Government Repair Kit

gallows govt repair kit

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  1. three-holer ain’t big enough…

  2. …but wait there are only three ropes…? we don’t have that much time , must find a faster method……………..BOOM BITCHES….BOOM !

  3. Tom

    Elected officials take their oaths, they are swearing to DEFEND the U.S. Constitution

    and the repukes do?

    just another STATIST

    • What’s the name of your friekorps up there on PedoIslandNorth, oh great warlord?

      Heap big chief of the Canadian Hutaree!

      I’ll ask again, does the RCMP know of these magnificent defensive works and fearful armaments that you marshal?

    • tfA-t,

      1. Renounce your citizenship.
      2. Burn your passport.


  4. Only 3 nooses? Either there will be a mighty long line or other service kiosks will be needed.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Enh, they’re from the government. For years, they’ve made us wait in lines just to get fucked, so turnabout is fair play.

  5. “A socialist is a communist who doesn’t know how to use an AK-47.
    A communist is a socialist who knows how to use an AK-47.”
    Mike Vanderboegh.

  6. Let’s start with Juan McCain, Miss Linsday and the entire Bush clan.

    Then move on to the Kenyan’s Wookie “wife”, his butt-ugly “daughters” and to the Klinton Krime cabal (and let’s not forget Webb Hubbell’s daughter.

    Those alone should put the fear of God into the clown posse led by Shumer and Durban.

    “I am a sinner who does not expect forgiveness.
    But I am not a government official.”
    ~Francis Wollcott
    Deadwood S2, E 10

    • No! Schumer first and foremost. Then Feinstien and Boxer. And the bodies must be left to rot for three weeks. Then we can dig up that maggot Lautenberg and do it to him. The Clintons next.

  7. Check with Boris.

  8. Centurion_Cornelius

    FED GOV hung 38 at one time: Mankato, MN, 16 DEC 1862

    • You won’t get that much mileage out of second growth timber. Have to see if we can buy back some of that good stuff from the Japanese.

    • Boy, oh boy! And I thought Judge Parker’s 6 man gallows at Fort Smith was high capacity!

  9. The Usual Suspect

    I think it uncouth and disrespectful that we have not
    provided a separate gallows for the media apparatchik’s.
    They have contributed mightily to the destruction of this
    the FUSA and should be appropriately rewarded in kind.
    Because the conspiracy between the Democrats and the
    ‘news media’ who are willing to repeat, defend and attempt
    to legitimize any lie, falsehood, propaganda or scheme
    designed to undermine the Constitution for the Democrat
    crime party however ridiculous and farfetched……………….

  10. Hanging is for special, public displays. Ya get a Rome Plow, D-8, D-9, ya dig a trench, 10X10X 300ft. Ya march, coerce, or otherwise put yer “fill”, inside, ya fills it in, end of story. Post a guard, $100.00, and a guard to watch HIM, another $100.00. About a $500-$700 expenditure for diesel, a little grease. Around $1,000.00 total burial cost, not counting transportation to the locale, and there’s no unnecessary expenditure of ammo, and less noise. One month later, you brings in the 10 ton tanker trucks, with their ground penetrators’ at the end of stiff 40 ft hoses, all hydraulic, of course. The trucks move along each site, the hose is deployed and penetrates the ground at least six feet, at ten foot intervals. Injected is approximately 40 gallons of raw sewage, each time. Environmentally ok, and conducive to our aims. In six months, especially if the weather is warm, no one will ever be able to identify anything, or will ever want to. Did I neglect to mention that the “fill” goes in, wearing nothing but a birthday suit? Serves 250-400, depending on condition. Keep the area fenced off, and brook no trespassers. Some might say I go too far. Kee-rect. But it is EXACTLY what our loyal opposition has in mind for us.

    • but. first you have to get past the 1 million(and growing)heavily armed and supported “gang” with badges… who will serve and protect the shit out of you and your loved ones if you even try it.

      • tfA-t,

        O Kanada !

      • How many cops YOU, personally, killed tFag?…… Yeah, that’s what I thought. Feel free to bloviate some more though. Always entertaining when the jester acts tough….

        • and I don’t have any plans to do so. but i sure as hell ain’t going to support their treacherous asses.

          Now would be a good time to remove yourself from the “X” and unfuck yourselves…

      • From today’s mastead:
        “…of a right mind and a hard heart.”

        Well at least that last part is correct about you.

        Like I said in an earlier post:

        Keep bringing it, you motherfucker, T-Fal.

        C’mon, you mindless, ignorant, cop-baiting cocksucker. Keep goin’ for it. You continually out yourself as no better than those niggers in BLM. Perhaps you like 10″ black dick up your Kanadian ass like the Kardashiens do? Wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

        You are precisely the sort of rat-bastard to which this old adage speaks to: 
        “If you had one round left who would you shoot first?  The enemy or the traitor?”
        I know if you had the choice you would kill most here. Others should take more note of this.

  11. Stealth Spaniel

    Please tell me that Chuck Schumer is number one…….Followed by Miss Lindsay and Juantificate. Then-hanger’s choice.

  12. Alfred E. Neuman

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  13. Jimmy the Saint

    Why bother with gallows – why not electric bleachers?

  14. A special pedophile,child abuser noose, lined with broken glass. The condemned stands on an oiled playground slide with the noose around their neck scrambling to gain footing.Burn those bodies in a volcano. Who in their retarded,fucked up ,libtard world made the obnoxious piece of shit,Schumer,the new spokesman for the left? Schumer makes Maxine Waters appear sane and balanced.Nice move dipstick!

  15. The Russians seemed to have it down – ref. Katyn Wood. Maybe Vlad will share some tips.