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Send near and far.

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  1. The last time I remember seeing signs and banners that read…


    Were by those sweet young beautiful German girls who welcomed those Middle Eastern refugees into their Country of Germany

    Later those very same refugees raped groped and beat up the German girls

  2. More on the Soros ties to these rat-bastards:

    So, go ahead and have at it, T-Fal, since it’s obously coming from those evil joooooooosss.

  3. Don’t these “protesters” have jobs/ Or lives that they need to attend to?

    Oh, wait.

    Get out and stay out.

  4. There is a certain quickening of events that one can not help but notice. I think it’s important to connect the dots, and notice it’s not *just* the protesters in the streets. TODAY:

    ITEM: Trump strenuously attacked on multiple “Sunday shows” over his Holocaust Remembrance statement which did not contain the word “Jews”, only “victims”. This, it is asserted, is proof of Trump’s anti-Semitism despite his apparent acceptance of his own daughters conversion to Judaism and his therefore Jewish grandchildren.
    ITEM: Trump denounced as “un-American” and worse on all Sunday shows by all center, left of center and some cuckservative commentators. One Palestinian chick yells at the mild mannered Prof. Turley for merely pointing out that Trump’s executive orders will probably be upheld, based on lots of existing case law.
    ITEM: The former Democratic Vice Presidential candidate repeatedly called the Trump administration “white supremecist” and “anti-Semitic”. Citing Steve Bannon’s presence in the administration.
    ITEM: Very sympathetic reporting on Federal Judges suspending Trump’s immigration order claim “Federal Marshal’s will enforce these court orders”.

    So, all in all what you have is, as far as I can recall, a nearly unprecedented apparently coordinated attack on a newly elected President, that is taking place at muliple levels:
    * mass-media manipulation of public opinion,
    * media supported wing-nut challenges to election including
    ** opponents refusal to graciously and publicly conceded the election
    ** multi-state vote recount effort, highly hyped by press
    ** mass effort to entice electoral college electors to violate their oaths
    ** attempt to derail certification of election by cadre of black & far left congress members
    ** unprecedented and (again) highly publicized denunciation by senior Democrats as Trump being illegitimate
    ** wall-to-wall coverage of tangential hacking and unsupported allegations that “Russian’s hacked the election for Trump” – repeated at “big lie” levels
    ** release of titillating “Russian Dossier” that appears to be completely nonsensical, and it’s treatment as legitimate by most news outlets. (Coverage dwindles as it is slowly picked apart and shown to be a forgery).
    * elite opinion shaping,
    * coordinated legal attacks with the ACLU in the forefront (ie: “lawfare”),
    * massed street demonstrations,
    * recurring violent attacks by small directed groups of “ararchists”.
    * social media virtue spiraling against the incumbent President
    * US Senate foot-dragging on Cabinet nominees, leaving govt. unstaffed
    * multiple examples of FedGov agencies in Open Rebellion to POTUS
    * US Intelligence agencies conspiring to leak or create fake negative “intelligence” on incoming POTUS.
    ** State rushing through more refugees contra Trump stated policies
    ** EPA, Interior and other agencies putting up “shadow” web sites
    ** massive “burrowing” where political apointees are made into instant Civil Servants in the last days of an outgoing administration
    ** rushing to hire before Trump takes full operational control of agencies

    This is really starting to be reminiscent of a typical Soros style “Color Revolution”. Here’s a few phrases from the Wikipedia article on the EuroMaiden Revolution in Ukraine:

    * The protests began when the government decided to not sign a treaty that had been negotiated in large part by the previous (opposition party) government. “the Ukrainian government suspended preparations for signing the Ukraine–European Union Association Agreement”

    * In other words, “spontaneous” demonstrations erupted when the elected government started undoing the policies of a previous (Globalist oriented) government.

    * street violence began when protesters attacked police lines and set fires outside parliament,

    * protest attendance fluctuated from 50,000 to 200,000 during organised rallies

    * several Western Ukrainian Oblast (province) Governor buildings and regional councils were occupied in a revolt by Euromaidan activists.

    * the first bombing of buildings happens about 60 days into the protests

    * In some locations attempt to take over building was met with considerable police force to prevent it. Violence on both side escalates.

    * Protests move from protesting decision to sign treaty to explicitly calling for resignation of the fairly elected President.

    * Members of the President’s party defect (Ukraine “cuckservatives” fold).

    Is what we are seeing the opening phase of a Soros planned, financed and instigated “Purple Revolution” which is designed to completely strip Trump of legitimacy and own-party support, and eventually lead not just to his resignation, but the replacement of his VP and entire cabinet with some sort of “unity government”, or perhaps a charismatic leader of the revolt who has yet to bubble to the top?

