT concept of COIN. You turned the regular into constabulary forces patrolling with highly restrictive rules of engagement, to have concrete blocks thrown on top of them from bridges while they couldn’t react except to take their wounded soldiers back to the field hospitals, and you turned your Spec Ops into hit teams operating in utter secret. Notice any parallels to police and SWAT teams operating stateside? I do.

    But for every HVT you killed, another one popped up in his place until the swamp was finally drained from the bottom like it should have been from the start. Until border security was brought to al-Qa’im where these fighters were coming through from Syria, there would be no stability in Iraq. We learned that from the Sinjar papers. Did you read them while you were watching your hit teams over fancy Comms gear? I did.

    Let me tell you a little story about your hit teams. In 2007 when my son was deployed to Fallujah, he was coupled part of the deployment with IPs in precincts. He alone was with one IP team, he and his SAW. One night some of your snake eaters came through his precinct on their way to Ramadi after another HVT (who specifically, it doesn’t matter – it never did). My son stopped your snake eaters in the road, and said this to them. “If you ever, ever, ever speed through my precinct again like this in an unmarked vehicle, un-uniformed, with hoods over your faces, I’ll light you up like a fucking Christmas tree and then laugh over your dead bodies. Don’t you fucking ever come back through my AO again without my permission or I’ll kill you. I run this AO. I own it – it’s mine.” They never came back. Thus did a Lance Corporal own your snake eaters.

    From Iraq as it failed to Afghanistan as it failed, and you brought your ROE with you except on steroids this time. You told the boys that if there is “any chance” a non-combatant will be harmed, you don’t have permission to use force of any kind. That’s what you said.

    Then you came back stateside and began to promulgate your gun control bullshit, and this is what I said to you at the time.

    “… here is a suggestion for Mr. McChrystal. You go read the lamentations at this article from the families and widows of SFC Kenneth Westbrook, Gunnery Sgt Aaron M Kenefick, Corpsman James Ray “Doc” Layton, and others in the Ganjgal engagement. You know the one I’m talking about, even if others have forgotten. You and I will never forget. The one where they left our men to perish without fire support because of your rules of engagement. You sleep with this reality, if you can, you ponder on those men and their lives morning and night, and you lament with the widows and families. And then you tell me why I should give a shit what you have to say about anything, much less what it takes to keep my children or loved ones safe?”

    The boys from Joyce, who were ring knockers, won’t ever really be held accountable for that fiasco, any more than you will. So they left good men along to perish without help because you and they apparently had a more important circle-jerk to participate in.

    As I said at the beginning, you are a murderer. And your buddy Petraeus is an adulterer. And we know what he is up to in North Africa, along with DynCorp, George Soros, the CIA and The Clinton Global Initiative. You hang with bad company, but I’m not sure which of the two of you are worse.
    But – you son of a bitch – you simply won’t stop your collectivist ways, will you? I see that you’re now showing your full disdain for our liberties when you say this. “I think we are going to see a lot more population control measures. We are going to have to give up a lot more of our precious civil rights than most of us imagine because we want security. In other countries that haven’t had the freedom that we have, they may not notice as much, but we are entering a period where we will have to make those choices. And the choices are likely to go in the way of surrendering civil rights for security.”
    Indeed. I don’t need or want your kind of security, asshole. And I’m back to where I started on this. Listen to the ghosts of the good men you abandoned at Ganjgal. Go and sit and listen to the lamentations of their families, watch their grief, consider your sins, and then tell me why I should give a shit about anything you have to say?

    I don’t buy the notion that you’re good at what you do or were ever good for anything at all. I don’t care what time of day you get out of bed, how many pushups or situps you do, or how many miles you run every day. That doesn’t make you a man.

    You were a failure in OIF, a failure in OEF, and as far as I’m concerned a failure in life. Real men are so because of the content of their character. The content of your character is wickedness.

    My rights are precious, they come from God almighty, and I will never surrender them. In fact, you’re asking the wrong one to surrender my rights. You should be talking to God. I don’t think you know Him.
    So as I close, I am tempted to say something like eat shit and die, and then go to hell. But I won’t. I’ll just observe that you’re a boil on the ass of humanity. And a murderer and failure. I don’t listen to murderers or failures.

  10. Kryste.

    I’ve only read the first couple of paragraphs so far and all he’s basically saying is : ” We had no idea WTF we were doing”.

    Plenty of people DID know what you were doing you dumbass. AND – you were TOLD it was a bad idea – and yet you did it anyway.

