The Saker: A “Color Revolution” Is Under Way in the United States


And who was behind the various other color revolutions?

It ain’t started yet.

But the actors are moving to their places on the stage.

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  1. SemperFi, 0321

    Good read, and comments too.
    He brings up many good points, most dismissed by the masses because they’re told otherwise, and believe it. A lot of nasty shit has to happen before we ever begin to see our way out of this mess, and we don’t have a clue where to look or whom to trust anymore.
    I also believe if anything were to happen to Trump, Sunday football will continue as usual.

  2. “This is all absolutely crazy because this is evidence that the US intelligence community has gone rogue and is now taking its orders from the Neocons and their deep state and not from the President and that these agencies are now acting against the interests of the new President”

    The entire anti-US and anti-Trump piece is an utter crock of complete horse shit.

    Evidence? What evidence? That which you make up?


    • Chuck NoName

      You are dead on it hbowman…some of these “writers” make Alex Jones sound like a kindergarten teacher talking about Sesame Street. No evidence whatsoever, just long, bloviating play on words with enough “trigger phrases” to make the paranoid schizos run around the room three times before commenting about how “I knew it all along” or “this confirms what I’ve been saying all along”…Anti-US retards and societal rejects relish this type of garbage.

  3. I have to agree this is bullshit. Much of it I could understand and accept until he got about halfway in and declared 9/11 to be an inside job. I can’t even finish after that. Please.

    • that’s because you continue drink the kool aid.

      only a fool can’t see it WAS an inside job.

      so by definition, you are a FOOL.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Just goes to show how deep the Lee Greenwood Syndrome is with folks, bone deep, like a cancer. It’s easier to believe the media than it is to see facts right in front of your face, but that would involve opening your mind.
        What was once called conspiracy theories is now reality, and they can’t accept that. They laugh at the brainwashing and stupidity of the Nazi’s, but Capt. America and the Hobbit are real, as are their news, sports and reality shows.
        Can’t fix stupid anymore, we’re fukd! Back to the issue of mediocre minds and self imposed denial.

    • If you must, put the 9/11 angle out of this.
      The concept of color revolutions is reality. I covered the topic in an article I wrote at
      Pardon my plug here, but this is directly relevant to the discussion. I would suggest reading all his (gene Sharp) stuff to fully grok the mechanisms within the concept.

      Key Graf:
      “Color Revolutions use gradual escalation to force regimes to overplay their hand, which generates international pressure and opprobrium to “change”. The useful idiots at the front lines are “martyred” and fuel further activity. Established rule of law is stymied and paralyzed, then swept away in favor of globalist structures. These structures are often associated with the likes of George Soros and the cabal of globalists, sellouts and the “elite.”

      The Revolution IS being televised. (and livestreamed, and microblogged…)

  4. This is the most prominent article I have seen clearly stating that 9/11 was a false flag operation by the US government, a crime with many involved and complicit.

    If you doubt that, it means you haven’t looked at the evidence, nobody who looks at the evidence has any doubts, which is why most people don’t. Maybe this will help :

    • That’s conjecture, hearsay and circumstantial evidence punctuated by wild-eyed speculation – NOT EVIDENCE. You believe what you like. I will not get caught up in the fantasies of the conspiracy-of-the-day crowd.

      Good day.

      • 911 is the key.

        If trump were for real, he would have 9-11 re-investigated.

        HE WILL NOT.

        He’s one of them.

        The murkins have a memory as good as the last football score…

        The murkins are natures fools.

        • tfA-t,

          Where’s that posting of your Amerikan passport…..from the Kanadian side of tne border ?

          When you going to post your burning of it (you don’t have one do you ?) ?

          You’re a weasel.

        • tfA-t,

          “If Trump were for real….”

          Hahahahaha….look at the pot challenging the kettle….

          If tfA-t were for real he would embrace his new homeland the socialist and moslem-welcoming paradise of Kanada. Didn’t your new leader Trudeau 2, just welcome all the world’s moslem invaders to Kanuckistan ? Seeing how you bragged about moving to Kanada why are you M-F’ing DJT and not your socialist leader Trudeau 2 ? Or is it like your pal the Haxo, you loves you some moslem invaders ?

          Grab yourself by your mangina, fire up that Zippo (made in Bradford, PA BTW), crank up the video recorder and burn your Amerikan passport from the Kanuck side of the border. I’m continue to wait.


      • is scientific reality. They can’t get anyone from the world of engineering or science to debate them.

