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  1. Jimmy the Saint

    In the Democrats’ defense, Elian was a counter-revolutionary gusano who illegally fled the glorious worker’s socialist paradise of Cuba. And the Dems fucking HATE anyone who even dares imply that communism is less than absolute perfection. They’re probably still upset that Agent Friendly there didn’t empty his MP-5 into the little traitor’s face.

  2. Stephen Green ‏@VodkaPundit Jan 19

    Presidents’ Nicknames in My Lifetime So Far:
    Tricky Dick
    Mr Nice Guy
    Peanut Farmer
    The Gipper
    Slick Willie
    That Fucker


    and now we have the Cheeto.

  3. thesouthwasrght

    I always thought that fedthug pointing his mp5 in those people’s faces was a pos.

  4. If it weren’t for double standards, those assholes wouldn’t have any standards.

  5. Yes, I remember when the federal government assumed powers reserved to the states and to the people in what was essentially a child custody dispute between family members.

    How many US born children are overseas as a result of child custody disputes?

    How about blond girls who were kidnapped here and trafficked overseas? Oh no, don’t want to follow that rabbit hole at the State Department.

    • I wonder how many kids those operators in the picture abducted for the Clinton/Podesta human trafficking gig.

      • Most likely none. Why would one of those operators risk 10 to life here when it can be provided to them as a fringe benefit when stationed overseas?

        Males and females are from different national/cultural circles depending where on the globe this takes place. The local criminal element has at most a short term ancillary attachment to criminal outsiders who move the females to a different location.

        I would suspect the slickest operations might traffic humans who were never on any nation’s books in the first place. There’s plenty of dna floating around the globe.

      • On pizza gate, the Klitons and the Podestas

        A recent post from the great Diana West on PizzaGate; absolutely horrific shit.

        I saw some of this depraved “art” work and was nauseated by it. Truly satanic. She has a few pic and plenty of links.

        The sooner these sick fucks are terminated (hopefully by private parties after a days-long application of blowtorchs and pliers) and sent to the hell they deserve the better.

  6. Democrats: The monopolizers of compassion.

    Their hypocrisy alone warrants summary execution.

  7. Remember when Eisenhower kicked a million and a half Mexiturds out of the US who were here illegally? Give me the ability, and I’ll make that happen, along with the moslem assholes, starting with the earliest imports, every month.

    • “Operation Wetback”. Look it up. A great success.

      Even that prick Caesar Chavez was solidly behind it.

        • There’s the “Man with a Plan”

          “Fucktard”? Really?

          Accusing me of being pedophile and calling me grammar school names?

          Wonderful “plan” there, T-Fal.

          • hey SCUMBAG.

            these are your fucking heroes.

            “And the white population backed them to the hilt. ”

            Here are the nine reports of police misconduct tracked for Friday, January 27, 2017:

            Cleveland, Ohio: A now-former officer pled guilty to drug possession after an investigation revealed multiple texts with an alleged drug dealer. Having relinquished his law enforcement certification, a successful stint in rehab and year of probation will expunge his conviction. He is also named in a pending excessive force lawsuit for shooting a suspect and allegedly falsifying information related to the incident.
            Marlin, Texas: An officer was charged with theft of a firearm by a public servant after guns were discovered to be missing from the police armory.
            Update: Citrus County, Florida (First reported 12-20-16): A deputy who was fired after a domestic violence arrest won her appeal of termination. She may return as a dispatcher while her criminal case is pending.
            Allegheny County, Pennsylvania: A deputy was charged with domestic violence.
            Update: Temple, Texas (First reported 09-27-16): An officer was sentenced to federal probation and ordered to pay a $1,200 fine for lying to federal investigators.
            Trenton, Texas: The now-former chief who was under indictment for official oppression died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot.
            Update: Portland, Oregon (First reported 12-13-16): An officer who was arrested for DUI in his patrol vehicle was permitted to enter a one-year diversion program to avoid a criminal conviction. He will have a breathalyzer attached to the ignition of his car.
            St. Johns County, Florida: A deputy resigned after being charged with fraud for $1,300 in personal purchases on the Police Athletic League credit card.
            Michigan State Police: A trooper pled no contest to OVI and aggravated assault for crashing into a motorcyclist. He is scheduled to be sentenced March 8.

  8. Will try to “declassify” this to you, as I saw it, being a
    Branding Campaign.

    Much was being exposed about the mostly democratic run
    family courts regarding their total desruption of the families
    via their so-called family courts, and their pay-to-play to the
    burden of the families as a whole, where once love existed,
    they would drain whatever was left, using the offense/defense
    strategy and suck-up their remaining furtunes, including the
    wellbeing of the children in the long run, feeding their bucket
    brigades of kling-ons while devouring families in distress.

    If you noticed, to me, the Elian “campaign” was mostly a jurisdictional
    venue attempting to prove somehow that family courts were
    fair and honest, and in this case, from my point of view, where
    way off on that subject matter jurisdiction. Evil, being what it does,
    went blind again, as it does often, and while deep capturing the
    emotions of the many Cubans past and present struggle to get
    their families out of the hellhole which is that failed experiment
    on Cuba, blind sighted the many playing “the game.”