    This would certainly fit in with the model that has been used successfully in many countries by Soros in the last 20 years.

  5. (((Soros))) is an equal-opportunity employer. I may have been wrong about Mrs. Clinton bringing the Storm quicker than Trump. Inasmuch as the Judeo-globalist ethno-Reds are much better organized than FreeFor and eager to get it on right now.

    OTOH, an (((MSM)))-magnified street mob…is still just a street mob. Were I Trump, I’d get rid of Ryan and McConnell ASAP…they’re the ones who’ll bring him down, via the usual open-borders Cuck-Red alliance. See also the ongoing decline and fall of Brexit, similarly orchestrated.

    • “I may have been wrong about Mrs. Clinton bringing the Storm quicker than Trump.”

      Well, that didn’t take long.

      Down your throat and up your ass.

  6. I bought a Mossberg 590, I like it a lot. 9+1, and four more in the speed stock, a little heavy loaded with 00 Buck, but I still like it.

    • …may I suggest #4 …….it is really like a full mag of 223 going down range with each trigger pull……..also takes doors off lickity split…..good choice Ed…

      • I carry a combination of 4 buck for softer targets (27 pellets ain’t too bad) and 00 buck (knock you on your butt right now) where I believe the bad guys may be wearing body armor. Also keep rifled slugs in a sleeve on the stock for those “special occasions”……….

      • M Rapp,
        Well thank you for the informative tip. I will pick a few boxes of # 4 up.

        • You are welcome and if I may offer more……go on line and print out a sheet with all the American Standard shot sizes…( a sheet with lead and steel shot in actual size ) look over the bird shot in steel and find the #1 and BB BBB T and F , in lead they stop at the vest…….in steel….well lets just say they FUCK YOU UP…………… a test and smile….!

          CA has it correct in the slug and OO stopping power !!!

          So… load that extended mag with first shot #4 then several BB then work your way down depending on your building, distance , circumstances etc……..set up targets at 20ft then 50ft on out and learn the true pattern of each …..Good luck…train hard…….NOUS D’EFIONS

        • Cassandra (of Troy)


          Also give #1Buck (Remington load #20624, Winchester load #XB121, S&B load #SB12BS1) an eyeball as well as Brenneke’s Classic/load #SL122CLM, Special Forces Short Magnum/load # SL122SFM, Special Forces Maximum Barrier Penetration Magnum/load #SL122MBPM slugs, & Winchester’s Razorback/load #S12RBSS & PDX1 Defender/load #S12PDX1S slugs a look. Remington’s lead #2/load #NM12S2 is dandy too.

          I’ve some Rem lead BBx4 that’s simply nasty, a pity they dropped it, it’s been replaced by a 2×4 load but I don’t know how good it is. I’ve used Brenneke Classic slugs on animate/inanimate test media & the effect’s frightening.

    • Ed,

      “I bought a Mossberg 590….”

      I have the model with the extended mag tube, a 590a1 with Ghost Ring sights. Most likely the same as you purchased.

      My range officer, in a past life, would allow me to annual qualify with it, even though department issue were Remington 870s. However, I quit shooting it years ago. Decided, for my purposes, a pistol and or 5.56mm carbine works better for me. I should divest myself of it but, like many gun owners, I have a difficult time parting with any weapon.

      Your 590 choice, IMO, is excellent. Made in USA, relatively inexpensive, bayonet lug, barrel thickness is greater than any other shotgun made, will chamber 3″ rounds and one of it’s best features….the tang mounted safety. It is easier to manipulate than trigger guard safeties. Your 590 tang mounted safety, on or off, is readily apparent to the shooter and those around him.

      Best of luck with your purchase. Practice as often as you can.

  7. hummus abedin

    Snappy acronyms, send near and far, in place of strategy and tactics, and all the while treasonous shitbags take ground and do.
    Keep it up commie shits and battalions of keyboard commandos will get pissed.

    • Information, (y’know, intelligence? try it sometime) precedes attitude, leads to reasonable action, reduces likelihood of failure.


  8. How does it feel murka?

    You all cheered as bush and ohomo bombed these turd worlders homes to dust didn’t you?

    What goes around… comes around.

    Revenge. Served cold and hard.

  9. POd American
    Profits,profits, profits!
    As if you need an excuse to boycott StArbucks…also see Drudge for NY
    Nadelman is running interference for Iraqui at the airport…..traitors one and all.

    • POd,

      Why would anyone pay $5 for alleged coffee ? Most of their customers must be .gov employees.

