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  1. Put an excise tax on your vagina and I’ll stop laughing

    • Let’s give her a chastity belt and call it a trigger lock.

      • Limit the places she can use it.

        Limit the number of times she can use it. “No one needs more than 15 sexual partners. No one.”

        • Jimmy the Saint

          Limit the number of places she can take it. “Sorry, ma’am, this is a vagina free zone. You’ll have to leave it in your car, in a locked box, in the trunk.”

      • POd American

        I’m betting that the combination of her physical “beauty” and her warm charming personality are her chastity belt!

  2. I got stuck on that twitter page looking at bandaid art and how to draw the female body – couldn’t find this tweet ha ha


    Heh Heh Heh

    It’s a start… 🙂

    Here are the eight reports of police misconduct tracked for Friday, January 20, 2017:

    New Albany, Indiana: An officer was suspended after he was indicted for battery and official misconduct against a suspect during an arrest last year.
    Update: Chicago, Illinois (First reported 11-24-15): Four of the fifteen officers cited for misconduct in the Laquan McDonald shooting were suspended five days for disabling their dashboard cameras prior to the shooting. The remaining 11 officers cited have been recommended for termination.
    Update: Evanston, Illinois (First reported 11-30-16): One officer retired and another was reprimanded for arresting a man who was collecting petition signatures to run for office. The reprimanded officer is appealing her discipline.
    U.S. Customs & Border Protection: An agent and his wife have been charged with smuggling Ritalin into the United States from Mexico through the checkpoint in Nogales, Arizona.
    Revere, Massachusetts: An officer was charged with child abuse for hitting his girlfriend’s five-year-old child with a belt.
    Palm Beach County, Florida: A deputy was suspended for a drunken incident at Tampa hotel, where he was intoxicated and disruptive. No arrest.
    Nicholas County, West Virginia: A deputy lost his badge and faces misdemeanor charges for shooting his service weapon into the car his wife wrecked. He responded to the accident while on duty and found her with his car.
    Vidalia, Mississippi: An officer was arrested for allegedly assaulting a woman in a bar in Natchez.

  4. Once again, the clueless try to state that bullets, (cartridges, please) are not regulated. A position so stupid as to be laughed to scorn. Cartridges are among the most heavily regulated items in shooting equipment, outside of actual firearms. And by the looks of a lot of the “protesters”, rapid fire from their pussies of said “bullets”, would be the first time a lot of them actually got heated up to operating temperature. Ahem. Might be hard to get a date though, soon as the word got around. And what do children then become? Artillery rounds? If you’ve ever been a parent, you know how close to the truth that is . Menstruation? 5-7 days of tracer fire. Feminine hygiene? Hoppes #9. Treatment for yeast infections? Butches Bore Cleaner. Hysterectomy? Loss of 2A Rights. Sex? Ahhhhhh……Nopenopenope. Well, there is another port of entry, butt………….Oh. one more. Can’t help myself. Pussy farts? Accidental discharges. Then I started thinking of that Beatles song, “Happiness, is a Warm Gun”, and…………….

      • tfA-t,

        I see you can post videos. Why haven’t you posted a video of you burning your passport like I suggested ? You want to constantly M-F “100-200 million” Amerikans as all deserving to die. You want to write you’ve moved to Kanada. You continue to concentrate on Amerikan circumstances while you (allegedly) are in Kanuckistan. Yet, you won’t post a video of you burning your passport IN Kanada.

        1. Burn your passport.
        2. Renounce your citizenship.


        Simple that is, if you’re not being less than honest, EH ?

  5. “Wish My uterus was shot with bullets so the Government wouldnt have to regulate it.” There.. Fixed it for her..

  6. All I see in those pictures is perfect candidates for post-birth abortion.

  7. To the people demanding public paid abortions – WHY SHOULD I PAY FOR YOUR CHOICES ?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Because we are nobles and you are a serf. That is the sole reason for your existence.”
      – Your friendly neighborhood elites

  8. Perihelion Smith

    Zombie Hypocrilypse

  9. I had the chance to buy an old Army Surplus flamethrower 30+ years ago. After seeing the video of the DC rioting, I wish I had made that purchase. I cannot begin to imagine the look on someone’s face to feel themselves wetted down with the gelled gas then get to see the trickle of flame as they imagine they might become crispy critters. That should be very demoralizing for any rioter. Guess it might be time to make my own version of a flamethrower (just in case).