A Bi-Partisan Reminder


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  1. “communism” was never anything more than kosher State Capitalism, i.e. alllocation determined by coercion and mass murder instead of a market. Most of the early Socialists – LaSalle, Fourier, etc. – were anti-Jew: because they immediately understood what Marx was up to. Since communism is nothing more than Jew’ized capitalism, it’s no surprise that the capitalist “democracies” fought a World War to save the Soviet Union. And just as naturally, with Russia no longer communist…the Judeo-globalists are frantic to destroy it and, in the resultant northern hemisphere nuclear war, finish off the White nations.

    • You might want to review your history. LaSalle is buried in the Jewish cemetery in Wroclaw, Poland. Fourier was utterly morally depraved, which may explain why his ideas were a huge success in America.

      Just because the 19th Century Socialists disagreed amongst each other does not mean they were anti-Jew. And it was perfectly OK to be “anit-Semitic” in the 19th Century. People had then not yet gone completely insane.

      Interesting footnote: Marx was a Lutheran.

      Otherwise, I agree with you.


    • Steel T Post

      History echoes. It’s like collectivism—and the willingness to enforce it with murderous terrorism—is in their genes or something.

    • In time. I believe trump will take his place alongside those monsters.
      How easily the murkins are fooled – time and time again…


      January 25, 2017 @ 5:16 PM by Jonathan Blanks

      Here are the nine reports of police misconduct tracked for Tuesday, January 24, 2017:

      Baltimore, Maryland: A detective who was an investigator in charge of the Freddie Gray inquiry has been charged with assault in a separate off-duty matter. ow.ly/qKV9308gqBz
      U.S. Border Patrol (San Diego): A now-former agent was sentenced to two years in prison for providing drugs to and sexually molesting a teenage girl. ow.ly/WVYq308ha1K
      Update: Washington County, Oregon (First reported 12-15-15): A female deputy who was sexually harassed by a now-former deputy has filed a civil rights suit related to the case. ow.ly/qSuY308j2B0
      Update: Rutherford County, Tennessee (First reported 05-27-16): A now-former deputy pled guilty to the same charges that the now-former sheriff recently pled to in an e-cigarette scheme. ow.ly/LzkO308j3qY
      Update: Fresno, California (First reported 03-27-15): The nephew of a now-former deputy chief has pled guilty to drug distribution. During his allocution, he directly implicated his uncle in a marijuana distribution scheme. The former deputy’s trial is scheduled for May of this year. ow.ly/S2Sk308j472
      Update: Lamar County, Mississippi (First reported 09-10-14): A now-former deputy was sentenced to 30 years for the sexual battery of a minor family member. He is already serving time for a murder-for-hire plot against his wife and step-daughter after the sexual battery allegations were brought. ow.ly/FjjJ308jPI8
      Shreveport, Louisiana: An officer was fired for kicking a handcuffed detainee in the head after the detainee was verbally abusive to him. ow.ly/1cF1308j7Jp
      Update: North Charleston, South Carolina: Now-former officer Michael Slager will be retried in state court in August for the shooting death of Walter Scott. http://bit.ly/2j6bnZy
      Stratford, New Jersey: An officer was charged with child endangerment after the accidental shooting death of his eight-year-old daughter. It is unclear whether the daughter shot herself or whether a young sibling shot her with the loaded revolver that was out. ow.ly/aFLN308j8gw

  2. Marx greatly admired the United States. For good reason./ S//


    It’s all about “follow the money”. The Amerikan financial elite since the time of TR and before sought to expand their “markets” at any cost. Hence, we had the war with Spain, the forced colonization of the Philippines, the sub-rosa establishment of the Fed under Wilson, the 16th and 17th Amendments, Churchill and the lie of the Lusitania, WW One, and so on and so on, and so on.
    But, as long as the clueless sheeple have their bread and circuses, there will be no change. If you go into any grocery store this week, there will be stacks of GMO chips and snacks, and rivers of cheap canned beer in preparation for the next Super Bowl. I will spend that Sunday at a shooting range. I refuse to be part of the madness of a lost society. Bleib ubrig.

  4. The Bolsheviks, who were 80-85% Jew, murdered over 70 million Christians.

    Never forget that.

    Further, the Talmuds, what we call Jews today, have been murdering Christians for 2,000 years. Always keep that in mind, too.

    • Steel T Post

      True; and you’ve put the alleged schtix gorillion in perspective.

      Sadly, Christians worship a proto-Bolshie whose “words bore evil seed,” according to anti-communist Austrian economic analysis.

      For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain a selfish reward in a foreign capital city, and lose his own native soil and blood?

      • The Austrian School were/are Jews./ S//

        • Steel T Post

          Should nobody ever quote a Libertarian Economist or a Magical Savior if they’re Jew? Are they all scammers?

          • Only when you think it convenient to your assertions.

            “Are they all scammers?”

            According to you (((they))) are.

            • Steel T Post

              According to me? Naw, man, according to them!

              Jacob means Deceiver. The jewgod elevated his name to Israel, as a reward for his deceit. (((They))) brag about it, and shove it in your face.

              You should read Professor Kevin MacDonald sometime. He started his investigation of Jewish genetic behaviors after being astonished at reading the Old Testament, and how they openly brag about scamming people, e.g.:

              Joshua 24:13 “And I have given you a land for which ye did not labour, and cities which ye built not, and ye dwell in them; of the vineyards and oliveyards which ye planted not do ye eat.”

