The Pen Of Mjölnir

At the K-blog, a look at 168 hours of something different.

Caveat: Each of you needs to be thinking about what you will do when something untoward happens to the President at the hands of the media, his enemies across the Left, or his “friends” at the Dead Elephant Dance Party.

dead elephant dance party 2014

Muttering about grass blades and apocryphal quotes from Japanese naval personnel will not be sufficient.


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  1. Sorry, Pete. All I have is several rifles and oak trees for blades of grass.

    What the hell else should I have, or do?

    If Trump is killed, we will all have to go to guns, or surrender.

    If he lives and continues down the path he seems determined to go,
    we should all rejoice, support him any way we can, and confirm zero.

    Got a nuke in yer pocket?


    Me neither.

    • When places like this go dark, there will be problems.

      WSC: “Better to have ‘jaw-jaw-jaw’ than ‘war-war-war’.”

      The Bad People think the Deplorables and the Irredeemables are full of shit.

      • “When paces like this go dark…”

        it will be because Trump has been neutralized… and the guns will come out.

        We’ve had the guns and the vast numerical superiority for YEARS. Our forbearance and belief in the rule of law and a greater morality has caused us to withhold our wrath. We have been given/VOTED IN a chance to avoid the seemingly inevitable. If Trump proves false, or is killed, I guarantee that this last chance will be exactly that.

        The relief I feel and see/hear expressed everywhere among the folks I encounter at the winning and Trump’s One Week of rolling back the tide, will not just be shrugged off if it is stolen from us by chicanery or murder.

        • hummus abedin

          The rule of law has long since
          been kidnapped by the elites
          pedophile ring, and repeated
          gang rapes are broadcast on
          Facebook livestream.

        • CA and ’06,

          Hard to tell what course the future will take. Yes, I would agree that should anything happen to Trump (and it’s statistically more likely this would be due to *natural causes* given his age and weight ), things would get more complicated in CONUS.

          We are at a crossroads of choices on our basic civility toward each other in this nation. People were becoming shitty to each other before the election and this hasn’t changed. It wouldn’t have mattered WHO took office. The smart people ran away from accepting the job as the public figurehead many years ago. The old pressure relief valves aren’t working. There’s more than one reason for corporations to offshore and CEOs to buy residential real estate on islands, but the ones involving physical safety and continuity of operations still seem just as valid. If something really bad happens, they’ll be back later to buy off the warlords.

      • Folks, we got 15yrs, 20yrs tops then it all slips to the globalists. In 2030 or there abouts the Millenial/Snowflake/Urbanist generation becomes the dominant demographic in this country. So unless we intend to force re-education camps soon or shanghai our grand children and teach them the time grows short to do anything else.

        • “In 2030 or there abouts the Millenial/Snowflake/Urbanist generation becomes the dominant demographic in this country.”

          Bingo. It’s not just here.

          A demographic tidal wave coupled with pressure on potable water worldwide is on the way.

          Too many people here worry about “the Jews” when they’ll be demographically pressured out of power in Israel by just their native Arab population during the same time period. They face a fate like Rhodesia or South Africa.

          On a global scale 1+ billion Chinese and 1+ billion Indians are going to face pressure for potable water. When will they go on the move en masse?

          How long can Russia maintain its borders and how will the Mediterranean Union play out in the future? They might lose Britain but do the euros and the Arabs maintain their alliance in the face of their threats to the East?

          It makes sense that North America wants a wall. The Panama Canal will remain a strategic spot as long as it works mechanically. And who runs that? China. I don’t know the status of China’s canal in Nicaragua at this time but LNG continues to flow from the US to China:

        • I probably don’t have 20 years

          Thank God.

          I do really wish I could contribute to the route of the evil bastards, prior exit.

          • You could.

            If it weren’t for the cops…

            They’ll shoot you down like a dog in front of your wife.

            and then shoot your dog.

      • If they thought we were full of shit they wouldn’t be burning the midnight oil to disarm, betray and dominate us. They are failing now even at failure. Blades of grass…. try brigade size elements of .mil obeying Mattis instead of whatever COG bullshit they pull if anything happens to Trump.
        You guys need to get a grip,the enemy forces are reeling and their infantry are largely brain-damaged who were to be marshalled by the now singled-out the musloids .

    • oughtsix,

      “….we will all have to go to guns….”

      I don’t disagree with the above referenced remark. But, in all sincerity….who all will be the target(s) ? Seriously, think about it….in one’s AO and let’s say a 75 mile radius, who would be the recipient(s) of Freedom pills ? Would it be a member of one’s local communist propaganda organ, electronic & print ? Would it be one of the local politicos….the dogcatcher, a city council member, county councilman, the mayor, a local borough tax colector or a county judge ? Or perhaps you would up the ante….how about a state rep, a state senator or a selected staff member ? Or would you move for Freedom and Liberty and engage any one of numerous hostiles in the nearest office of C.A.I.R., the Bureau of Land Management, the IRS, or the supreme scoundrels….fedgov senator, representative and members of their staff ?

