A Central Part Of The Problem


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  1. Centurion_Cornelius

    Well-put and well-said. Nice words and splendid painting.

    Trust that this image is burned in the hearts of the men-folk.


  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. And I demand they stop making demands of me, and starting making their peace with what ever pig-god they pray to……they’re about to meet up with it.

  4. no one is doing anything until the cops are out of the way.

    all else is just tough talk.

    • No one is going to do anything unless they have a family.

      Skin in the game there Tfats? Oh look, a lovely painting of a wife and child!

      You could always pull the old Anthony Quinn/Tony Randall trick you know. It’s not too late. Get thee to the Spank Bank , drop some of those mad stax of cash you have and be fruitful and multiply and shit.


    • Direct from mom’s basement!! Sage guidance from the Sun Tzu of the Internet, Ho Te Fat.

      • Far from mom’s basement. about 500 miles away…

        test it yourself.

        go out and defend murka from them terrorists.

        we’ll read about you before the end of the fake news cycle.

      • Keep bringing it, you motherfucker, T-Fal.

        C’mon, you mindless, ignorant, cop-baiting cocksucker. Keep goin’ for it. You continually out yourself as no better than those niggers in BLM. Perhaps you like 10″ black dick up your Kanadian ass like the Kardashiens do? Wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

        Jew-hating piece of shit. I’m sure CA has The Sultan on his blog roll just to piss you off, right? Keep stirring the pot with your endless repetitions of imbecilic hatred. You take your instructions from the Koran? Don’t worry. Pretty quickly you’ll be under your Caliphate in Kanuckustan.

        One of these days (soon, I hope) you will *REALLY* step over CA’s  line and he will Charlie you the fuck outta here. All you ever post are links, cuts-and-pastes and a few sentences of invective.

        The sooner, the fucking better for all concerned. You brush all here like a shit-faced drunk tars responsible drinkers. You can’t even make a cogent argument.

        Then we can all get past the likes of you and get back to simply reading and posting rationally without you poisoning the well

        You are precisely the sort of rat-bastard to which this old adage speaks to: 
        “If you had one round left who would you shoot first?  The enemy or the traitor?”
        I know if you had the choice you would kill most here. Others should take more note of this.

        I simply don’t understand why the vast majority here don’t consistently demand you eat shit and die.

        • responsible drinkers?


          Responsible Adults – don’t drink.

          you damn fool.

          • Randall Flagg

            Could never bring myself to trust an adult who doesn’t drink.

            • your judgement stinks.

              you’re the one who thinks marine le pen is “Hot”


              • Keeping a dossier on all the regulars here, tFART?

                Kinda like NSA, or some creepy net troll… but I repeat myself.

                Completely concur w/ Socabill, above, re assessment of your unworthiness and detriment to this blog.

                See, comments should be “value added” to the topic, not a forum for your psychosexual masturbation.

                Go down to the bus stop with that.

      • Matthew Wilbanks

        Amen socabill,

        I know CA is incredibly tolerant of most any speech, but for the life of me can’t figure out why he puts up with tfA-t’s bullshit as much as he does. The guy is so obsessed with police corruption I don’t think another thought ever enters his head. Eat, sleep, fuck, whine about police, eat sleep, fuck, whine about police… He is just as bad as all those pussy hat wearing feminists in Washington D.C. on inauguration day.

        I will agree with him that Trump increasing police powers is absolutely the wrong thing to do (as they say, even a broke ass clock…). You don’t fix a corrupt institution by giving it more authority. This is precisely why I didn’t support Trump. He is doing some wonderful things, and the more the left freaks out every day the more I have to smile, but the man has no basic understanding of the U.S. Constitution or natural law. He supported stop and frisk before the election, then he said if Chicago doesn’t solve their gang violence problem he will send in the Feds (even though he has no Constitutional authority to do so). Now he is expanding police powers.

