On Voter Fraud


If you are going to have universal suffrage and growing “direct democracy” monstrosities such as referenda initiatives, at the least require solid ID for voters, along with paper ballots.

One and done.

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  1. Personally I lile electronic.
    ID, and security thru bank account – easy. Don’t know anyone had their money stolen. But, countries? well different story…

  2. I still recall reading about bus loads of people from Chicago being driven to Wisconsin to vote. One of the comments I liked the best was “hurry and vote so we can get back to Chicago”

    • Diversity in the division of workload. Those are used to vote in the Milwaukee area. The bus loads of people from the Somali terrorist training camp known as Minneapolis/St. Paul are the “more white-looking ones” hauled in to protest at the capitol in Madison because the state ID (for which they will take you to/from the DMV if you have no wheels) is free. Something for everyone. The shocker is that in November it turned out there was more “Wisconsin” than just those two Demokratchik People’s Enclaves.

  3. Heh.

    Even the Iraqis got this one right.

    One day only, a Saturday for working folks, overseas military and handicapped with a doctor’s note the only absentee ballot exceptions.

    Bring plenty o’ ink.

  4. Banking rules are different for non-citizens. Illegals with matricula cards, issued by Mexican Consular facilities in the US, are exempt from rules that regulate Americans. We need a social security number for banking, they don’t. And, anyone can get a matricula card. I know 2 people who got the cards and they’re not even Mexican.

    • and, “latinos” can send up to $2k per day to “home” (how ’bout that admission?)
      whereas US serfs can send only $1K per day.

      Send Money Home Securely with “Dinero Seguro”
      National Hispanic Heritage Month: the perfect time to stay connected

    • Try to get a checking account in Mexico. I did. It takes a month at least. You need two letters from Mexican nationals who know you, testifying to your good character and a total background check. They don’t mess around in Mexico.

  5. Need not only go back to the paper ballots but also the way the votes were counted. After you show your i.d. you are handed a ballot, take it to the booth and mark your choices. Then walk over to a table where there are two people each representing the Democratic and Republican party and another person takes the ballot. Then the ballot is counted and verified by each rep and put into a box. The only safe way to cast a vote. This will never happen because it takes too much time, too many people and paper that could have been used to wipe Obama’s tush.

    BTW for those mental morons out there- anyone who is stupid enough to leave an open box because you do not want to vote for that person is inviting fraud. Check the write-in box and put your kids name, dog & cats name, neighbors or who ever. The dumbest response I received when told them what I did to try and protect my vote was ” but it won’t count”. That’s right it won’t count but do you want someone to vote for you? For crying out loud use a pen not a pencil.

    • Our problem is as a people we got ourselves in a position where we have to vote our way out of this. Voting as intended in a representative will of the governed Republic was intended as an instrument of our liberty to keep from voting our way out of anything to begin with.

      What is stupid is thinking we can just vote our way out of this. It is stupid thinking vote rigging is the problem and fixing rampant corruption and gerrymander can be corrected by voting.

      Mark my words Mel, it is going to take more than voting. A lot more.

      • mtnforge,

        “….it is going to take more than voting.”

        Like what ? Be specific. Stop playing word games.

        • mtnforge,

          Seems to me not too long ago, you argued with me telling fUSA is a democracy. Now you want to refer to it as a Republic. You can’t keep track of your tripe you brandish here so regularly.

  6. We received 3 ballots for 2 registered voters in our house….Im sure we arent alone.

  7. No one is pointing out that 1. Jeh Johnson declared the Election Infrastructure as critical infrastructure, as long as he was protecting Democrats from the Russians, and 2. The Democrats were LUSTING after a probe into the election. Well, until Trump started talking about investigating. I think we should make the Dems happy. Election infrastructure is critical and we need to investigate.

