GVDL: CalExit? Make My Day


Read both text and comments.

Why would freedom-minded people oppose such a thing?

And for those who are counting on the US .mil to suppress a domestic insurrection, think a little harder on the gap between mission and means.

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  1. Stealth Spaniel

    Oh be still, my beating heart. NorCal goes right to the State of Jefferson. No exit, no new currency, no more Leftist Assholes. We take conservative southern Oregon with us. We vote REALITY every fXXking time. I’ll personally get rid of Democrat Headquarters in our area.
    PS-Please let the Official State Dimwits know: if Off State Dim can let illegals obey only laws that they like-the same applies to me. And the 14th amendment guaren-damn-tees me equal protection under the law. So, open carry will bloom.

    • Their is zero chance of this happening.

      • Dirk,

        Never say never.

        • Dan, I’ve been on the edge of State of Jefferson since 1987. SOJ, has been a thing since 1941 ish. While I think it’s time, California is a strategic state. Most of our deep water ports, southern and central Ca, with their stolen water are again strategic to feeding the nation.

          As I pointed out in another post. The area’s likely to break away have almost zero natural resources. Their takers, not producers.

          Tic Toc.


          • Dirk,

            “….strategic to feeding the nation.”

            Am I to understand you believe Amerika, the former “Breadbasket to the World” is dependent on foreign foodstuffs (read Chicom imports) to provide food ? Is so, than all you’ve done is reinforce my claim that Bill Clinton and the 106th Congress have committed treason with their passing of HR 4444 (106th).

      • You are overstating that likelihood.

        • are you still defending that shithole cal?

          what’s it feel like being a felon when you slap in a 30 rnd mag?
          no wait 20 rnd. no wait…

          or the bullet button thingy that goes up?
          no wait… lol

    • Straight party ticket every county marginally above Sacramento.

      Clinton-Sanders-other/Dems = 264,589 total votes.

      Trump-Cruz-other/Rep = 164,561 total votes.

      You can put Kasich wherever at – 24,283 total votes.

      You’d be surprised at how many Bernie votes cost Hillary on N. Cali.

      The only way Jefferson State is going to happen, is by arms.

  2. FreeFor cam help, @


    and I agree with Vanderleun up to the point of the White Northern/Eastern counties quickly and inevitably splitting away from the coastal LA-to-‘Frisco ethnostate (Jews, Blacks, Browns, White cosmics) to form its own state. a.k.a Jefferson. What happens after that, though, is anybody’s guess. It could very well precipitate mutiple other secessions (Texas, Oregon/Wash. eastern slope, etc.) that would tear the ‘Kwa apart. And that’s precisely why I’m going to support “California” secession by all means. TINVOWOOT.

  3. Freedom-minded? Sure, youbetcha. Regardless of one’s opinion on the eventual viability (or not), their effort’s Blue Book (look, Henry, a “plan”…) is a decent piece of marketing at the petition-signers they’re looking for. 33-page PDF; too short for the Wm. Buckleys, too long for many hardened casuals, neither of which is their target audience. Food for thought.

    • Very damned good.


    • Thank-you, Badger:

      I’d seen the #Calexit on Twitter but hadn’t looked into it, having made the appropriate “assumptions.” But, seriously, reading that “Blue Book,” has me LOL-ing. They have clearly been using way too much legalized pot to see how deluded they are. They presume their “economy” will remain unchanged by leaving the U.S.A. That is merely their first mistake.

      OH, and how rich is it that the booklet goes through all the “Constitutional” reasoning FOR leaving, yet I’d be the first to bet-the-farm the collective (pun) education establishment in CA preaches the EVILS of The Confederacy during the Civil War (I).

    • Thank you for the share. Very interesting reading….as I was working my through, kept asking – “who defines “our” values?” as outlined throughout.

      “A recent Gallup poll showed that just 21% of Americans identify as liberal – and that’s with California in the equation. Conservatives are the largest ideological group, at 38% nationwide”

      Keep that in mind when they continue to try and jam their “to do” list down our throats and tell us they had the “popular vote” because they outnumber us.

      Liars. Always.

      • “…“who defines “our” values?” as outlined throughout.”

        Same as when you hear the Fed Criminals say “US Interests”, “US Policy”, or any of the other warm n fuzzy terms regarding our infringements into other country’s – It all refers to the “elites” personal interests – Not we the peoples.

  4. A deeper explanation w/Dave Hodges audio interview …

    Elected Officials & Gangsters Aggressively Conspiring to Overthrow California By Any Means Possible


    • Shinmen Takezo

      Dave Hodges is complete insane–and out of touch.
      He knows nothing of the complexities of California.
      He is a nut-job and black helicopter jockey.

      • Ah.

        There are “black helicopters”

        I’ve been on them…

        • tfA-t,

          “black helicopters….I’ve been on them….”

          “I moved to Kanada”

          “I have more money than I know what to do with.”

          And pigs can fly !

      • roger that ! dave hodges, steve quayle, hawk, mark kornke all must go…

        PATRIOTS FOR PROFIT……………..sell the new fear…………..like the soup of the day…! AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  5. The NWO Oligarchs have it all programmed, and will make it stink sooo bad that Patriots will be forced to agree with them, because amputation is preferable to the death of liberty in other sections of the former USA.

  6. When California becomes Mexico, they’ll be sneaking into Oregon.

    • They already are. Downtown Hillsboro, a suburb of Portland, has several businesses where you have to speak Spanish if you want service.

      • Cassandra (of Troy)


        Re: Mexicans immivading OR

        And it’s all them Eeeeeeeeeeevillllllll Leftifornians making them go up there & using aaaaaaaaallllll that tech & media money they’ve made to buy off your politicians & population & all you poor True Oregonians® are helpless against such an onslaught, right?

  7. Let them leave. First they have to pay fair market price for the all federal facilities, national parks, reservations, BLM land etc. Then pay back fair value for infrastructure improvements made using public money. Determine market value for any water rights and electrical transmission lines, pipelines etc. Good luck negotiating replacement power, fresh water and natural gas with a lousy credit rating.

