Curtis Sends


Do not cross the champions of unlimited Muslim immigration, such as the House Organ Of Carlos Slim.


Ask Curtis.


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  1. Centurion_Cornelius

    Ah! Shoe on other foot now and the phony protests gin up. The “I’ve got a pen and I’m not afraid of using it” bites back, eh?

    Let President Trump and A/G Sessions do the “slow waltz” with these legal cases brought by the ACLU/Commie scum. Appeal, re-appeal, post bond, storm of motions, counter-motions, deny cert….ad infinitum. Maybe the new future “Trump SCOTUS” might hear their cases in 2020 and affirm the ban.


  2. himmus abedin

    Once again, their battle cry is “suck it”!
    11:15 GMT
    Protesters have joined the rally at Denver International Airport, ABC affiliate KMGH reported.

    “I come in peace,” some placards read, while another said: “Refugees are welcome here.”

    Video link:

  3. Matt Bracken

    I took the bait and looked up “thighing.” Just like for “happy fun gang rape,” there is a word for it in Arabic.

    • Howdy Matt!

      “Thighing”..ah yes, I remember Miss Ann Barnhardt discussing that disgusting savage act and others (like the ‘fatwa for necrophilia’) here:

      Ann Barnhardt Islamic Sexuality- A Survey of Evil

      And yes she doesn’t shy away from speaking out in that presentation about child rape and “bacha bazi” as practiced in Achingastan by moslem men there.

      As the old detective used to say, “Follow the money”;

      George Soros FUNDING Protests/Lawsuits to Stop Trump’s Temporary Refugee Halt Order
      (Remember that soros is just a dogboy/flunkie like kissenger following the orders of folks in the deep shadows more powerful than him..just like ‘Col. House’ in Wilson’s regime during W.W. I).

      As for that crobit moslima linda sarsour, she’s definitely ‘fighting for the ummah’ as well as carrying water for sorros and his masters, no doubt about that!

      PRO-HAMAS, PRO-SHARIA Muslim Organizer of the anti-Trump Women’s March target of social media backlash

      Between what you, Dr. Bill Warner (, Ann Barnhardt, Bonnie at Barenakedislam, GOV, and other counter jihadists do, I know that I’m truly well armored against the taqiyya and kitman of the moslems and their globalist enablers!

      Hope your new book comes out soon, any further word on that btw?

      Yours In Daily Armed Liberty – Furthermore islam and it’s enablers/supporters MUST be destroyed!
      NorthGunner III

  4. “Protestors behind every blade of grass”.

  5. I woke up this morning to see newspapers in English from London to the states criticizing Trump’s “Muslim Travel Ban.”

    Even wikipedia has a redirection on “Trump Muslim Ban”.

    Considering Trump’s “Muslim Travel Ban” didn’t include Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Egypt, or Pakistan for starters, many prominent Sunnis which include the Saudi Royal Family (the 15,000 princes), the Taliban, the Muslim Brotherhood and the ISI (Pak’s intel service), must all be laughing their asses off this morning. It’s still business as usual at the Wahabbist madrasa travel department this morning. Planes are still arriving in CONUS as I write this.

    It also looks like Qatari muslims will still be free to joyride America’s streets without consequence (and the Turks can still criticize them):

    “Muslim” travel ban? Not. Seeing. One.

    What I do see is that a faction’s action arm was able to put 100s of people on the ground at various locations around the USA on short notice.

    How’s the patriot flashmob department doing by comparison?

    There’s a certain irony that the global media went zero-to-sixty-ape-shit-into-overdrive on America’s supposed Muslim Travel Ban, yet the real Saudi Travel Ban on Israelis/Jews and Christian Bibles went largely unnoticed by the same media.

    The koran still can’t handle challengers on the home court. Weak.

    • Randall Flagg

      #FakeNews at its finest. MSM runs with a ChickenLittle narrative. Leftists on socialmedia try to make it go viral. Everyone educated by .gov eats it up like Cheerios.

      In the end, all fake, fake, fake.

    • The last thing we want or need is “patriot flashmobs”.
      When you act like the @$$holes, the common person can’t tell either faction apart. Rightfully.

  6. …again, do not doubt that we are in the beginning of a civil war – each side attempting to ‘set’ the narrative (or predominance) for their ‘side’ to kick things off – history is truly repeating its self before our eye’s (for those who have the clarity to see). A little historical research (that old dull history reading) of past revolutions/civil wars might open peoples eyes. Or not …..

