See Ya


Via Twitter.

Gonna be one helluva SCOTUS nominee review, starting tomorrow.


Can the Reds out-Bork the original Borking?


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  1. Gettin er done

  2. The Bork nomination hearing was the last intelligent conversation had in that building.

  3. I am honored to have been banned from this boomer infested naïveté cloud while TFay and Haxo remain.

    Swallow ALL of the red pill.

    Wait. CA is a (((lawyer)))? 50% of links here are ((((((the Atlantic)))))))).


    • X = Haxo/et al.,

      Hey pussy….you’re such a millenial badass. Another DailyStormer kommando who can’t do 10 push-ups or ruck 5 miles with 50# on your back.

      You know what you need to do….

      1. .gov photo D/L.
      2. SSN Card
      3. Utility bill

      Until then….your bitchez at the Stormer are calling you.


      • What’s wrong with daily stormer? I am certainly no millennial but I’ve got those push-up and ruck standards whooped. I also comment on the stormer. Would that also mean you want my .gov ID and such?

        • Never mind…for some reason his comment was not showing up until after I replied. Please disregard.

      • Statist boomer (but I repeat myself):

        4:40 mile
        16:30 3 mile
        27 pull-ups all the way down
        I can do push-ups all day. Who knows how many I can do?
        170 pounds– bench 200
        I can run 13 miles with a 100 pound ruck
        Victim of boomers giving the white world away — no marriage for my generation
        Oh– I shoot 30 times better than any LEO (e.g. Affirmative action hire) I’ve seen at the range. Self taught.
        130 IQ
        Perfect vision. Great ball player.
        Father of three even though Gen X me got shit for women thanks to Jews.
        But whatever. White men on same team old man.

        CA told you I’m not Haxo.

        • “Father of three even though Gen X me got shit for women thanks to Jews.”

          You’re blaming Jews because you can’t find good women?

          First off: you’ll do better if you avoid women with tattoos; and no piercings anywhere other than their ears. No gauges, plugs, etc.

          Next up: You might want to learn how to pick the right wine to go with a meal during a date. Avoid the stuff in boxes for starters. Boone County is a place you go for a picnic, not drink the wine by the same name.

          Finally, if you actually have a conversation with a female, well, good luck. Based on what you write here I can see where things fall apart. You have a lot of changes to make before you can keep a good woman in a LTR.

    • I’m officially a Gen X’er .. and you’ve went full retard .. you never go full retard .. unless you’re retarded .. which we’ve overwhelmingly established by now.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. When you’re marked and fixed, get off the “X” dumbass.

  6. The meme term “Bork!” is going to acquire new meaning:

    It’ll become synonymous with the retching sound of enemies, senators, fedjudges, libtards, journojizmers, clitlebrities, academisfits, femicuntmunitydisorganizers and sundry sewer rats- pardon the redundancy- when they realize they’ve been voted out, out flanked, out thought, out fought (Please???) and, er… ousted!

    Urrrrpp…. gugulp… swallow… Bork!

    Suck it, traitors!

  7. Hey Co’May .. You’re FIRED!

  8. Ms. Yates can go get Boente!


  9. I love this country and I’m saddened to see the division pumped into it by the Lefty S.C.U.M. who’re doing everything they can to tear it down. Your color revolution will fail soros.

  10. Patriot Act, folks. Trump can use it to APPOINT people, and the Senate be damned. Look it up. Presidential National Security Emergency Concerns.

  11. The fun comes when Post Turtle exposes what he truly is. I expect that the Rove Republicans may get an earful from their constituents before long. And if there’s one thing Rove Republicans are skeered of, it’s getting chucked out of office…

  12. The ‘constant state of tension’ in full bloom. Report From Iron Mountain (circa 1966)

    ‘Order is never observed; it is the disorder because it attracts attention because it is awkward & intrusive’.
    Elphias Levi
    Ordo ab Chao

    History repeats itself. First as a tragedy, second as a farce.
    Karl Marx

    ‘In the eyes of a dialectical philosophy, nothing is established for all times, nothing is absolute or sacred’
    Karl Marx

    The stupid continues to burn….

  13. Constant bitching with no solutions are acts of a desperate loser. My employees are asked to have at least one solution for a discovered problem before they bring it to me.It may a solution that is not feasible although it is worth contemplating.Constant griping,bitching and complaining with no solutions, earns you a size 11 straight in your ass. Harden the fuck up!

  14. “Trump Petitioned to Reinstate Army Officer Who was Court Martialed following Questioning Obama Birth Certificate
    TIM BROWN — JANUARY 30, 2017
    A petition to reinstate a former US Army Lieutenant Colonel who questioned refused to be deployed because he questioned the authenticity of Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah’s birth certificate and his eligibility to hold the office of president based on a fraudulent document.

    The petition was listed at the petitions section of on January 21, 2017. It reads:

    The former Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin was a highly-decorated Army flight surgeon who questioned whether or not the orders he received from Obama were legitimate. Court-martialed, imprisoned, expelled from the Army and denied pay, pension and benefits, Terry was merely following his officer’s oath and constitutional duty. It is an outrage that this was allowed to happen. Obama refused to answer Terry’s letter and ended up producing a forged birth certificate. Terry who was a medical doctor is a valuable asset to the American military and the fact that his military chain of command and his congressional representatives allowed him to be court-martialed and run out of the army is an outrage for all Americans. This grave injustice needs to be addressed and corrected ASAP.”

    In its entirety here:

    • The Col. chose to dance with the devil…

      Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

      .Gov will eat it’s own when the need arises.

      the Cheeto will never consider it. Believe.

      • I signed the petition, but you’re probably right.. Trump’s latest is to retain Obama’s Exec Order giving special hiring and job retention privileges to faggots, lezzies, and other pervs. Which also squares with Mattis’ remarks indicating he will do nothing to stop the ongoing sodomite networking of the military. .