    • Shinmen Takezo

      Answer to the above…. fat chance and you’re dreaming if Californian’s would pay for anything.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “First they have to pay fair market price for the all federal facilities, national parks, reservations, BLM land etc. Then pay back fair value for infrastructure improvements made using public money. Determine market value for any water rights and electrical transmission lines, pipelines etc.”

      That’s not how secession works. The new government disavows all debt; the remaining 49 get the shitburger.

      “Good luck negotiating replacement power, fresh water and natural gas with a lousy credit rating.”

      Yeah, because countries like China wouldn’t jump at the chance to build a solid foothold in North America.

  8. So, it is ok in cosmic critter thinking for the fedgov to invade the south and bend it to its imperial will, but California expects to just waltz out, because why? De Sowf be rayciss, and California is not?
    The hypocrisy of the proposition because “goodwhites” are involved now is absurd.

  9. looking from across the water all I see is a FUBAR country coming apart at the seams. one half of the kool-aid drunk sheeple being led by a overly-puffed Cheeto’s billionaire. the other half of the kool-aid drunk sheeple freakazoids being led by a nazi globalist billionaire. what could go wrong?

    Don’t worry y’all, I’ll take good care of your wymin folk -NOT.


  10. its simple where exactly is California going to get its water from. You drain the Colorado already. Steal water from Mexico, Nevada, Idaho, and Arizona.

    Sacramento river system is apart of the Trinity water complex, and the Klamath, Pitt start in the Sierra Nevada mountains up north in Oregon.

    Hetch Hetchy the Kern River etc etc, all start in the sierras. Even the Delta is questionable.

    Ca, will be a dessert state in short order.

    This isn’t happening .


    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      Re: Secession & Calif’s water supply

      Also note that the demographics/population of north & south Leftifornia© preclude its doing anything substantially effective to secure the liquid gold it SO desperately needs to survive, their ethnic ‘troops’ may have all the ability they need to successfully make it on the street but out in the sticks where the resources are it’ll be a toss-up whether ol’ Ma Nature or the hordes of EXTREMELY irked (& VERY well armed) ‘irredeemable deplorables’ will get the most of the aforementioned.

      We have our own Clifton Clowers’ too!

  11. Matthew Wilbanks

    Please please please let them be this stupid! By taking their 55 electoral votes with them they would all but guarantee us the Presidency for the next 12-20 years.

    I’m in Southern Oregon, they can keep everything south of Mendocino County and we will take the rest. They already have no water and that would take away about half of their best farmland. Sure, the U.S. loses three of its biggest west coast ports, but we’d still have Seattle and Portland.

    They wouldn’t survive 10 years on their own with their current policies. They’d probably get annexed by Mexico or China within 5.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Of course, the US Border Patrol suddenly has to secure how many more additional miles of border? And the new regime would be more than happy to assist the flood across it.

  12. Shinmen Takezo

    The guy with his “article” beat me somwhat to the punch on Cal-Exit… which I (as a uber-super-duper-conservative) am all for. Please Jesus, pretty please. First off once the ballot measure is approved (and it will assuredly be approved BTW), then the state legislature has to petition congress for the exit… and every freedom loving, gun and bible toting in and out of California should beg congress do allow it.

    So let’s assume that congress allows California to seceed from the United States Of America. Run with that thought for a while and amuse me….

    When the secession is complete–the leftist retards who dominate California in Sacramento will move to form a new constitution…. which will bear no resemblence to the current US Constitution. All of your rights will be transformed into “liscensed priveledges” –and the leftist retards thinking that they “won the popular vote” and now control all the arms of power (National Guard, State Police, Local Police, etc.) will think they are the shit’s shizzle and will be able to ram-rod any sort of further legislation down the throats of the freedom loving (but sizeable minority) residing in then Commie-fornia.

    What should transpire once the Cal-Exit ballot measure passes, should be a convention of the “conservative California Counties, Cities and precints” which BTW dominates the “blue leftist areas” 3 to 1 in land geographically… and said convention should immediately draft a “Declaration Of Independence” and hand it to the legislature in Sacramento (surrounded by Red BTW).

    There should be no further voting or further ballot measures–there should be a secession from the secession… by force of arms if necessary, which would take about three weeks against the city blue area buttercups and snowflakes.

    If you look at the “Red versus Blue” areas in California–the map is not quite correct. In reality the “Blue Leftist areas” are about 35% to 40% smaller than portrayed on these maps. Take for instance San Bernadino County which shows “blue” all the way to the Nevada border–and the reason for this is just the city of San Bernadino only. Anything east of the city into the mountians and desert cities is deep, deep red and very, very conservative.

    Ditto with Riverside County. Sacramento is a blue area (because of all the government workers) surrounded by deep shades of red.

    There are just very small pockets of leftis-blue area (LA County, Bay Area primarily) heavily populated with illegals and whacko leftists voting and in super majorites–thus controling the entire state.

    It is a tyranny of a super-majority, living in a small fraction of the state of California. The rest of the state is more conservative than Texas–and if you travel the back highways of California you commonly see “Liberty Movement” grafitti slogans and ad-hock signs posted everywhere you go.

    There is a substantial conservative population in California (35% of the population) which is tyranized by these radical leftist super-majorities in the heavily populated urban areas. If you look at Oregon–the whole state is completely Red, save for one county where the Portland urban metro-plex is.

    So I am proposing that when the Cal-Exit becomes a reality…. liberty minded peoples living outside of the leftist blue areas move quickly to seize their freedom as our fore-fathers did in 1776…. because we will at that point be free of the sedition laws and actions of the US military and DC.

    FYI–the “red areas” of California control ALL of the transportation choke points, all of the hydro-electric supplies, rail choke points, all of the communitions lines and pipelines, most of the oil production areas, all of the water supplies for the entire central valley and southern California, all of the major food production areas and so on down the line.

    Let the Leftists control their small coastal strips in Southern California (about 20 miles inland from the ocean at the most) and in the Bay Area. As for the rest of the state I would propose breaking it up into smaller regional governments–which would then form an entirely new country… with no income taxes, no property taxes, no welfare and so forth. The government would be funded by small import duties and sales taxes. Our new military would be modeled upon the Swiss Civil Militia–with manditory service for all males until the age of 55 (issued with G-3’s of course). The banking system could use the US dollar until a sound new currency based upon gold and silver be introduced. We would repudiate all of the former government debts and obligations–let Calpers reciepents (blood suckers) wither on the vine.