  7. wealthy farmer

    I’m just a little confused why ANY refugee from an islamic country, much less these terrorist snake pits, NEEDS to come to the USA? Egypt, Pakistan, Indonesia, Morrocco, etc etc are all large, vibrant, fully shariah-compliant countries.

    • Greetings Wealthy Farmer,

      I will let Dr. Bill Warner answer your question:

      Bill Warner, PhD: Hijra, Islamic Migration

      One must remember that the ummah (islamic community) is commanded by
      their immams, as well as the koran, hadiths, sira and most importantly the sunnah (way of ‘mo’ the child raping mass murdering false prophet of the fake religion of islam) to undertake migration/hijra to to ‘kuffar’ (non moslem) nations to settle and colonize them for inclusion into “Dar al islam” (make them islam nations ruled by the sharia). They are not here or in Europe to assimilate to our culture in any way shape or form..they’re literally like the ‘Borg’ from Star Trek.

      Hope that helps.

      Yours In Daily Armed Liberty against islam and it’s enablers/supporters!
      NorthGunner III

  8. I wonder if that rag she is wearing is flame proof? Nice info online about FLAMETHROWERS. Might have to get me one so I can see some “Crispy Critters”.


    They have not really started to tear apart the Blue Hives. Let them protest. The vandalism they do is primarily against the multi-national corporations who own most of the real estate in these Hildabeest-worshiping septic tanks. Every time these useful idiots burn police cars, beat down whites in the street, trash buildings, storm school board meetings, and bring in their diseases(mumps epidemic right now in Spokane County), they wake up more sheeple and bring them to our side.
    And yes, they are still protected by the Blue Wall Praetorian Guard. Sooner or later, the Blue Wall will start calling in sick, and the Pols who pay their debt-buck salaries will be running for their lives. Keep prepping, stay tuned, and bleib ubrig.

  10. Wonders never cease:
    Homeland Security Ignores Judge, Continues Enforcing Trump’s Travel Ban

    The indomitable Ms. Pam Geller has an excellent piece, some worthy observations, at Breitbart:

    Geller: President Trump – True to His Word

    • mforge,

      To quote you, “Wonders never cease.”

      Ann Donnelly, the black-robed, fedgov thug was appointed by the illegal Kenyan in OCT 15. Imagine that.

      She was “recommended” to Barry for the federal judgeship by Schumer, the Marxist fedgov senator from NYC. Coincidences never cease, eh ?

      You think perhaps Annie got a call from her buddy Charlie telling her to issue the injunction ? Guaranteed. Oh, and don’t think for a minute the scum soetoro-obama isn’t helping to orchestrate this opposition to DJT.

      We better make certain our wills are up to date. Seems some decisions will have to be made sooner than expected.

  11. The left is loosing it’s collective mind today. The tearing of hair, gnashing of teeth, explody heads. A veritable banquet collective insanity.

    And whats even better, sure as the sun rises, Trump is going to really mind fuck the bastards just when it couldn’t get any more delicious, bet a hundred bucks by monday Ol’ Trump will pull another fuck you out of his hat.
    They are going to run out of Rent A Protesters before the month is over.

    • Mountainer: losing = lose/ing/ losing. “Losing” it’s collective mind today.” NOT! “Loosing!”

      Let us ‘LOOSE’ the dogs of war, lest we LOSE our native land and Liberty.

      Seems a small thing, I know but… credibility.

  12. 3rd wave feminists have been conditioned from birth to do and believe everything counter to “white patriarchy.” EVERYTHING. They will follow the Pied Piper of Sarsour and her familiars to their peril.
    Many will pine for the days of making cookies with their kids or dressing stylishly, or of not having to share their husbands, or undergoing the unkindest cut of all.
    At that point, TRADWIVES will become the countercultural icon, but it will be too late for those who fell for the con.

  13. Chum, bait and troll operation all in one while simultaneously protecting us from the muzloid hoards?

    You betcha.

