Merkel’s Coalition Breaks


GoV has the details.


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    Well, this guy will end up toasted. Frau Merkel’s Stasi will charge him with a hate crime and he will be hounded out of the Kraut government. I’m still waiting for the rest of the Krauts to rise up and take their country back. I will not hold my breath.
    I tend to agree with the others who have posted on this site about “The New Germany”. The fighting spirit of the Wehrmacht has been bred out of the males, plus they have very limited access to firearms. If, in fact, the Bundeswehr is currently full of Turks, the foxes are in the hen house and Deutschland ist kaput.

    • Do not hold your breath.

      If the murkins with 100s of millions of firearms and TRILLIONS of rounds of ammunition will not take back their country, why would the Germans?

      • tfA-t,

        You abandoned Amerika. You bragged about leaving all of us deadbeats behind and living in the socialist paradise of Trudeau 2’s Kanuckistan.

        Worry about Kanada and your Kanuck socialists.


      • tfA-t,

        Oh, and BTW….

        “If the murkins with 100s of millions of firearms….will not take back their country, why would the Germans?”

        I don’t know Kamerad’s excuse but, us “100-200 million murkins” were waiting for you to lead us out of the darkness and for YOU to show us the way.


        • I moved away from the murkins for good reason. Generally, they are a corrupt and vile people and the entire world knows this. Drunken and freakish is as good a description as any. I simply see no need to live around these types of State worshiping humanoids who exist only to consume and reproduce at the cost of others -as they degrade ones quality of life… If you place yourself in that category then so be it. It’s my Right to choose my own destiny. Why is that so disturbing to you?
          Not only do you demonstrate the traits of collectivism, you also have implied you are/were a coproach. Those very two things are repugnant to my personal values and constitution.

          Now give it a break. Your shit is as old as 06’s

          • Your destiny is to be a horses ass on some blogs. So long as you don’t get banned.
            Stunning! You’ll be next on Rushmore for certain!

            • I rest my case.

              • What else but glory would you seek from the realm of public opinions?

                Masturbatory ego stroking, while all that talent, leadership and money (lots of money!) languishes.

                Allegedly, I think they say. Hell, there are hunter gatherers that have less free time than you.

                I’m working up a new theory. You’re short, round and possibly shit in a bag. Who else has time to cut and paste all the fever swamp horse shit that you do?

                • I have all day to laugh at the peasants. like yourself.

                  I went snowmobiling today around the island. plowed the south entrance to the compound, and then drank coffee with some Native Americans along the waterfront.

                  don’t you have bills to pay or someone else’s kid to care of?

                  lol lol lol

                  • Okay, I haven’t said this in a long time, but you
                    guys are a trip. Little bit of rough humor 🙂

                    As long as you realise it, your excused (smiling face )

                  • In other words, you did exactly jack and or shit for the cause of Liberty…other than stroking your own ego/pleasure ….

                    Comes now the prince of Ego to explain how that’s not only “the Good,”
                    but the “Only!” and the answer to all “The Bad Shit!” as well… seeing as how there is no taint of collectivism involved, 100-200 mil be damned.

                    To Hell with the both of you. GFY in the A, singly or together. It’s the ultimate expression of your self adoration and what you’ll get at your Final Destination.

    • I think you can write that one off? They are to busy playing slap n tickle. Jesus wept and now we know why.

  2. If the German male, such as he is, ever grows a pair Merkel and company are screwed big time. I see no signs at all however of any such growth.

  3. I think you’re wrong, gentlemen. German blood is rich in the heartland but not in the cities. The men are still there, waiting for the return of Torvald (look it up, great story). It is only when they fully grok the idea that Torvald isn’t coming that they will awaken and arise.

    Remember the verse from Kipling, when the Saxon begins to hate…

    • the German Heimat was Prussia. It’s gone. Thanks to [[[Churchill]]]’s War. Land stolen, population massacred and scattered. Forget about Western Europe and Britain. The Whites there are kaput, Muslims or no Muslims. Worry about ‘Murka, where Whites and their civilization still have a fighting chance.

  4. Have any of you ever actually seen a levee break? I watched a federal levee break in St. Louis County, in 1993. The Missouri River had been eating away at it, underneath, and on the river side, for three days. It was over 35 years old, and hadn’t been upgraded. Trees weren’t allowed to grow on it, and driving on it involved Jail Time. Very strong levee though, and at the point it gave way, it weighed an estimated million metric tons. Point is, it took a long time to go. Enormous amounts of provocation in the form of water went by, before it broke. The river, so to speak, was extraordinarily powerful, being over 5 miles wide, and 48 ft. above flood stage. Only happens once every 500 years or so, they experts say. The equivalent amount of horsepower it would take to move that levee out of the way defies description. The water, us, is rising in the EU, in the US, everywhere. It doesn’t make a lot of noise, now does it? You won’t see it, unless you go look, and a lot of “wise” heads says it’s not there, or, it won’t breach the levee that hems it in, and keeps the river, us, from roaming free where IT USED TO RUN FREE. Besides, the “wise” heads say, it’s reached it’s crest, and if it was going punch through, it would have already done so, so game over. The “right” side of history will prevent it from breaching their carefully crafted levee. That federal levee broke, in broad daylight, when the engineers said the danger was past, and it would hold. When you see the monsters, you’ll know it is time. They’ll be standing directly in front of a wall of water, with a surprised look on their face. To all those who say we, and our brethren elsewhere, are finished, I say, I’ll see you at the top.

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  6. Merkel will NOT be elected later this year. I’m not sure who does win but I think the avg German has had enough of the east german communist known as Angela Merkel.

    Grey Ghost