Jordanian Prince On Syrian Refugees: ‘We Can’t Vet These People’


Get my Gomer face.

Any folks with MENA or AFPAK experience, please weigh on the reality of “vetting”, let alone “extreme vetting”, of people from those regions.

retinal scan a go go

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  1. Is not possible. This culture must lie to infidels. Part of the conquest plan. Dealt with this in Iraq, hookah smoking butt fucking sickos.

  2. I have experience in using various intelligence gathering tech to identify and record people we came across in Afghanistan. One problem we always knew we had was how they get ID cards. Just find whatever the nearest place was to get an ID (piece of laminated paper, basically), walk in and tell them your name and whatever details you want on the ID, and bam, you got it. Half the people we came across had multiple forms of ID, which is fine, except that these IDs were all different. Different names, different DOB, different place of birth, etc. Eventually it got to the point where we barely cared that they had ID at all, since we knew that obtaining ID was a total joke in most cases.

  3. Vetting anyone from that part of the world requires someone with personal knowledge of that person: Long personal knowledge in a variety of situations. That narrows it down to ‘terps and others who helped us, not the “Camp of the Saints” drill the last administration was trying to feed us.

    There are no, or at best very few, records available from that part of the world. They are easily faked: Think 1950s level of paper security. Nothing like Western document security, even if operations in those countries hadn’t destroyed many records.

    FTR, I’ve gotten six former ‘terps over here, with three assists. Four if you count introducing one to the American she eventually married. I know of many more, all productive, and all headed toward citizenship. Five Christians, one Muslim.

    Sucks to be the rest.

  4. Samuel Culper

    I have some good experiences in this realm. Allow me to draw a parallel…

    On my first tour to AFG, I was assigned to the Joint Interrogation Facility/BTIF and to a field detention site in Bumfuck, Afghanistan. We got dudes in all the time, and at all hours of the day and night. By far, the most useful information about them came with their form that had their circumstances of capture, whether it was after a firefight, a raid on a compound, after an IED strike, etc. The capturing unit would drop the detainees off at the back gate and then we’d start trying to exploit them.

    I would screen these dudes, take their name, biographical info, travel history, etc, etc., whatever they would tell me and then I would go look them up on the classified databases.

    If they provided a false name and false biographical information — guess what? I would either find nothing on them (surprise) or find reported information about someone else but potentially attribute it to them. And welcome to the refugee and immigration process…

    Look at the way background checks for security clearances are (supposed to be) conducted. You fill out a bunch of pages of the SF-86 form, and then someone datamines your entire existence, and investigators (are supposed to) follow up on the pertinent details, interviewing your friends, family, employers, etc., going back 7 or 10 years or something like that.

    Now THAT is vetting. A friend of mine was on a team who were tasked with vetting some Iraqi refugees back during the reign of King Obama. He described to me the process and it was exactly like my first tour in Afghanistan — take a name, real or not, and see if anything comes up.

    I say bravo to the Trump administration for creating more stringent guidelines, even to the point of absurdity, because there IS NO WAY to vet these people.

  5. Ok. I was involved in biometrics in Anbar, the “BAT” system. Not even our system was perfect. However, the issue of indigenous identification papers… HA! They all had to go to Baghdad to get “real” ID or even license plates…. so, to avoid getting killed (so they claimed), they just made up stuff on their own or local fixers would manufacture something resembling the official “gencia” cards. The stuff I ginned up for field exercises pre deployment was much better quality than what I found over there, when you COULD find it.
    Pretty much no matter what any of them said their name was = complete BS.
    In my professional opinion based upon direct, personal experience with the subject matter, there is NO WAY to “vet” anyone from there. The existing records are essentially useless; the lack of a credible, centralized database makes any pretense of vetting a farce, a sham and really a poisonous lie to the American people. Only the willfully ignorant, the stupid and the mentally defective believe in the credibility and effectiveness of “vetting” anyone in the middle east.
    Here is an official blurb on it from the Europeans, (so you know it is legit :)):
    See types of documents (plenty of footnotes):
    Here is a text excerpt link to describe the 4 main ID forms and issues with them:
    Have fun, but vetting is a waste of resources and time… things better spent on preventing them from coming here and killing our people, either through the womb or by AK. Truth is an a complete and affirmative defense, please correct me if I have mis-stated the case in any way.

  6. Because G’damn it, we MUST know who every one is, and where they came from, and where they’ve been, and who they know, and, and, and, and, and, and…

    Free Dumb Free Dumb Free Dumb


    #1 #1 #1 #1 #1

    I have to puke.


      click. click.

