Never Look a Gay Mexican In The Mouth


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14 responses to “Never Look a Gay Mexican In The Mouth

  1. The human evolution tree should easily stir the kettle of controversy as much as Charles Murray’s book, “The Bell Curve”.

  2. Stealth Spaniel

    I’m very happy with the way Trump is treating Mexico. We-in California-are tired of the illegals with all of their subsequent problems; finding that most of the jobs that you apply for are given to “minorities” because that is easier for the employer; and seeing our agricultual products crushed by cheap imports. The avocado that the Canadian was harping on in reader’s responses? It is a Hass Avocado, and was first grown and sold by Southern California mail carrier and amateur horticulturist Rudolph Hass, who also gave it his name. It has since circled the world. In addition to all of the free across the border dumping of products, taking in their human flotsam who vote in our elections illegally: we also send them millions of dollars in aid. I am just worn out with the whole shoddy mess.

    • Mexico’s entire policy is predicated on exporting their criminals and unskilled labor to us in order to maintain their color caste hierarchy and protect the entrenched oligarchy. Every day is Mariel boat lift day at a southern border. Same-oh, same-oh. Enrique P. Nieto stated that every Mexican consulate on US soil will become a “rampart for migrant rights”. Doesn’t sound too much like the talk of a “friend” to my ears.


        And, keep in mind it is the millions of dollars they send back every week which helps to keep the creaking, rusty, Ferris Wheel Mexican economy(H/T to Thomas Chittum) afloat. Closing the border will cause an even more accelerated social and political meltdown of that Third-World septic tank. The Ameikan border not only will have to be closed, it will have to be barricaded and covered with observation and loaded automatic weapons.

    • Not to mention that the children of Mexico’s exports into California are now running the state legislature (which explains most of the points in your comment).

  3. Frankly, I don’t think the Mexicans could fuck California up, anymore then it already is.

    Mexican VS Communist, tough choice. Think I’ll start working on my MesKin commo skills.

    I’m in Oregon I plan on illegally voting PRO sessession, for CA. Hopefully five six times, if I can pull it off.


  4. How come Mexicans never BBQ?Because the beans fall through the grill….

  5. Fuck them motherfucking mexican shitheads. Build the fucking wall, make those motherfuckers pay for it, and MAKE THEM LIKE IT.

  6. Mexico, is far closer to civil war then us. Their problems, will quickly perpetuate our problems, more then they do now. Their well beyond ” being in the wire” .

    Don’t underestimate the enemy.

    Tic Toc.


  7. Whazzat, Senor Ambassadoro?
    You’ll take your tacos and walk out?

    Build the wall; deport the illegals; weapons free at the border.
    Problems solved.

    Once we plug the leaks, we can bail out the boat all by ourselves just fine.

    And Dirk, go drive by your local Home Depot any morning, and tell us you don’t already have a Mexican problem there.
    Hell, go to Portland or Eugene, and tell me you don’t already have a NYFC problem there.

  8. Heavy Hispanic presence, here. Heavy AG presence. Our issues are not unlike your down south.