    A secession from the leftist could easily be accomplished–by force of arms if necessary. What would the buttercups throw at us? Harsh word? Pussy hats? The police would not help them–the police hate them. The California National Guard (a joke in itself) also hate the leftists and would abandon them in droves.. A thousand armed men riding in pickup trucks could over-run Sacramento in 24 hours and cleanse ouf the leftists once and for all.

    It could be clean sweep in a matter of weeks.

    So think about this for a while.
    Mull it over. It is time to think a few steps in advance.

    Conservatives in the conservative areas of California should start thinking about forming a state convention and congress with the aim of secession from the smaller leftist controlled areas of California.

    • What you posit is in microcosm what happened with the division of Virginia/West Virginia during the War of Northern Aggression. Here’s the kicker to that though, the Confederacy let West Virginia go in peace (now if that doesn’t convince one that lincoln was a two faced murderous sob, I don’t know what will).

      Yours in Liberty!
      NorthGunner III

      • They granted sovereignty due to the fact it was territory impossible to control logistically, and the subversion they faced by attempting it from Union bushwhackers would undermine the larger effort with little gain due to the relatively small population.

        That being said, California (and the technological advancements since 1850) is quite a different animal.

        The American Civil War of the past holds very little bearing on the present or future outside political framing, and thinking so is not only stupid but ensures failure from the party doing so. The Spanish Civil War (and the ETA insurgency since) is a bit less myopic. Those pushing this movement don’t care about anything pre-1865.

      • Cassandra (of Troy)


        “the Confederacy let West Virginia go in peace”

        You naughtily ‘forgot’ to mention that such occurred AFTER rather large amounts of Union troops were deployed to prevent the ‘rebel’ counties being involuntarily returned to the Confederacy.

        Yeah, I know, picky picky picky.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)

      Shinmen Takezo/31Jan17@19:46,

      Re: “the Red versus Blue areas in California” & secession

      The following may be a better example of your point.:


      Should CalExit fail, some group of Conservative/Libertarian heavy hitters should re-propose the above & push it HARD. Imagine the hilarity of seeing the same Leftists who pushed CalExit making arguments against doing what they did & their hysteria if said measure took off!


    It’s all talk, at this point. I did not see anyone bring up the point about the thousands of white folks who still live and work in that stinking Blue Hive. If I was still there(gone since 2002), I would be liquidating all assets and heading to the National Redoubt. It’s way too cold up here for the legions of drones, homeless, welfare lampreys, and other assorted human dreck.

  14. I’m trying to imagine a state seceding from the United States of Brawndo a’ la Idiocracy 2505.

    (Insert pic with the Sec Ed looking down gun barrel)

    “Georgia’s IN Florida….dumbasss.”

  15. The calexit flag should have a Chinese star because that’s who would benefit and could align with. The Chinese already have the ports. All of California’s agricultural produce could easily go west rather than east.

  16. The BLM owns almost no land, with the possible exception of the land their buildings rest upon. In fact, the US government owns relatively small areas of land. Remember, the Louisiana Purchase was a treaty between the US government and France for France to surrender all claims of sovereignty over the land. The US government owned none of the land, until it built forts and other “needful” buildings.

    Secession of a state remains entirely lawful, it’s a power retained under the 10th Amendment.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Oh wait, you’re serious – let us laugh even harder.
      – The Zombie Union Army

    • One sympathizes, Pat.

      It’s entirely lawful by any measure to terminate aggressors but see what happens when you try. Sherman marches to your sea.

      And I agree… bleaklivesmatter own absolutely nothing.

      So? No territory is gained, held, controlled or defended except by force.

      I’m all for it.

  17. Listen to what Matt Grocott was saying. Obviously he
    is outnumbered by “voters,” and this was uploaded in

  18. The Great Plains

    Today’s news roundup:

    1) Trump nominates Rod Rosenstein, Steven Engel and Rachel Brand as Deputy AG, Associate AG and Assistant AG respectively.

    2) Trump nominates Neil Gorsuch to SCOTUS.

    3) Trump nominates Obama and Bush appointee Elaine Duke as Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security. So much winning.

    4) Short-sighted and gullible Trump supporters on WRSA go full on Statist, as super-cuck Sean fantasizes about Trump “black bagging” everyone who doesn’t support his administration:

    “Trump can use the Patriot Act, any time, any where he wants, and black bag judges, lawyers, mayors, protesters, any body. It will come to that, and then here we go.”


    Apparently a Police State is awesome and wonderful, as long as Trump is in charge.

    I’ll tell you what….If Trump creates a fascist police state and you Trumpbots cheer him on, then YOU WILL DESERVE IT in 2020 or 2024 or 2028, when Democrat NWO President Kamala Harris/Elizabeth Warren/Cory Booker/Andrew Cuomo/Kirsten Gillibrand decides to use federal police powers to “black bag” YOU, shut down the internet, require universal background checks, nationalize local police forces, arrest you for expressing dissent, send you to a FEMA camp, seize your bank account, bans sites like Cuckservative Tree House, etc.

    Haven’t 8 years of Obama taught you Trumpbots ANYTHING? Even IF Trump can be trusted, he won’t be president forever, and the precedents he sets and the statist measures he takes (like hiring 10,000 new Homeland Security agents) CAN AND WILL be used to oppress you by future presidents.

    At some point in the near future, the Marxists WILL gain an unassailable majority due to the Immigration Act of 1990, which REQUIRES FedGov to import 700,000 immigrants each year (not including special refugees).

    Some time soon, the presidency will be forever in NWO Democrat hands as NC, VA, FL, CO, NV, AZ, NM and eventually TX become irreversibly blue.

    But hey Trumpbots, let’s not be smart and think long-term, right?

    Let’s party like it’s 1955, and allow Trump to set up a Police State apparatus that will be used against people like US by the next Democrat or RINO president.

    • Some of us here have actually read The Road to Serfdom. No surprises ahead.