      The decisions are numerous. Each has consequences beyond what can be imagined. But, rest assured….a lone Patriot making effort to attain Justice through target engagement with Freedom pills will be attacked as a wing nut, a gun nut. Going to guns, figuratively of course, will require numerous responses across a larger expanse than a WalMart parking lot. Many of us CHOWM and CHYWM (per Bracken) will have to engage the communists in numbers greater than one and in numerous AOs across the Fruited Plain. And believe me….the fedgov Leviathan is going to be a LARGE pitbull to bring to heel. The imbedded scum are already doing as much as they can to delegitimize the 45th POTUS, Donald John Trump.

      Dig into your stash of rifle ammo.

      Verify your zero.

      Practice as often as possible with both longarm and sidearm.

      Do some PT….SOMETHING. Even if it only 10 push-ups.

      Find, if possible, like-minded Patriot(s).

      Consider an IFAK and how to use the contents

      Oh, and ALCON….if you choose to respond to these remarks, don’t bluster, don’t bloviate. The above are serious concerns I’ve expressed to oughtsix and all concerned. Think before you may comment. We, as citizens, are in some pending, deep dung !

      • Amen Brother…And Build Community like your life depends on it because it does…

      • DIII,
        Don’t just think freedom pills and rifles. I say don’t forget the FIRE. Gasoline, rags, and wine bottles can do some damage too.

        Grey Ghost

    • Surrender is unquestionably not an option.

  2. I wouldn’t worry too much about Chinese controlled “choke points” like the Panama Canal or the Suez, Strait of Gibraltar etc…all are indefensible by the Chinese do to no real navy and very long lines of communication.

    As to Trump Maximus getting whacked…well then the “Bad People” here at home will have to worry about a rifle behind every blade of grass, yes?

    • The panama canal was barely defensible even when the US had it. The issue is not control, but denial of use. Sink a few tugs in the locks, or damage the doors or the dam that makes up Gatun lake.

  3. I have thought about it, and have posted my intent here. I am currently standing down because I understand that President Trump needs the Only Ones to help him clean out the sewer. I will continue to stand down as long as they protect him. If he is assassinated, or impeached, or otherwise removed, then it’s on. And I understand “everything is local”.

    Now I might not start immediately after his removal. I MAY give the Only Ones an opportunity to determine who was responsible, and to deal with it appropriately. And I DO NOT mean them just arresting the “lone wolf” who did the deed. They know damn well who is leading the effort. If they go after those leaders, then I MAY continue to stand down. But my patience will be short.

    • Then you condone the poLICE staight and cops role in the takeover of murka. It figures Trump does also…

      Here are the eight reports of police misconduct tracked for Wednesday, January 25, 2017:

      Orlando, Florida: An officer was arrested for DUI after spotted driving erratically in his pickup. His BAC was measured at .220.
      Sarasota County, Florida: A deputy was charged with attempted murder for allegedly trying to stage an elderly woman’s suicide after she complained that he was taking advantage of her.
      Update: Minneapolis, Minnesota (First reported 1-28-16): An officer was charged for shooting into a car of bystanders without warning.
      Granite City, Missouri: An officer was charged with felony misconduct for allegedly sharing information from a law enforcement database.
      Update: U.S. Marshals (First reported 06-24-16): A now-former deputy marshal agreed to plead guilty to child pornography possession. He was discovered surreptitiously recording women using the bathroom, some of whom were minors.
      Update: Los Angeles County, California (First reported 10-30-15): A now-former deputy pled guilty to sexually abusing a 12-year-old girl. He was sentenced to 180 days in jail and given five years of probation.
      U.S. Customs and Border Protection: A now-former officer pled guilty to murder during an off-duty altercation. He was recently awarded a new trial after his original conviction and sentence of 25 years had been overturned. After his plea, he was sentenced to five years in prison, with credit for more than 400 days of time served.
      Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: An officer pled guilty to roughing up a contractor and stealing $38 from him while he was on duty. He was sentenced to five years of probation.

      these puddles of warms piss need to be gotten rid of permanently.

      Police state is a term denoting a government that exercises power arbitrarily through the power of the police force. Originally the term designated a state regulated by a civil administration, but since the beginning of the 20th century, the term has “taken on an emotional and derogatory meaning” by describing an undesirable state of living characterized by the overbearing presence of the civil authorities.[1]

      The inhabitants of a police state may experience restrictions on their mobility, or on their freedom to express or communicate political or other views, which are subject to police monitoring or enforcement. Political control may be exerted by means of a secret police force that operates outside the boundaries normally imposed by a constitutional state.[2] Robert von Mohl, who first introduced the rule of law to German jurisprudence, contrasted the Rechtsstaat (“legal” or “constitutional” state) with the anti-aristocratic Polizeistaat (“police state”).[3]

  4. “If Trump proves false, or is killed, I guarantee that this last chance will be exactly that.”