        The entire story of 9/11 put out by our government has been decisively debunked. There are no counter-arguments except propaganda tropes like yours, that make looking at the evidence evidence of insanity.

        Nothing that ever considers the evidence, just propaganda to convince everyone not to go there, it is out of bounds, beyond the Pale.

        • the neo-con conceived, Mossad/Saudi/CIA- formatted, Jihadi executed mass murder that was 9/11 is so obvious that it’s a mockery of the word “conspiracy” to call it such. One data point suffices:

          Israeli film crew on the Jersey side of the Hudson, all set up and ready to go 1/2 hour before the first plane hit the North Tower. Arrested by the FBI, then released back to Zion. Later publicly stated that they had been “sent over to document the Event”.

          as to the rest, yeah, this is (((Soros’))) attempt at a Color Rev in ‘Murka…but even with the (((MSM))) collaborating, it won’t work. Trump’s deadliest enemies are Ryan, McConnell, and the entire cuck’d Republiscam Party. In which connection it was plain foolishness on Trump’s part to put in cuck Pence – instead of another Nationalist – as his VP.

        • Just ask yourself, who benefited from “911”?
          statists and their enablers/supporters along with
          the ‘mil/idustrial/congressional’ community, among
          others (like the ‘intelligence community’).

          It was a successful false flag and putup job…nuff said!
          Saw right thru it from the begining too!

          Yours In Daily Armed Liberty!
          NorthGunner III

          • FrozenPatriot

            The same must have been true for the Dixiecrats in 1860. They were simply playing the long con by seceding, coaxing Lincoln into tyranny, and biding their time so they could rise to take the reigns of Lincoln’s power grab in the form of Wilson, FDR, Clintons, and Obama. Simply look at who benefitted…

            The thing about taking the red pill is that you’re only supposed to take one, not the whole bottle…

      • Go back to sleep

  5. Looking at the 3 pieces that were posted this morning, along with the news headlines across the country, one can only see one thing, Civil War Mk2. Unfortunately, I’m afraid that many of our friends and allies will go back to sleep, assuming that Trump has this under control. In my estimation, our enemies are lining up for a last ditch effort to save their failing agenda. It’s their Hail Mary pass.
    If anyone doubts about the power of the deep state and their complicity in all of this, just look at the almost universal overnight rulings by the judicial class. They are all blocking implementation of the anti immigration orders, orders that are well within the Executive function and AOR.
    Now is the time while we still have it, along with some legal cover, to increase our preparedness to resist the inevitable upcoming Red/Islamic alliance assault. This means PT, PT, and still more PT, along with learning to plan, and learning commo, as well as the perennial favorite, weapons training.

  6. Smoke and mirrors, half truth, innuendo. Do you read this shit, as if it’s gospel? .

    Engage/don’t engage, a choice.

    why is it these authors, always try and lead us to their conclusion?


    • Chuck NoName

      Because they sit with a thesaurus at the ready, reading old reprints of the Unibomber’s manifesto at their desk in mom’s basement, nekkid, with a huge jar of Oreos and half gallon of goat’s milk..and they type and dream and type and fantasize…pretty disturbing but I have indeed stumbled upon rubes like these making drug raids. Not a good sight I can tell you.

  7. California will withhold federal tax payments to the leviathan.That should work out well.Maybe Steel post in your ass,X, Al Lickme and other one -trick pony’s can go to California on the USA’s behalf and straighten this misunderstanding out.I am going to go out on a limb here….the solution will have something to do with Joos. Good riddance to the brain dead,monolithic,tunnel vision,Sturmabteilung. Their hate and intransigence will be their downfall.Hiding in the basement waiting for the Joos. The Mick or the Wop next door will be the one to take them out. Fucking idiots.

    • no, most of us on the hardRight are well aware the the bought-and-paid for White shabbatz goyim are more proximately deadly than the Jews. And since they (not the hostile Jews, who are a genetic enemy) have betrayed their own race and civilization, the SG’s and cucks are from a moral viewpoint much, much worse.

    • knuck.

      They are all alter egos of the Jew-Hater Haxo Angmark the comic-book assassin character and taqiyya-practicing moslem. Notice that none of these bitches attack islam. They never do….it is always Jews and Christians they attack. The Dailystormers are no better than the open borders islamist traitors.

