Z Man: Essential Knowledge


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Food for thought(s) over the weekend.

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. ‘The next era in the West is about the fight between Liberalism and science, the blank slate and the double helix.’

    I direct your attention to such scientific disciplines as ‘climate’, otherwise known as multi decade fraud, and propose that any Ph.D. that began to write words, and perhaps numbers (although not required), on paper after 1990 be summarily dispatched to boxcars.

    I also remind readers of Arthur Jensen, who presents a fairly long vitae comprised mostly of “presentations” and “publications.”

    Thus, there will essentially be no fight other than the one evinced from villagers with oil torches and sharp objects.

  3. Excellent suggestions all. But I believe Z-Man left out a very important skill, even more so than math, cooking. The ability to nearly make something out of nearly nothing that will feed a many in the most rudimentary of situations is THE essential talent. Some I have found useful —

    Stalking the Blue Eyed Scallop
    Stalking The Wild Asparagus
    Both by Gibbons

    Nature’s Garden
    by Thayer

    Cottage Economy
    by Cobbett (1833, available on Internet Archive)

    The Boston Cooking School
    by Hill, Janet (1911, available on Internet Archive)

    Soldiers won and lost, empires won and lost, wars fought for what goes into making a meal. Know how.