How to Culture Jam a Populist in Four Easy Steps


Insights from dying Venezuela.

Here’s hoping the Reads don’t take it to heart.

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  1. ALCON,

    “YOU’RE FIRED !”

    President Trump fires soetoro-obama hack, Acting AG Yates, for refusing his orders per Faux News Alert @ 2120 hours.

    Guess the bitch thought Barry was still in the West Wing !

    Hahahahahahahaha !

    Go President Trump !

  2. lol saw that so this is how it begins !good enough for me !

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. I went back again and skimmed it more closely. In short, he’s giving advice and counsel to our mortal enemy’s useful idiots, to stop doing that at which they are so supremely lame… taking the bait and looking ridiculous and being ineffective. Not to mention pissing off and awakening ever more folks to oppose them.

    Being idiots makes them useful, see? They will not stop being idiots or they will no longer be “relevant” and “signalling their “virtue,” er, false sense of identity.

    Even their handlers have shown that they are incapable of sincere introspection. They just keep doing ever more frantically what they did to earn themselves The Great Fuck You! in the first place/second place.

    This time, in the immortal words of the great Bill Jordan, there are “No Second Place Winners.” That’s a book about gunfighting for the ignorrati to the left-out…..

    This ain’t Venezuela and Trump is not Chavez. This guy slings the populism canard like he just discovered it.

    This is a fight for the land and the people who built it. We are in a war for our survival and the values of western civ. That cannot be said of Venz, nor can it be that Trump went through all the personal expense and risk to life and limb (ongoing) for the money. If Chavez had had his own people’s well being at heart, Venz. would not mow be the shithole that it is.
    If Trump were trying to destroy this nation, he could just continue doing all that Obalamadinggdong did. Instead, he’s beginning to try to dismantle it.

    So, spare my another hysterical leftist foreigner raving the antifa drool.

    • If Chavez was Trump’s aim all he had to do was take his billions a retire. We were well on the way to VZ.

      • Just so. I sincerely doubt it’s about money for Donald. He wants to show all those snobs who’ve dissed and dismissed him for years that he’s got their number and the stones to do something about it.

        Fortunately, they are the same people who’ve been giving us the same treatment for decades. Heh! @TheGreatFuckYou


  5. DC is infested with these Progs like former AG Yates. they “burrowed in” with the bubba Klinton Regime and now with the Obamy’s as well. The DemocRats have left Trump without a cabinet, and the ChamberPot Repubs are stalling as well especially on Tax Cuts and Obmamyscare repeal. McCain and Grahmnesty pushing for War with Russia.
    and Wait! The Putz ExPotus in Exile will return soon to DC to comoonity organize while Soros funds the Purple Revolution to oust Trump.
    Be Ready for another Kiev Coup (Attempt)

    • The reds’ street theatre is mostly distraction. Ryan/McConnell will dispose of Trump by and by. Unless he disposes of them first. Think: “President Pence”. It even alliterates.

  6. Let’s for a moment assume the left does what is suggested in the linked article from Caracas, IT’S NOT GOING TO WORK… it’s too fucking late to “make up” and all be Americans. Why? The left are NOT Americans and have no idea what it means to be American. There are two options in the future, 1) the coming unpleasantness or 2) peaceful separation. Take your pick.

    Grey Ghost

    • You have a lot of friends who agree with that statement! I have been saying this for a long while and it now looks to be very close to happening.

    • GG, Marxists accept nothing short of victory. There is no peaceful coexistence with Marxists: Live and let live is not a part of their philosophy.

      They will not accede to choice #2, so I’m afraid choice #1 is inevitable.

  7. What I find interesting about all of this is that yes – the Left is very good at the chaos/disruption paradigm and have deployed it against their ideological opposition to good effect. What they have never considered is the response when and if that weapon is turned against them – which is precisely what has happened, and they are shell shocked.

    I had a conversation about this with a long time Democratic friend who has worked on the Hill and in and around K street why they are responding this way – specifically, I cited the airport rallies which are serving to further inflame tensions AND rally more people to Trump’s position – the exact opposite of how they should be responding in light of the fact that they just got destroyed electorally and no longer really “exist” as a viable national party. His response? They don’t know what else to do. They have no response, no plan, no strategy. What you are seeing is desperation to keep the rump remains of the Democrats motivated. The “rapid response teach-in” hosted at Washington University School of Law in DC is case in point. It sole purpose was to soothe and reassure the demoralized troops.

    Quite frankly, I don’t want them to “get it”. I want to see them destroyed if not forever then for at least a generation. I want them helpless to stop the demographic slide and dissolution reversal Team MAGA is putting into play.

    The other problem they have, which he acknowledged, is both Trump and Bannon are master disrupters in their own right and are outplaying them at their own game. They just admitted they will oppose his SCOTUS pick and he hasn’t even named him/her yet. While the Muslim Brotherhood is rallying the street forces to respond to the EO just as Team MAGA expected, there are 1,000 other things being put into place we aren’t aware of, but I am pretty sure Team MAGA certainly isn’t going to waste a “crisis opportunity”.