    • Randall Flagg

      Throw this under the same category as: Bombs with a “R” on them bad; Bombs with a “D” on them good. Been eight years since there have been any critical anti-war protests, which were non-stop under BushII. Then quiet. Get ready to see them ramp up again, despite the fact that the Magic Kenyan was dropping bombs on a nearly daily basis. Same thing applies with this latest ban. Means nothing that is essentially the same type of ban implemented by the prior regime with absolutely no protest whatsoever.

  14. Trump can use the Patriot Act, any time, any where he wants, and black bag judges, lawyers, mayors, protesters, any body. It will come to that, and then here we go. I hope you all understand that Team Mo is about to go wet. The “anarchists” are right there with them, along with the snowflakes and the little commie battalions, although none of them are armed, trained, etc. Once they see how the initial engagements are swinging, expect them to thin out some. But they’ll be back. Cockroaches always come back. Stay away from crowds, and people wearing too many clothes.

    • “The “anarchists” are right there with them, along with the snowflakes and the little commie battalions, although none of them are armed, trained, etc.”

      Sean, as I’ve mentioned countless times before here, Anarchists/Voluntarists/Libertarians AREN’T the one’s who will be committing aggression against innocent people and damaging/destroying their property. I should know
      because I’m an Anarchist/Voluntarist!

      All “anarchy” means is “No rulers”!; it doesn’t mean “No rules”; the main rule we Anarchists/Voluntarists follow is the Zero Aggression Principle; that it’s NOT justified to attack an innocent person/start a fight. We only use violence for self-defense, nothing else! We understand that we OWN ourselves and that other people OWN themselves and we have NO claim on any other person’s life, property or anything that belongs to them. We DON”T believe or accept/utilize collectivist/statist “solutions” or methods.
      We offer help/assistance in a open and voluntary fashion where it’s accepted in an equally voluntary fashion but more importantly we also have the reason and maturity to leave other people alone and allow them to lead their own lives as they see fit!

      Here’s a short vid that goes into more detail:

      Message to the Voting Cattle / Larken Rose

      Some folks here get it, others are just way too invested in the life long
      indoctrination/programming/propaganda that has been fed to them all
      their lives from their parents, teachers and the ‘all powerful one-eyed false god’ aka tv to think about, let alone imagine any other existence outside of
      the collectivist/statist sheep pen…they don’t even seem to be able to grasp at the idea of living in a fashion that doesn’t tie itself to worshiping a false god called ‘gov/authority’ and committing aggression and worse via it..and
      the kicker to me is that they aren’t at all shy about psychologically projecting
      their own fears/ideology/bad habits on other people that don’t share their
      statist/collectivist indoctrination and baggage.

      There are communists, fascists, representative democracies and constitutional parchment worshippers..but they’re all the same because they’re all cut from the same cloth…the cult of ‘authority/gov’ that believes people ‘belong to/are owned’ by a ‘ruling class’ of that cult.

      We Anarchists/Voluntarists aren’t.
      Nuff said!

      Yours In Daily Armed Liberty via Anarchy!
      NorthGunner III

      • “Nuff said!”

        Boy, howdy! Especially considering that none of what you espouse at such great length has ever amounted to more than an elegant pipe dream.

        I appreciate your enthusiasm, and sympathize with the sentiment, I really do but… absent any valid historical example, and given the complexities of techno (or any other) culture, and the fallibility of human nature, you’re tilting at windmills, Quixote.

  15. The stench of rot is sickening. Does anyone with a tiny level of critical thought believe DHS is legitimate? It’s as legit as murkas JustUs system.
    There are those right here at WRSA who loves them some big gubmint no matter what, and some, as long as it’s their guy in charge.

    The totally ILLEGAL DHS is the Executives goon squad- PERIOD. When given the order, they will enthusiastically arrest, detain, and murder any target. Right or wrong.

    So go ahead and cheer your guy on you fucking retards… the jackboot will drop on your neck in short order. 🙂

    “Homeland Security Ignores Judge,”…

    • POd American

      Will you please cite her reasoning for issuing her injunction? Federal law, chapter, paragraph and subparagraph… Thank you. Then we can all have a reasonable discussion; we all know from our upbringing that feral judges are beyond reproach.

    • tfA-t,

      You’re a fucking weasel. You brag about having moved to Kanada. You brag about how much money you have, although you never cite a base worth. You M-F 2/3s of the population.

      You STILL haven’t burned your Amerikan passport from your Kanada side of the border. Why not ?

      Here’s why….