      • Who leaked that? Not telling? I wonder if it’s too crazy to think that the ap might distort the truth or even lie?

        And to your other point, it’s a little important to know who people coming into your country are when they are coming from a place that’s been, in some way/shape/form at war with the very nation they mean to run to. But puke if you have to, big dog.

        • what you geniuses fail to understand is that all the tech that was used and tested in the TWOT is now being turned against YOU in the Fusa -fool.

          Pavlov’s dogs most all of you.

          GOD damn the murkins are fucking stupid.

          • ‘GOD damn the murkins are fucking stupid’.
            This X a gigaparsec

          • Different convo, cocksucker.

            • Speaking of pavlov’s dogs, dude is on here quoting wapo 15 minutes after they’ve published an article. No wonder some of you cunts need to run where there arent any people. You cant help but alienate people that might otherwise be more or less on your side.

          • Please explain why you waste time and energy denigrating the murkins that you believe are so stupid and slovenly.You are truly a writing oxymoron.If everyone is so ‘fucking stupid” do you think they can comprehend your banter and if they can do you believe the murkans are capable of operating a computer and implementing any remedy or responding. Some of the “fucking stupid “murkins,because of your information, may survive and not be able to meet your 200 million dead quota.Do the “fucking stupid” murkans a solid and let them die without the benefit of your wisdom. Tell them instead how wonderful and prepared they are,give them a false sense of security and hasten the bloodbath.Your methods are contrary to the results you desire.

  7. Samuel Culper

    I’ll add this, too, since Partyzantski brought up the topic of biometrics. My last tour in Afghanistan was under a biometrics intelligence program, using biometrics to F3EAD bomb builders and other turds. You can collect biometrics from refugees. You can collect biometrics from LOTS of people and it will make positively identifying someone in the battle space much easier, especially if they’re biometrically enrolled two or more times with different names. But biometrics — and even expediting the Biometric Entry/Exit Tracking System as last week’s executive order does — is not vetting.

    My last point that I can think of right now is that vetting just means that we’re confirming an individual is who he says he is and identifying any recorded criminal history or violent behaviors. You can’t vet someone’s inner ideological beliefs or vulnerability to radicalization once they’re over here.

    In fact, by the mid-2000s, al Qaida and other terror groups began campaigns of radicalizing Muslims already in the West because it was a better strategy than trying to infiltrate trained jihadists into Western nations. So just because a refugee has no recorded history of violence in their country of origin doesn’t mean that they won’t become radicalized once over here while they listen to imams from their home countries convince them how evil America is.

    We know from many accounts that the freedoms America offers — including the freedom to pursue vices (haram) — is a contributing factor to radicalization among Western Muslims (despite the fact that those same vices exist in their Islamic countries, too).

    It’s just an all around bad idea to bring them over here. I, for one, actually hope that Trump’s strategy does inflame the Islamic world because their response might actually give us a reason to purge them from America.

    • Bringing them here is the equivalent of civilizational “bugchasing”, some sort of diseased self flagellation concept for the whole culture that will end in all of our deaths unless we power through this.

      Letting them in is insane. Purely insane.

      Biometrics are not a panacea. It is no silver bullet. It is a tool to add some data points, that is all. Consider that, once you detain some clown, what are you doing with him? So, he gets sent off for some rest and recuperation as well as food and medical care…. they get out healthier than when they got grabbed. Think of all the clowns pushed through detention facilities…. did the U.S. ever execute one? No.

      If the technocrats insist that biometrics and the power of the badge mean they know all, then consider the failures of SIGINT against sneakernet on 9/11. Biometrics is a siren song, a pretty cool tool with a lot of utility, but not something that I would bet the lives of my wife and kids on.

      • Thats one of the points of this post: it can’t be done – period.

        The other one is more of a policy question — i.e., what do the peaceable citizens of FUSA get by importing a single soul from Islamistan?

        What a mess. Thanks for sharing your info.

    • On target. They are sending potential raw recruits to America and are building Mosques, i.e. Boot Camps at an unbelievable rate. There is a reason most are military aged men. A couple hundred well trained terrorists in each state or large city can cause unbelievable destruction and chaos. The Mosques all need to be monitored, period! If the NSA can watch all US citizens they surely can/should track and watch all Mosque goers.

    • ” You can’t vet someone’s inner ideological beliefs or vulnerability to radicalization once they’re over here.”

      Absolutely right! So don’t let them in … period!

