The Media War Against Trump


Both in FUSA and the rest of the West.

Must be doing something right.

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  1. I keep telling people, it’s a good sign for me that he has all the right enemies.

    He wasn’t my first choice, but there was no nose-holding involved.

  2. Excellent post!!! The ‘media’ are as irrelevant today as Jimmy Carter is.

  3. Media war? Pfffffft. What we are witnessing from Trump is like a man poking at a wounded lion with an elephant gun just before he pulls the trigger. —
    * Their trust levels are in the 10-20% range depending which poll you view. Lower than Congress by the way.
    * The pulp side of media is unravelling as the business model cannot be supported in a unmassed media environment that is the future.
    * The comms side is only marginally better for the same reason. The dollar values to support all the RF and distribution systems vs income streams is diminished.
    * Much of the Alt-Media space runs on a “lying eyes” mode, what you see is what you get. Old Media still runs with a “message first, content second” mode which puts them behind the curve on distribution. Take note of how much local news contains cell phone vids and other sources for action coverage.

    Trumps’ twitter feed has somewhere between 15-20m followers. If one considers that an Arbitron rating the national networks have not had that level of primetime volume since the late 60’s. One has to go to a special event, Super Bowl, Presdential debate, etc to reach those volume numbers. Classical media tropes should be filling out their living wills.

  4. Like a dying dog snapping away at anything around it.

  5. CA, check out the headlines at Drudge now!

    Muzloids already being held at airports, Iraninans being refused when trying to by airline tickets to the U.S., Goggle freaking out, recalling all its forigen labor from overseas, and Christians being given priority for asylum claims!

    The EPA drones coming to work “in tears”…

    So much winning? Yup. And it’s only been a week.

  6. Yes. The Left has learned the art of taqiyya from their fellow travelers, the Islamists, and has mastered it. It is our responsibility to not fall into their classic deception/deflection traps.

    This was an anti-“enrichment” election. Team Mo and Mao lost. There is no reason to capitulate to them or comfort them.

  7. Some Guy in WA

    He’s doing what he promised? What an asshole.

    Hail Trump! Hail our people! Hail victory!

  8. My hope is that the telecon with President Putin goes well today, and that Russia and the United States are able to find common ground to work together to destroy the One World Government rush From what I have seen, President Putin is “Russia First”, just as President Trump is “America First”. Those are NOT mutually exclusive philosophies. It would be nice if Prime Minister May was “Great Britain First”, but I hold very little hope for that. At best, she seems to be their version of the Rove Republicans, and is merely playing this for show. However, a good bilateral trade deal with Great Britain would stomp the shit out of the European Union, and to me that is a Good Deal. If President Trump were able to add a similar good bilateral trade deal with Russia, it would do wonders to shut down Davos and the rest. But we shall have to wait and see what goes where and how…

  9. It’s only been a week, but the media is still showing that they’re too emotionally butt-hurt to come up with a new game plan, and this one is not working. Classic case of letting your emotions rule you instead of your head, when you’re in trouble. Makes it plain as day for the world to see their mendacity, duplicity, and childishness. Will they wise up? I don’t know. Evil is out running around before good even puts it’s pants on, and Leftists have a well documented history of going hideously violent and ruthless in their quest for power. Don’t forget, their view is even if they wreck the place trying to take it over, they’ve still won. And also don’t forget, they will use EVERY means to trip Trump, fair, and unfair. This is a fight to the death, and there is no second place. There is only one shot, for either side. Win. The first one willing to do what it takes, moral or immoral, right or wrong, will win. Don’t expect any thing pretty at the finish line.

    • They are up to something real dirty here with their SOP of carefully taking what Trump says out of it’s natural context and carefully implanting it in an artificial narrative that has an end goal.
      Looks like they are creating an optic where Trump can be plausibly characterized as mentally incompetent, therefore he can be deemed unsuitable through mental instability to hold the office of President.

      What they are banking on is the media is just reverent enough to pull this con off, probably with the assistance of political elites of both parties, along with others like judges and chief executive bureaucrats. Throw in some governors and every 5th column media whore that breaths, and the calls for removing Trump on the grounds he is a certified wacko, sets the stage for Congressional “action” to denounce or impeach Trump.

      At least that is what it looks like.
      I seriously doubt they can pull it off, it’s a move of serious desperation.

      There’s another dynamic here that they already have ignored at their own loss and future peril, it us dirt people and The Great Fuck You that voted Donald Trump into office against all odds, corruption, and political forecasts.
      We dirt people have played fair and square, we played by the rules, we did it nice, and we won. Inherent in that truth, is another, and it’s you don’t illegitimately, illegally, with malice and forethought, take away that last peaceful mature expression of will of the governed. It was not mob rule, it was not gerrymander, it was not out of hate or desperation The Great Fuck You happened, it was out of care, deep concern, and genuine belief in making the system as promised and guaranteed work.

      Anyone can argue or demean that truth of what took place, but the reality is, we all know it was the last shot as dirt people we had of peaceful civil redress.
      The. Last. Shot.

      Only fools, shit stirrers, and the hubris of the enemies of us dirt people ignore that. We all who have a care understand it was treading on a knives razor edge Trump usurped an array of corruption and treason that was a multiple decade coup in the making about to end our freedom and liberty.