    Still remember the advanced “wire” I received to get Elian out
    of the house and into a Catholic Church about twenty four
    hours prior to the raid, which I passed on to no action/response.

    I think many where blinded by the artificial light, being opposite
    of His Fire in His eyes.

    “Verily I say unto thee, Thou shalt by no means come out thence,
    till thou hast paid the uttermost farthing.”

  9. I’ll never forget how the media made this seem like an amazing thing way back then.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The media loved the Federal Dirlewanger Brigade back then – cheered them on w/r/t Elian, Ruby Ridge, Waco….

      • Yeap, that Branding Campaign was actually luring many fathers
        and their paternal side (including women) all warm&fuzzy that ALL “fathers” have the right to not be extorted by the “family courts.” Very evil scheme playing emotional blackmale. Most of them, as a sidebar here,
        did not know anything about the situation on the ground in Cuba and
        their connections here.

        Ask yourself, why would an Industry bring such a “case” when the
        mother died and the father wanted his son, well, when the kid’s father
        wanted his biological son to be under that yoke over there actually.

  10. CW2. It should be interesting if the US imposes steep tariffs on exports of water, electricity and other rather important things to Aztlán.

    • Fuck secession. Let’s kick ’em out. We’ll keep our military bases just like Guantanamo Bay. We’ll get wine and almonds somewhere else.


        Agreed. Gaps in the markets are eventually filled. It’s ECON 101. These commie-liberals, sexual deviates, and wetbacks who have destroyed the state of my birth had better be careful what they wish for. They will find themselves being governed by the Chinese.

        • I’m with you, Weasel, 110%. 

          I was born in L.A. in ’51. My family goes back *four* generations in  Mexifornia. My great-grandmother was born on a dairy farm in what is now part of Pasadena. I’ve seen my beautiful state overrun by these maggots all my life. Even S.F. used to be an amazing place to visit if you could ignore all the faggots and the nut-jobs (which was easy to do back then). BTW, we do produce the best wine in the Western hemisphere. Go see the movie “Bottle Shock” and how we kicked the French wine snobs in the ass. 

          “Wetback” *used* to be a fully acceptable term. If you dare used it now the thought police would be on you like a cheap suit. The word “Mexican” used to be a derogatory word. Look up the Zoot-Suit riots in East L.A. in the late 30s and early 40s. Anyone here who has seen the great movie L.A. Confidential should remember the jail scene where the Mexican told Kevin Spacey’s character to “fuck your mother” and Spacey decked him. That’s what L.A. used to be like. No-nonsense hard-nosed cops that defended the law-abiding citizens.  And the white population backed them to the hilt. They simply did their jobs and the only people that hated them were the niggers and the Mexicans.

          I moved to North County San Diego to be near my mom in Carlsbad.  When she passes on (pretty soon, I’m afraid. She’s 90) I’m outta here. I’m not gonna miss all the Mexicans and the leftoid politicians. But damn, I’m sure gonna miss the wonderful weather.

          • you’re brainwashed.

            “And the white population backed them to the hilt. They simply did their jobs and the only people that hated them were the niggers and the Mexicans.”

            I have a suggestion. Pull your head out of your ass, your gray matter lacks O2.

            what an idiot.

  11. Yeah but hey….his finger was off the trigger. Good safety protocol, right?

    Those be-militarized cocksuckers that do this have been given free reign….so far.

  12. So BRAVE!

    My Heroes….

    “Serve and Protect” their fat salaries and benefits- that is.

    FUCK the poLICE

  13. Another insane cop-hating rant (if 14 words can be called a “rant”).

    When are you gonna 86 this idiot outta here?

  14. Virgil Kane, we can still import wine and almonds from the nation of California. “Peace, commerce and friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none.” –Thomas Jefferson Speaking of Jefferson, I’ve read that Northern California wants to separate and firm the new State of Jefferson. Isn’t that from whence comes the wine?

    • Nope. The proposed “State of Jefferson” is mostly in Humbolt county, home of the our own “Golden Triangle” of pot growers and a whole lot of people who are sick and tired of the Leftists in Sacramento dictating to them with no repesentation.

      A ton of those people are from the NE part of the state that just want to be left the fuck alone.

    • Central MexiKaliForniKation is where wine country is. The MKFK isn’t going anywhere. And just a note, Northern MKFK is not the “conservative” bastion that everyone thinks it is. Sanders was a close second (means beat Clinton/ close second to Trump), or winner in some of those N. counties (means beat Hillary/Trump).

      Type: (your state) primary election by county 2016. You may find that your state/county isn’t exactly the bastion of “conservatism” by a landslide too. Note: Unfortunately, many State/County maps don’t show all the contenders, just the top performers – hence straight Trump/Hillary rather than Hillary/Sanders vs. Trump/Cruz

      You look at many counties in the USA and note that if Bernie supporters had voted Clinton, then the county would be Blue. Or more simply, if we were voting straight up/down dem/rep party, rather than the man/women individual, many counties would be blue.

      Hence, we are a divided nation.

  15. Alfred E. Neuman

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