      Regarding the anti-Trump politicians….it appears the DJT election may be the action to get CW2 going.

  10. Message received Matt.

    Here’s my contributions as gleaned from the ‘net’:

    and for our Patriot brothers and sisters ‘behind ememy lines’ in Europe,

    Any of the above proudly shown in public will be guaranteed to
    cause spontaneous cerebral implosion by any crobits/sjw/mangina
    hangerons and the like…just like the Martians going all ‘splodey’
    upon contact with cowboy yodeling…..

    May the crobits and their ‘masters’ FOAD in similar gooey self-demise!

    Yours In Daily Armed Liberty – Furthermore islam and it’s enablers/suporters MUST be destroyed!
    NorthGunner III

    • I’ll tell you exactly why you won’t stand up to Islam.

      You know as well as I know the COPS will fuck you to no end.

      THAT’S WHY.

      Here are the seven reports of police misconduct tracked for Thursday, January 26, 2017:

      Hattiesburg, Mississippi: An officer was arrested in Lamar County for domestic assault.
      Wisner, Louisiana: An officer was charged with malfeasance in office for allegedly taking money from evidence.
      Colorado Springs, Colorado: A now-former officer pled guilty to selling counterfeit Broncos merchandise at a flea market. He was fined $7,500.
      St. Lucie County, Florida: A deputy was arrested for sexually assaulting a woman while he was on duty. He was fired.
      Dallas County, Arkansas: A deputy was arrested for disorderly conduct after an intoxicated inmate whom he was supervising on a pass for work detail crashed the car they were in. The officer too had been drinking.
      Willow Springs, Illinois: Five officers are no longer with the department after a three-year investigation into the misuse of funds. The five comprised almost half of the department’s officers.
      Update: Lowell, Massachusetts (First reported 11-16-16): An officer was suspended for six months and ordered to undergo anger management for assaulting a handcuffed student.

      These are the same scumbag fuckers who will destroy you if you try to fight anyone or anything. FACT.

      The cops are your enemy – not Islam.

      • T, that is the simple truth. People can stop trying to figure out how to respond to the Islam/diversity invasion. Your friendly police dept. will fuck you up royally and forever if you do something they don’t like, that’s it.

    • Gunner,

      Your posted meme calling the moslem incursion into Amerika, an INVASION, is spot on. An invasion is exactly what it is. Glad you recognize it for what it is.

    • Anybody watched the movie “Angry Birds” and noticed the underlying anti-muslim theme ?
      The picture of Europe kicking out the pig muslim sparked my post.

  11. Chuck NoName

    I do believe if you superimpose the pics of those Islamo-Commie sows, they’ll be the same you’ll see from the big “I’m in a cramping, yeast infected and post-menopausal rage” march of last Saturday..


    Once upon a time in a small town on the Southwest Coast of the Peoples’ Democratic Socialist Republic of Oregon, there lived an old man who was a good friend of mine. This man had served his country during World War Two. He fought with Merrill’s Marauders in Burma. He is mentioned in the book SPEARHEAD, which is a history of that campaign.
    His heroism. like a lot of vets from that era finally caught up with him years later and he was ultimately inducted into the RANGER HALL OF FAME. He was awarded the Silver Star. I saw the photos of the ceremony. And, when the local politically correct hacks invited the Japanese pilot who bombed Mount Emily with incendiary devices, as a “gesture of friendship and reconciliation”, he was ready when the parade came by his house.
    From his second-story deck, he hung a large, torn, bloodstained Japanese flag-war trophy as his personal #&@% You. It was not so much directed at the Japanese pilot, even though he had no use for “The Japs” as he often referred to them. His symbolic middle finger was directed against all of the clueless idiots who would not acknowledge the price he and his dead buddies paid, or the war crimes which Japan has never really been held accountable for.
    A few years later, when all of the local churches were in competition with one another to see who could attract the most “homeless”, mysterious flyers ended up being posted at the local laundromat and other hang-outs. They promised freebies and gave the address of two of the local “Pastors” (both a couple of bed-wetting liberals) who had brought these drones and druggies into this quiet small town. I do not know if my old friend was behind this. He would never cop-out to anything.
    Now my point in this story is to say that resistance can take many forms. As I have posted earlier, it is primarily confined to Blue Hives. This will not last. I suspect the assault up here in Rawles Land will start at the local school board meetings, city council meetings, and county supervisors meetings. At this point in the festivities, Pranking may be a good option. Above all, have a plan. Bleib ubrig.

    • You heard what they did to Richard Spencer’s mother in Whitefish, MT, I assume? The “lady” even wrote out a confession for her to sign!