    • Also heard that EPA also has some officials sitting on the wings of change. No understanding if they’ve quit, been fired, or are preparatory to. Either way, one can only hope. Love to see that organization bend over and take it the way they’ve been forcing us to the last forty-plus years.

    • Wonderful. May the ripple effect become a tsunami throughout fed.gov.

  8. Sometimes the swamp simply drains itself…



    Glug, glug, glug.

    Where’s my plunger so’s I can hasten the flow?

  9. Voting … the process by which all Property is gradually ceded to the State.

  10. When major elections approach, you can go past the Mexican Consulate in Chicago and see the tents set up for training the cadre on getting Mexicans signed up to vote. No voter fraud? Probably the same all over this country. Motor voter registration? Fraud enhancer. Absentee ballots? Fraud enhancer. Can’t ask for ID? Fraud enhancer. Can’t ask for proof of citizenship? Fraud enhancer. Inability to check at a later date whether or not your vote was counted properly? Fraud enhancer.

  11. Some Guy in WA

    Keep in mind that the REAL voter fraud is not carried out by individuals. It’s performed by the Democratic party apparatus in cities and counties via a systematic fashion.

    Register people to vote fraudulently or legally, “it don’t matter.” Great. The dirty secret is that blacks in cities just don’t vote that much. However, their ballot WILL be submitted by someone. Those people getting off of buses to vote en masse and then go back to Chicago are just as often voting for someone semi-legitimately registered.

    Talk to people involved in politics in these cities – they’ll tell you.

    • Correct. The high-IQ Jews (communists) make a very organized and passionate effort to create as many fake nigger votes as possible.

      • X,

        Sociopathic Stormfronter.

        • just one Black precinct in Detroit: 50 registered voters, 600 votes for Clinton. Multiply that across thousands of urban precincts. Congoids aren’t smart enough to organize this shit. Someone is doing it for them. Probably the (((selfsame))) that set up the NAACP…and then the Welfare/Ilfare state, to ensure that “we’ll have those niggers voting for us for the next 200 years”.

  12. Speaking to the masthead header… check out the DR Brush cutters. Many varieties to fit one’s budget and inclinations.

    Can’t speak from personal knowledge, but one fellow I know has used his professionally for quite a few years.


  13. This is the real fraud.
    Get a load of this, Patrick Kennedy and the entire gun running, operation Fast & Furious red diaper arms merchants ivy league psychopaths, including Nuland just booked from the state department en mass.

    Talk about draining a swamp, it is draining a cesspool.


    Here is another wonderful fraud.
    Madeline Albright, (being bright has nothing to do with it) just proclaimed she is going to register as a musloid if Trump institutes a list of musloid undesirables who are to be banned from entry into our country.
    This shit gets better with every hour. The Great Fuck You is more powerful than our wildest dreams. It’s has created a stampede of bubonic carrying rats.

    This is priceless. These swamp things believe their own bullshit.
    Crusades Bitchez!

    “…Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright attempted to show solidarity with American Muslims (as fears rise over President Trump’s executive actions on immigration), by tweeting this drivel…

    I was raised Catholic, became Episcopalian & found out later my family was Jewish. I stand ready to register as Muslim in #solidarity.
    — Madeleine Albright (@madeleine) January 25, 2017
    We are sure American Muslims appreciate her support.

    Albright joins ADL director Jonathan Greenblatt who said in November he would register as Mulsim if a registry was created.

    “The day they create a registry for Muslims is the day that I register as a Muslim because of my Jewish faith, because of my commitment to our core American values, because I want this country to be as great as it always has been,” Greenblatt told the AFP.

    • You spelled (((Madeaeline Albright))) wrong. Fixed it for you.




      • X,

        Sociopathic Stormfronter.

      • Stands to reason it comes to no surprise.
        What is it with these jews who take part in the human extinction movement. They don’t need Nazi’s, they seem to do fine promoting the instruments of genocide quite well by themselves.
        I’m saying, what creates such genocidal psychopaths, you’d think they already had enough on their plate through history in the genocide department without having to take an active and influential part of more of it.
        Is it collective insanity?