    Strategically, the far Left is making many fatal errors IMO. They have admitted that they are going to abandon legislative lobbying efforts at both the state and national levels and commit their resources to general strikes and street action. The Pink Pussy Hissy Fit was Predictive Fire, probe and a gauge of breadth/depth of support. The other side to that is that I am sure Team MAGA is using this as key intelligence gathering – the nexus, the timing, the order of operations, the chain of command.

    The Left is fighting for its very life right now – something they didn’t see happening. They have lost control of all three branches of government, and soon the judiciary. Team MAGA is going to starve them of their lifeblood of grants and other taxpayer dollars and pass-throughs. Soros can’t fund it all. They have lost the “hearts and minds” of core constituencies, which they can not reconcile.

    Whenever the Left has its back against the wall, things get ugly. Stay frosty my friends, 2017 will be many things, but it won’t be boring.

    • thesouthwasrght

      Excellent observation.

    • “They have admitted that they are going to abandon legislative lobbying efforts at both the state and national levels and commit their resources to general strikes and street action.”

      I’ve missed this. Do you have a link where I can read up on it?

      • Hey there Bohunk: I don’t have a link because I am TDY to WashDC for about a month and it was an “in person” meeting. I’ve been following and monitoring the commies since about 1981, and now that I’m a bit older, I can fake the funk as a cat lady par excellence and no one gives me the sideways eye …. so this on the ground intel.

        A secondary source is a “livestream” (archived) of “How to plan a General Strike” put on by the “Industrial Workers of the World” (ie: the Commies). The whole poorly put together presentation is informative and interesting raw intelligence gathering. About 20 mins or so in, the chubby hispanic “activist” on the far right end of the dias talks about his frustration with not being able to get legislation through (“I’ve worked on 7 bills, and only got one through, in-state tuition in New Jersey….”) and his commitment to street action.

        The link to American University’s School of Law “Rapid Response (Emergency) Teach-In” regarding the Trump EO. You will note that they shut the livestream off and took questions at the end from essentially undocumented and/or students from the “extreme vetting” countries. I’ve chatted with several attorneys, and their posturing about Trump’s EO is just that – huffing and puffing, but this should be seen for what it is – a desperate act needed to rally the troops and boost morale.
        I love the opening act of the Dean:
        “We’re a Law School that firmly believes in the Rule of Law….”
        LOL … I mean, can you please provide me names of Law Schools that DON’T ???

        I’ve been around assessing and deep inside the belly of the beast for years. They are flailing and freaking out. Never stop your enemy when they’re making fatal flaws, and always take them at their word.

        Too many cats to herd this TDY to Mordor on the Potomac so I probably won’t have time to blog, and I’m trying to wind down my Twitter account, so you can follow me on teh Gab it you like:

        I hope this answers/addresses your question–

        See you on the barricades —

      • Another example of a propaganda writeup from the commies regarding the airport protests. Putting aside the pep rally nature of it, this way my key take-away (your mileage may vary….)

        “….The lesson of today is that only the power of the people can force the courts to act. It is a valuable lesson. It is becoming increasingly clear to millions of people that voting won’t help them”

    • Thanks YTZ!
      I felt cautiously, but truly optimistic about the foreseeable future after reading your post. More often than not things, as a rule, tend to get worse before they get better, but now there is a little light at the end of the tunnel.

  8. I’ll take advice from jackasses who come from failed states when pigs fly, first class. Give me a fucking break. About as similar as orange juice is to crude oil. By all that’s holy, I’d just about welcome a dictator right now, if for nothing else but to get the fucked up shit storm straightened out.

  9. Slick tactic, move the ball, everyday. How does the left even focus on a specific event. Control the dialog, and setting the NEW definition.

    In Short Donald is using their tactics against them, so effectively, they can’t focus on any one response.

    Alinsky used against themselves. While the left is drooling all over themselves, Donald’s five issues down the road.

    Hard to hit a moving target, especially one moving at the speed of light.

    I’ve now written four letters to the White House, got two responses. And volunteered to work in some minor capacity ” washing dishes, or cleaning the bathroom” .


    • lastmanstanding

      Moving the ball daily has our local commies in a state of constant “foam”.

      It’s fucking awesome!

      Could you share how your reaching the WH? Are the responses adequate to your questions? Hopefully not form letters like the bs I have received in the past.

        You have to click through the first page asking if you want to sign up for updates. It’s a drop down menu.

        I’ve written as well, to thank him for not backing down and capitulating to the bullying, and as well, as a legal immigrant that DREAMERS should not be legalized or allowed to have an adjustment of status in country without having to leave and get in line. I noted the American citizen children in the heartland (voters who turned out for him in record numbers) who are getting screwed over while preferential treating, funding, access to competitive programs, etc is doled out to “Dreamers” as these colleges all have their thumbs on the “social justice” scale. (I used to be an adjunct at our local community college teaching entry level chemistry for those who aspired to the health allied professions, but quit when I was told I would have to institute “critical theory” aka affirmative action grading).

  10. Trump has effectively disrupted their OODA loop, leaving the bastids with wailing, gnashing of teeth, and bedwetting.

    Love it!