Destroyers And Their Accomplices Plan Continued Action To Destroy Traditional America


The latest from RRW.

You do understand what stopping this nonsense will take, yes?


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  1. Destroyers And Their Accomplices Plan Action To Destroy Traditional America

    You mean, as opposed to what they’ve been doing since they passed the 16th Amendment and everything since, nonstop, for at least a century?

  2. Eventually it will take bloodshed.

  3. Want some keen answers?
    Right here.
    Leftist terrorism: it’s whats for dinner in America.
    See the great memory hole. Amaze at it’s wonders.
    See why the left is so bad at it and so good at getting away with it.
    As good as they said and better.

    Days of Rage

  4. And just to spice up the dinner menu we have the special of the day:

    Seattle Social Justice Warrior Demands ‘Reparations’ Or “We Need To Start Killing People…”

    • John Lennon told them that idea was F.O.S. all the way back to “You Say You Want A Revolution”.

      The smart ones realized the party was over, moved to Wall Street, and joined the 1980s.

      The stupid lazy ones with an aversion to soap moved into politics.

      The rest is history.

      As the newest crop of useful idiots will discover once they find out the firing range is hot in both directions.
      Kent State was a paradigm, not an accident.

  5. Trump/Republiscam Congress will do nothing substantial about this aspect of the anti-White invasions any more than the others: 139 days remaining on the (partial) ban on Muslims from (some) countries…after which, here they come again. Sanctuary Cities? They might get defunded…after a few years of litigation…after which they’ll be funded by Sanctuary States. The “Wall”? It was authorized/funded by a Republiscam Congress 11 years ago. Trump could put out the contracts tomorrow. Not happening. Here’s what is: in the first 11 days of the Trump regime, c. 70,000 non-White “New Americans” poured into the country.

    • This country needs more SemperFi 0321’s and Haxo’s.

      A lot more.

      You gentlemen impress me with your true understanding…

      Thank the Gods. I’m not alone.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Why thank you. Coming from a fellow heretic that means a lot. 🙂
        Don’t know how or where it’s all going to come to a head, but at least some of us haven’t got marshmallow for brains. I read, think, and question everything, because there’s not one thing we haven’t been lied to about. Everything is a farce, and some of us just aren’t as gullible as the rest.

  6. Lutheran immigration and refugee service…
    oh, you mean…LIARS

  7. “That’s a nice office building you’ve got there. Be a shame if it burst into flames at 3AM some morning.”

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  9. MichiganderJim

    “Do people in a given polity have the fundamental human right to reconfigure that polity?”

    Funniest ever. “No, only somebody else does.”