  11. ALCON,

    McChrystal….former flag officer. Unlike retired field grades and senior NCOs these PsOS never go away. They’re like the Klintons.

  12. No surprise. He’s never met a leftist cause he didn’t like, from gun control to make work socialist programs. That he penned an article for The Atlantic says it all.

  13. Big Lib, what too expect!

  14. Samuel Culper

    It’s too bad that he sees the eventual failures of the US as a nation-state but isn’t adopting regional/tribal solutions. In other words, he wants to save the behemoth at the expense of the subjects, just like every other true-believer statist.

    Here’s the crux of the matter: the pace of technology is creating more threats than nation-states can handle, and citizen privacy has always worked, and will always work, against the State. We in the Liberty movement have some unique challenges: how do we
    (1) create and live in a nation within a dying nation;
    (2) strengthen our tribal nation to survive the collapse/tyranny of the US;
    (3) ensure that the new nation doesn’t follow the same path as the US;
    (4) ensure that we’re not overrun by competing neighbors or foreign nations; and
    (5) develop sufficient technology and deterrents to prevent 3 and 4 from happening.

    It may not ultimately matter if the US is still one nation in another 20 years or if it’s 20 nations by next year, this is a tall order. But this all starts with developing the human terrain. If you fail to do that, then you’re going to experience a cascade of very, very painful failures that doom not just you, but also future generations. Tick tock.

    • Well first you have to be in an area that is conducive to building a new nation second you have to have people willing to relocate to that area…Only if those two things are successful will your other ideas take root…My offer still stands…

    • move on an island away from murkin filth and inhabited by good, decent 1st nation peoples, and assimilate?

      • I think you’re 14 years old, your ‘island’ is the tree-house in the back yard your daddy built, and all your ‘money’ was looted out of a couple MONOPOLY games and the play-money you stole from your little sister’s toy cash register. How many times have good people smarter than you (or me) specifically said that being a hermit is NOT going to win battles or influence people? Okay, so maybe you’re 12.

  15. McNazi gonna Nazi.
    Michael Hastings could not be reached for comment.

  16. Retire his ass….

  17. He’s also a good standing member of the council on foreign relations.

  18. Steel T Post

    Maybe those David Clarks are a bit too tight on his noggin.

  19. actually an intelligent, revelatory essay. And I’d be willing to trade some freedumb for “security”. Problem is McChrystal and his kind provide no security at all. They are nation-killers and world-destroyers.

    • He is a smart, experienced guy.

      It’s what makes him so dangerous.

      My guess?

      He’s trolling for the Democratic POTUS ticket in 2020.

      • Haha He can have it . When vote fraud is ripped out root to branch the Demo ticket will be representing a shrunken cohort of loons. He is now just another has been who doesn’t even realize the ground has shifted under his feet. He will live out his days penning and speechifying to the 20th century clingers.He should be glad none of his victims’ kin take notice of him.

      • Very possible. It will be a tough sell, however, as the Democratic base is extremely anti military. That said, TPTB did ram Clinton down the base’s throats. It was the best move that they could have made, for us.;)

      • Well the Other Folks will need somebody capable of standing without assistance, perhaps he will fit the bill. Hillary won’t be standing too well in four years.

        Who cares anyway. In my place, those folks in DC count for jack shit. And as the local prosecutor has said thirty years ago, “those people up there tend to solve their own problems, and I prosecute the winner of the fight.”

        Local, local. That has a bit to do with location and a person’s willingness to cut losses on his own turf … and just uproot from the established bad habit of life lived in the bad place, and go to somewhere better.

      • CA, you hurt my feels.

        Seriously, one of the cartoon characters like Liz Warren or Biden would be most welcome as OPFOR. But this guy is a little smarter and more presentable – much more of a threat. I hope you’re mistaken.

      • While a smart guy, his doctrine is moving big armies, not the kind of event were likely to see.

        2020, hmmm interesting observation. I had hoped to,take 90″days away for re affirming my own direction.


      • Very much so. A danger to America for sure. He needs to be watched well.

      • Ding-ding-ding – We have a winner.

        Agree with you 100%. No doubt in my mind he’s going to try to be the Jim Webb tough guy Democrat in 2020. And what better venue to display your democratiness than Vanity Fair.

    • Most of our security problems come from locals not having enough freedom to take care of business on their own. Coincidentally (hah), the freedoms they want to take from us are precisely the freedoms we need to take care of security at a local level.