    • “I’ll tell you what….If Trump creates a fascist police state and you Trumpbots cheer him on, then YOU WILL DESERVE IT in 2020 or 2024 or 2028, when Democrat NWO President Kamala Harris/Elizabeth Warren/Cory Booker/Andrew Cuomo/Kirsten Gillibrand decides to use federal police powers to “black bag” YOU, shut down the internet, require universal background checks, nationalize local police forces, arrest you for expressing dissent, send you to a FEMA camp, seize your bank account, bans sites like Cuckservative Tree House, etc.”

      I give it till spring/summer…

    • Ah finally a breath of fresh air today………all this bickering …..and I find a kindered spirt…………….please write more, bring it to the table………..

    • Great Plains,

      You can’t get over your bitch Klinton lost. Can you ?

  19. About a hundred and fifty years ago we had that same idea here in the Southern States. The guv’ment sent Sherman in and burned our asses to the ground on his march to the sea. It ain’t gonna happen.

      • Is it really though? Different tools, same argument (since whenever that douche Hamilton and some other guys got a bright idea) IMHO.

        • I was unclear.

          155 years ago, the game was numbers, and the South didn’t have them.

          I am not sure at all that the Federal military could be used successfully today against a state who has said no.

          Even a land/sea blockade would have second and third-order effects in the uncontested zones and elsewhere.

          • Jimmy the Saint

            There are very few states on either side of the divide that wouldn’t have *massive* Fifth Columns to deal with.

          • CA,

            “”I am not sure at all that the Federal military could be used….”

            Well, they could. Maybe. If, fedgov decided, for the first time in 80 years that domestic events were more important than foreign incursions, occupations and imperialism.

            There are more domestic “enemies” out there willing to use just one round, throw down the rifle and walk away, than is realized. This ain’t 1932, we ain’t the Bonus Army, and Georgie Patton is long dead.

  20. So, could it lead to the Democratic Party being declared a subversive organization?

  21. By all means, read the text and ll the comments, there and here, and you mighty quickly come to the correct conclusion that the unintended, unforeseen and unpredictable consequences are beyond description or control.

    There is mathematical certainty that no one will get what they wish or expect
    from “CalExit.” Unless you’re tfAt, in which case the chaos, internecine warfare, death and destruction will have a fair chance of meeting or exceeding your vilest dreams.

    Seriously consider any of the proposed solutions/outcomes/benefits? listed or soon to be explained there and here. Which of them has a snowball’s chance in Hell of passing the Unpredictability Principle?

    Know what happens when Cal tries to Exit? Every damned thing so far mentioned and every accursed permutation of consequence thereof imaginable.

    Crystal balls are completely opaque to such complexities…………

  22. They (CA) will not be allowed to leave the union. We need those deep water ports. End of debate

    • The US does not have the throweight it once did.

      More importantly, who controls those ports now?

      • The largest import car and truck receiving port in the US is Brunswick, Georgia. It’s also one of the largest container freight ports too. The southern states have many port facilities; Charleston, Jacksonville, Mobile, New Orleans, and Houston to name a few.

        California is completely unnecessary to we of the south, we wish them success in their endeavor.

        • and China has plans for all of them…


          Ditto for Rawles Land. Our stuff comes through Seattle and we get plenty of Kokanee Beer from our conservative Canadian friends just north of us. These leftists fools, sexual deviates, third-world, disease-ridden parasites and others need to leave us.
          And, when it happens, do not be surprised if the human debris and uber-rich come banging on the doors of the neighboring states. The Chinese overlords who will assume ownership will not be as understanding as Moonbeam the Pedophile and the rest of the Latino/Latina commie-liberals in Sacramento. We do live in interesting times.

        • Natzofast, Guido:

          1) That’s a 2009 graph, based on data from the last year before the Great Recession we’ve been in for 8+ years. Things are a wee bit different now.
          And they frequently change, year to year.

          2) In both 2011, and 2015, the busiest port overall is Houston, mainly due to bulk oil shipments.
          In 2011, Long Beach/San Pedro does nearly as much in container ships as NY and and Houston combined.
          In 2015, NY alone is doing more than Long Beach/L.A. combined.

          3) In 2011, Brunswick GA runs 34th overall, just ahead of San Diego CA at 35th, and it’s about 1/10th the volume of Long Beach CA. (Which later is a paltry 4000 sea miles closer to Japan, Korea, etc. Most of Brunswick is/was probably Euro-cars, and Brazilian Fords, etc.)
          In 2015, Brunswick is 31st overall, but doing NO containerships whatsoever, and it’s still barely 1/10th the capacity of San Francisco.

          And just for fun, in 2015 they separated L.A. from Long Beach in the statistic table, otherwise it’d be 7th, right behind SF. And clearly, a lot of that port capacity has gone dormant in the last 8 years. (Thanks, HopeyDopey.)

          You could look it up (as of 2011, at least):
          or 2015:

          The moral of the story is not to grab the first internet graph you see.

          • The tables also underline that half a dozen nukes/”catastrophes” cuts our port tonnage in half; 10-12, and we’re Sudan in world tonnage.

            But at any rate, the three busiest ports, currently, are all in TX/LA, and that ain’t blue state America.
            The next three are generally NFY, LA/Long Beach, and Frisco, which are.

            Calm the fuck down about California secession, no matter how much somebody’s inner lunatic wants to scratch that itch.

    • KJB,

      “We need those deep water ports.”

      For what ? Import more ChiCom crap and export more trade deficit ?

      Fuck you globalist.

      • Please show us on the doll where the bad company hurt you?
        We get it, you got fired from your call center management job so your pissed off.
        Do what I did when my job went to Mexico.
        I learned some more skills and got a better one.

        Oh, you didnt know that about me did you Dan?
        Yes in 1998 my job at Scientific Atlanta was outsourced to Juarez and I had to help train the Mexicans that took over the work when they brought 25 of them to Georgia for two weeks.
        Soooo, I did what free men do. I took some training and went to work at a different company making more money.
        Free men know that the job does not belong to them and that their employer can give it to someone else who will work for a lesser wage at any time (its called Capitalism, look it up). So free men who want to be consistent in their belief of what freedom is, do everything that they can to make sure that they are indispensable. They make themselves smart and efficient. They make the choice for the employer too difficult to make. If in the event that the employer makes the decision anyway, free men dont set around crying like little bitches and hoping they can get the government to punish someone.
        Thats not how freedom works.
        You keep throwing this Globalist term around like you think it gives you power or something.
        You think that somehow your autistic screeching about globalism is somehow different and more acceptable than the autistic screeching of a libtard about the evils of the rich white males. Its no different than Haxo screeching about Joos all the time.
        You just substitute one so called ill for another.

