TL Davis: Monday Morning In America


Or the guttering-out of a million or more points of light?

This film is designed to be the opening bid in an outreach campaign to those 30 or more years younger than us.

In 10-15 years max, most WRSA readers will have aged out of relevance.

If each of us doesn’t reach out to young people effectively during this brief respite, what we know and treasure will die along with us.

And the young ones will be trapped in their globalist-controlled screens and virtual “reality”.

Thank you to all who have prepared their children and grandchildren for what is coming at them.

With equal thanks to those who have supported Lies of Omission to date.

Tempus fugit.

40 responses to “TL Davis: Monday Morning In America

  1. ” 10 to 15 yrs”…. hell I’ll be aged to petrifaction by then.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Xavier Xelente

    I’ve asked before, is there any way to donate by sending cash or a money order to an address? I’m trying to stay off of as many lists as possible.

  4. if everyone who visits this site on a daily basis would cough up $25. or more…

    how about showing some respect for these fine gentleman’s efforts?

    • tfA-t,

      Surely you will send a nice contribution, say $1,000 CAN ? You claim you have it. Besides….2/3rds of the blog readership, by your calculations, don’t have the proverbial pot to pee in.

      Respect ? You don’t know the meaning of the word.

      Lead by example.

  5. CA, and tFat since you made mention, how about setting up a matching fund?

    A guy offers $100.00 ( ? ) if someone else will match it?

    I know that’s chicken feed to you tFat, but it’s something to me.

    $100.00 on the line from me, as of right now, if matching amounts and an accounting and accountable delivery can be arranged.

    • .06, that is a good idea. All they would have to do is put that the contribution should be “matched” by whoever when giving comments on their contribution and I will make sure is relayed, or they can and I can verify.

      • How to make the contribution, TL?

        I don’t want to challenge any one person but I would enjoy seeing someone, or several, step up to the offer…..

        • Oops, didn’t see that addy up above.

          As soon as I see a credible matching offer right here, “The check’s in the mail!”


    • you donate $100. o6. and I’ll match it soon as get confirmation.

  6. There isn’t anyone in the liberty movement I would trust more to contribute to than something TL Davis is involved in, and that is saying a lot, because there are some really fine people in the movement worth our support.
    I know TL has sacrificed and risked even more for what he believes in. In such an unselfish manner, for all our sake, and his credentials are impeccable.

  7. There is a young lady down the ridge, in high school now, who has asked me many things regarding the founding of this Republic, and the actions to destroy it, I think Lies of Omission will be of great service in helping her with the many questions she is striving to understand. She is hungry for the truth of us and our country. From talking with this young American, I suspect too she will share it around with her peers to great benefit.
    Because if there is one thing I learned years ago from TL, if you change one mind you change the world, and it all begins with each of us. That is why I respect TL and those involved with him, their genuine intents, and actions.

  8. What name goes on a check?


  9. “In 10-15 years max, most WRSA readers will have aged out of relevance.”

    Okay, I am going to rag on YOU, dear editor, and many other “old fogies” for a moment. First off you are not alone. I hate to break your fantasy of “a bunch of old dudes leading one last desperate bayonet charge”, but that is so far from the truth. More and more people my age, some call us late Gen X’rs, others First Millennials, however I think we are Xennials (actual term look it up), are starting to wake up to reality. Granted we may not have the same thought patterns as most of you, and most likely you were different from your fathers and grandfather, but some how you made it work. Do not discount us, we are here and we are legion. Many of us are armed, we are prepped and we are trained. We merely stay quite and bide our time. Also keep in mind that many of us “young’ens” are the ones that also fought in the last war(s). Again, my point is simply, “You are not alone”, don’t think that, ever…

    • Noted.

      With thanks.

      Any ideas on how to reach younger than the Boomer gen?

