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  1. Part II has possibly convinced me to start appendix carrying instead of at 0400. However, I carry what I’ve heard referred to as a “fighting gun” instead of a little pocket pistol. How feasible is it to carry a Glock 19 at the appendix? Anyone have holster recommendations? I’m going to look at the one recommended in part II.

    • You should have no issues sporting a G19 in appendix carry (provided your belly has not exceeded it’s boundaries). I recommend Raven Concealment or T-Rex’s appendix rigs.

    • I’m going to be contrarian…

      I appendix carry to maintain better control and concealabilty (avoids printing). If you keep you hand near your front pockets (a lot of us casually do) you are naturally close for a draw.

      I would never dream of doing this with a Glock or any other safetyless striker. GlockLeg TM is fatal because of the femoral artery.

      I carry a P239 with a 10lb DA pull. Still no safety to slow me down but a very deliberate first shot that in my experience is difficult to ND.

      I think a double stack would be uncomfortable (when sitting). Single stack for me is very comfortable and at least one extra mag is a must (as always).

      Raven’s line has become ridiculous with their snap hoops that are impossible to work. They know this and don’t care because they couldn’t get their hooks to stop cracking/breaking. Their “winged” AIWB rig is a complete joke (bought it and never use it). Just try sitting in your car and getting that thing on/off!

      JM Custom Kydex makes an amazingly comfortable rig with a hook that easily slides in/out but maintains control and placement. With the 1.5″ clip I am very happy and they have gotten cheaper!

      • ANON (What’s an ANON ?),

        The question was asked of a G19 for AIWB. Not your fanboy SIG preference.

        Secondly, striker fired pistols are fine appendix carried. Like any wpn, keep your finger off the trigger. Besides, the shooter could always carry Israeli AIWB if lack of wpns experience is a factor. Besides, the seldom occuring AIWB negligent discharge you’re so worried about is a reholster issue. Not a draw issue. The reholster ND is easily mitigated.

        Thirdly, in your ignorance you “think” a double stacked pistol is uncomfortable (it is not FYI) ? But, you don’t know. Hypothetics will get you nowhere.

        Try the Dot Torture drill from 3 yards. Fire from the draw, double action with your SIG’s 10# + trigger pull. You’ll be lucky to hit the paper let alone the backstop.

        No wonder your screen name is “ANON”. “Clueless” may be more appropriate. Go back to cruising the Internet or get out to a range and start practicing. Appears you need a LOT of hands-on.

    • 314,

      I’m not a Glock fanboy BUT….of all my pistols the G19 GEN4, with the large modular backstrap attached fits my meat hooks well.

      My G19 is equipped with a Trijicon RMR RM06 red dot and a Surefire XC1 pistol light. Wpn is carried AIWB using a G-Code INCOG holster.

      You will have to dress accordingly to help prevent the G19 from printing. Same as any CCW.

      BTW….that freakin’ red dot G19 acquires the target quicker and more accurately than any of my iron sighted pistols.

  2. Thx, and thanks back to reader / contributor. Solid x 3

  3. I generally carry at the 0300, but when warranted I have no problem whatsoever with a G19 at the appendix with a simple (and safe) trigger guard. I happen to use the Aegis “Guardian”, but have had good luck with the Raven equivalent on some of my other pistols.
    Fast, no printing, and safe.
    Just my 2 shekels worth.

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