No More Cucking, Cucky


Vox Day holds school.



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  1. Between That. Guy. and Hillary, we didn’t dodge a bullet, we dodged the whole 100 round belt.

  2. I think it safe to say President Trump shit canned the Bush ‘dynasty’ right along with that traitorous skank Clinton and obonobo the Kenyan.

    America first!!

  3. Steel T Post

    If traditional families who who have women at home raising children are “an engine of economic prosperity,” then women going to college is an engine of economic decline.

  4. “When your first step on American soil is a violation of federal law, it’s really an act of love.”

      • Cant recall a more perfect example of how low energy, futile, and cucked up the establishment GOP has become.
        So glad we closed the door on that
        “No thats okay I have a political philosophy”
        “No seriously I dont want your Watchtower”
        “watch your foot, the door is closing”

  5. “Every real nation is a people of a common blood and descended from the same ancestors. A nation – from the Latin word meaning to be born – can have no other meaning.” – the late Sam Francis

    • The Bushes, Clintons, the Lyndon Baines Johnsons, all have a strong claim to be in the American blood-nation and they are (were in case of LBJ) the globalists undermining that very nation! I don’t know what to do with that fact.

      America is not a nation anymore. That only means we have to find out what nations we are and who belongs where. Do you really want to set down rules that put Jeb! on your team?

      • Try this: the Protestant Establishment allowed certain Jews/Goyim to sneak the charter of the 3rd National Bank – alias the “Federal Reserve” – through an eager-to-adjourn Congress on 24 December, 1913. Then, slowly but surely over the decades, that White Establishment was first bought off, then undermined and liquidated by the (((Central Bank)))’s debt-bombing and money manufacturing rackets. The “White Establishment”, Trump included, has not been on “our side” for many a year.

      • Sam Fancis wasn’t speaking about the white of “Murilka”, he was speaking about the south only.

        Yes, the Marxist, LBJ, was of some southern blood, but was an abject traitor to his race and culture. There will always be those. The exceptions proofs the rule.

        As most know, no statement about culture or race must be 100% true, that’s a silly, school boy statement.

        My favorite, as of today, is the Wilmington Battle, what Marxist call the Wilmington Massacre, which eliminated white leftists and negro Marxist rule in what was the largest city in North Carolina for 70 years.

        That is what must be done again, in every southern city. Soon.

  6. wealthy farmer

    Many heartfelt thanks to feminism, Hollywood and all the other symptoms of late-stage affluenza for absolutely destroying the fertility of our erstwhile strong, proud and beautiful young men and women.
    As if the toxicity of the culture weren’t enough, the social engineers layer on an extra technological assault of vaccines, poisonous GMO foods, fluoride.
    Fuck the Bush family crime syndicate. May they ROT!

  7. Never forget that Rubio is merely the younger twin brother of Jeb!

    And Ted gave us Johnny R.

  8. Fourth Horsemann

    More fertile my ass. They live off our dole. If I didn’t have to work and could make everyone else pay for my litter, i’d have then until the GF’s uterus dropped out LOL
    I’m so over this libtard communist and neo-communist bullshit!

    • I was going to come in and the say the same thing.

      They INTENTIONALLY create barriers to having children for decent Americans for the stealth purpose/cause of “demographic change” and then cry about the lack of children (thus justifying immigration).

      They never wanted us to have kids. They want a two class society; them and a punch of public “schooled” useful idiots with IQs in the 80s that don’t get too uppity.

  9. “I hate white people and especially Americans.”, Elitists

  10. I’m seeing a number of the commentators in the alt-right bitch about libertarians – Vox Day stands out because it seems every time I read him he manages to slip in a bitch. I must be missing something – because I seriously don’t get it. WTF is he complaining about?

    • Steel T Post

      Really?!?! Never typed in “libertarian+borders” in Google? The top 4 results:

      Libertarian case for open borders | Open Borders: The Case
      Libertarianism is a moral and political philosophy that argues in favor of a strong presumption of letting people engage freely in mutually consensual activity and on minimizing coercion in society. In the modern political context, libertarians generally focus on government-enforced and government-facilitated coercion.

