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…This is all about money and a lot more than $50 million. The Mexican central bank tracks how much money Mexicans abroad send home and in 2016 it was $25 billion, almost all of it from Mexicans in the United States and much of it from Mexicans in the United States illegally. That remittance cash accounts for more foreign exchange than Mexican oil exports. The remittance income is rising. It was nearly $22 billion in 2013 and is expected to rise to $28 billion in 2017, unless the United States enforces its immigration laws like Mexico does. Mexico has for decades tolerated illegal migration to the United States because the corruption and bad government in Mexico did little to provide jobs for the growing number of unemployed Mexicans and created a lot of potentially troublesome young men and women. Tolerating and, for many Mexican politicians, openly supporting the illegal migrants, was a popular policy and the government came to regard it as a right. But it was also about money and the remittances created a huge source of foreign currency flowing back to Mexico…

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  1. And THAT kids is how you pay for the wall. 20% tax on all wire transfers to Mexico..

    • Absolutely. We can quibble about the tax rate, since the higher it is, the more motivation there will be for illegitimate money flow channels to open (US>UK>Spain>Mexico via “legitimate” bank accounts, etc.), but the tax on wire transfers is exactly what is called for.

      • Yes, but keep in mind a high percentage of this money is sent by illegals who have no bank account and only deal in cash.
        Thats who we want to target.
        20% may be too high, but there are other forms of interactions that the illegals participate in that could be targeted. In addition target the businesses that are caught hiring illegals.

        On a side note. I have no issue with people coming to this country legally and with companies that hire them and pay them cash. I do have issues with people not asking permission nor following the process, and with the Americans who help facilitate that.

        • Globalist1, errr, Grenadier1,

          Aaahhh, the mighty globalist injects his love for all things foreign….like A erican jobs going to foreign invaders:

          “”….I have no issue with people coming to this country legally and with the companies that hire them….”

          I myself would have no issue with fools such as yourself meeting up with a short rope and a tall tree, whose globalist neck would be stretched by a few of those 95,000,000 adult American CITIZENS who are without jobs.

          You are every part an enemy of traditional Amerika as soetoro-obama was and continues to be. The sooner your kind are hanging from a lampost, the better.

    • Tax? How about civil forfeiture. Make them hire attorneys to prove it’s not proceeds from the commission of a crime like being in the country illegally, ID theft/fraud, etc.

      The moment they threatened to unleash the cartels on America, they became an enemy.

    • lastmanstanding

      Exactly…just like that. This has been going on for decades. There are hundreds of them where I live. It started here at least 20+ years ago.

      All that money every year, leaving our local economy. Every year, more and more came in as everyone wanted to take advantage of the cheap labor and beneficial employment costs. Every year it became easier and easier for the brown tide from the south to flood all the way to the American Redoubt.

      Now they are American citizens with the same status…slaves.

      Who brought them here? Those at the top of corporate America that moved in…same ones that sent the rest of our jobs abroad.

      “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

      • Lastmanstanding,

        “Who brought them here ?”

        Rather, I offer you the question “Who accepted them here ? ”

        Fools like Mr. Econ 101, Globalist1. You know him commenting as Grenadier1. He and his kind are the enemies of Middle Amerika. He loves himself foreign nationals taking what few, family-sustaining wage jobs remain today. He and his ilk are scoundrels deserving of the wrath of 95,000,000 American adults without jobs.

    • MichiganderJim

      “20% tax on…”

      Say it ain’t so, a slip of the tongue. OTOH if it’s sincere, then at least it helps explain why “Pragmatism is the biggest enemy, by far.”

      • You, are the biggest enemy to common sense, by far.

        How is it in anyone’s (other than those seeking our destruction) best interests to allow third world refuse to export, illegally!!! several billion dollars, from one soon to be impoverished nation to an already impoverished one, which has sent their troublesome dregs here for just such a purpose!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?

        You’re always harping on “reality” which, for you, means the apprehension of some “pure” philosophical construct to which reality MUST adhere, human nature and natural order be damned.

