SLL: Riptide


Lay down not in the scorpions’ den.

You’ll be sorry.

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  1. The Yemeni rebels struck a Saudi ship. Some damage and some casualties. Not the first success at sea for them. There’s been fighting there for at least 5 years. Almost nothing in the MSM.

    • Is this it?

      • nice. There was another one awhile back, a Saudi supply vessel, that the Shi’a resistance hit and burned out at night. As the victory chant indicates, they are well aware that it’s Isramerica that’s arming and keeping the Riyadh terrorists in power. Only question is, for how much longer…the Saudi “Army” is basically worthless:

  2. The M-I complex will make it difficult on Trump to end the wars. The Fake Americans (Dems and Libs) equally will seek to damage/destroy Trump and paint him as a murdering psychopath for the genocide that will follow the US exit.

    • Trump has no such intention. He’s promised the Zionists (who own bazillion$ of his debt) to put the screws on Iran….that will lead to war with Russia as surely as Mrs. Clinton’s Syria plans.

  3. Don’t expect ANY help.

    .Gov mainly helps themselves…

  4. I’ll tell you exactly what those “safe zones” are: Where Assad and Russia is not. And, where US forces are… including the masters of chaos, the CIA. Seriously, if Trump goes along with this, he is an idiot.

    The fact is, out of John Kerry’s own mouth, “we” were using ISIS, Al Qaeda, Al Nusra directly and indirectly to oust Assad. But as Putin correctly pointed out, did the USA really believe that once these terrorists gained Damascus and ouster/beheaded Assad, they were just going to go… home, and hand it over to USA puppet?

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