A Brief (And Funny) History Of Rednecks


Fractious folks, once you wrong them.

Imagine that.

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  1. “where do you end up when you’re trying to get away from all the people and be by yourself?

    You end up in the mountains.”

    Not anymore. The smokies and the rockies have been either gobbled up by teh Feds, or sliced and diced up by real estate speculators.

    Been to both and I know it to be true.

    You want “no people”? Go NORTH and keep going north.

  2. outlawpatriot

    Umm… pretty close I guess. May I suggest “What America Was Really Like In 1776” by Thomas Fleming. Follow that up with “The Whiskey Rebellion” by Thomas P. Slaughter. It ain’t what you think it was. It wasn’t pretty. But it was what it was. Understanding the past is the key to understanding the future. 🙂

  3. My Scots-Irish genes definitely appreciated the article!

  4. Centurion_Cornelius

    MIGHTY fractious once wronged, which can last for generations.

    “They say don’t go on Wolverton Mountain
    If you’re looking for a wife
    ‘Cause Clifton Clowers has a pretty young daughter
    He’s mighty handy with a gun and a knife.”

    MIGHTY handy with a gun and a knife….

  5. Great take. They forgot the coal region of NE Pa
    which were inhabited by hard folks, Poles, Lithuanians, Irish etc. Read up on the Mollies. Anthracite is hard coal and its people are too. Lots of mine shafts out there. Fella could get lost real easy. The closest movie ive seen that captures the spirit of the area actually takes place in OK but the concept is the same. That movie is called Winters Bone. I found it over at Kens place.

    The other one i’d recommend is Shenandoah. Great insight into this AO. Ignore the horseshit message from TPTB. The take away is that if u decide to pick a fight there it might be your last and it starts out real early. My first real fight was in 2nd grade. It wasnt til i was out of that region til I realized how different it is from the rest of ‘Merica. Everyone can shoot well because each year they put meat on the table when it turns cold.

    • Winter’s Bone- Missouri/Arkansas Ozarks, my stomping grounds. Many good friends playing music in that one. Still pissed I wasn’t in it.

      On topic, the term “rednecks” came from the wearing of red kerchiefs to identify friend from foe, striking coal miners fighting a literal war against Pinkertons, sheriffs and other thugs hired by the mining companies:



      I am a redneck, fiddlle playin’, banjer pickin’, ‘shine drinkin’, homesteadin’, gunsmithin’, panther ridin’, hide bound antiauthoritarian, Bible believin’, freedom lovin’ Man… someone you don’t really want to be messin’ with.

      And aesop (others)… I still have most of my teeth. I’m 74 and on my worst day I wouldn’t take more shit from any of you than I was willing to return in full.

      I’ll spare you pseudosnarkysumbitches the trouble:

      Come say whatever the hell you got to my face, pussybritches!

      Got bus fare?

      (Tom: None of this is aimed at you, Brother.)

  6. Actually, rednecks around here are kind of scarce, being in the DFW area, and the men are more concerned with looking a certain way, (yow!), and the women are overly concerned with looking whatever the right way is at the moment. But they’re around. I’m not one myself, but I understand them, and get along fine, because white people with rough manners and a “I don’t give a fuck!” attitude are pretty much like myself anyway. Nobody ever SAYS they’re a redneck, which is like the bit about a gentleman never describing himself as a gentleman. You either are, and everyone knows it, or you’re not. You can also tell by the way you always see them at the range, gun shows, stock shows, outdoor shows, stringing and mending fence, herding cattle, riding a tractor/combine, stacking or rolling hay, going to NASCAR, getting drunk and beating the living shit out of one another before the cops get there. Or when a twister comes through, they pick up a chain saw (natch), and start clearing streets and areas before the TV people can even find the place. I saw some applauding when young men were filing out of the federal building, and onto buses, going into the service. They’re at the 4th of July, hand over heart, and some are missing legs, and toes, and fingers and arms, and noses and ears, and eyes, and a lot of them are just missing. They gather up food by the thousands of tons for Thanksgiving, for people in want, and thousands more for Christmas, along with toys, and everything needed to make the Yuletide nice. I haven’t seen one of them ever ask for so much as a thank you. I know what some here are going to say, so you may as well save it. Instead of carping about how bad this country is, the rednecks at least have the common sense to DO something about it, in their own way, and they make a damned good difference in the way things are. Nobody asked for any input, and I didn’t see anybody offering a spare tit when they was trying to grow up. The rednecks do the living and the dying and the fighting and the fixing, and the building and the wrecking, and they don’t need any body’s permission to fucking speak. And if that’s too damned much for some of you high and mighty and educated motherfuckers, then fuck y’all. Here’s how it is. Nut up, or shut up.

