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  1. Great article from Radix, long but well worth the read, on the death (hopefully) of the AntiFa movement. 

    Closing graph:
     I might caution against the advice given by some in our movement that we should ‘take the fight’ to Antifa, or attempt to engage them once more on the streets. By doing so, we would validate their existence once more, and run the risk of again placing ourselves on the margins. Without compromising our values, we should continue to push as deeply into the mainstream as we can, and especially focus on forging links with Trump voters, Brexit voters, and right-leaning citizens throughout the West. As the Left continues to wail at its losses, it will continue to lash out indiscriminately. This will be to our benefit. For our part, we should focus on improving our security, while allowing the Left to show its true face to the people. Our priority is winning cultural influence and political power, not confronting small numbers of social effluent. And, rest assured, we will one day be in a position to drag this fading nuisance into the light and deliver to it a long-overdue coup de grâce

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    • once the cucks/reds in British Parliament vote down Brexit – and Trump continues to do nothing substantial about the illegals in ‘Murka – all this vote-crap is going out the window. Richard “go ahead, smash me in the face” Spencer and the rest of the alt-Right pansies may have to think of something else.