      Libertarian perspectives on immigration – Wikipedia
      The current United States Libertarian Party Platform states that Libertarians are prepared to welcome refugees, and the LP works against discriminatory policies. In addition it states that a free market requires the free movement of both capital and labor across borders.

      Immigration | Libertarian Party
      Libertarians believe that people should be able to travel freely as long as they are peaceful. We welcome immigrants who come seeking a better life

      Open Borders Is the Only Libertarian Immigration Position – The Future
      May 19, 2016 – Yet, there are people within the libertarian movement who claim that open borders are actually contrary to libertarian principles and that …

      • That’s the glaring hole of the problem of Libertarianism. They grant no value to either culture or nationhood.

        Until they do, they’ll be less than a side show.

        • (((Cohencidence)))

          My personal definition of libertardianism: “Borderline autistic types squabbling over esoteric economic abstractions that never have, and never will, actually manifest in the real world.”

          They might as well be arguing with each other over character stats in Dungeons & Dragons, and in truth the Venn diagram of those two groups probably has a substantial overlap.

    • Because libertarians are retards

  11. A truth-bearing statement. All men are not created equal. Some men because of genetic traits,environmental conditions; to include medical care and nutrition are superior in mental and physical capacity and achievement.The strongest,smartest,healthiest and most adaptable should proliferate.When the strongest do not proliferate, the species will become extinct.Buy into the bullshit and become extinct or confront the race hustling, progs,neo-cons,elitists, know it all academics and tell them to eat your balls. Be proud of who you are and what you stand for. I do not require nor seek the approval of bottom-rung humans. This includes you,Jeb.

    • “all men are ‘created’ equal….”

      is the most misunderstood phrase in American spiritual and political history.

      In the spiritual understanding common at the time and for most of the founders, all men have equal standing before God to accept salvation or reject it. No one can achieve salvation through their own efforts/”works.”
      Hence, all are created equal. What we do with that is up to us: equally
      free to accept the freely given gift of the Grace of God through Christ, or fail by arrogance, ego and rejection.

      Politically, in the context of the concepts of Liberty and civil society as codified in the founding documents and found frequently in the writings of the founders, all men have (were to have) equal standing before the law.

      Yes, I know, “rule of law is dead,” “the fix was in from the get go,” the negros, indians, yadayadablah. Immaterial to the point I’m making, which is that, either knowingly for purposes of subversion or through illiteracy and ignorance, the equality clause has been vastly misunderstood misconstrued, abused and contorted beyond recognition.

      They are very high concepts to which to attain. Man being imperfectible by his own efforts/nature, they are bound to fail, but you get farther reaching for high ideals than by settling for some business arrangement.

      That’s not even the point, which is that misconstruing and misrepresenting those concepts does nothing but speed their destruction. Most of those doing the obfuscation know this very well.

  12. Diversity is our strength.

  13. POd American

    Little Flounder Headed Jebby Bush.. The child left behind. Thank you Dirt People.

  14. The Usual Suspect

    As I stated long ago Trump is merely the hammer we will use
    to beat the GOP into submission.
    We have just begun to swing that hammer and the left and their
    mouthpiece media are hysterical.
    I hope their desperation will drive them into acts of rage and
    violence so that we can kill them all.

  15. Poor Jeb, Forced to get up in the morning and catch the short School bus an hr early before the other kids.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Short limousine. Patricians don’t ride buses except for photo ops to show that “they are just like us!”

  16. Jebby – (retarded) patron saint of the deportables.

  17. I can’t decide if Yeb is a victim of fetal alcohol syndrome or if he just has a touch of downs syndrome. There’s definitely something fucky about the halfwit though.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      He looked more normal when he was thinner. As it is now, he’s got a fat face combined with the Bush clans narrowly-spaced eyes.