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. everlastingphelps

    Joe Bob says check it out.

  9. Ellwood Gritzpot

    Amen ! Sounds a lot like my Presbyterian preacher, Dr. Redneck

  10. “Rednecks are convinced that they’re protected by God.”

    Just the Scots Irish ones.

    Nice photo, too. Here’s one for the red, white, and bloob.

  11. The Usual Suspect

    There will be no running north in search of freedoms granted by
    We already have the best country on the face of the planet, we
    just need remove those who determine what is best for us, despite
    the Constitution.
    There is a fight coming !

  12. Yes their is. If your fighting on their terms, will be a short battle.


  13. Actually take the media talking heads first,,the rest will real it in.


  14. Stealth Spaniel

    Loved the article. I was probably one of a few, who understood Smokey when it came out, (My daddy being from Kentucky and all). There are rednecks in Cali-Knuckledraggin verifies that daily. It’s pussy central on the coast but the rest of us are normal. 😉

    • I’ve never gotten the libertarian vibe from rednecks, more like the Puritans, where they enforce their church’s rules for self-loathing on me. How do rednecks react to honest self-made rich people?

  15. Looking at my map and noticing that anything east of say, North Dakota in the North, and Oklahoma to the South, looks as if the Middle of nowhere is being defined by the minutes it takes to get to the next truck stop.

    When I was fishing and crabbing the Pribilofs were the closest thing to civilization If someone died, and it happens more than you think ) we just wrapped the bodies in shrink wrap and put them in the freezer until the Coastguard made their visit.. usually a week or so out, weather permitting, If we were up by St. Mathews, it was another week or so. I learned what it meant to be on your own in the truest sense of the word.

    • O craigslistrr O…So you you were crabbing. May I ask what boat(s)? Spent years (decades) fishing in the gulf and Bristol Bay. Never went out west and fished the Bering. Didn’t need to. Made more than plenty longlining Halibut (lost three fingers to the gurney one September opener, blowing sixty) and gill netting salmon in the bay. Lived in Kodiak for 23 years.

      Never wanted to fish the Pribs…thought you guys were nuts. New most on the Northwestern, Massacre Bay, Barbarossa, Winterhawk (?), Lynn J (?) and many many more. Those are just the crabbers and there are more. Lynn J especially bad..all hands, all same Kodiak family. Looks as if you survived the experience.

  16. I used to live for a few weeks each year with friends out there.
    That is where I learned what “hoss” meant. There where the
    Monroe’s (men from ro), the Lays, the Cash’s etc. Good people,
    down to earth.
    It was a great honor to live, eat & sleep, (and shoot too) and share our thoughts and convictions.
    Oh, and some of them used to introduce me to others like:
    “This is so n’ so – he is a Redneck” 🙂
    My young son learned what a barking spider was and so forth…

  17. Remember June Griffin? I spoke with her a few times, but
    never met her. She is a head strong lady:

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

    • Here is June Griffin in Part II from video above:

      “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  18. Henry Bowman

    As a descendant of those that invented the modern world, Scots and a Coonass to boot, now living in Charlotte, i find this true on so many levels.
    I often travel to WNC/GA/SC/TN/VA regions to stalk trout, often in very remote regions, with log cabins and shacks still being occupied. water and land rights enforced by a friendly ATV visit, backed up with a shotty or pistol if need be. Personal experience on this…Be polite, say sorry and be on my way, nothing worth dying over…

    There is much land to be bought and built upon, whether the locals will accept outsiders is another story. I have made some inroads by being polite, respectful and taking a nip or three of the good stuff if offered…insulting not to.

    I can tell you for a fact that the Dirt People of WNC/Murphy did fine job of jabbing the Feds in the eye in their for Rudolph, and only thru his foul up of scavenging thru a dumpster, and shear luck/timing by a rookie cop, was he brought in.

    History and tradition is still alive in the regions and men and women believe in honor, trust, God and family and will do whatever it takes to restore all if they feel wronged….

    Having traveled to Scotland for our honeymoon, i can say that in many places of WNC and Scotland, one could NOT tell the two apart.

    Yeah, i’ll take my hillilly redneck dirt people over the cloud people any day….