        You’re just as tiresome as you were before your recently suspended hiatus. Do us all a favor and take another.

        • oughtsix,

          What, you have no love for your boy “Detroit” Jim Klein aka MichiganJim aka MichiganDERjim ?


          WORD !

          “You’re just as tiresome as you were before your recently suspended hiatus. Do us all a favor and take another.”

    • 20% my ass!!! At least the current combined federal and state income taxes that we AMERICANS pay. That ‘s a hell of a lot more than 20%.

  2. Mojados raus!!

  3. Mexico may get California hopefully

  4. Duh well no shit Sherlock.
    How long & how many years have Mexican illegal immigrants been scamming the system ?
    Namely two kinds of massive economic fraud.

    #1 Sending Cash from work they do here & take away from jobs Americans or Legal Immigrants that they pay no taxes on & contribute NOTHING into the system.

    #2 File fraudulent tax returns for the Tax benefits claiming various number of dependents (children) they don’t even have knowing the IRS doesn’t audit or can’t w/ the resources they have to verify the actual number of dependents they claim.

    It’s been estimated at least $4+Billion USD & most likely way north of that estimated number in reality.

    All along working the system & taking advantage all the way to bank only thinking of themselves.

    Not to mention the Healthcare Fraud – SNAP Fraud – Medicaid Fraud programs as well that Obozo empowered them on & took it to a whole new level of fraud & criminality.

    Time to end the stupid Bull Shit charade & illusions. It’s over & needs to stop ASAP.

    • Randall Flagg

      Can you cite sources? Not doubting you, but will be more convincing to others with sources.

      • Obviously it is a “Catchy” situation. Been going on for a long
        time, here (over one hundred years) and all over the earth.

        “The slothful fall under tribute”

        “The masses continue with an appetite for benefits and the habit of receiving them by way of a rule of force and violence. The people, having grown accustomed to feed at the expense of others and to depend for their livelihood on the property of others… institute the rule of violence; and now uniting their forces massacre, banish, and plunder, until they degenerate again into perfect savages and find once more a master and monarch.” Polybius

      • No, you do the research yourself. I’m not doing the work for something you should already know. That’s called lazy. It’s all open source knowledge & well known. It’s been known for years where have you been ? You should have been consciously aware rather than consciously unaware.
        I don’t need your confirmation bias or approval to already know it’s the truth. Research the facts your lazy self.

      • Randal Flagg
        Now do the rest of the work yourself.

        ‘Last year, the inspector general released a new report showing the problem now costs American tax payers more than $4.2 billion’.


      • lon a follower

        Randall, Why would you pick this name?
        Stu Redman perhaps, but Randy flag?

  5. make a comprehensive list of the ” willing attorneys ” and remember ……….

    ” always remember……….it is about the money……………I would not sell out my home and hearth for 50 mil………but there are those near and around us that will…………..just doing my job……everyone deserves a day in court…..we are a nation of laws………..Bla Bla Bla…………………………

    KEEP THE LISTS………..! harden your hearts gentlemen, harden you hearts……..

  6. First up, if one takes out illegal votes,(the ones obama said he wouln’t do anything about”. dead people voting,(the most disturbing part of my mother-in-law’s passing). and commie/ liberals voting more than once. hillary was buried in a big trumpslide. get over it!
    Next, you say California like your talking about the whole state being yours, thinking the way you do. go look at the county maps. what would really be succeeding is sacramento, san francisco, and l.a.. as those three population centers have tyrannized the rest of the state since ever voting started.
    And lastly, if Trumps the Hilter u-all say he is, what would stop him from deporting all of our problems right into your gated community? because the reallity is those immigrants/ problems don’t like you anymore than they like my redneck ass.
    So, please, please, with sugar on top, succeed. That way you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor! And generations to come wiil get a good laugh, and a morbid tell around the camp fire!

    • You know, I’m really getting tired of the left’s constant cries of ” Trump is Hitler!!!”. I have to admit – Trump may be a little bit hard to read – and he *seems to* have some of the personality traits that might dispose him to dictatorship , so I’ve been trying to figure the guy out a little myself.