  18. Sure Jeb, nothing builds a family like rape. Just ask the Swedes how it’s working.

  19. Bang dead on. I think the last cuck routine I let go of was the “melting pot”. Been hearing it since I was old enough to understand what it meant. It took me a very long time to realize that it is Marxist hogwash in a bowl of shit. If we all “melted” into each other, then what you get is not white, but some polyglot bullshit group that’s brown and black, with the culture of the ghetto. My race disappears, and my culture, along with my values and heritage. Whites have struggled and toiled and conquered for a million years. What they’ve produced has been so far, the pinnacle of Western Civilization, full of invention, innovation, and plenty. NO other race did that. And all that has been to the benefit of a begrudging and ungrateful world. It’s high time, and well past that, that we reap the rewards, take what belongs to us, and put all those other races where they belong. Second and third place, and SOMEWHERE ELSE.

  20. Vox hits that outta the park.

    And then he goes with this:

    Hey Good Goys, who is it that has been behind the white genocide of Europe and the US from the beginning and been one of the major driving forces of it.

    To quote Vox. Every, Single Time.
    or to illustrate:

    Hey fellow goys, errr whites, let’s talk about why white privileged, supremacist, heteronormative, patriarchal culture must be destroyed.

    F’cking ever single time.

    It is not The Joooooos it is simply The Jews. And yes they have had many whites join their cause. Many whites have been brain washed, or are just plain psychopathic, and have bought in and are traitorous against their own people.

    If you turn a blind eye to this you have a washed brain. If you do not research marxism, communism, feminism, modern art, pornography, hollywood/publishing degeneracy, and not see any connection ?!?!?

    They have been the leading edge philosophically and the leaders/teachers of the movements.

    Red pills and break the yoke.

  21. And if they are such engines of prosperity why are all of their countries shit holes?

  22. Trump, who I am by no means sold on as a “savior”, has done more for real Americans in a week than the conservative movement has accomplished in 60 years. It’s no wonder the Becks, Kristols, and Krauthammers were so vehemently opposed to him. They didn’t want to be exposed as controlled opposition. They are “jobbers” in pro wrestling parlance. They are there to make it look real, but to lose. Conservatism is a cowardly ideology of listing as slowly as possible. I’m glad it’s dead.

  23. I was raised Catholic, became Episcopalian & found out later my family was Jewish. I stand ready to register as Muslim in #solidarity.
    -Madeleine Albright

    It is always more important to destroy the goy countries through immigration. ???!Jewish #solidarity with Muslims against who/what?!!?!

    Yes, she is probably more Elitist than anything. But hand in hand, they have no greater desire than to destroy the white/euro descended dirt people.

    They really hate you and your kin that much. So much so, they will stand in solidarity with muslims to flood your countries and the countries of your peoples with an alien invasion force that wishes to destroy your religion, your (muh) constitution (R.I.P.), rape your wife and daughters, and kill you after you watch.

    WTF? is wrong with these people. They claim it is the white, christian, heterosexual, man that hates. We offered them sanctuary in our country, from all of the other 109 countries that kicked them out. Our fathers/grandfathers liberated them from the death (or just work?) camps. And now this is how they see us. They teach hate through how they feel about us and what they do to us.

    “My grandfathers did not fight the Nazis so that they could call me Nazi for thinking and believing like my grandfathers.”

  24. Rabbi: Jews are fighting alongside their Muslim brothers against Old Europe
    Video here:

    And, who, has historically been accused of opening the gates in Spain to allow the Muslim Moors into the cities to conquer the Spanish?

    Was the Spanish Inquisition just another bout of crazy antisemites being crazy? Or, perhaps, were there traitors among the Spanish that needed to sought out to protect their country from enemies within?

    No, no, no goys, do not be fooled into being an antisemite. It is never the Jews responsible for people having negative feelings about them. Whites are just a bunch or racists.

    • Yes, the Muslims and negroes are the cat’s paws for the Jew. Yet, there are still those that claim all “that” is merely a coincidence.

      They are blind fools.

  25. Ok Jeb!, let’s have them prove it down there first. I’ll grant you the fertility thing. Not that Americans aren’t fertile enough to have kid, but because white people tend to be smart enough not to have more kids than they can afford to care for. But, as to the rest of it, if they are such great workers, etc, shouldn’t we be seeing evidence of this in Mexico, which would be a booming economic power house?

  26. The Usual Suspect

    Well Trump has influenced more fat white women to get
    out and walk in a week, than Moochele did in 8 years.

  27. Alfred E. Neuman

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