  13. SCUM-Subversive Communist Underground Movement

  14. Round em up, head em out.

  15. I want a long pause on ALL immigration, especially Muslims, but I make some exceptions. There are a few Muslims we owe a place to. I would allow in the interpreters and other people who can find US military members to affirm that they provided aid to the US of a nature that would guarantee their murder in Iraq and elsewhere.
    Any problems from their children or other family members, and out they go. It would speed acculturation, and be safer for them, if they were settled in places far from other Muslims.

    • Ex-Muslims.

      • In the long run, I’m skeptical that Muslims will accept this country’s form of government, but today, I’m focusing on the short run. Either we owe a place here to the people who took great risks to work with us, just as they are, or we don’t.
        Most people would say anything to us to get in and save their families. Forcing them to lie and be “underground” Muslims would poison the appreciation they (at least, the adults among them) would otherwise have for their opportunity.

        • islam is inherently incompatible with western civilization, values and the base of that civilization – Christianity. islam (and its fellow travelers) have through propaganda convinced many that welcoming these Openly Hostile Invaders is just the thing to do cause we’re all human right?

          islam is a barbaric totalitarian political system masquerading as a religion. the satanic founder of islam MoHamHead is portrayed by islam as the perfect man, a model for all true believers to follow. If you believe that pedophilia, rape, murder, enslavement and democide then genocide are swell, the islam welcomes you.

          There is no good muslim, as there was no good nazi. islam is the antithesis of Christianity BY DESIGN.

          Whether these hostile invaders are 2y/o, twenty or sixty matters not. They ALL carry the disease of islam. They ALL CANNOT BE TRUSTED. They CANNOT live peaceably amongst their own kind – that should be a flaming clue right there.

          islam means not “peace” as some claim, but SUBMISSION to the moon god – the correct version of course. It is all in their book if you wish to read it.


  16. thesouthwasrght

    Fuck these unwashed heathens. Just wait till they crest 3% of the population, then things will get spicey, 5% even moreso, beyond that have yourself some jizya and dhimmitude.

    Problem is that crap don’t jive here in what’s left of Dixie. And before someone pipes off about how nothing has happened yet, well people still have jobs, kids, mortgages and so on. However what is happening in europe absolutely will not fly here. Period.

  17. you know weve been quite too long ……unless you count all the noise at the range !

  18. That’s the definition of “target rich environment” right there.

    And the ROE’s in FUSA are generally more permissive in most places than they ever were in Baghdad or Fallujah.

    Hadji & Co. will learn this to their terminal chagrin, about a second too late.

    An enraged and senseless violent mob was coming towards me, I had nowhere to flee, and I was in fear of grave bodily harm. So I drew and fired to stop them. And kept reloading and shooting to stop in self defense, until I finally saw an opening once they slowed down, and took that opportunity to save myself from certain death.

    You may want to put that, or something like it, on a card in your wallet, next to the defense lawyer’s business card.

    • You’re so full of shit.

      Go to work or something.

      • tfA-t,

        You hate Amerika so much, you claim you exfil’ed to Kanada.

        So, here’s what I expect you to do if you aren’t just a cowardly bullshit artist and have any self-respect:

        1. Burn your passport in Kanada.
        2. IAW Section 349(a)(5) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) (8 USC, 1481(a) (5) ), renounce your citizenship.

        Now grab your fraudulent self by your mangina and RUN, don’t walk, to the nearest fUSA embassy or consulate in Kanada. Once there renounce your citizenship IAW the above reference.


      • thesouthwasrght

        Stand in the door son! Show us how it’s done.

      • Good comeback, Potsie.
        Why do you bother even posting here?
        The only one listening to you is you, self-marveling at the sound of your own awesome.
        It’s a great schtick…for someone in the 4th grade.


      Add: “…Officer, I’m so glad you are here. This mob was trying to murder me. I will be more than happy to talk with you as soon as I talk with my attorney.” Then, DO NOT SAY ANOTHER WORD TO ANYONE, EVER.

  19. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on FOR GOD AND COUNTRY.

  20. Jeffrey Broadbent

    Just drop it folks. I will not back down from nor apologize for loving my countrymen more than those espousing alien values. I am not afraid.

  21. Thanks for the definition of “CROBIT”. I saw it on his FB page, and couldn’t find it the Urban Dictionary.

  22. American woman: “Dad, it’s just ISIS.”

  23. Soros CIA Obamy McCain ProgreSSives Neocons all agree in the DC Swamp that the USSA must destroy the Middle East, flood Europe with an Islamic “Refugee” Army, flood the USSA with Illegal Aliens and Muslims, while destroying the economy with NWO Trade Treason, and Fed Bankster Fiat 20 Trillion Debt “money”. What could possibly go wrong?
    New Allies are appearing in unlikely places…….

