Graphics Wanted


Take a look at the latest imagery from Geert Wilders.

Artists, your challenge is to do the same kind of work with American imagery.

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    I hope Zimmerman gets to see this and tries his hand at it since I liked his 2A Stars & Bars Flag.

  2. this is pretty graphic

    ALWAYS remember who did this

    • In your lifetime,if you are allowed to share moments with a good man,like I believe LaVoy was, you have been fortunate. Among my fondest memories are the times spent in the company of good,righteous men of morals and character. Men who are trustworthy and of their word. You are a product of your environment.Surround yourself with solid people. It rubs off.

  3. Good luck with remaining who we were.

    TRUMP IS THE SWAMP: Trump’s Jewish Elite MAFIA and The 5 Dancing Israelis (2017)

    • that’s a good de-bunking of Trump: after the 9/11 stuff, there’s an impressive name-list of wealthy, powerful Ashkenaz who own him and with whom he is embedded. Nonetheless, the split between the anti-Trump, open-borders Universalist Tikkun Olam Jews and the pro-Trump racial nationalist (for Israel, not for America) Jews is substantially real…so the perpetual MSM uproar is at least partly real…and only partly to fool the Whites in flyover country. Trump himself is trying to do a balancing act between the 2 powerful Jew factions and at the same time keep the non-urban Whites on board. A very difficult task, and I doubt that he will succeed for a full term. However, I also thought he wouldn’t get the nomination…and then thought he would not win the election.

      What concerns me most – aside from the fact that Whites in both ‘Murka and Europe are running out of demographic time Trump or no Trump – is that the Zio-globalist neo-conz, who vibrate opportunistically back and forth between the two Jewish polarities, will still get their War of Choice with Russia via Trump…only by way of Iran instead of Syria.

      • Trump is the ultimate ‘Con’-Man.

        But what choice did anyone have?

        He sure has a lot of “dirt people” fooled doesn’t he?

      • Steel T Post

        Universalist Tikkun Olam Jews, for example: “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations…” (((Matt. 28:19)))

        A White man needs schooled by a Magical Rabbi as badly as he needs tutored by a Magical Negro.

      • There is a reason Weapons Man banned you.

        • this just in –

          Haxo has been banned and un-banned by WM at least a dozen times. He is currently un-banned. Absolute facticity and geometric logic are ultimately unstoppable.

          he is, however, still banned by VoxDay and Occidental Dissent

          – (((Avivah Schlurman))) @ NPR, girl reporter

    • Yes, keep believing in the BS of how bad “we” and the Europeans have it because of “the jew” where the Israeli standard of living is measured at best in the 20s:

      TOP 10 | The world’s happiest countries
      New Zealand

      See that overlap between the countries with the higher standard of living and happiness? Western (and northern Europeans) for the most part.

      However, I’ll agree that Americans are a whiny, bitchy, ungrateful, unhappy lot. Especially those who didn’t have to actually defend “our way of life”.

      There’s always those mental pygmies on WRSA that’ll give Swiss bankers a pass, though. Not to mention the 15,000 Saudi princes (and a far smaller number from Kuwait, and other Gulf States).

      Seriously, cash in the rials and euros you’ve been paid, move to Switzerland, have a box of chocolates and STFU.

      • HEY Dan!

        no rockets red glare.

        no bombs bursting in air.

        just a good decent place to live…

        • Does the rcmp know about your “army”, there, oh Greate and powerful warlord?

          What exactly were those powerful armaments you were boasting of?

          Did you lease your island from the Mohawk people, like in the movie “the survivors”?

          Just askin’ for a friend

      • “However, I’ll agree that Americans are a whiny, bitchy, ungrateful, unhappy lot. Especially those who didn’t have to actually defend “our way of life”.

        Man I feel sorry for you Brother that you haven’t come fully awake and saw that you weren’t defending “our way of life” either…

        • Again, Lineman, I can multitask. There are enemies outside and inside and I didn’t sit on my ass when at least some of the business could be taken care of. I came out after facing a test that 99% never have and despite talk of Civil War most likely never will. But go ahead and sit there and say you didn’t/won’t/don’t get involved because you’re too smart.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Given the current climate there, Sweden isn’t long for the “happiest” list. Can’t imagine Holland, Denmark, or Canada staying there, either.

    • lon a follower

      TRUTH is by far the greatest divider.

  4. Oleg Volk would be a natural for this.

    Yours In Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

    • Great idea, I second the vote for Mr. Volk. His photography is very beautiful and unique.

  5. The Great Plains

    Trump hires 10,000 new ICE Homeland Security Investigator agents, and 5,000 new Border Patrol agents.

    Patriotards, rejoice!!

    15,000 additional armed jackboots to enforce the orders of the next Democrat NWO president.


    Dan III and Northgunner and Lineman will be creaming their pants with glee.

    Cucks, you were warned by Haxo and others that Trump’s 4-8 years will be a patriotard smother that will “restore the people’s trust” in the federal government.

    Tens of millions of Whites could have been red-pilled in 2016, but instead we have elected the New York multicultural authoritarian Trump.

    Multicultural Patriotard Fascism for the win!!

    “I don’t care if you’re white, black, brown, blue, green or purple! Trump is going to Make American Great Again for everyone!!!”




    • Well you must not of read anything I wrote about Trump just giving us breathing room and don’t expect anything else from him…He is giving us time to build without taking fire is what I’ve stated here and elsewhere…Sorry that your just to obtuse to comprehend that…Sad That…

      • In all honesty, Trump will never get points from people here even if he does everything “right” for the next 4 years. Build a wall and hire more border guards and it’ll just be more “evidence” of big government. Use our military and hit jihadis overseas who actually seek to harm Americans and he’s just playing ball for the NWO or ZOG or reptile alien masters from outer space.