        You are part of the problem.

  23. just plain todd

    aw fukit…..you guys always with them negative waves. i’m gunna enjoy the decline. no civilization was forever anyway. its our turn in the barrel. i’m over it. CA, thanks for all of your work, as well as the comments by the regulars here. wish i could meet you guys. i’m going mobile and seeing the sights before it implodes. i like old trains, so i’m going to see them and ride. as well as museums too. best of luck all!

    • Oddball from Kelly’s Heroes. Always one of my favorite characters. On topic, the only hope for the hole country is that either California leaves peacefully, either with complete independence or with an autonomy arrangement that is favorable to the rest of us, i.e. they don’t interfere with the rest of us. If this doesn’t happen, ultimately we’re going down the path of real civil war, not a regional war like in 1861-65. Oh, and guess which is more bloody and personal. Hint: It’s not a regional war.

    • outlawpatriot

      check out the train museum in Savannah. They also have preserved the Spring Hill Redoubt. Excellent venue. 🙂

    • lastmanstanding

      Jump on the Empire Builder somewhere in Wisconsin and head west. If you decide to go as far as Seattle, I would recommend immediately get back on and head back to the east and then enjoy the stops in eastern Wa., Idaho and Montana. If you stop in Seattle, rent a car and get on one of the ferries.

      The ferries are cool history as well. Early morning ferry sitting on the deck with a hot, strong cup-o-black-joe (not starfucks!) is a memorable day.

      • yup. awesome ride. did it from Detroit to Spokane once. but get a private car. coach is the worst thing to do. you’ll stink to high heaven, be uncomfortable, and have to put up with the publick…

  24. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on FOR GOD AND COUNTRY.

  25. Fisking in detail the mental retardation necessary to treat this nonsense as a serious topic is a waste of good electrons that never hurt anyone.
    The TL;DR answer is that anyone that seriously proposes it could happen – ever, outside of alien overlords landing, or the Yellowstone caldera in full technicolor eruption – is certifiably insane, from those lacking the wit to pour piss out of a boot, and overwhelmingly likely to be the productive offspring of first cousins fucking.

    The comments that riff off of that happy horseshit and give it any credence are the most singular collection of whackjobbery seen in modern times (unless someone wants to use the overconsumption of LSD & Moonshine defense), to every point at issue and from every point of the compass, outside of discussions on the reality of pro wrestling, by people whose parents still think the Clampetts live in Beverly Hills, and who kept calling to Coast Guard weekly for three years to let them know there were seven stranded castaways on a tiny island 200 miles NW of Hawaii.

    I would humbly suggest a return to serious discussion of actual or even barely probable future events, for anyone who doesn’t 24/7/365 wear plastic diapers outside their pants, and a foam protective helmet, on every supervised field trip outside the house.

    It makes Alex Jones, George Noory, and the witches on The Spew sound like calm, rational persons by contrast, and quidditch strategy, anthropogenic global warming, and using alchemy to turn lead into gold seem like subjects worthy of serious study.
    It’s that far from actual reality.

    Putting it any more forcefully would require giving laxatives to every quadruped in captivity, and having them each shit on it, on live TV.

    Not that stops some people…

    • is that anyone that seriously proposes it could happen – ever, outside of alien overlords landing, or the Yellowstone caldera in full technicolor eruption – is certifiably insane, from those lacking the wit to pour piss out of a boot, and overwhelmingly likely to be the productive offspring of first cousins fucking.

      You really need to wake the fuck up.

      Oh fuck it. Go back to reviewing stupid fucking movies….
      Must suck to be you. All stupid and everything.

      • Good comeback, Potsie.

        Why do you bother to post here?
        You don’t even reach the annoyance level anymore, and your contributions to any discussion, or any post, approaches zero with every further offering.

        I live in the state in question, and the entire subject would rank 4,395th on any list of the top 2000 things anyone in CA is talking or thinking about.
        Now, or ever. Which makes the entire thing nothing but lunacy, start to finish. It’s embarrassing that it gets any attention here whatsoever, but it mainly shows the posters of same for how absolutely whackjobingly Captain Queeg-crazy they are, and how out of touch with multiple realities. “It was the strawberries that proved to me that the crew was against me!”

        So do please, from your highchair, extol from BFEgypt about the realities here on the ground. Try not to get your bib tangled in your spork.
        Go, you!

    • Notarealperson

      Thank you for being level headed about this. This article really smoked out a bunch of sloppy thinkers. The author of the article has clearly o.d. on Alex Jones.

      As a life long resident of CA I can state there is no desire for succession. None, Everyone making noise about it tend to be butthurt leftist moochers and crazies.that are mad that Trump won. Nothing more.

      CA is more like a fat diabetic getting prepped to lose his legs. A basket case.


        A much more realistic assessment of the situation. A minor collection of wealthy”Progressive” noisemakers is getting national attention because the Marxist bitch is not in the White House. California has always been a haven for the lunatic fringe. It was called “the land of fruits and nuts” long before I was born there. And I am an old man.
        We, as a nation, have much more to worry about: the debt bomb, extracting our military from the Middle East and Eurabia, the Wall&Mexico, stopping immigration and the Muzzies, etc. We have all pretty much beat this topic to death. Que sera, sera. These clowns won’t even vote on this until 2019. Let them cut off their noses to spite their faces. It would probably improve their looks.

        • ” the debt bomb, extracting our military from the Middle East and Eurabia, the Wall&Mexico, stopping immigration and the Muzzies, etc. We have all pretty much beat this topic to death”

          1. debt bomb cannot be fixed.
          2. military will be left to hang in the wind.
          3. the wall is for keeping the murkins “in” .
          4. muzzies are already here.

