Two From MDT


The Nuke-O-SPOT Report

Personal Protective Equipment For A Post-Nuclear Environment

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nuke-o-spot-picEven “Vault Boy” from the game “Fallout 4” knows how to use the “Rule of Thumb”. If the mushroom cloud is wider than the thumb, seek cover immediately. If not, you have a little time.

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  1. Don’t forget the Rule of 7s, and the halving thicknesses of common materials, especially earth and concrete. If you don’t know this, best get your copy of NWSS……

  2. I have read some bad reviews about for calibration. Does anybody have good info on other calibration options?

  3. it looks good.

    but totally ineffective.

    without massive support that MOPP suit is useless as tits on a fat bitch.

    • It does reduce exposure to the physical fallout particles (as opposed to the radiation therefrom) by both filtration of inhaled air and physical barrier to skin/clothing, right?

      I get the decon issue, but that is simpler with fallout than chemical agents, yes?

      • it works better than nothing , for the moment…

        but without re-supply and dedicated de con units, it’s like putting a band aid on a severed artery.

        the russians are far better equipped and trained for this type of mission/exposure.

        the murkins who served in the ME are going to find they have long term health issues with exposure to toxins and depleted uranium because they didn’t suit up… so yeah

  4. Still have the M17 gas mask with protective hood attached,
    but definitely need extra filters.

    Once listening to a professor from Texas on a talk show, she
    mentioned that when she went to Sherinobil[sp?], to help in
    the remediation, that the Russian Gov was handing out chocolate
    bars with French Green Clay as part of the chocolate bar ingredient.
    Not that it would completely resolve the radiation contamination, but
    would assist absorbing and detoxing internally.

    Another issue is ones level of iodine in ones system.If one starts
    taking good food grade iodine, the body will develop a higher
    level and help from attracting the radioactivity from taking over
    due to one having the good iodine already. Also, heard that the
    majority of the populations lack iodine in their bodies, and is
    actually helpful to have.

    Water filtration too. Heard of combo layer of zeolite, activated
    carbon plus other micropore elements would help.


    Another device which will help is the NukALERT. It is about 1″X 2″X 5/8″. You can clip it to your belt or vest. It has a shelf life of 14 years. It is not cheap, but it is accurate.
    When the Fukushima fallout was coming down in the rainstorms in my old A/O back in 2011, it chirped like a hungry canary. I measures Cesium-137 and Iodine-131. It is worth the price and just another tool in my “thinking-the-unthinkable” toy box. I would also add some Potassium Iodate pills, to block the Iodine-131 from lodging in your thyroid.

  6. Filter replacement. So, I go outside in my Tyvek suit and M40 mask. I can set up a decon shower before reentering house. Does my filter have to be replaced after each trip outside? That could be a lot of filters.

    • EVERYTHING must be replaced – EVERYTIME.

      don’t forget to set up a positive pressure room…

      • I guess I’ll just sit in my little positive pressure room. Our shits weak without a supply chain. I can’t stock enough M40 filters. If N100 is good, I’m set.

  7. Instructive photo essay of Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic blast damage in the first link below.
    Most MIRV’s and air delivered devices are dial-a-bombs, kiloton to megaton selectable, 2 stage weapons. Height of detonation and distance from blast determines extent of blast effects, it falls off rapidly as distance increases from the zero point.
    What you see in these photo’s is relatively mild in comparison to the devices and delivery methods in nation state weapons stockpiles. The theoretical effects are just that. Nobody has used these later generation 2 stage devices on people yet, so all we really have to go by is the two devices used on Japan. Serious stuff.
    Terrorist use of nuclear devices could probably be ground detonations, or from small planes or tops of buildings. These ground or close to ground blasts effects fall off very rapidly compared to higher altitude detonations, but fallout is considerably increased due to the convection effects of the blast drawing materiel upwards into the rising fireball.
    All the more reason to stay away from crowds.

    There is some excellent info here at this site. A couple of pieces on fallout patterns and blast effects.

    From the same folks above I believe, this is their original site, lots of info on testing and device design. Fascinating info:

    There are detail analysis of fallout patters in the Bikini Island tests. One of the “mike” shots was a runaway lithium staged fusion device, there is detailed info on fallout for that test.

    • interesting. Still, most cities and towns in Syria look pretty much like this now. And the Zio-globalists did not expend a single nuke to make it happen.

  8. Just for kicks, I’d get some KI from ebay, mix up 1.5g/ml, put 5 drops on the arm in case of a bright flash or low rumble or EMP, and lick away–first thing. Then, kiss your butt good bye if you’re walking around in hard emitters.

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  10. SemperFi, 0321

    Haven’t worn one of those things since 1974 when I went thru 3 weeks of NBC School, I too was my company NBC NCO. Good training, but unless everyone in the group/family is covered or on board with the entire scheme of things, you’re toast. How many here can get everyone suited up and stay that way for 1/2 day? or longer. Get them thru decon and keep clean? It takes constant training, like with everything else, to stay on top of the game and deal with the stress. How will you deal with those who panic, get claustrophobic, and then destroy everything around them? Kinda like losing your face mask at 150′ while diving, not everyone can keep their cool under stress, and recover themselves. There is absolutely no room for error in this game.
    Lotsa luck with the NBC gig. It’s not just about playing G.I. Joe.