      • If you want to reach those younger than me, sub-30 years, and in many cases those my age range as well, you have to do a few things; go to where we hang out (internet places) and you have to remember your Goebbels. If you want to teach us something your have to repeat it over and over, bombard us with it until we believe it. Now as to where we “hang out” is another matter. My best advice to you, CA, and any others like you who are tech-savvy, learn to use TOR, its not as difficult as you might think. You may find it hard to believe but there are many sights like WRSA on the Deep Web. There is even an “Intel” sight run by a patriotic 23 year old “kid”, and let me tell you he/she is a natural! Also, as ridiculous as it sounds you have to use MEMEs and ridicule, and make sure they get posted to Facegraminstabooktwitterspace (ie. ALL social media). Don’t ask me why this works it just does. You sorta have to read “Rules for Radicals” then flip it for the other side, you get me?

      • I’m below the 30 mark and wish you good luck with that endeavor. Most of the friends I know I can count on are over 50. I have just come to accept that I’m out numbered but by both the oblivious and the leftists. Anyway there is an important post over at the weaponsman blog regarding some real ATF BS that I think needs sharing. Thanks to CA for this outlet and to everyone who contributes.

    • Van,

      For those who have ventured into the wilds of Tor can you suggest some trail markets to these sites, heck maybe even a link?

      I’m sure there are some readers here who have the know how and just need some sign posts to get there.

  10. Much like hunting, you go where they feed and water..They tend to congregate around gaming, and other electronic activities that distract them from realities of life. bars perhaps?, drinking has never lost its appeal. I would suggest neighbors, fellow homeowners to be exact, But the lessor generations have shunned that idea, either because of the real estate bubble, or their motivation to go into debt, when they have student loans hanging over them.. perhaps the unemployment lines, as they all seem to be looking for a job that resembles their useless degree.

    Maybe target the forgotten ones, the downtrodden, the exit door of the county jail, where the deadbeat dads get released, they have nothing left to lose, what with their income stripped, their family destroyed… I hate to be a Debbie downer, But it seems we boomers haven’t focused on what happens when the music stops and there isnt enough chairs for all the players.

  11. thepatientlife

    There are few of us young’uns eith head sense. More every day.

    I’m yet shy of 30.

  12. Thanks for posting this. I just donated $1,000, which I hope inspires others to give.

  13. create a Lies of Omission website and paste links to it in every comments section you visit. Provide an online store at the site.

    everybody wants to be a rebel. 🙂

  14. I am a sixteen year old, daily reader.
    Been coming here for the past two years, thanks to Mr. bracken.

    While a good bulk of yall are beyond the “glory” days, your wisdom and spirit serves an inspiration to myself and many other young conservatives.

    My Generation has been brought up in an extremely anti-western enviroment, even in the rural southeast, most public schools are full of Left wing teachets, from California and the urban Northeast, they do not hesitate to push forward false information and wrongfully target conservative students.

    The constant ridicule and isolation of any white guy with cajones will end up driving many of them to the “right” side of the political spectrum, I have seen it myself, especially with the recent election, many of my fellow students were vocally opposed to liberalism, and even took action against our vocal left wing teachers.

    While my generation is plagued by a number of issies, segments of it, can see what time it is.

    • Thank you for your readership and your comment.

      How can the older parts of Team Freedom work more effectively with you and your peers, the younger members of Team Freedom?

      • I personally find works of fictions like Bracken’s Enemies Trilogy and The Patriot Series, to be a good way to wake individuals up.

        The younger conservatives, today seem to be quite eager and motivated, mainly due to the fact we have nowhere else to retreat to, we can only dig in and brace for whatever comes.

        It is hard to reach most of us, as the majority of young conservatives/right wingers, rely upon mainstream social media, or forums of younger audience, the oddballs like me, tend to spread information to them, by bringing it to their threads from the more mature forums like here and SSI(formerly.)

        The literature and podcasts that speak harsh realism about our future is yall’s most effective tool to raise awareness and support. When people are forced to face reality they naturally become more conservative.