      Did a little searching – and found an interesting article where they go into some detail of the psychology of people who end up as dictators – long story short : Trump doesn’t really fit the mold of a dictator type – at all:

      Psychology Today – The Mind of a Dictator:

      Since the wife does this occasionally as female type entertainment (goes to see astrologers) – I wondered what the hell the Sun signs have to say about dictators. (yeah I know – tinfoily / crazy but it’s a potential data point)


      Anyways, here’s a list of the 17 most prolific dictators in history, and their Sun signs:

      Hitler: Aries (his Sun was at 29 degrees Aries, but some say Taurus because his Sun was supposedly 43 minutes into Taurus…you pick…..)
      Aguinaldo: Aries
      Mussolini: Leo
      King Abdullah bin Abdul: Leo
      Stalin: Capricorn
      Franco: Sagitarius
      Pinochet: Sagitarius
      Pol Pot: Taurus
      Saddam Hussein: Taurus
      Mao: Capricorn
      Omar Hasan Ahmad al-Bashir: Capricorn
      Ceau escu: Aquarius
      Mugabe: Aquarius
      Kim-Yong-il: Aquarius
      Than Shwe: Aquarius
      Islom Karimov: Aquarius
      Saparmyrat Ata-ewi- Ny-azow: Aquarius

      Trump is a Gemini – which shows up nowhere on that list.

      Long story short – a little bit of analysis – even if some of it is tinfoil level stuff – doesn’t point to any dictatoryness coming out of Trump at all – the signs just aren’t there.

  7. ALCON,

    If Kaleeforneeyah leaves the union do those bitches Boxer and Feinstein have to go with them ?

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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  9. laugh my ass off at all these anti-nationalists that protest with flag waving Mexican-nationalist, just a bit confused. here is fact! if America is an evil white power country, why are all the brown and black people fleeing to get too good ole racist white America. it is not the white nationalist killing entire families south of the boarder, it is brown people. It is not white nationalist killing entire villages in Africa, it is other black people. It is not white nationalist forcing brown people to board make shift boats in hope of landing in Florida, it was other Brown people. on and on.

  10. You need a social security number for each child dependent you claim on your taxes. Not Mexicans. If he claims the kids live in Mexico, no SS number needed. Of course, he has ten children in Mexico.

  11. Note all about money – Unholy Alliance: Christian Charities Profit from $1 Billion Fed Program to Resettle Refugees, 40 Percent Muslim


    • lon a follower

      Yes, now why was a seperation desired between (organised) church and state? Was it not this same church alliance that nudged people to the ” new world.”

  12. I’ve spent some serious time doing investigation of “MicroBanking” and “MicroPayments” that banks like Chase use to send money from illegals to their family in Mexico and Central America. They issue 2 duplicate prepaid cards similar the a debit card but it must have money value loaded onto it like a prepaid phone. The husband gets one abnd the wife gets the other or whomever the “recipient” might be. There were no dollar or peso limits when I looked into it so cartel use is likely.
    Hubby puts his money on the card at his bank and the wife goes to an atm or other type of cash dispenser and swipes her card, enters her coded pin number and out pops the cash. The managing bank gets a percentage of each transaction or 2for every transfer. It might be anywhere from 1% to 10% depending on the bank or Agent managing the transaction. IE: a transfer of 1000.00 USD the “fee” could be anywhere from 10.00USD to 100.00USD on each totaling between 20.00 to 200.00USD. It may be converted to local money with a conversion fee as well. The last time I looked into this in depth was 2014 and the total dollars USD transfered from the US to Only Mexico was in excess of 80 Billion Dollars USD. That doesnt include ElSalvador which was a close 2nd and all the other immigrant home ports. This info can be found on the UN Banking site under Intl banking iirc. Condidering how many million mexillegals came here under Obama that 80 Billion may have doubled.
    If you think the banks and cartels arent using this..