      Now there is one more item here that bears in the telling.
      Whilst we where preparing in our separate and individual ways for the final stage of our Republic as we knew it, we all the many got many aspects, not all, but the bare essentials elements of SHTF preps squared away, and in the process began to mature and wise up to the full scope of what we really required and subsequently needed to figure out, we became a loose movement, a plurality of rather self determining and resourceful body of American’s. While I think we all will get better at it and better for it, we are in no uncertain terms a power unto ourselves. Yes it is nebulous, it is definitely grassroots, it is insurgent in nature, defensive in regards to being properly prepared for unknowns, but we crossed a threshold of sorts. We became a native motive source of inspiration and self improvement. The differences in us even from 4 years ago is profound. It is hard to see as we have been evolving slowly but steadily, but if you where to go back in time, then leapfrog forward, you would see great changes.
      And that happened bit by bit, little here, a little their, and we have done it by starting with each of ourselves.
      There is always room to get our kit in a little better shape, prepare ourselves mentally and physically to the next stage, but what I’m trying to say is we are a force of culture, we are quite well armed, both with weapons of the hand, and the best weapon, of the mind. But the best thing here, is we have become Legion.

      The deep PTB, they choose to ignore us, but they know we exist, they watch us like a hawk, they ain’t stupid, an existential enemy such as an aroused, armed, and angry dirt people is no joke.
      We all have watched what just a few select PTB orchestrated false flag crisis as a means events have to power to shape our society. In that is an example of understanding how effective and powerful disruptive events are to the fragile nature of the messed up society we live in. And they where carefully set up and controlled events.
      It isn’t rocket science or requires a PHD in political science to see the potential, and the danger a movement of pissed off dirt people, even in onesies and twosies, a small unit of dirt warrior people here, a band or tribe there, could accomplish. In short order just a few hundred individuals could bring this country to a veritable halt, the political class would be paralyzed because, and lets be frank, they ain’t got a clue what real SHTF is like.

      What I’m saying, in the crudest terms, is while we have been prepping and training for TEOTWAWKI, in our potential, we became The SHTF.

      Now all you resistance is futile knuckleheads, naysayers, defeatists, .gov agent provocateurs and trolls, I’m bettin’ your going to have a hissy fit over this, well you can go fuck a flying’ rollin’ donut for all I care.
      There’s been a sea change in America.
      Winning has usurped losing.
      The Great Fuck You ain’t over, that fat lady is a long way from singing.

  10. MichiganderJim

    Never underestimate the enemy. They’ve still got everyone looking the wrong way.

    That’s the core mission of anyone who would rule your life–convince you that you ought to look to someone else to make your choices. It’s like geico, that’s what they do. They seem to be pretty good at it.

  11. MichiganderJim

    > There is only one shot, for either side. Win.

    Yes…WIN!!! Winners win and winners love themselves. Why wouldn’t they?

    > The first one willing to do what it takes, moral or immoral, right or wrong, will win.

    Sure ’nuff. The WINNER knows that right off the bat. The issue is always tactics, eh? No wonder folk turn to Pragmatism. That’s the error right there…when you transfer the goal to the tactics, you come up with tactics that are violative of the goal. That’s why it pays to understand the goal first.

    See, the truth of what you wrote doesn’t tell us the tactics. It’s about the willingness, as it should be. Tactically…on the one hand, it’s a sales/negotiation truism that in a stalemate, the first to break loses. OTOH it’s also true that “defensive” is not synonymous with “reactive.” No doubt there are even more hands on this monster.

    That’s why a volitional creature has to so well understand the goal, in order that the tactics will be FULLY consistent and he can then win. I mean WIN!!!

  12. Watching the media trying to keep up, or hack at Trump is amusing. They’re floundering and flailing like a Junky trying to moonwalk dogs shit off his shoes after stepping in it.

  13. The Czech Republic is one country that didn’t seem to take forever to embrace not being a Soviet satellite. Here is a page of varied opinions regarding impact of the election here, as well as the rise (good or foreboding depending on starting view) of this thing variously called populism, nationalism, whateverism. (Parsers of words can play with their dictionaries on those terms all they like while possibly ignoring the overall impact.)

    • Not trying to be obtuse or anything, but please, can someone explain to me why I should give a cold fart about what Europe, or any other country, has to say about how my country is run? Yes, I agree what happens here affects them- after all, we’ve been supporting most of Europe for near a century– so how does that give them leave to have any part of decision making here?

      And that two-bit whore from England? Shrew’s already winding Trump around her pinkie and into believing we need the U-N. If he accepts her philosophy, he’s no more than any other RINO or Demoncrap.

      • It’s an observation, nothing more; “journalists” all around are behaving like we see here. There may come a time when Trump has to deal with another country, or region. Which is a better backdrop for that – a country that has stuck to its own national interests or a suicidal one that purports to be a muzzie haven while cutting a monthly check to Merkel? There are going to be some downstream effects (beneficial to us perhaps) of individual countries, taking Trump as a cue, saying “No” to the madness of EU open borders.

    • SO and I are considering a Danube trip because the Czechs stance on independence, gun rights and Muslims.

  14. trump is a judas goat.

    He is doing exactly what his handlers want.
    He said himself he is the bankruptcy king. this country is bankrupt and is under receivership. he’s been selected to re-organize before final liquidation. The Chinese own murka.

    Get it thru your heads.

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