      1. You’ve never moved to Kanada.
      2. Your wealth is non-existant.
      3. You don’t have a passport to begin with.

      If you moved to Kanada then why do you concern yourself with Amerikan events ? Because you’re NOT in Kanada. Never have been. You’re no better than the taqiyya-practicing moslem Haxo et al. Both liars. Both weasels.

      If there’s a retard here it is you.

  16. Many of the so called SJW’s are what Lenin called, “useful idiots” of this Left-Islamic alliance against Liberty.

  17. Send forth the deportables

    BTW – that statue of “liberte” needs to be demolished – it was a demonstration of masonic ability to place satanic symbolism in the midst of the naive, kinda like islam.

    Furthermore, I consider that islam must be destroyed.

    • The statue is fine. It’s (((Emma Lazarus’))) Tikkun OLam screed that needs to be sandblasted off.

    • You are correct, them or us is the bottom line.Because…….
      there is going to have to be a clarification on Islam itself. It is currently a Total Societal System merging Religion and Government. As presently practiced with Sharia Law it is incompatible and hostile with the US Constitution and our freedoms.
      So the Governmental Sharia Law has to be deleted from practice. Then the Koran and Hadiths’ have to be modified to adapt to our society.
      IF this could be done we could proceed with Muslim immigration, But it Can’t be Done! A country is either 99.9% Muslim or not, that is the reality of this barbaric “religion” that has plagued the world for 1400 years and hasn’t changed in all that time.

  18. This is why Trump is correct in halting the inflow of refugees from the seven countries that were previously identified by the Obama administration. This is a video of an ISIS charnel house used to train young “Tigers of the Caliphate” in the art of hunting and killing bound prisoners. It is extremely graphic. Do not watch this if you do not wish to see young teenage boys move, with precision and as a team, through the building, killing, with grim determination, every bound prisoner they come across. Some of the boys shoot to wound first, before they take their killing shots. If you choose to watch the video, look at the boys’ faces. Those are the faces of our enemies, should they make to our shores. h/t Matt Bracken.

    • People need to see this video for what it is. It shows more than just some kids running around killing helpless people. These boys are well trained and highly disciplined; they work as a team. First, they breach a secure entrance w/ explosives, and make entry in a highly disciplined, ordered fashion. They then methodically sweep each floor of the multi-story structure, killing everyone they encounter. They demonstrate excellent trigger discipline and well practiced reload skills. This is a suicide squad that will seek entry to a Western nation, will be armed and equipped by confederates, and given a target. They are prepared to do the job and are prepared to die doing it. This is not a drill. Ask yourself: How many teams like this have been put in place throughout the West? Do you really think this is a one off?

  19. I think I hear my weightpile calling me. If I am forced to hit you commies, you will feel it.

  20. Islam is not simply a divinely-inspired moral code of personal behavior as we in Western Civilization see religion.

    Instead, it is a complete civilization (govt, economy, banking, criminal code, family life, etc.) wrapped in a veneer of a religious component to make dissent = heresy and apostasy = treason. And it is deliberately expansionist either by overt warfare or by stealth colonization.

    Islam is antithetical to Western Civilization.

  21. POd American

    Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah, the chamber’s senior Republican, asked Trump to modify his order, noting that many of his Mormon ancestors were refugees from religious persecution.

    Orrin Hatch, the GOPs clone of Cucky Shumer. News for you dumbass, all of your Mormon refugees were already US citizens that wanted to start their own separate country. If 99.9 percent of the worlds terrorists were not Mooslams, then this ban would not be about their so-called religion either you jackass.

  22. Why would anyone assume they don’t understand this undermines liberty, justice, the Constitutional freedoms, and the document itself?

    In 99% of all cases (and 110% of cases with regard to those wearing bodybags as day wear), that’s their entire purpose.

    Don’t assume ignorance when malign evil is the shortest line between two points.

  23. Furthermore, I consider that islam must be destroyed. Fucking A.

  24. Alfred E. Neuman

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  25. Nitpick of the day. Not signing up for something else to gab at Curtis but just pass along that it’s “incompatible” – don’t do info opns looking like you were brought in on a bus paid for by the SEIU.

  26. The cops and all authority are the enemy of freedom.

    Islam is just a tool used to empower the badges.

    get rid of cops…

    and it’s open season on muslimes.