          Damn. 3 Strikes and a pinch to grow an inch.

  26. Not at all surprising that this is now rearing it’s head….

    California Sanctuary STATE
    Kudos to Pam Gellar tor making this available!

    “ACRAMENTO (CBSLA.com/AP) — California may prohibit local law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration authorities, creating a border-to-border sanctuary in the nation’s largest state as legislative Democrats ramp up their efforts to battle President Donald Trump’s migration policies.”

    This should make those who want to be part of the ‘State of Jefferson’ all warm and fuzzy to say the least…

    Let California go..along with any other state that wants to be free of the Imperial American Empire! May the Jackalope Republic Come!

    Yours In Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

  27. There are real good reasons the U.S. won’t let that happen. Think about Russia and Crimea. Like were actually just gonna let go of San Diego, 29 palms and about 30 other base’s N.Ca not going with them anyway.

    • I would think the NorCal counties would rather fight Sacto than DC, suggesting initial for secession from the Feds, followed by secession from Sacto.

      • Agree. Once the ball gets to rolling, things will sort themselves out as they generally do with rolling balls. Courting NorCal dissidents in that new country will give the CIA something to do on an economy budget (home on weekends and all.) There’s probably enough older 12th Group retirees in that neck of the woods who could be sheep-dipped nicely and happily into their last roles, to make such a thing happen.

        OT, have to share a Churchill quote talking privately about John Foster Dulles, 1953 or ’54: “He is clever enough to be stupid on a rather large scale.”

      • Yup

      • SOJ wants to add a star, not remove one. I agree a fight with Sac is the best option. No-one up here has a problem with that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XR-jTDi8Q_o

    • The Calexit promoters’ intent is not to toss those bases out but lease them to the US Gov, similar to how basing is done in many places in the world. It could be done with an initial lease for $1 for the first 20 years (Fed gov capital recoup) and then re-negotiated after that. They’ve thought about this.

  28. Fourth Horsemann

    Black bag the commies NOW or it WILL happen to the constitutionalists later.
    History predicts what the commies *WILL* do later unless they are taken out now, martial law be damned. *You can bet your life on it.*

  29. I read the comments. Some of ’em are pretty good. Everyone wants to be Hunter Thompson.

    Hunter Thompson shot himself in the head…with a gun. Think about that.

    The Lurker

  30. I’m all for Cal-Exit. They collapse eventually, we take it back and use a Reconstruction-style system to reform it (i.e., hang most in charge, deport most of the rest somewhere, anywhere.)

  31. IF Cali citizens/illegals vote to leave Lincoln’s fucked up “perpetual union”… I say LET THEM GO and go in peace! It is their natural right to self determination and their right under the 10th.

    The deal could easily be negotiated between Brown and Trump, but as with all socialist hell holes they will eventually screw up the economy… and that is when it is open season on Cali citizens trying to escape the hell of their own making. Hmm…. someone should make a movie… “Escape from Cali”.

    Grey Ghost

  32. Watching the dems do all of the legal work for secession is just amusing. Watching them parrot everything we have been saying for the past eight years is even more amusing. The ingredients for the dissolution of a nation are present. Stir.

  33. Everyone cheering for a CalExit needs to remember your history. A guerrilla insurgency needs the support of a third-party nation to survive and win. Would you really want California (intact, or a rump state minus the Red portions) to serve as a sanctuary and support base for socialist/communist guerrillas within the remaining USA? Especially when the Chinese, Russians, or other unfriendly nations would snap up basing rights in California in exchange for training and materiel support to those socialist/communist guerrillas?

    For that reason (and others), I simply do not see “Let California Go” as a viable option.

    • Spartacus,

      In case you haven’t noticed….Kaleeyfornya js ALREADY a sanctuary and support base for socialists and communists. It is a cancer on the rest of the nation. If if isn’t cut out the host wil surely die.

      • You’ve got that backwards, Dan.
        The rest of the nation has been a cancer on CA.
        Y’all, especially NYFC, can have your toothless banjo-playing kinfolk back anytime.
        We won’t miss them.

        It took someone from Queens to finally figure out there’s a Mexican problem in this country, and give orders to build a wall.
        Having 5M of them here in CA didn’t even raise a whisper.

        We can thank fine folks from the heartland like John McAmnesty, Lindsay Grahamnesty, Marco Foolio, and the National CoC for that.

        I imagine CA, TX, AZ, etc. will get an apology for that about the time Japan apologizes to everyone for WWII.

      • Cassandra (of Troy)

        DAN III/01Feb17@09:10,

        Re: Kaleeyfornya, sanctuaries & support bases for socialists & communists, & cancers on the rest of the nation

        You omitted 20 other Leftist pestholes (HI/WA/OR/NV/MT/CO/NM/MN/WI/IA/MI/IL/VT/MA/RI/CT/DE/NY/NJ/VA/NC) that are as bad/worse than Calif & as such need to be cut out of the host even more, are those 20 Leftist states/their populations somehow less of a threat than 1 state/its population or is it that you’re just another reflexive myopic dolt like Gush Bombast’s Dittoheads/Devo Hair Hannity’s ‘Great Americans’/Bilious O’Blowhard’s Folks who’ll dutifully hate who they’re told it’s ‘patriotic’/popular to hate?

        Reflect also on Matthew 7:3-5 & how similar your anti-Calif vituperation is to that of tfA-rt’s colo-oral ejecta about America.

  34. Secession would mean kali would revert back to Mexican ownership, either by combined force of arms of the Mexican government and the drug cartels, or the government of the newly-formed Independent Republic of California just saying to the Mexican government “here, it’s yours, take it.”

  35. The REAL question, only having been alluded to twice here (once by Dan III and once by you, CA) is who’s actually behind this ‘movement’? What do they have to gain?

    Related- who’s been buying up all these ‘reverse mortgages’ and aging properties? Who has a huge population facing social and environmental disaster, thus needing to expand? Who are they allied with, and what are their capabilities? Where else have they been expanding?

    Or the laity can go back to focusing on the facade of idiot street marxists upon your tee-vee.

    • Bingo.

      There is also a fundamental philosophical question underlying CalExit and the entire secession issue:

      Do people in a given polity have the fundamental human right to reconfigure that polity?