      • I am trying to wrap my head around convoluted,glue-sniffing logic. According to the new 21st century Sturmabteilung, the Jews suck but the turncoat Goy suck worse and are more of a threat.Who does that leave that we aren’t supposed to hate? Buddhists and Norwegians. Fuck that! I am going after the Norwegians. I will find ancient text,eyewitness accounts,burned corpses,dead babies and satanic pedophile pizza eaters to corroborate and give street cred to my mission. All that is fucked up in the world is because of these herring nibbling,aquavitt swigging,salmon catching,Glucksburg loving ,extremists. New and improved bogeyman. Bolman or Gryla is what you should now be scared of. The Jew is so mundane and common as the culprit.

  8. This is planned. Note that the “pizza boxes” in the pic are not smeared with grease or bits of gooey cheese. The article is written to give the impression of spontaneous support… understand it for what it is, a feeble attempt to imply that this has broad support.

    • Scroll down, you will see non-trad muslimas who would be stoned to death in their homelands for doing what they are doing… uncovered in public. 5 pizza boxes…. do not a protest or grassroots support make. That, and where did they get the markers? Who travels with fresh sharpie markers? Ergo, planned, therefore fake news.

  9. Yeah, I know, 9/11 was an inside job. Except no. For reasons too numerous to cite. But please, go right ahead. Attach significance to some thing that happened over 15 years ago, to something happening now. Certainly, there are attachments. But know this, tin foil hat brigade. You should consider watching more closely, the road in front of you, rather than the rear view mirror. In case you need help: Whatever happened then, is over. What is happening now is going to kill a lot of you obsessed with 9/11, because you’re so damned smart about things that are irrelevant. You dig? Stuff the bullshit, and get your shit in order. The blood is about to start spilling, and you’re still carrying on about the Prom. NOBODY GIVES A FUCK IF 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB NOW. Picketts Charge killed thousands of men because the person who ordered it was using the battle tactics from 1815, while confronting the weapons and conditions of 1863. The French and Germans slaughtered hundreds of thousands of their own men, using the battle tactics of 1870, against the weapons and conditions of 1915. See a pattern here? You’re using the supposed plan of 9/11, (more prevalent in your mind, than anywhere else) from 2001, against the weapons and conditions of 2017. Team Mo is here, armed, and if you don’t think they’re dangerous, and that there’s a LOT more of them, and that they got a plan, G*d help you. The lights out front are flashing. But you’ll come to know, when the bullet hits the bone.

    • You don’t deal with evidence either. Where is ‘team Mo’? What evidence is there for that?

      Whereas, lots of evidence wrt 9/11, False Flag, and how that was justified by all of the propaganda about Team Mo, and so much evidence about how the Saudis and US set up ISIS, Al Qaeda, and continue to fund, train and arm all of ‘Team Mo’ around the world.

      Go on, deal with what you think is reality, in the complete absence of evidence.

    • “Attach significance to some thing that happened over 15 years ago, to something happening now. ”

      are you that dumb?

      “In the fall of 2001 members of the U.S. executive branch terrorized Congress into passing the Patriot Act that assaulted the rights of citizens.”

      The Department of Homeland Security combined 22 different federal departments and agencies into a unified, integrated cabinet agency when it was established in 2002

      the murkins are truly sheep to be slaughtered..

      200 million.

      • The USA didn’t have a muslime ‘terrorist’ problem, that is until, this country went over there and bombed, murdered, raped, and destroyed their homeland. And now you think the muslimes are just barbarians?
        They’re doing the same thing anyone would do if some fuckers invaded and destroyed their homeland. oh wait…

        YES. 911 has EVERYTHING to do with what’s happening right now.

    • Refusal to acknowledge the obvious, which is that the events of 9/11 bear no evidence to support the Official Narrative, and further that those events have tremendous implications Today & Tomorrow, blinds the naive and willfully ignorant to Reality.

      Recognizing the truth of 9/11 is essential to understanding How & Why team mo arrived here.

      Emancipate yourself from mental slavery

    • It doesn’t matter what still living scum did 15 yrs ago… but it does matter what the Germans did 75 yrs ago and it really matters what the caliphate did in Iberia 1000 yrs ago? If 9 11 didn’t matter why did everyone go bananas and invade the ME?
      If all you fools who waved the pom-poms for George W watched the road in front in ’01 would we have all these then 6 yr olds now 20 yr old jihadis running riot?
      Anyone still believing the .gov version of 9 11 is a danger to themselves and everyone in their AO. Speak for yourself about who gives a fuck about 9 11. People like you gave a fuck when it was used as an excuse to body-slam the hovel people. But they needed liberation from their dictators so all good….except now they have islamists squatting on them instead. Damn , this armchair geopolitics is hard.

  10. Stark, Sean. Like ice cold water to the face. And true…and when the bullet hits the bone, your scream won’t be…9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB!

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