    • Yes fucking purge them ! If they want to stay make them renounce the demon from the cave. Level all mosques then cover it with a pig pen/farm. They will never stop there conquest of the world. Taf-t when you are wrong man you are so wrong this one is case in point.

    • The attached link is to a great story about how the FBI has been able to use fingerprints taken from IEDs in Iraq to track down less-than-loyal hajiis in the US.
      Any insight you may offer would be most appreciated.

  8. The PTB know the other countries cannot vet them. All part of the programmed dialectic & money generating gravy train. The DNA / RFID Chip / BioMetric Eye Scan ‘TIA’ (Total Information Awareness) serves they’re ultimate agenda of human enslavement. The continued the War on Terrorism by funding – sponsoring it directly or continue to use their network of proxy whore Satellite Nations that train – harbor – aid – coalition countries etc. It’s a rigged & gamed corrupt system. Until we have that populace collective epiphany & then decide how to deal with that reality to break out of that paradigm construct which they won’t give up without a fight) the beatings will continue until the morale improves. Only if & when the populace figures it out & collectively has the ‘Hive Mind’ consciousness singularity of thought & purpose to say enough. Only when & if Americans decide to end Fed Reserve charade (which is owned by multinational countries & run by the BIS / IMF / World Bank etc.) Does it stop.

    • The War On Terrorism aka TWOT is the dumbest shit I’ve ever witnessed.


      These youngsters who fell for this horseshit are starting to figure it out – slowly.

      20 some vets a day make amends for their sins against humanity, so that’s something.

      All the while Bush Cheney and Rummy continue to draw breath

      terror t e r r o r TERROR TERROR TERROR!

      • Blazing Apostle

        If, asshole tfAg, you are referring to the 20 veterans (on average) daily, who commit suicide – because this fucked up country used them and then turned their back on them, you really are the arrogant, self centered piece of chickenshit we think you are. Fuck yourself with your tiny dick, and then find the courage to kill yourself, you fucking pseudocanuck.
        And you still draw breath? Breathing through your nose, I’m sure, suck harder…

    • SemperFi, 0321

      “Only when & if Americans decide to end Fed Reserve charade (which is owned by multinational countries & run by the BIS / IMF / World Bank etc.) Does it stop.”
      Just the mention of IRS or FedGov to the average citizen and they shut down, walk away, want nothing to do with you. I have no idea what causes this, but I see it every day, happened to me twice today. Old Marine buddy called to tell me of a new job (retired last summer, going stir crazy now), fedgov security he says, and they’re putting more money into his 401k, and he says “you’re awful quiet”. And I asked how he can still believe all that bullshit, those 401k accts paid for all those rich homes in Jackson Hole and Sun Valley, the only thing in your acct is an IOU. He said he had to go and hung up. Sorry to be an asshole, but I can’t let friends waste their lives away working for something that’s stolen before it even gets deposited. Do people not have some kind of built in bullshit detector? I cannot understand how folks can believe everything there told, when the world is falling apart all around them, and they think they’re exempt from reality?
      Every single person I talk to about the financial conditions today just gets a blank look, and walks away, makes me feel like a door to door Mormon missionary. People do not want to know their dream world is falling apart, they prefer denial and a soft landing.
      So as far as fixing the financial sector, even when shown how crooked the Fed and banksters are, the masses will choose to cheer them on and throw tribute at their feet, to keep the illusion going a little longer.

      • They’er stupid to the fucking bone.

      • MichiganderJim

        Hunger has a way of changing minds.


        Sir: I hope the illusion keeps going a little longer so I can tie up the few loose ends I have left. I know what you are going through. My age group are still on the golf course, fishing on one of the many lakes up here in Rawles Land, or schlepping the wife and grandchildren to the Multiplex to see the latest childish, redundant Star Wars release. Sad.
        When they start talking that same kind of normalcy bias trash around me, I do not try to contradict them. I let them direct the conversation and will reply with some platitude like: “that’s nice.” Then, I continue on my merry way to the bulk foods aisle in Wal Mart, the ammo pallets in Black Sheep, and the bulk toilet paper, cased bottled water, and other needful things at Costco.
        I will no longer share my discernment and information about what is really going on. All I can do at this point is take care of my and my own and pray for those poor benighted souls who refuse to see the truth. And, i pray for them every day.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          I used to fish those lakes as a kid in the mid 60’s (if you’re N of PF) and my delusional sister delivered your mail until recently, she’s now further N on the big lake.(she’s another one who thinks she’s working towards a retirement with USPS) Great place to live as a kid, when Cd’A was 17,000 pop.
          Yeah, I know, keep yer mouth shut is the best policy anymore, and it reduces stress, somewhat..