  20. robroysimmons

    This cunt general had someone on his staff who posted to Daily Kos, says much

  21. Accelerate the decay! Develop every bit of land available! Build that trillion dollar wall! Strip freedom to accomodate others. Be bold and spectacular. Keep it coming. 10 billion people by 2050 in an open source world. Don’t mind the cesspool…

  22. Hey General;
    Plain and simple for you. We got rid of the last asshole who took too many liberties with our rights. Either get on the bus or get thrown off the bus.

  23. POd American

    I believe the title was “slightly off,” it should have read: Give up your freedoms for MY security.

  24. Jimmy the Saint

    Even assuming perfect honesty and the best possible intentions to actually serve and protect the people, anyone from the government is fucked no matter how they answer on the freedom/security balance.

    If they do everything they can to protect freedom, people will scream “Why didn’t you do anything” when the inevitable happens.
    If they do everything they can to create security, people will call them tyrants.
    If they try to strike a balance, they’ll get hit with both barrels. .

  25. First of all, screw what McC thinks or says.

    I have a possible solution. Give the Saudis, Iraquis, Iranians, Yemenis, Pakis, Afgans, Somalis, et,al. 72 hours to round up ALL the suspect terrorists and have them publicly executed on live TV. In the event there is ever another terrorist hit (even non-Islamist). We send a Baker or Bear with one 20Kt and drop it on Mecca. This will sever that Gordian knot.

    We should have never gotten involved in the first place since 1947 and let them kill each other. Oh wait….they have oil. So do we, So do the Russians.
    Trace the rabbit hole back to how this all started and someone tell me why we did not follow a better course of action. One answer: because instability is profitable getting richer and quicker.

    After all. POTUS just signed no funding for any state that supports terrorism. The Saudis are first in line.

    Speak quietly and carry a big nuke.

    On another topic:

    The voices in my head tell me that some day Russia will own all of Europe and Scandinavia. China will own Africa, India, Oceania. The US will own South/Central America and Canada. From Moroco to Pakistan will be jointly owned by major corporations. I see this happening by 2050.

    I love to stir the pot!

    • “Give the Saudis, Iraquis, Iranians, Yemenis, Pakis, Afgans, Somalis, et,al. 72 hours to round up ALL the suspect terrorists…(or) We send a Baker or Bear with one 20Kt and drop it on Mecca. This will sever that Gordian knot.”

      There…fixed it…

      No deals, no negotiations, no caveats…

      I had this thought in 2010, and was thoroughly excoriated for it then…good to see this side is (albeit a little more slowly than I like) catching on.

      Coupled with the demolition of every mosque in every state, and territory of the US, delivers, I believe, an unambiguous message. Prayer rugs are small, utilitarian, even, and indeed will fit in any corner of one’s personal domain.

      There…freedom of religion, unmolested.

    • Huh?

      there is no US.

      there is only murka.

      and that won’t last either….

      only question remains is who gets hit?

    • Literally. It’s not like any top tier nation can can win a war against another, all lose. Only way a top tier nation falls if it fails within. May as well be partners, work with each other, divide the world, absorb ‘not required’ countries, and move forward with progress. Getting to a point in human history where billions of humans are just not required, but also are detrimental to sustenance.

      Perhaps a hunger games is useful to weed people out.

  26. hummus abedin

    What I find most disturbing
    is that so many of
    you are naively and stupidly
    shocked by his comments.

  27. Chuck NoName

    He and Patreaus, birds of a feather. Patzy boy is also a big gun grabbing elitist – a nancy boy turd who thinks he has no stink. Wrong – you both stink. Got that? You stink – both of you. That’s why you will NEVER be invited back to government service – unless you sign up to work with those fine ‘muricans wearing pink pussy hats or giant plastic vagina suits…come to think of it, you would look right in-role geek boy.


    The arrogance and psychotic nature of this man reminds me of my old CO when I was a “marginal” Officer Candidate at Benning’s School For Boys in 1970. This creepy-looking dude is totally self-absorbed, convinced that he is right, and will stop at nothing to further his own agenda. He ranks right up there with the Clinton military psychotic lapdog, Wesley Clark. Very scary.