        It’s refreshing to finally have some nationalism, but I am so fucking sick of all these right wing state worshipers thinking he is actually going to “make America great again”. They fight tooth and nail against every illegal thing Obama did, but now that their chosen candidate is in office it’s all hunky dory for him to do the same thing. Hypocritical pieces of shit, every one of them.

  5. Ignoring the wisdom of tfA-t Tzu, (you’re all wrong, everyone one of you is WRONG!) I would like to introduce a very important thought. Ammo bearers. There are lots of wannabes, but not a lot of killers. But there are among the wannabes, people who can be of Enormous Help. They won’t fight, but they will drag ammo and food up to you on the line, or out in the boonies, or in the cities. Don’t deny them their bit of glory, and they are as every bit as necessary as water is to you. Look into it. Afterwards we can sing their songs of daring do, and promote that TEAMWORK thing, ja? Each of us is a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. Unwind your minds, and re-thread your heads.

  6. Once again, doing the jobs that Americans won’t do.


    Breitbart Texas is, yet again, has been as much on top of this shit as any were allowed to be under the Kenyan.

    Go ahead, if you dare, and search this site to read how Mexico is sending their “best and brightest” to bless us with their friendship.

    Let the Peso burn.

    Oh, and while I’m on the subject, some foreigners are more equal than others.


    Cannot wait to see what Trump does to the Communists in Cuba (or for that matter, Puerto Rico).

  7. And this is why we can’t have nice things, nor will be successful if we never arrive at a place somewhere north on the cooperation scale than pointless infighting…

    • Tell me Counselor.

      1. Do you believe ‘law enforcement’ is on the peoples side?

      2. Do you believe they dis-obey orders that are unconstitutional?

      • 1) Organizationally, absolutely not. Individually, depends on the area. Ones and twos are likely to be, the more rural generally the less insane. Some I know are truly decent people. They are in the minority most likely.

        2) No, most don’t understand the Constitution. The decent ones are willing to overlook and subvert the system when it doesn’t pass the ‘sniff test.’ Aka let minor things slide to keep the peace rather than escalate and ruin people’s lives.

        I don’t disagree with you on a lot of things, I just think too often we forget that there are potential allies to be made and far worse people than comment on here that need to be taken care of long before we get to smaller disagreements. My two shekels for what it’s worth.

        • I believe most here agree with me on a lot of things. But, I’m a in your face realist… which is hard for most to absorb – initially. And your two shekels are worth at the very minimum $150. an hour(that’s what my guy charges me). So your insight has more value than the average american..

          There is a method to my madness – I assure you. One being, to cast shame on those who are guilty of misdeeds and corruption. My thinking is, if bringing light to certain abrasive facts causes just one person to use the critical thought skills we all have at some level, it will help manifest change.

          Would you care to give an opinion on the legality of DHS? in accordance to the Constitution?

          • “My thinking is, if bringing light to certain abrasive facts causes just one person to use the critical thought skills we all have at some level, it will help manifest change.”

            Less than useless when driving away those who are already awake and aware with your relentless butthurt scato-sexological third grade insults for daring to take exception to your foul mouthed arrogant ego building characterizations of yourself. Your “debate skilz” are intop the negative side of the decimal place.

            You are doing no such great service as you wish to imagine. Any neutral observer, coming her for the first of several observations, would write you off as an irritant and counteragitprop tool.