              Is that something you’d feel good boasting about? Or would you rather work for your wealth yourself?

        • Pat and Steve,

          One veteran to another, what fucked the two of you up so bad? Was it not making E8?

          I can understand some here who agree with you are stormfront rejects who rarely leave their mom’s basement and have minds like sillyputty (today it’s “the jew”, tomorrow it’s the reptile alien masters from outerspace). But, really, why do the two of you consistently ignore: our fellow (assuming you’re actually 100% yourselves because you’re probably not) ethnic Europeans, the Saudi royal family, the Russian thugocracy, communist in name only China, etc.?

          Have the two of you visited the business districts in Wall Street, London (Canary Wharf), Brussels, Riyadh, Shanghai, etc and actually verified that all the tenants are in fact jewish?

          Here’s Shanghai from 1990 to 2010:

          The jews and their money didn’t build that. The chinese did. There’s people living all around the world who have power. They do, you don’t, get over it already.

          • A picture is worth a thousand words…

          • No, GS, your strawman trickery will not work. None of us contend that the Jew financialists rule China. Ashkenaz and Chinese get along just fine. It’s the Whites and their nations that organized Jewry has in the open-borders cross-hairs. Not China. Not Africa. As to London/England, watch the fate of Brexit, now that Lord Neugebergersteinowitz and the Rothschild-owned High Court has ruled that the popular vote has to be validated by Parliament.

    • Why haven’t you guy’s that know all this bad shit about the Jooos done something to steal their mojo and replace it with yours?What is your product ,service, or commodity you are going to put out there when you finally control all that Jew power? I don’t think any of you are smart or clever enough to do anything about it ,except shoot your fucking mouths off. Prove me wrong. Depose the Jeooo from the thrones of power and introduce us to your nirvana. Introduce us all to the Kingdom of the Goy. Please all knowing,great Oracles,enlighten us poor misguided cretins.They make up 2%?. If they control everything,we as a nation are so pathetic and fucked… I’m glad someone is in charge.

      • If they control everything,we as a nation are so pathetic and fucked…


      • Thank you, Knuck!

        Like a flock of honking geese, all sounding the same, with no alternatives and only one authorized interpretation allowed. Hoooonk!


        I’m not saying that they are wrong in every detail… there is a lot of evidence.

        But… What. The. Fuck! are you redundant lecturers and ubiquitous scolds doing about it? What do you recommend as remedy?

        KIll ’em all? Mom and Pop bagel shop? Which “jews,” specifically?

        Lay on, MacDuff!

        Allah you badass scholars hunt down Soros and execute him on utoob!

        Lead from the front, Latter Day Crusader Jew Slayers! Root and Branch!

        Or shut the hell up. Come the day we have nothing left to lose, some of you will meet the grinder and from nothing other than “unexpected circumstances.”

        See, what annoys folks beyond tolerance, and beyond even possibly profiting from your “research,” is your fucking snotty arrogance and condescension… not even to mention your dismissing out of hand any disagreement or valid criticism as brainwashed ignorance/other simplistic pejoratives. Oh, and the usual disingenuous “debating” techniques: deny, ignore, obfuscate, goal post relocation, assertion from ‘authority,’ quoting out of context, obscure or discredited references……. y’know, the tactics of anti intellectual poseurs/propagandists, the guys with one flogging POV and no standing who can’t stand opposition?

        Potmetal T Post’s recent exchange with Grace Country Pastor was text book classic in all these regards. Save the bandwidth… I’m not referring to GCP as the culprit.

        Hey… Don’t believe any of it? Fine. Your choice. But, if you really believe as you say (and it’s really just your own version of a “religion” based on your belief in nothing other than your own self aggrandizement/superiority) just go with it. Why browbeat, proselytize and argue, badly, with anyone who disagrees with you, all over every comments thread at WRSA lately? Why, one might think that your all some kind of concern trolls, paid by Teh Joooos to disrupt a white patriot blog……………………..

        Just get busy destroying the enemies of western civilization… be a Lamp unto the World!

        • Steel T Post

          You’re the one seeking a payoff reward from a foreign middle-eastern king (John 1:49) and considers foreign soil to be holy.(Rev. 21:2) Your “Jews First!” (Romans 1:16) Bolshevist religion is what disrupts Western civilization, especially with its vile hatred of a man’s own blood. (Matthew 19:27-30, Luke 14:26)

          Go on, demonstrate how I took the magical jewbook “out of context.”

          “[P]rimitive Christianity is Bolshevism.” -Ludwig von Mises (Socialism, p. 413)

          “Still, not one of our contemporary movements was so outspoken in its antagonism toward the family as was early Christianity.” -Eric Hoffer (The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements, Section #32)

          Do tell how “obscure” the Austrian economist Mises is, and how “obscure” President Dwight Eisenhower’s favorite author are.

        • Amen Brother… Notice it’s always somebody else’s fault and they don’t even have the guts to come out and tell you what they are going to do about it… Somebody else always needs to do something…

        • “Oh, and the usual disingenuous “debating” techniques: deny, ignore, obfuscate, goal post relocation, assertion from ‘authority,’ quoting out of context, obscure or discredited references…”

          That leaves no doubt on who can roll the fun switch on the debate team.

        • Word. Bravo.

  5. Once again, please buy and read “Amercan Betrayal” by Diana West.

  6. If you don’t have an exit strategy, you have a problem. if you only have one exit strategy, you may still have a problem. One is none.


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