Present Reality, Honestly Discussed


“The Western world is on the verge of a civil war to determine if Islam has the right to conquer western civilization or not. Think about that.”


Vegas line now 17/5 pro-Muzzie.

Do you understand yet?


12 responses to “Present Reality, Honestly Discussed

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. I’ve been told Vegas is darned accurate for sports.
    Not that I gamble or watch SportsBall, but they do make a living at it.

    “Don’t bet against the house” and all.

  3. Those are rhetorical odds posted fwiw.

  4. the whole thing is a NWO psy-op.

    create a boogeyman.
    cause fear and panic.
    hire more poLICE.


  5. Vegas lost on Trump…In fact, the only way a primitive people like muslims can succeed is by treasonous leaders in the West, of which we have plenty, but they can be removed.

  6. “It will encourage lone wolves in America, they have created most of the terrorism. The biggest problems we’ve had with terrorism are not from these countries. In fact, there is something called the Visa waiver program which allows people from France or Belgium, places where there are known terrorists to come in no questions asked.”
    -Schmucky Choomer Sen of New Yawk.

    I believe chucky may be trying to send a smoke signal from his tribe or something.

  7. MichiganderJim

    No doubt, but that doesn’t tell us anything about Trump, let alone whether the power of an individual is sufficient. It might be, you know, especially if enough people choose it. Did you see this…proof that it can happen.

  8. Why don’t you wipe the BLM cum off your keyboard and get back to sucking more black Canadian dicks?

  9. copsucker.

    you prefer your boot spit-shined or buffed?

  10. That’s all you got?


  11. “you prefer your boot spit-shined or buffed?”

    Licked. Then… in your ass, sideways.

    See? It’s not that hard to despise the despicable, or to do so in schoolyard fashion.

  12. The present reality is the same there as it is here.

    The Dutch cannot physically(or speak out against) touch the turd worlders without being arrested and imprisoned.