  5. “Caveat: Each of you needs to be thinking about what you will do when something untoward happens to the President at the hands of the media, his enemies across the Left, or his “friends” at the Dead Elephant Dance Party.”

    Remember that post a while back about knowing who AND WHERE the apparatchiks in our back yards are? Yeah. That one.

  6. Trump will lead murka into the hands of the Chinese – or else.

    If he fails, then, Pence is Trumps GHW Bush…

    they won’t miss this time.

    trump was/is the pressure relief valve.

    China will take possession of their collateral- Fusa.

    BREAKING:China Military Official Says WAR With USA Under Donald Trump ‘Becoming Practical Reality’-China Deploys Nukes to “Optimum Location for Attacking USA”

    Feds grant eminent domain as collateral to China for US debts.

  7. Couldn’t help but notice Trump was set up. Obama was the one who specified what countries where on the exclusion list. Trump only added the caveat where all visa’s applications, get that, applications, were Obama’s executive order banned only musloid visa’s. Now why would a musloid in disguise president make that kind of order? Notice how quickly said “protesters” showed up and the media echo chamber set to whining how terrible waacist it all is.
    Looks like a clear and present set up to me.

    Regardless, it is a good thing, it brings this open borders invasion of our country, our home, into the spotlight front and center. We all know among ourselves it is an almost universally agreed upon mandate from us the dirt people. Everything to the contrary is gaslighting and false narrative/fake news, which that itself is a good thing. The relevancy of the media elites echo chamber counts for shit, so in it’s attempts to force feed us dirt people the invasion when to a man we know it is all lies and orders from on high, never mind it requires considerable pre-planning.

    Bottom line they are trying to kill two birds with one stone, get Trump by setting him up, using astroturf protesters to make it look like they are the sole voice of America, and as usual dis-enfranchise the will of the people to close the borders.
    But we all know the jig is up. So we get to have a birds eye view of this Kubaki theater, become that much wiser in the ways of how the deep state works, and become that much more hardened in our hearts and minds for when we will have to fight back.

  8. Could a revolt against the Bolsheviks be starting?:

    Customs agents ignore judge, enforce Trump’s travel ban: ACLU

  9. Interesting story. Not just the fire, but the pre fire break in. Somebody doing a bit of intelligence gathering?


    • One down and how many to go???

      This seems an opportunity to mention something I’ve not seen discussed previously.

      What do you suppose will be Trump’s attitude/actions toward anything resembling kinetic activities against our common enemies, such as the destruction of ‘private property,’ assassinations, the like?

      If he tolerates it, he will lose some support from the not yet awake and enrage and enable the opposition. He will have to appear to “do something!” “RoL!” etc. And ‘we’ will distrust and doubt him, and fail to give him all the backing he will need…..

      Before you take/recommend any overt ‘illegal’ action, think through the unintendeds.

      We have to give him time, encourage and support actions he has taken or will take with which we agree and let him know when we don’t… he cannot possibly do all that we might hope for all at once.

  10. Many of the problems we face today are because We (the royal one) did not do something —

    * We did not mow our own lawn, Juan does it for us. As a consequence we have a bleeding southern border.
    * We don’t cook our own food (come to dallas if you don’t believe this one) someone is doing that and now our ‘made in America’ chicken is packaged in China.
    * We don’t care enough about the schools so now they are run by psychopaths and child molesters.
    * On, and on it goes we lead a packaged life and live the consequences.

    Solving many of our problems require we merely get up off the ass and do for ourselves what we had others doing for us. “Leisure is the time for doing something useful. This leisure the diligent person will obtain the lazy one never.” — B. Franklin

  11. Who would have believed it?

    A candidate the actually takes action on the promises made during the election…

    How long will they be able to take it? Where will the first attempt come from?

    Will it be obvious that the “intelligence” assets were complicit in their version of “Operation Valkyrie”?

    It would be very ironic to see our own versions of the SD torn to pieces by the very threats they identify in their Fusion Centers. A Federal ID could literally be transformed from a cudgel of fear and intimidation into a ticket to a short conversation with a group of angry Deplorables.

  12. It’s all about being ready, and waiting for the cue.
    “Ridiculous inauguration crisis actor interviewed.”

  13. Gentlemen, prepare to defend yourselves.

    • And you ‘know’ all this, how?

      That’s approaching a world record for unsubstantiated assertions w/o proof.


      i do not doubt it. We will just have to wait and see. This flawed individual is all we have. And, if he has to enforce his executive orders at gunpoint, so be it. One thing for sure, when the shooting starts, most, if not all of these uber-rich folks will be leaving for secret digs overseas or in the National Redoubt.