      • SF 0321,
        I have to totally agree. I’ve tried to get several friends to read just one book… “The Creature from Jekyll Island”. What do they do? Give me the book back after two weeks and say it is too difficult to read! So I tell them about the Fed.Res. Their eyes glaze over and they change the subject, they simply do not want to hear it or believe the country can exist without the Fed.Res.

        The only bright spot in the last two years was one day at Lowes. I struck up a conversation in the plumbing dept with a young millennial woman. I asked her if she knew what was put in the water in her town… surprisingly she knew about FLOURIDE! I almost could not believe what I heard. I gave her my opinion on some plumbing fixtures and left surprised that i didn’t have to explain flouride to her.

        Grey Ghost

        • SemperFi, 0321

          Yeah, the level of brainwashing is unbelievable isn’t it?
          I was buying raw milk last yr, grew up on it, and a friend screamed at me “that shit will kill you, are you crazy!” Could not explain to him how unhealthy pasteurized milk is. They kill everything in it.
          Friend is a retired dentist, refuses to listen to the fluoride argument, he still thinks it’s health food.
          My favorite beginner book is also “Creature From Jekyll Island”, and as you said, most people can’t read it. I think mentally they give up before trying to understand they’ve been conned their entire life.
          All of this takes an open investigative mind, something the masses don’t and won’t have. So re-education is pretty well shot. We’re dealing with a nation of idiots who will stay idiots until a national move takes place from the media to the schools, to inform and train people to re-think and open themselves to new ideas. And again, I doubt it will ever happen.
          It’s the way of the world, has been for thousands of yrs, find someone to follow around and just think what they think. Saves wear and tear on your brain.

      • “People do not want to know their dream world is falling apart, they prefer denial and a soft landing.”

        Yes, the combination of propaganda, SSRI, Flouride, booze, weed, etc etc results in some rather thick denial. it WILL be the death of them.

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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  10. The Usual Suspect

    My only hope is we are smart not to allow you in tfat
    or whoever you identify as today.

  11. So much trees blocking the forest. It is easy to vet a person who applies for the privilege of entering the United States. If she is a white European woman younger than 35, she may enter. This includes white hispanic and Asian women; they are welcome to come provide some feminine competition for our bitchy brainwashed American women. Our betas who built and maintain civilization need feminine wives to be mothers to their white children.

    If the applicant is a Semite from any country, or an African, or any man, or a woman older than 35, or brown, this person may not enter. We need only fertile women who can create white babies.

    Too radical? Use your brain. For 20,000 years of human history, tribes (nations) invade other tribes (nations), kill all the men, and keep the women as wives. The sainted “native Americans” were doing this long before the white man arrived in North America.

    In today’s world, if white women under 35 want to voluntarily join our nation, great. We “conquered” the inferior tribe’s men without ever leaving home.

    My simple suggestion is literal. Make no mistake: plenty of white women from Russia, Ukraine, France, etc WILL take this deal even though it means leaving their brothers and fathers behind.

    If you don’t understand why, get thee to CH and rational male, the get-laid section of the new right.

  12. hummus abedin

    ***LIVE UPDATES*** MILO UC Berkeley Show Evacuated As Masked Anti-MILO Protesters Start Fires, Swarm Building


  13. hummus abedin

    ***LIVE UPDATES*** MILO UC Berkeley Show Evacuated As Masked Anti-MILO Protesters Start Fires, Swarm Building


    cav med

  14. hummus abedin

    Live UC Berkeley Riots.

    Random whites were just attacked
    with one left unconscious in the street.

    • Stealth Spaniel

      10:05 pm on the left coast. The BLM idiots are celebrating the fires at Berkeley by blocking J Street in downtown Sac, and trying to block the entrance to I5. Cops are out in force. I live in the burbs/country, but wherever you are-NONE OF US HAVE ENOUGH AMMO.

  15. The Great Plains

    Q: Why does my once all-white town now look like a cross between Somalia/India/Mexico/Iraq/Pakistan?

    A: Prior to 1965, there was a quota system where immigration numbers each year were required by law to reflect the ethnic balance of the USA in 1920, so new immigrants would not change the ethnic balance of the country.

    Around 70% of the quota spots went to British, Irish, and German immigrants, since in 1920, around 70% of Americans were British/Irish/German. The remaining 30% of quota spots went to other European countries such as Poland, Netherlands, France, Norway, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Sweden.

    Non-white immigration was almost entirely banned.

