Two From Max Velocity On Why You & Your Family Should Be Training Now


Training the Right Way, and without the Intimidation Factor

Memes of Bravado and Blades of Grass Quotes


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  1. Every picture I’ve seen put up by MVT shows guys half my age. I’m 61. I don’t think I’d fit in and I’ve never been a ‘professional soldier’ so my guess is the cadre….would….not have much use for me. I grew up in a military family and say what you will that green code exists to their core.

    So..anybody ‘like me’ been to MVT and how did it go?

    Semper Paratus

    • You would be treated well. I invite others who have gone to opine as well.

    • All the time. We have 67 and even 70 year old’s that have trained. Yes, we do train military, but that is a separate deal. MVT was begun to provide training for responsible citizens, in order to “keep the good folks alive.”

      Plenty of student reviews here:

    • bowman.

      Do you have a longarm ?

      Do you have a sidearm ?

      Do you have 1/2 dozen magazines per wpns platform ?

      Do you have the kit needed to run your weapons ?

      Do you have the DESIRE to learn ?

      If you have the above than all you need is to register for the class, pay the freight and show up at the training site. There are many “professional soldiers” who were never combat arms. The closest they got to the type of training you’re looking to secure is putting 40 rounds downrange for annual weapons qualification. Besides, the instructors won’t have any bad habits to pry you out of.

      Understand that felllow students are more worried about themselves looking foolish, rather than criticizing others. Their only concern for their student peers is that all practice safe weapons handling.

      Dismiss your concerns about not being a former troop. Hell, the instructors may spend more time with you knowing your limitations. They only want you to succeed and do it safely.

      GO !

      • Yes to all of your questions DAN III. I am very well equipped and study everything I can get my hands on and shoot a ‘lot’. I am by anybody’s definition a high volume shooter. I’ve loaded my own since the 70’s…..and have never had one day of actual ‘training’. I’ve sent an email to MVT regarding CRS availability.
        Thanks for your comments!

  2. Brian from Georgia

    I’ve attended MVT classes multiple times. I’d say the median student age was mid 40s, with each class having 60+ yo in it. I have one friend that was 72 when he went. Max accommodated and my friend got a lot out of it.
    Having said that, you get out of it what you put into it. The better your PT, the more you will benefit from the class.

    Max gives solid professional instruction. I highly recommend MVT; see my reviews on Max’s site.

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