    • Nice work Yank. You are likely correct. The banks as well as US.gov.econ benefit from the illicit drug trade $$ exchange. While “BFR’s” (beaner family remittances) total $25billion, wholesale bricks of hard white and tan powder are nearer to $100 billion. That money has to find it’s way back south of the border and often does via “trade exchanges” where goods are purchase here and then resold after transport abroad. If it sounds stimulating to the US econ, well ya and I’m guessing there’s a bank or three in the mix as well collecting their “TRIBUTE” along the way.

  13. The Great Plains

    California is never going to secede. If FedGov lets one state go, it has to let them all go. The Marxist elites in Sacramento will never allow that.

    The only people fantasizing over Calexit are low-info patriotard types who don’t understand how the world works. The same sort of people who parrot whatever Limbaugh and Hannity say. The same morons who thought the 2016 election would be cancelled, and that the electoral college would install Hillary.

    “Hurr Hurr Hurr see ya Commiefornia! Trump will MAGA! Maybe Trump will even invade California and send liberals to re-education camps, hurr hurr hurr.”

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  15. SemperFi, 0321

    Some of you folks need to do some serious homework on tax money and how the Fed works.
    None of your tax money goes to pay illegals, or their bennies, it ALL goes to the FedRes/IMF. They spend it however they see fit, maybe even finance some of the riots. But don’t think for 1 second you have any say in where your debt bucks go. It is after all a Federal Reserve Note, remember that.

    • That’s correct.
      It goes to pay the interest on the debt bucks they loaned the US Treasury.

      As such, the principal can never be re-paid…

      • And that principle debt ($) was created out of fiat money (illusionary) created out of nothing by the International ownership interests of the FedRes / IMF / BIS / Central Banks. Treasury notes – T Bills – Bonds those ‘values’ are paid by the BIS – IMF – Central Banks money (they created out of nothing) to the respective governments they have contractual agreements wit (the public never sees those). The governments then ‘pimp’ that money back to investors w/ interest (aka the ‘vig’) for the those Treasury Notes – T Bills – Bonds. All part of the esoteric knowledge of fractional banking invented by Sumerians to Templar Knights to Jesuits etc.
        If people want a real change that system has to be changed. otherwise we are all pissing into the wind.

  16. ‘U. S. By mid-2014 Mexico agreed to undertake Operation Sur which was supposed to curb illegal Central American migrants from entering Mexico. Operation Sur increased surveillance operations along Mexico’s southern border and improved border inspections.’

    Complete bullshit.

    If you get into google maps, and then fly down to the Mex/Guat line, you can literally look at their border–real close. Start at the west coast and move northeast. The major “roads” are there.

    At the border crossings (river overpasses) (mainly trucks) you can use the street view to actually see what’s going on at some of the “pedestrian” crossing areas. Notice that the Mex gov probably didn’t let them get too close to certain areas.

    In other cities, you’ll have to “drive” over some overpasses to look over to the river crossing area.

    You’ll see…nothing but wide open. Just like our border.

  17. I wonder if a simpler solution would not be to invade and conquer Mexico, enslave all their citizens, sell them all onto other continents (Saudi sex slaves and eunuch army, Putin may buy a few 10s of millions to have non-Chinese population in the borders of Siberia, sell them to Chinese slave factories and mines, both in the middle kingdom and their African colonies, even sell them to the subset of Africans who still practice slavery. None stay, either in the US or Mexico. The proceeds from the sale of slaves would pay for the invasion, the wall, and partial recompense for all the illegal immigrant invasion and thieving costs.

    Once Mexico is fully depopulated, give it African Americans. The whole thing, as mandatory reparations, 40 acres and a mule etc. Settle square with American blacks, and leave America to the founders progeny. Any whites who want to go are welcome to if the blacks will have them.

    That’s been the way the world has worked for tens of thousands of years. Mexico has invaded us with 65mm people in just the last few decades. They should have considered that possibility before they started a migratory and economic war against a people who can crush them. Start nothing, but finish everything. And I bet the rest of the world will behave much more civilly towards us for many decades, especially the recent Philipino giving us so much lip.