        We’ll see what Trump really stands for over time, but I can tell you from experience that assertive men who not only express their opinions but act on them will always have their critics. Those of us who take action know we can’t make everyone happy all the time.

  6. The Great Plains

    Everyone who doubts or criticizes Mister Trump is guilty of TREASON!!!

    The Police will arrest them ALL and MAGA111!!!!!!!!11!!!!!

    We’re not hypocrites at all!

    Blindly obeying the president is what patriotards do, as long as POTUS is a Republican!



    (easy, Dan III, keep it in your pants)

  7. Dutchmen carve land from the sea … heroic.

    Chinese carve land from the sea … villains.

    • ?

      Flawed analogy.

      For it to work, the Dutch would have to be building dikes…in the middle of the North Atlantic.

      In waters jointly claimed by Iceland, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

      Nice try though.

    • The Dutch were doing it on their own marshy coastline to make arable land from it. The Chinese are doing it in international waters to stake a claim on resources adjacent to other countries.

      Frankly I don’t really GAS about a territorial urination contest between China, Vietnam, and the Philippines, but that still doesn’t mean it’s equivalent to what the Netherlands did.

  8. Same circus but with a different tent? I think it’s entirely plausible that TPTB recognized that the “sheeple” were getting far to restless and to close to the truth.

    C’mon sing it with me “The ole false flag just ain’t what it used to be, ain’t what it used to be……”

    Therefore an orange tanned saviour was needed. Now that said, the guy is doing what he said he would do in his campaign which is both unusual and helpful to freefor. The question remains as to the veracity of these statements and “EO’s”. Let’s start deporting tomorrow eh? Use the time wisely and stay strong.

  9. I’m no artist, but here are some thoughts from a couple guys to inspire agitprop artists:


    The Alt-Right is a conscious, even contemptuous, rejection of cuckservatism. It is not cowardly. It is not terrified. It is not defeatist. It is committed to the truth. It is committed to science. It is committed to the lessons of history. And it is committed to the idea that Western Civilization is a better place to live than any other societal ordering of men, including the various dyscivilizational notions created by utopians from communists to libertarians.

    That’s why, if you have any regard for Western Civilization at all, you should be on board with both the Trump Train and the Alt-Right Revolution. Stop cowering. Stop cucking. Embrace truth and tribe, and start winning.

    Pat Buchanan explains that this comes down to a simple distinction, between America as a legitimate nation of real people and America as an ahistorical, abstract, imaginary idea:
    Who are we? What is a nation? What does America stand for?

    Those desperate to see the wall built, illegal immigration halted, and those here illegally deported, see the country they grew up in as dying, disappearing, with something strange and foreign taking its place.

    It is not only that illegal migrants take jobs from Americans, that they commit crimes, or that so many require subsidized food, welfare, housing, education and health care. It is that they are changing our country. They are changing who we are.

    Two decades ago, the Old Right and the neocons engaged in a ferocious debate over what America was and is.

    Were we from the beginning a new, unique, separate and identifiable people like the British, French and Germans?

    Or was America a new kind of nation, an ideological nation, an invented nation, united by an acceptance of the ideas and ideals of Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln and Dr. King?

    The Old Right contended that America existed even before the Revolution, and that this new nation, this new people, wrote its own birth certificate, the Constitution. Before Washington, Madison and Hamilton ever went to Philadelphia, America existed.

    What forced the premature birth of the nation — was the Revolution.

    We did not become a new nation because we embraced Jefferson’s notion about all men being “created equal.” We became a new people from our familial break with the Mother Country, described in the declaration as a severing of ties with our “brethren” across the sea who no longer deserved our loyalty or love.

    The United States came into being in 1789. The Constitution created the government, the state. But the country already existed.
    The cuckservatives and Alt-Lite and neocons and melting potists are all, at heart, statists. They openly claim that the State, the political entity, the government, that was created in 1776, (or 1789 if you prefer) is the nation. The Old Right, and now the Alt-Right, know better. We know that it is We the People, the Posterity of the Founders, who are the nation.

    The state is not the nation. The state can never be the nation, or the concepts of nation-state and multinational state and multicultural state would not exist.

    • Centurion_Cornelius

      Yep. Good ‘ole Pat B. Ya gotta love a brave Irishman who speaks the truth.

      American imagery? How’s about from 1917 (pre-Cogadh na Saoirse) in The Emerald Isle:

  10. Once a Soldier

    Where do I send graphics?

  11. Randomly select a Norman Rockwell painting and add text.
    The master of Americana.

  12. We’ve seen this before.

    Norman Rockwell – “Kansas City Spirit”

  13. Then each of those skaters should have a rifle slung over their back, with a chest carry and a good pistol on them….Want to remain who you are? Have the ability and the will to MAKE IT STICK. Wantin’ and Wishin’ don’t get nothin’.

  14. I believe most of the anti-jewish comments here are put forth by both govt slugs and radically liberal alt-left activists trying to get someone to agree with them so they it can be held against them in the future. Stupid Richard Spencer allowed radical leftists to invade his event and they were in the front row waving the nazi salute. At Malheur, 15 of the people there were infiltrators. The web site ‘Heat street’ was shown to be a contrived, fake liberal scam run by a woman who wikileaks showed, was actually writing campaign ads for Hillary. Everybody here needs to be careful where they get their facts. The facts I threw at Stanley McCrystal were literally taken from the hidden 28 pages of congressional record that was finally released.
    I have no problem criticizing Jews. In Europe, they voted in mass to support the very same immigration policies that have turned out to be genocide to them. You can look that up.
    Everybody here needs to be careful who they associate with and where they get their facts.
    And certainly, don’t trust me.