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Fight the power, girlfriend.



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  1. I don’t know…

    I’ve been around a few wymin who could’ve used a good beating.
    Certainly many many murkin wymin are deserving of such…
    and lord knows there are plenty of fugly females who should wear full cover.. at least, think of the children…

    200 million.

  2. When trying to enlighten my wife to the present reality, I often wonder if that isn’t the one thing islam has right……

  3. Asks yourself this; the majority of the folks on all sides
    have taken oaths of citizenship. Not just here, but around
    the world in their countries. Just looking in the US, one can
    clearly see that even taking the oath, does not mean that
    they are upright people. I think it is a deeper problem which
    goes right to the hearts and minds of the problem – FORCING.

    Notice that all politicians have taken their oaths, yes, including
    Hillary, McCain, etc., not to mention their followers, and those
    followers have not necessarily taken their oaths here, but from other
    countries and have made their way here pushing and taking their
    “hearts and minds” on every one else. So, where does the problem
    stem from? I know that taking an oath has to do with jurisdictional
    nexus, but if the people, even after “Swearing In” still have that
    character like “What’s the meaning of is?” then it really does not
    solve anything on the deeper level of fulfilling the weightier matters
    of faith, justice and mercy. Ever wonder why Jesus reminded to take
    no oaths, for your yeahs be yaehs and nays be nays? I think that
    reveals alot.

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”


    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau condemned the attack, calling it a “terrorist attack on Muslims.” The attack unfolded in the men’s section of the mosque.

    But that is sexist…i mean men and women can use the same bathroom but not the same mosque areas?

  5. The Usual Suspect

    If freedom and liberty are to exist,
    Islam must be destroyed in detail.

  6. islam must be destroyed.

    • that’s a laugh. And I don’t care what the Muslims do to each other in Sandyland; just not here. Another laugh would be to put 20 WRS anti-Islamic keyboard commandos up against a Hezbollah section:

      hear the ISIS guys screaming, 2nd vid @1:47ff. as they’re burnt alive? That’d be y’all, as it stands now.

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