Stilton Hangs It Up After 8 Years


Understandable, but still a loss.

Here’s hoping he’s back soon.

Along with his regulars.


10 responses to “Stilton Hangs It Up After 8 Years

  1. Better yet, let’s hope things improve enough that he doesn’t have to come back, in the spirit of San Francisco’s Committee of Vigilance.

    For those few students of American History, after the Committee of Vigilance hung up its spurs after retaking San Francisco (1851, 1856) from corrupt politicians and thugs, supposedly one person asked where they went. The answer was, basically, “We are here if needed.”

  2. “Gooey cheese” – said the little Taco Bell chihuahua. Stilton will be missed, hope and change (pretzeldent o’fucktard) not so much

  3. taminator013

    I’ve enjoyed “Hope ‘n Change” for a long time and will sorely miss it. At least we still have “Johnny Optimism”……………………

  4. Steel T Post

    Now, you listen to me! I want the Obama Administration reopened right now. Get those Bolshies back in here! Turn those Muslims back on! Turn those Muslims back on! 🙂

  5. “Of course, that’s only going to happen if we all continue to work towards that goal. And I really mean “all” – people of different political beliefs, races, economic strata, and whatever passes for gender these days.”

    Well said, but Americans can’t agree on commons goals. Ironically, we can’t even agree on the basics such as gender, marriage, and abortion. Can’t even get “patriots” who post on WRSA to agree on what being “patriotic” is other than we should all be armed. Oh, wait, not on that either since some here believe blacks, jews, the wrong kinds of Christians, non-landowners, or just people whose opinions differ from theirs shouldn’t be armed.

    Maybe we’ll at least put up a wall, close the doors, and figure it out on the inside. Of course, the “we” who would enforce that means the federal gov’t and that’s another boogeyman of blame no matter who leads it. Oh, no, I used the word “leads” and “we” can’t have leaders, or experts, or anyone with a different experience set who can do anything different or possibly better than “we” can. When someone visits in the future we as nation might be a shining example, a bloody mess, or just something mediocre. Who knows at this point.

  6. I coulda offered Lefty Lucy a job too, and it would an old man, very happy.

  7. I coulda offered Lefty Lucy a job too, and it would make an old man, very happy.

  8. I wonder if they also offered Lefty Lucy some beef to stuff her taco…

  9. Now, is the model for Busty Ross the same gal as Lefty Lucy?