      If you deny it to the Calis, you are denying it to yourself.

      Just sayin’….

      • This is the exact conversation I had very recently.

        It is a question concerning the 10th Amendment that liberal historians and political scientists previously dismissed as settled. Yet here we are, again.

      • I say yes they do CA just as they have to accept the consequences of that choice;) That’s where so many people get tripped up in not planning for the consequences…I say more power to them because imagine the possibilities for freedom minded folks if it succeeds…

      • “Do people in a given polity have the fundamental human right to reconfigure that polity?”

        Since you’ve made it a masthead quote:

        They have the right to try.
        With the proviso that the winners get to write the story afterwards.

        The original attempt on this continent was in 1776.
        It worked.
        The last attempt was in 1861.
        How’d that work out?

        So, learning the lessons from both A and B (which lessons, though freely available, were apparently entirely and wholly ignored by Messrs. Davis, Lee, Beauregard, et al), which way do you see this supposed one going?

        Thanks for playing, and the 4 identifiable CalExit knobs and useful idiots have a cell or a rope waiting somewhere, once the laughter dies down.
        The feds may let them off if they get the slightest traction, but the locals – on all sides – probably will track them down and exterminate their entire line. For entertainment.

        • Serious question then:

          How is California as fucked up as it is today (e.g., ‘high-speed rail’ versus watershed infrastructure plus modern desal), given all of the right-thinking locals cited by you who have their acts together?

          I am out there a lot for biz — Sacto, LA basin, Bay Area.

          I understand a bit of the politics there as part of my job as well.

          I do not see very much manifestation of a right-minded polity there, let alone with the political mass to turn the state back into what it was.

          How can California be something other than what it appears to a reasonably-experienced adult?

          PS: You are a smart and experienced man, so I am sure that you understand that the masthead was not meant only for the CalExit discussion. It is a “who, whom?” level question, and it offers insight into each respondent’s core views on freedom and its lesser sibling, ordered liberty.

          • California’s conservatives (nominally the GOP here) have been so fucked in the ass for so long, by the worst GOP in the entire country, they have had no one to represent them for decades.
            The selfish lazy bastards nominally on our side moved out. (Yeah, yeah, blah blah blah, you had your reasons, but you’re still selfish lazy bastards. How’s it working out for you in state-turning-blue 2.0? You gonna move to TX next? But I digress.)
            Between the other 47 continental states exporting their worthless fucktard toothless banjo-playing kinfolk in (either for soon-to-be-non-existent yuppie jobs in Silicon Valley, or vaporware jobs in show biz) and the deliberate importation of 5M (and growing) illegals, and their American-legal offspring, and no reason to go to the polls, CA went from Red to Blue (actually, that was the networks’ doing due to changing the Red/Blue colors in 1992, but that’s a discussion for another time) from Reagan to Clinton.

            Ponder that: they flipped a solid conservative state to a solid leftist kakistocracy in 12 years. If they can do it here, they can sure as fuck do it where you are. Ask CO, or the purpling regions of Dixie how they like that, because it’s in the cake mix.

            Those maps that show electoral response by county are called “lying with statistics”. Most of the Blue areas are highly concentrated urbanized vote ghettoes, while the suburbs and rural areas are as red as they were when they went for Reagan in 1980, if not redder. Try posting a map of majority by zip code. Better yet, by precinct. There are a few Blue hives, and vast swaths of Redistan here. Geographically, most of the state. Gerrymandered so that they have a minority of overwhelming safe districts, and the rest locked into permanent electoral untermenschen status, for every office from city to national.
            On the ground, though, take a second look.

            Prior to 1989, so called ‘assault weapons” weren’t a thing here. Once the “bullet-button” workaround kicked in, several million AR clones were sold, in CA alone. I promise, they weren’t leaving the stores in the possession of Democrats from San Francisco or West L.A.

            You can find signs lining the I-5 from L.A. to SF excoriating Nancy Pelosi and DiFi for the Central Valley’s misfortunes, but they can’t outvote senile geriatric Gov. Moonbeam’s mionions, or undo his asinine plans for fake “high-speed” rail that no one wants, or for cutting off irrigation water from the most productively fertile food-generating valley in world history, in order to water an irrelevant baitfish in the Sacto Delta.

            But they have more guns than any 27 other states, and more small arms ammunition than what the US Army expended in WWII.

            And they’re running out of tolerance for liberal dipshittery that would make the average frothing Trumpista biker from last year look like a grandmother at a blue-haired Republican grannies’ tea.

            When you make peaceful change impossible, you make violent change inevitable.”

            The Evil Party in this state is going to one day push that one last straw onto the camel’s back, and they’re going to find out the truth of JFK’s homily, with or without the prescience or perspicacity of the Stupid Party’s leadership.

            And in utter sincerity, the secession movement of this state could meet in a phone booth.
            If, by some malign miracle it were to pass, no one would take it seriously, knowing it would be overturned judicially in nanoseconds, and if not then, by force of federal arms. That would be by 00:00:00:0.2 on the day it took effect.

            If, despite all that, it stood for about a minute, it would primarily be the green light, absent any prior oaths to the dissolved Union, for everyone here who felt the urge to start culling Democrat voters and persons of color (but largely, I repeat myself) from the rolls en masse. The NG wouldn’t turn out, and Sacramento would fall by Tuesday. There would have to be boatlifts to Cuba to get the leftists out of SF and LA by the end of the week, and the streets would run with blood, but most of the nutjobs would be repatriated to your side of the border at bayonet-point, and Mexico’s, and you could have your toothless banjo-playing kinfolk back whether you wanted them or not. With permanent persona non-grata stamped on their US passports.

            The new state capitol would be somewhere like Fresno; LA and the Bay Area counties would have military governors ruling under martial law, and there’d be no panic whatsoever. Many of your citizens would want to emigrate here for the jobs. There would bloom some hundreds of drilling rigs along the CA coast, and any attempt to decrease the flow of Colorado River water would result in open warfare, and the republic of Arizona would be our newest ally, along with the rump duchy of Las Vegas. Mexico would open a second front along the Rio Grande, and you wouldn’t have the troops (or the political will) in the rest of the country to do more than splutter. Not just China, but Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, the Phillipines, and probably Oz/NZ would be on our side as well, and I wouldn’t count on keeping Hawaii or Alaska either, if it got to that.

