I’m Sold


Via Twitter.

Can’t wait ’til World Hijab Day next year.

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  1. They should post pictures of their mother and grandmother holding them down and simulating an austere environment genital surgery, too.

    • Why “simulating”? Why not truly support them and do it right?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Shouldn’t their families be honor-killing them for the shame of being out without a male relative escorting them? In for a penny and all that….

  2. Sign me up.

  3. I’m so looking forward to another hysterical gals parade!

    From afar – the stench must be overwhelming.

  4. Bring your own rope to your hanging.

  5. What day is ‘Stone the Muslim Rape Victim Day’ this year? It doesn’t seem to be on my Brown’s Propane calendar.

  6. Hang on. I thought it was FGM Day (female genital mutilation day)?

  7. How much longer will we allow this? Commies pepper spray young woman and allegedly then beat her up.


  8. They might as well entitle it “World Sharia Day,” since that’s what these air-heads are doing without even realizing it – i.e., living under sharia law.

    For those of you who do not know what dhimmitude looks like, take a good look at these people – the “useful idiots” of Islam.

  9. People are so stupid.

  10. Seriously, soon the lefty elite will espouse the stylishness & trendiness of clipped princess parts… followed by it appearing in trade mags and on TV, then wimmin & girls will line up for it and PAY to have it done. Which Kardashian will lead the charge?

  11. Even the children can’t stand this anymore.

  12. Fucking idiots….who needs direct repression when one can convince the chicken to walk freely into the slaughterhouse.

    • TheALASKAN, ( didnt get it typed before replies expired )
      Me and a buddy set out for Seattle, never intending to crab, caught a ship,http://www.wellandcanal.ca/salties/a/allalaskan/alaskan.htm ( M/V All
      Alaskan 1990 ) and sailed north, , It must have been rescued after it grounded, because it was refitted and a beautiful ship. slow as hell at 4 knots, but we finally made it to Alaska in 2 weeks after a stop to take on fresh water somewhere along the way ( by gravity no less ). Transferred to the F/V Shelekhov at dutch harbor to cut my teeth in the crabbing industry ( green horn ). waiting for a price to be agreed on before opening was pretty interesting, some boats had rifles out to protect their grounds, this was back when it was derby fishing and not quotes… 3 boats went down that year. recovered Bodies were fished out and kept on ice until they could be claimed, they were easier to carry when they were frozen, so long as their limbs were straightened out.. the radio chatter after a boat went down gravitated to who wanted the gear of the sinking boat, Full holds and moving crab pots at the same time was the norm back then, More than a few times I kept my gumby suit within arms length. King crab season lasted 1 week, Bairdi was 2 weeks long, and opilio season was 2 months.. after that it was fish. 9 months was all I could take. I guess it was worth the experience, i didnt make a lot of money because i was green. I remember the f/v Northwestern( wasnt that a catcher processor ?),f/v rebel, f/v American star, f/v Jenny Lynn maybe? I seem to recall the name. Its been a while.
      sorry to hear about you losing digits, sounds like you made out better financially then I did.. I think I made 23k before taxes in1990 season, .. not real lucrative, but nobody makes money their first yr.

      After my contract, i caught the f/v rebel to St. george and took a week to collect myself. I caught a mark air puddle jumper to Anchorage.then home. ( mark air had the nations worst safety record back then )
      I don’t do boats or planes anymore, If I cant drive to my destination, I probably dont need to be there.

      • Sounds like you got a taste of true redneckness, keeping to the meme of the other thread. We’re all true rednecks, us alaskan fishermen, too stupid to do anything else. Gets in your blood…you either have it, or you don’t. Lost a lot friends over the years. Fished Alaska waters for close to 30 years. Beat me up a bit. Only subsistence fish now. Farming is my gig now. I like a stable deck.

        The Northwest Mariner was the boat I meant to say, house forward. Rolled over with a load of pots. Single mayday call I believe. First day of opilio season 1/15/95, all hands. Marine forecast calling for freezing spray kept most boats tied up in dutch. Bruce thought he could handle the icing and be the first to run his string. The devil’s gamble. Two made it into a raft but did not survive, were only wearing underwear….straight out of the rack. She capsized quick. Other three never found.

  13. Stealth Spaniel

    No.Fucking.Way. Take that hijab and shove it up your Muzzie husband’s arse. These idiots need beaten alright-straight up the side of the head with a 2×4-by REAL Western Women. They make me sick. I am not now, and will never be, in solidarity with Muslim women. That would be like being in solidarity with a Fundamentalist Mormen’s pack. I have no romance about any of this crap. The coming Festivities will include many female fools in a bad way.

    • Damn, Pat..that’s as funny as a pink hatted mangina getting his pecker caught in an escalator!

      Good thing I wasn’t eating or drinking anything when I saw that..would have definitely blown my ‘spew roll’..pun intended.

      Yours in Liberty!
      NorthGunner III

  14. Slavery is freedom.

  15. Jeffery in Alabama

    We need more rope.

  16. Stay away from crowds. No upside. None. Tons of downside. Eventually fatal downside. The youth not only can’t see the evil clearly, they think WE are the evil. Deluded doesn’t even come close, Stockholm Syndrome. In fairness it took a while for me to accept that I was a dead man.

  17. Isn’t it against the Flag Code to wear the flag as a garment?

  18. A hijab is nothing less than a preparatory fitting for a death shroud. The wolves are laughing inside that so many sheep are assenting to this farce.

  19. A hijab is very practical, they can use it to stop the bleeding.

  20. The wearing of the hijab (or any other moslem dress, male or female) in a non-moslem country is a direct statement of attempted domination by modems over non-moslems..nothing more or less…it’s the stealth implementation of sharia law upon/against the infidels.

    Dr Bill Warner explains it here:

    The political side of wearing the hijab, Dr. Bill Warner, Phd.

    Yours in Liberty – Furthermore islam and its enablers/supporters MUST be destroyed!
    NorthGunner III

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Domination by modems? Has Skynet become self-aware? 🙂

      • Not yet Jimmy….first tactical strike targets would be Mecca, Medina and the Dome of the Rock when it comes online.

        Yours In Daily Armed Liberty! – Furthermore islam and it’s supporters/Enablers MUST be destroyed!
        NorthGunner iii

  21. Late to this discussion. But if all those Sharia loving #*@ts want too wear a hijab, they can be packed up and sent to the ME. They do it daily there. This is America! We were founded on Christian principles!

  22. I’d like to see some enterprising lad market a Confederate flag hijab in answer to these Quislings.

  23. islam must be destroyed, and it’s enablers and helpers must be roasted to perfection.

  24. The Usual Suspect

    ” Here, kitty, kitty “

  25. I’m thinking this might be swell behavior to adopt – imagine a head rag adorned with Crusader symbolism!

  26. Are they going in for clitorectomys next year, after all by then hijabs will be passe.