          • I get it. Having been on both sides of the table I also know there’s things you don’t get until you’re a boss, which I’m sure you understand. My worry is the secondary and tertiary effects of the approach. It differs from a workplace setting because I don’t think we have a ‘take it or leave it’ type of luxury here. I’m a benevolent dictator at work, but political/social movements are a different animal in many ways. I guess I would like us to be attractive to the people who are looking for answers and demonstrate a level of critical thought. This isn’t my place and it’s strictly my own opinion but past a certain point if the discussion is fruitless then obscenity isn’t going to get you there when reason couldn’t. We have the chance to grab a few more for our side and I’d hate to waste that opportunity. I’m on the right side of 30 for a few more days so I am forced to play the long game whether I want to or not. I honestly believe, despite my pessimism, we are capable of unifying behind some solid principles and at least making a concerted effort in the right direction. Even if we don’t get 100% of the way there, I’ll take anything but stagnation. An inch, a mile, IDGAF. Anywhere but stationary. You weren’t the only one I was addressing either FWIW. Haha, you know, every person who gets it is one less person willing to fund insane LEOs and leverage them against their neighbors. 5Y analysis is relevant here.

            As to the DHS…it’s legal in the US’s twisted jurisprudence, but I consider it illegal because I still believe in Natural Law and it clearly violates that…and a realistic interpretation of the Constitution. So is ATF/IRS ect. but they have guns and the legal fiction in Marbury v Madison. So I don’t pretend it will change absent serious hearts and minds or a political tabula rasa. Trump is an idiot in that area, and I doubt he presents a serious threat to the beltway TLAs other than management restructuring. Ron Paul was probably the last person serious in that regard. It’s why I’ve taken so much flak for my lukewarm stance on him, government interference sucks period because it won’t always be your guy in office and you always take a turn in the ‘enemy of the people’ seat. POTUS should be the equivalent of an executor or trustee…not a CEO. Longer explanation available via email, DHS/TSA/ATF are on the top of my fedgov FOAD list.

            • lol

              Your thoughts are appreciated Sir.

              And yes, ahem, discussions tend to get somewhat heated here at WRSA to put it mildly. Surely, many posts are taken too seriously/out of context, and without face to face interaction, can seem very personal(of course, some are) but as a whole I think CA does a fantastic job keeping things on a light note. A lot of the infighting is to be expected with such a diverse spread of backgrounds, experiences, and social conditioning, and taking into account the stresses we all are under in these turbulent times. I also believe some, if not many here forget that Freedom and Liberty does not mix well with “authority” and “law”. It remains to be seen what ultimately comes about from this clash of ideals.

              Forward, thru the fog…

  8. SemperFi, 0321

    You guys are hilarious. One guy on a keyboard is giving half of you a heart attack. And he’s laughing his ass off too.
    Can’t remember if it was Sun Tzu or some Jew psychologist but either way; how do you deal with a narcissist? You ignore them.

  9. This mentality is really screwed up – SICK in the real sense of
    the word.

  10. Regarding the Alice Teller quote…

    Seems to me many of these assholes don’t even HAVE children, as they are too selfish and self-absorbed to be bothered with properly rearing children.

    It also seems to me that these same assholes are more likely to KILL any children they create.

    The only thing they “sacrifice” is unborn babies.

    • Throughout history, pagans have always sacrificed their children to their gods.


      Sir: You indeed have hit the nail on the head. A very large percentage of “Amerikan Wymmen” recoil from the idea of motherhood the same way a vampire recoils from sunlight. This is especially true with white females. The Godless lunacy of Feminism for the last forty years or so is responsible for this. They want tight buns,orgasms, and to be on top.
      Female celebrities will freely lend their voices to infomercials from the ASPCA about animal abuse. Other than the actress Patricia Heaton, I am at a loss to know any other female celebrity who will publicly speak out about the sanctity of life. This is why Amerika is sliding down the slope of perdition. Male and female roles have been destroyed.

    • MichiganderJim

      “…as they are too selfish and self-absorbed to be bothered with properly rearing children.”

      Oh, shit. NOW I’m finally worried. I’m so confused…I always thought the go signal was going to be you no longer sorry! I still want to be curator of your gallery though. After.

      Redeem yourself, sinner. Having children may be the most selfish act possible…something about our nature and all that. The truth is much simpler—they’re too damn lazy and they fear the responsibility of self-ownership more than anything.

      What does having children bring a rational person? That’s as selfish as it gets.