    In 1965, the President Johnson and his allies rammed the Immigration Act of 1965 through Congress (it passed by a huge majority. Congressmen voting Yes included George HW Bush, Gerald Ford, and Bob Dole.)

    The Immigration Act of 1965 replaced the old system with new rules that favored and prioritized nonwhite (3rd world) immigrants. The Act also increased the number of permanent, citizenship-track immigrants the USA was required to admit each year from 270,000 to 330,000. The legal limits were not actually followed. For example, in 1968 alone, over 450,000 mainly non-white immigrants were allowed in.

    The next major change to US immigration law came in 1986, with Ronald Reagan’s Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA). IRCA granted amnesty to 3+ million illegal immigrants, which rapidly destroyed the state of California, changing it from a largely conservative white state into a borderline 3rd world Marxist state.

    Additionally, Reagan’s IRCA of 1986 increased the number of (mainly non-white) LEGAL immigrants from the 1965 level of 330,000 to a new high of 540,000 EACH year.

    Then came the Immigration Act of 1990, which set immigration law as it largely exists today. The Act increased the number of permanent, citizenship-track legal immigrants the USA was REQUIRED to admit per year from 540,000 to 700,000 (not including special refugees).

    Additionally, the 1990 Act created a “diversity requirement” where the US government was REQUIRED to increase immigration from places like Somalia, Yemen, etc that back then did not have a lot of immigrants coming to the USA.

    So there you have it. Your town looks like Somalia/Iraq/Mexico/Pakistan because of the deliberate and blatant treason committed by Lyndon Johnson, Ronald Reagan and George HW Bush, with the Immigration Acts of 1965, 1986 and 1990 respectively.

    And, of course, all the members of Congress who voted for the immigration acts.

    • WHAT? St Ronnie the Fraudulent was a traitor too?
      BUBUBut – he said he was a CONservative – he never left the democrat party!
      My world, it spins!

  16. hummus abedin

    Periscope link is down.
    The young man filming was
    harassed and beaten until
    he stopped broadcasting.

  17. hummus abedin

    A working live feed link:

  18. Fuck vetting. How about ZERO? I don’t want one Mexican, one Syrian, one Libyan, one African, one etc., coming to my country being a Mexican, Syrian, Libyan, African, and etc.

    We already have enough of those, including among our “own”.

  19. And that goes for Canadians too.

    • Hey-hey-hey
      Easy on teh Canadians.
      Many of us are political refugees.
      We bring much cultural vibrancy: bacon, hockey, Celine Dion.

  20. hummus abedin

    Another live link on youtube.
    This broadcast is from inside
    the crowds of communist shitbags.

  21. How to vet someone from the ME –
    Are you a muslim ? No ? It may be OK, we’ll see.
    Are you a muslim ? Yes ? No. You may not enter the US. Period. Ever.

    • I prefer this instead:

      How to vet someone from the ME –
      Are you a muslim ? No ? It may be OK, we’ll see.
      Are you a muslim ? Yes ? No. You may not enter the US. Period. Ever.BANG! BANGBANGBANG!!! BANG!!!!!!

  22. hummus abedin

    Starbuck’s is now being looted.
    That is so ironic.

    Starbucks promised to hire thousands of refugees. Critics want a boycott.

  23. Retired INS agent here. As well “vet” a flock of sparrows flying by, for God’s sake. Even in the US, a first contact is most likely a pack of lies. Anyone who thinks actual databases exist and can be accesses in problem countries is NUTS.

  24. Crusade, its whats for dinner.

  25. Late to this, but had to vent.
    How can you vet people that don’t have in most cases, even a trial of where they lived; because this is a 3rd world country with no tracking of people like a 1st world country; especially for piss poor refugees ? YOU CANNOT.
    sorry, but Europe and the usa have decades and maybe the rest of their existence rougher times coming thanks to decades of unaccountabie immigration, but like most countries before them; they do not get serious about it until it’s too late.
    they only countries I give a chance of surviving are Russia, china and japan; who etiher take keeping their country native or have no problem doing what it takes to get rid of any people who cause trouble.

    • Which is why I am hoping that President Trump can befriend President Putin and find agreements that are good for BOTH nations.

  26. I interviewed for a project in Afghanistan to build the computer network and systems for the ANP. Setting aside the security issues which is why I didn’t go, this was an attempt to computerize police activity in a country with maybe 5% of the population that can read and write.

    Even if the project actually happened, was not penetrated by a hostile entity (the probability of the ANP keeping anything secure approaches 0%), maybe by 2050 there might have been the possibility of having some data on which to base a background check system in a country that developed a semi-literate population.