    • Early,

      Your remarks sum up the situation perfectly. Good remarks and accurate.

    • Tulsi Gabbard is a little TOO perfect – strong woman, smart, attractive, of colour, veteran, well spoken, switched from Bernie to Trump?!

      Maybe I’m wrong, but she seems to be positioned, like that other Hawaiian whats his name?

      And how is it that there Are So Many In Congress who are not natural born citizens, compared to the population at large?

    • See also:

      AjizEARya is reporting that ‘Muricans have already pledged 600k to rebuild it.

      The new mosque will feature a square with a special chopping blocks for beheadings of infidels. On the block will be inscribed “Don’t mess with Texas”.

      JFK was unavailable for comment having perished in Dallas decades ago in a coup.

  24. The Libs have finally awakened to the fact that the present state can not continue, and that when that happens firearms will be a necessity. It’s late to the party but better late than never.

  25. About time this shit was addressed, Last year this time I posted about an Iraqi I gave a ride home too, gave me a bullshit story about coming from Thailand, in his late 20’s and at his fighting weight. Wasnt a very convincing Painter.

  26. There has just been a terrorist shooting in Quebec at a Mosque. 5 are dead. Two Syrian refugees, recently arrived last week, have been arrested. Names: Bashir al Taweed and Hassan Matti. You can’t make this shit up. Possible sunni- shia spat. They just got here last week. Shooting people this week. Trudeau wants them, he can have them.
    By the way, I admit to being so wrong about things calming down.

    • Rainman,

      I was looking an hour or so ago to see if the bad guys were moslems. They were. Doesn’t surprise me. Thanks for the update.

      Rainman….how did they get firearms so readily, as new invaders, to Kanada ? This will be interesting to read how the socialist .gov of Quebec and Kanuckistan whitewash THIS moslem terrorism. However, to Trudeau’s credit he immediately caled it terrorism. On the other hand, he probably “misspoke” thinking it was some right-wing, gun-toting, Christian-Canadians from the western provinces (however few in number they are) who did the deed. He’ll be walking back the “terrorist” declaration in hours.

    • If they can’t provoke those with a handle on forbearance perhaps inciting the black flag crowd might work eh? My state recently received it’s share of invaders over the wishes of many of the population. They’ve badly misjudged this ao because once you get out of the infested dying hives there are an awful lot of folks who are more than willing to keep the shit birds where they belong, in a blue cage.

    • Hey! Hey now, let’s not jump to conclusi…..aaaaaand it’s Muslims again!”

      • Cassandra (of Troy)


        Looks like Nobil Kahnahdah® wants to solve our problem.:

        Damned decent of ’em to do that for us, I eagerly await seeing how smugly superiah Kahnayjunz like tfA-rt’ll handle the multitude of Pooooooor Desperate Muslim Folks Who Just Want A Better Life For Themselves® that’ll be arriving should backward & crewell America decide to accept J-Tru’s magnanimous offer. And what say we send our teeming masses of illegals/junkies/homeless/frightened Leftists yearning to breathe free up there & let Nobil Kahnahdah® show us how to do that melting pot thing properly, eh?

  27. The stupid continues to burn. But by all means let’s continue on the same azimuth & charade of a Republic Democracy functioning as a ‘normal’ pathocratic Kakistocracy of deliberate smilupidity while we install more surveillance totalitarian infrastructure to protect the Elite until the ‘Ballon goes Up’ & Kinetic flashpoint has been reached. Then the ‘Deer in the Headlights’ moment of – Wow how did that happen ? Why did society implode & conflagrate w/ such violence against it’s own government. We have to take away plastic knives & forks now because of the harm to populace & responsible government has a duty to protect it’s citizens. Makes me want to hurl. Hegelian dielectric – circular reasoning logic – Catch 22 – Orwellian Doublespeak et al etc. all the same Marxist ideology axiom of :
    ‘In the eyes of the dialectical philosophy, nothing is established for all times nothing is absolute or sacred’.

  28. hummus abedin

    VIOLENT LEFTISTS Knock Trump Supporter UNCONSCIOUS at Portland Airport – THEN TAUNT HIM!

    Wow, there seems to be a coincidental
    lack of a police and security presence.
    How ironic, given that I am randomly selected
    for additional security screening, and damn near sodomized by the TSA, whenever I am
    stupid enough to fly commercially
    The sweet smell of conservative restraint and respectability.
    It stinks of rank defeat