            But it wouldn’t come to that: the White House would begin negotiations to re-admit CA to the Union in expedited fashion, once the last vestiges of socialism were expunged.
            Of course, we’d have to agree to taking the leftists bodies down from the lightpoles, and wash the blood off the streets, but the ocean is right next door, and we have several large Channel Islands hereabouts as future penitentiaries and re-education camps to make the rest of the communists go away quietly in perpetuity.
            In return, you’d have to drop your absurd national income tax by 50%, at least, before we’d consider it, and we’d have to have a serious discussion about how much rent you were willing to pay to get the Naval bases in Alameda, Long Beach, San Diego, etc., the airbases, the Army depots, the Marine bases, etc. back, and all that formerly federal land would be forfeit in perpetuity, including the formerly National parks that reverted to state management.
            And that Federal Code would pretty much have to go away down to about 1800 levels before we’d think of re-joining you, rather than stepping into being the seventh-largest economy in the world all on our own.
            As it is, the loss of 10% of federal tax revenue forever would pretty much put the government into bankruptcy in about 2 months, and trigger a global meltdown, but I’m sure no one would want that to happen.
            You have too many mouths to feed on your side of the line, and no place else to send them without us.

            With zero corporate income tax, we’d probably have to make companies take numbers to decide who got to re-open plants in our republic, and the independence of Texas (or Texas/Louisiana) and probably Lower Florida would start rumbling like a burrito trying to get out of you in short order playing “Me Two!” and “Me Three!”.

            And knowing that, in both Sacramento and D.C., there aren’t ten people who would let it get that far in the first place, unless the alien landing ships had already lasered the White House and the Empire State Building, and we were at the Area 51 scenes in Independence Day.

            The media is lying to you. Stop paying attention to them.

      • Theres that “Being consistent about freedom thing” again.

    • #CalExit

      Because the PLA needs a couple of FOBs…

      While in spirit I am all for self-determination for anyone who desires such, the commentariat doesn’t seem to understand how one doth dine on pachyderm…

      …anyone seeking an “island” better understand that fun-sized nuggets go down the gullet a lot easier.

      • What’s easier to take though Bishop…You will have to read between the lines on that comment;)

    • The REAL question is, having seen that the media was lying – unless there’s a word orders of magnitude stronger than just “lying” – with every “poll” they “reported” on for the last presidential election, FOR FIFTEEN EFFING MONTHS, is “Why do you suddenly take, with even a grain of seriousness, any of this happy horseshit they’re shoveling out by the Buddweiser-clydesdale-drawn wagonload NOW, as though it were anything other than more of the same, piled higher x deeper, by sociopathological fabulists having a psychotic break with reality?!?”

      THAT’s the million-dollar analysis point that’s getting missed, by everyone who doesn’t see this crapola for exactly what it is, and start breaking out in uncontrolled giggle-fits.

      Those of us somewhere closer mainly just make sure we have a rolled up newspaper handy for the puppy.

      But the idea, start to finish, is beyond ludicrous.

  36. “”We won’t and they won’t. The United States government can’t afford to allow foreign powers to set up in one of our former states, especially not one that has so much infrastructure that can be used as a platform against the U.S. …”

    Oh Dear! Does the author understand what a free enterprise zone is? Or the fact that the Port of LA, almost all of it, is classified as such? Though such zones are not exempt from US criminal code, many do hire their own police for the zone. Once enforcement is under control of a foreign interest does one think there is much chance of maintaining US interests in the zone? Didn’t think so.

  37. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Shinmen Takezo/31Jan17@19:46 & NorthGunner/31Jan17@22:27 have parts of the solution w/ the rest being the lesson of Mexico’s monumental strategic failure in north Tejas where it imported fractious Americans to suppress/dispossess that territory’s even more fractious aboriginals. All that need be done is to let Leftifornia® say bye-bye, then the non-Leftist remainder of the former state re-secedes like north Tejas & WV did w/ similar private/govtl support (bullets/beans/band-aids/bodies) to ensure against attempts by Leftifornia® to prevent said remainder’s ‘treasonous’ behavior.

    Factor in the demographics/psychology/terrain of Leftifornia®/remainder, that Leftifornia’s main support base is afflicted w/ the same psycho-physical pathologies, & that its allies are located far from it & would also have to cross an intensely hostile CONTINENT to aid it, it becomes glaringly obvious that Clehleh Supiriah Leftifornia® would be in quite a pickle should it achieve its goal of separating its pseudo-civilised self from ‘Fascist Redneck AmeriKKKa’.

    Another troublesome item that’s so far been ‘overlooked’ by the CalExiteers is the increasing power of Latinos & their decided antipathy toward the Bleck/Asian/GLBT/White Kuhmyunehtehz®. One wonders how the embarrassingly WHITE & disgustingly WELL-off folks pushing CalExit (a large number of whom are also Jowish, ya know) will successfully ameliorate that situation &, should they fail, what they’ll do since their actions’ll put them in the position portrayed in the following ditty.:


  38. The radical leftists in the rest of America don’t want a Calexit because it will leave them all alone with us. They don’t want to be left behind. Outnumbered.

  39. To quote Curley Bill.

    “Well, Bye”

  40. Hey, didn’t the Russian Czars Fleet go over to California
    before/during/after The Northern Aggression?

  41. Uh, Great Plains, if I’m a super-cuck, then you’re a little cucksucker. Try reading before frothing, and then try not making shit up about what you think you read. I said Trump has the Patriot Act if he wants to use it. If you think that means I WANT him to use it, or that I’m CLAMORING for him to use it, well, you’re just stupid, because I never said that, smart guy. What I’m doing when I point something out like that, is that I’m trying to draw attention to how dangerous to the Republic something like the Patriot Act is. And that the resulting sectarian tit-for-tat will result in CW Mk.2. Reading Comprehension. It’s what’s for dinner. But, please, call me any names you want, I’ll just ignore you from now on, exposed as you are, being a rather excitable, immature, boy.