    • Can’t wait to throw your ass out of the US, Madeleine, or whoever you are today. You are one of the worst people I have ever heard of.

  14. The fraud parade gets better by the minute.
    Explody heads.
    Pepe is everywhere.


    No doubts now.
    .gov rice bowl warriors
    The greatest most costly grift in human history
    What was Trumps motto?
    Oh yea, “You’re Fired!”
    Abolish the EPA
    It is a great place to start

  15. How did we go from 1940s, 50s America to this. Most of these people would not be alive if our fathers and grandfathers had not faught in WW2. Many men faught and died so traitors like this could play these games with no consequences? American communists are for real as well as their shock troops in islam and blm.

    • Because of the Jews’ purposeful attack on every aspect of European culture using their control of government, education, the media, Hollywood, big business, banking, ownership of all of the world’s gold, diamonds, and silver, and control of the judiciary.

      That’s the correct answer, whether it hurts any pansies’ and boomers’ panties to admit it.

  16. Alfred E. Neuman

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  17. This is an epic smack down of the total fraud of identity and value marxism.
    Fucking righteous
    The comments are sublime
    Pepe rules
    I love the smell of cascade preference in the morning:

    How Losing My Political Values Helped Me Gain My Freedom http://acecomments.mu.nu/?post=368084

    • Haha, they’ll have a nervous breakdown next week when he picks Napolitano to replace Scalia.

      • will not happen. Neo-conz and Cucks are pushing for Gorsuch – another Jew out of the Hahvud kosher Mandarinate, which would make the SC 5/9 Jewish. This even the stupid goyim might notice, so it could be Pryor…who looks good until you consider his cases featuring Christian family values vs. faggot Group Entitlement. Each and every time, Pryor ruled in favor of the sodomites.

      • The way Trump is outflanking the fuckers, I’ll bet you are right, it has a high rate of probability.
        Wouldn’t that be something.
        The fuckers would come unglued.
        Napolitano would last 20 years on the bench and eat those black robed Nazgul’s for arse paper, if they don’t try to off him like Scalia. That old crone what’s her name, she would probably have a heart attack and croak from explody head.

  18. One notes that Trump speaks of “illegals voting”

    The counterclaim from the demoncrats is that there was no widespread “illegal voting”

    Drop the “s”, two different things – one is persons voting, the other is voting fraud or ballot manipulation.

  19. In the end you’ll be voting with one eye closed.

  20. No X you don’t get to hate all Jews without consequence. That would be similar to hating all women because some are poison spewing feminazis. How many of the murdering demon possessed chinese comms were Jewish? To hate all Jews means to not be a Christian or follower of Christ Jesus the Son of God.

  21. Muzzle Blast

    For all of you ID fans out there having your bio-metric seized in the form of facial recognition capture while getting your driver’s license and this passive surveillance enabling data being feed into the FBI NGI database soon by your state if they haven’t already (and any other tla.gov agency after Lynch signed the sharing agreement on the way out the door) and feeding it all to Trapwire, I have a question for you. Since you have voluntarily made yourself machine recognizable, are you prepared for being detained and taken into custody by a machine?

  22. I love the smell of dirt people rejection of the globalist in the morning.


  23. I think CA has a good eye on things but some of you regular commenters blow my mind. How in the hell are you going to build a popular resistance with folks like tfa-t and some of the others on here? I’m trying to build kinship with my children’s generation and the one that follows. It’s kinda hard to recommend them to read this site when they read all cops need to be drawn and quartered, All Jews are complete scumbags and responsible for all the world’s ills. You guys seriously need to start thinking about influencing the people that surround you in your life. You won’t be successful by lecturing to them. You need to lead by your demeanor, your knowledge of the world, and your maturity. These younger folks are looking for leaders and answers. Please be that person.