  29. Screen name applicable.

  30. McCrystal sold his soul long ago. He is a tool for the Deep State & has been for several years. He covered up the Pat Tillman fraticide. He knows what he is doing & somehow isn’t willing to tie the line on deeper principles. Former Flag Officer IIRC. Notice the timing of the Deep State’s mouthpieces. Iran is next to break up & fragment the ME alliances. All part of PNAC – Oded Yinon Plan – Project for Greater Expansion of IsRAHell. Lord Rothschild & his Ashkenazi – Kharzarian Mafia – Zionist’s cohorts. Rape, Pillage & Plunder repeat as necessary. I seriously doubt Trump will bring any justice to the treasonous traitors. No accountability for the ‘Sin Eaters’ it’s been what’s trending for quite some time. Ain’t it a hoot.

  31. McChrystal is an oath-breaking Neocon. We need to get the hell out of wars on foreign soil.

  32. The important paragraph from the interview:

    “We have never faced this challenge before. Technology has created the problem because it empowers individuals to do unprecedentedly destructive things. On the other hand technology empowers society to track and monitor people as never before. We are beginning an era in which our ability to leverage technology to track people and control populations is going to create a lot of tension; I think we are going to see a lot more population control measures. We are going to have to give up a lot more of our precious civil rights than most of us imagine because we want security. In other countries that haven’t had the freedom that we have, they may not notice as much, but we are entering a period where we will have to make those choices. And the choices are likely to go in the way of surrendering civil rights for security.”

    I don’t think that his opinion of the masses is incorrect. “because we want security” is what women crave. Promise and deliver on what “feels” like security for women and children, and you could own the female vote and support after some false-flag and real attacks supplemented with “much worse ones heroic security personal gave their lives to prevent”. It’s sure convenient that these limited and calibrated “choices” have already been made and are being crammed-down through the .gov schools.
    Resistance is futile. Embrace the Collective.

  33. GEN McCrystal’s analyses of Afghanistan and Iraq were pretty good. What he basically said was we (i.e., the military) didn’t know what we were getting in to, or what we were doing, and more or less had to make it up as we went along with heavy reliance on SPECOPS. Pretty honest and forthright reflections for a general. He forgot to mention that it was civilians who put the military into those impossible situations.

    Regarding his “security for freedom” comment there is nothing remarkable about it. The fact that the US has devolved into a centralized police state is not his fault. He was merely reflecting on the the reality of the US as it is, not as his dreamy utopian critics would have it.

    There is this thing called reality. It exists outside of you, is independent of you, and would exist even if you did not. (Contrary to “enlightenment” and modern philosophy.)

    There is also this thing called truth. The definition of truth is, “conformity of the intellect to reality.” (Contrary to “enlightenment” and modern philosophy.)

    I suppose — correction, I am certain — it does not occur to anybody here that the very loss of “freedoms” and “liberties” everybody wrings their hands, moans, and shrieks about are the the very consequences of those “freedom” and “liberty” idols they burn incense to.

    One Example: How many of your great-grand parents (or grand parents) descended upon and clubbed down with axe handles mobs of Suffragettes demanding the vote? Show of hands…? That’s what I thought. So now you have malignant savage hags parading around DC streets cloaked in cunt costumes insisting they have a “right” to murder their infant children. (And don’t forget those transvestites in your “militia” gangs.) But, oh!… wait. Clubbing down the Suffragettes would have violated their “rights” of speech and assembly. And here we are, a nation smeared with feminist menses.

    Further examples of the consequences of (false) “freedoms” and “liberties” can be multiplied without end.

    I’d like to know exactly what “freedoms” and “liberties” have been lost that are here yammered about. Anybody here have a list? (Yes. This is an ambush.)


    • Mass surveillance without warrant is a deal breaker.

      I don’t buy at all the “intel versus law enforcement” distinction.

      Point re the suffragettes is well-taken, and I would add to the list the non-existent protests/counterrevolution against Frank the Cripple’s expansion of the FedGov during the Thirties.

  34. For those who missed in the long screed here is the moneyshot:
    “We have never faced this challenge before. Technology has created the problem because it empowers individuals to do unprecedentedly destructive things. On the other hand technology empowers society to track and monitor people as never before. We are beginning an era in which our ability to leverage technology to track people and control populations is going to create a lot of tension; I think we are going to see a lot more population control measures. We are going to have to give up a lot more of our precious civil rights than most of us imagine because we want security. In other countries that haven’t had the freedom that we have, they may not notice as much, but we are entering a period where we will have to make those choices. And the choices are likely to go in the way of surrendering civil rights for security.”

  35. I guess I read half of the Generals comments. Hindsight is indeed 20/20.

    Will I give up what freedoms I have left for perceived security from the state organs? Not a fucking chance. Right here right now I have 3 handguns in very close proximity, all locked and loaded. I’m quite capable and willing to secure me and mine.