Don’t Git Ketched


A series of lessons.

Most times, freedom is a choice.

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  1. Fun story for sure! My how things have changed since that time. Now the .gov murders folks who stand up to them and demand their liberty. RIP Finicum.

    • The .gov would have done so then as well, if they had the weapon disparity they currently enjoy. What level of air support did them revenooers have in their battle against Mr. Rose et al?

      The Quill Rose approach MIGHT work today if the enemy does not have a significant technological advantage. Until then, however, it is suicide. Furthermore, even if the current enemy loses its technology for one reason or another, if outsiders still have it, they can prevail if they wish. As long as they don’t go for the “win the hearts and minds” which has been the RoE for the US military since WWII. Or do you think they were out to “win the hearts and minds” at Ruby Ridge or Waco or…

      • Valid points. But don’t let technology scare you off.

        Buppert addresses your concerns quite nicely here:

        • The shortcoming of Mr. Buppert’s presentation is that he assumes the enemy is unwilling to inflict death upon people who are not actively opposing them. I say once again, have you looked at Ruby Ridge? Have you looked at Waco? Why do you have ANY idea that this country’s government will respect that “Treaty of Westphalia” in dealing with its own citizens? Do note that OWS and the rest are treated differently than Bundys and Malheur. OWS luvs them some One World Government. The others do not. In order to make a Communist Utopia, one needs to break some eggs. The enemy will have NO concern about carpet bombing an area where “Quill Rose” lives today. And going back with IR video to see if anything is left alive. And then doing it over and over and over again until NOTHING moves. And the Media will report that terrorists were killed when their bomb-making efforts went awry. And don’t try to be Quill Rose in an enemy controlled hive, unless you also luvs that One World Government, because your neighbors will rat you out in a heart beat.

      • Right you are. Considering that Barry the Kenyan murdered an American citizen on the other side of the plant without due process with a drone strike, murdering off continental bound dissenters is child’s play.

        • Do govt’s target dissenters and kill them? Yes. Have Ruby Ridge events happened? Yes. But how do they Ruby Ridge millions of Quill Rose’s who are under the radar and off the map? Do you realize, just for example, how many people work under table in this country right now? If the argument is govts kill all ‘quiet insurrectionists’ such as this, where are all the casualties of the nuke attacks and carpet bombings?

  2. Great piece. We have fallen far.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. SemperFi, 0321

    Some other good reading from an earlier time to look up; Simon Girty, Lewis Wetzel and Simon Kenton. True frontiersmen who were larger than life.

  5. Its not about what you want,its about what you really need.All we want is to be left the hell alone.Not gonna happen.

  6. Picture your landscape or locale,sans man made structures. I live where the landscape is unchanged for the past thousand years. We live in a beautiful country ,if you know where to look.Quill sounds like the type of man who gobbled up life and spit it out.Be that kind of man.Take no day for granted. Show good judgement in the use of your life.An added plus a good life makes the commie bastards lose their minds.

  7. Here is a petition about one man that to TPTB….. please sign the petition if you can.

  8. I recognize no authority of any type and live as free as possible but I had to convert myself accordingly. The first thing I had to realize is that about 90% of the people in this country are either current criminals or criminals in wait. There is know way to determine who the 90% are and who the 10% are so everybody is a criminal until proven otherwise.

    I avoid criminals and don’t mind doing so.
    This plan has been working for almost 11 years now and I expect to live the rest of my life this way.

    If you want freedom you have to make it yourself, whatever it takes.
    Otherwise, learn to like your chains.

    • MichiganderJim

      Darn. I thought the plan was to make the largest gang. We need a plan “for the endstate,” right? Lol, like someone doesn’t know what his endstate is. So now you’re saying we gotta do it ourselves. What a bummer; what about Trump and Pence?

      So what happens to those who can’t or don’t do it themselves? Lemme guess…quicker endstate?

  9. Beautiful and instructive, Bill.

    Thanks for posting.

    I come from folks like that. Many of us do. Cause for hope. There may be something to that genetics thing, y’know?

    “The fearful never started, and the weak died on the way.”

    Robert Heinlein, on the settling of America, or any other pioneering effort of people yearning to be free.